TehAmelie: meanwhile, this seems like a fun way to do patreon rewards for your videogame https://i.imgur.com/sYvwvYa.jpg
chickenace11: oh wow I forgot that cookie clicker existed
TehAmelie: if only patreon hadn't shown their hand. . .
TehAmelie: people often do. i usually only remember when Orteil posts updates on his tumblr
TXC2: Hello Everybody
SomeGuy_GRM: Wait a tick. Now Kiss actually happening?
TXC2: should be
turtledove2470: hopefully
TehAmelie: then i spend a couple of days eating all the new cookies
Metric_Furlong: well, time to head back to the Japanimes
TehAmelie: who is tired of Cookie Clicker is probably only remembering the 15 minutes it was popular like three years ago and have no idea how much has happened since then
TXC2: man sure would be good if defragmenting my PC didn't make it slower the molasses in the winter
Didero: !live
LRRbot: Currently live fanstreamers: AmyTFalcone (https://www.twitch.tv/amytfalcone​) is playing Art (Drawing #Octobeast! A new D&D monster every day for the month of October~), RobertMerlow (https://www.twitch.tv/robertmerlow​) is playing BattleTech (Diamonds in the Rough | RogueTech (BattleTech)), Tantusar (https://www.twitch.tv/tantusar​) is playing Twitch Plays (Twitch Plays Gyul! Hap!)
Didero: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Now Kiss (Join Kathleen and cohosts as they befriend, date, and kiss their way through the internet's best—and worst—dating sims and visual novels. Game: Analogue: A Hate Story) at Fri 09:30 AM PDT (2m ago).
Didero: two minutes ago isn't a very long wait at all
TehAmelie: don't molasses just. . .freeze?
TXC2: TehAmelie there in lies the joke
TehAmelie: i knew that
TehAmelie: lrrHERE
SomeGuy_GRM: !findquote now
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
SomeGuy_GRM: I find that surprising
TXC2: so do I
TehAmelie: !findquote when
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
TehAmelie: now that's just weird
chickenace11: !quote 290
LRRbot: Quote #290: "This is not a real Heather quote." —Heather [2015-05-19]
Megumax: !findquote soon
SomeGuy_GRM: Too soon
Pteraspidomorphi: Heeey, what's the game today?
TXC2: Analogue: a Hate Story
TXC2: I believe
James_LRR: Kathleen will be online in just a minute
SomeGuy_GRM: I'm looking forward to the sequel, "Hate: A Story Analogue"
TXC2: HI James
ContingentCat: thanks James
Pteraspidomorphi: Oh, we're still hating
SomeGuy_GRM: @ContingentCat I read that as being sarcastic. It's the only way thanking James makes any sense.
LoadingReadyRun: I'm here!
lare291: #blameJames
LoadingReadyRun: Stream starting shortly!
TXC2: hay now, James can do good things too
Penthesilea180: Good morning
TehAmelie: i don't think i followed the game so far, who wants to summarize it in 25 words or less?
TehAmelie: howdy
Pteraspidomorphi: Oh boy
chickenace11: the only good thing James can do is stream PUBG
ContingentCat: @SomeGuy_GRM no I'm genuine about thanking people for being helpful, if I was sarcastic there'd be a kappa or something
TXC2: TehAmelie read up diarys of long dead people on a space ship that went all fudeal
kassy_13: @TehAmelie Two AIs. One was a real girl. She was tortured. We are angry. Other girl doesn't trust her. We're going to fix that. The end.
TXC2: *Feudal
TehAmelie: that seems familiar
kassy_13: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Nightvalien28: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
lare291: lrrSIGNAL
SomeGuy_GRM: James Thanked. It was genuine. [COMPUTE ERROR]
Penthesilea180: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
BasilHunter: oh hey... this tab still open
ContingentCat: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
BasilHunter: Good morning chat
Rhynerd: What’s the date for today?
Rhynerd: Also, Hi.
Pteraspidomorphi: Good afternoon
TXC2: the 19th
Prof_Poppinoff: TXC2: lrrFRUMP
TXC2: hello BasilHunter and Rhynerd welcome
Rhynerd: I figured I’d get that answer.
Hugh_Munculus: Good evening
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Kathleen returns to Analogue: A Hate Story to tie up some loose ends. Now Kiss is live now! | http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun
TXC2: hello Hugh_Munculus welcome
Rhynerd: Oh, it’s more analogue.
Rhynerd: I still need to watch the last two parts.
SomebodyNowhere: the notifier seemed to think kathleen and ian were still assaulting pumpkins
Rhynerd: I need to leave, farewell and enjoy the stream.
LoadingReadyRun: Sorry!
TXC2: so long Rhynerd have fun
Rhynerd: No problem!
mynameisie: Hey all! I’m watching with my cat today on the way to the vet. Wooo
meeple0: gabyHi aeroHey bye rhynerd
LoadingReadyRun: Didn't want to start a new game and then not do the show until after DB
Rhynerd: Have fun!
meeple0: gabyHi aeroHey Hello LRR! gabyHi aeroHey Hello chat!
TXC2: right next week is the last Friday before DB....ooof
Justherefortherewards: pumpkin carving?
TXC2: hello meeple0 welcome
Pteraspidomorphi: I don't think that's right
Nightvalien28: hello
TXC2: Hello Kathleen
meeple0: gabyHi aeroHey @txc2
TehAmelie: hi Kathleen
lare291: Helloo
SomebodyNowhere: just make the pumpkins from ttsf kiss or something it'll be fine
SomeGuy_GRM: RIP Cameron
Pteraspidomorphi: Aren't there two more fridays, TXC2?
kassy_13: hi! poor cam
ContingentCat: lrrDARK good morning Kathleen
ZachtlyAsIntended: Tiny humans are evil
meeple0: gabyHi aeroHey gabyLove aeroLove Hello Kathleen!
chickenace11: Tiny Humans are the worst
ehsteveG: You always look dark lrrDARK
TXC2: Pteraspidomorphi ok you are correct, thank fuck.
Pteraspidomorphi: :D
SomebodyNowhere: !quote penelope
LRRbot: Quote #1590: "Waaaaaaa..." —Penelope [2016-01-17]
StephenJM81: 8...early?
NoNane09: !game
LRRbot: Not currently playing any game
SomebodyNowhere: !findquote penelope
LRRbot: Quote #1694: "Penelope, don't be cranky, we're almost done losing this." —Kathleen [2016-01-29]
TXC2: time to do some sequence braking
kassy_13: chat can help don't worry
Anonymousless: I'm cranky when I have to get out of bed before 10
Significant_Otter2: katesWave katesHeart katesWave katesHeart
kassy_13: i am POSITIVE one of us has them
UnseenAcademical: Booth?
Herbert_Erpaderp: I'm cranky having to get out of bed no matter the time
TXC2: ^
Justherefortherewards: I'm watching without sound for now, and I have no idea what's going on
mtvcdm: Booth cam, Kathleen.
StephenJM81: oy, yeah, my son wakes every day at 5
StephenJM81: whee
disciple007: @LoadingReadyRun so uhh how stoned is the moonbase now?
Justherefortherewards: oh were going back to AIs that wont kiss and kill tons of people
Robot_Bones: I'm cranky being awake at all
TXC2: what a shit deal Kappa
stormshot14: I wake up at noon though I go to bed at 6AM
lare291: @disciple007 Very
KidSpanner: This hooters ad says I need Gamer Grub. It's real weird seeing ads again.
Neljandik: I got work flashbacks just now because a coworker constantly forgets to share his screen in Zoom meetings :D
Nightvalien28: magical and full of weed obviously
lare291: Canada is like "woke up, time to blaze it"
Robot_Bones: Canada is now just one large weed cloud
disciple007: I see polite expression of legalization cannot occur before Noon
TXC2: disciple007 no one at LRR smokes the dank nugs
Significant_Otter2: uh woke and uh....baked?
Nightvalien28: legal and decriminalized, most people don't work stonned
emonotony: Robot_Bones No Vancouver is. Vancouver Island, not so much.
emonotony: 69% log completion?
kassy_13: oh there IS a version of the smith family tree hyun-ae made
Robot_Bones: LUL
kassy_13: yes the mute one
kassy_13: yes
TXC2: like sure weed is legal now, but theres still some dignity to maintain Kappa
nightwingmisthawk: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Now Kiss (Join Kathleen and cohosts as they befriend, date, and kiss their way through the internet's best—and worst—dating sims and visual novels. Game: Analogue: A Hate Story) at Fri 09:30 AM PDT (18m ago).
splatty1: yes
flikerz1: Canada is cold. People that smoke weed like tobacco...i have found thatbthose people are often not ok.
ContingentCat: @TXC2 or if they do they do so responsibly, not at work and probably not at 9:30am
splatty1: ?
Significant_Otter2: whelp
TXC2: ContingentCat sure
TehAmelie: did we read Rachel's 14 page letter?
kassy_13: it's 7-7
TehAmelie: (front and back)
flikerz1: you just justified the actions of her socioty
TXC2: !cw
LRRbot: Content warnings for Analogue: a Hate story include: sexual violence, domestic abuse and gaslighting. If any of those are a problem for you, It's okay to not watch this stream, self-care is more important.
lare291: Oh, good to know. Think I'll skip then
lare291: Byee
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TXC2: no worries lare291 have fun
Robot_Bones: This can only end well
kassy_13: finally allowed to copy her!!!
ProfClarySage: I haven't gotten to watch live in ages! Hi everybody :D
TXC2: hello ProfClarySage welcome
kassy_13: copy hyun-ae mute?
Anonymousless: I would encourage people to go back and read/watch the early parts of this game again after the revelations at the end of last week. This game is incredibly well written, and the language Hyun-Ae uses is full of very oblique hints at what happens to her.
kassy_13: 2 3?
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Angnor33: Core2 is Hyun-ai, Core1 is mute
Invitare: the cores were in the power section right?
bellatrixskr: saw the content warning. thanks!! now what the hell am i voluntarily getting myself in to?
kassy_13: oh she's in 1
BugsBytes: As much I lose you Kathleen, I can't watch and work!
kassy_13: no it's okay, this works
TXC2: we heard it go off
kassy_13: yes, yes we did
Nightvalien28: hahahaha
CrazymattCaptain: lul wat?
kassy_13: harem ending
Angnor33: Harem ending...
wildpeaks: this escalated quickly
Penthesilea180: Ummm...No?
ContingentCat: wat
kassy_13: it's a harem ending
Nightvalien28: let the harem begin
chickenace11: bless you
ContingentCat: gesuntheit x3
Penthesilea180: Salude
DarkAbyssKeeper: Kathleen 'allergic to harem ending' DeVere.
TXC2: Seenze into your anti-cupital fasa
UpstageJMC: That was a sneeze?
MsL3th4l: "It's not like I want to be your wife, b-baka..."
Chenartd: ah yes, "sense of duty"
dougma: ok... so missing most of the last Let's Kiss causes quite the shock... I need to go watch the vod to figure out how we got HERE.
TXC2: "I'm not in love, so don't forget it"
buckminst: Yeah! We know the real tsundere here is you, *Mute
tekn0shaman: Momir event is back on mtga, hopefully we get some LRR fans to enact the secret Belzenlottery event again :)
Nightvalien28: hyun stop trying to make harem happen
TXC2: this is MAJOR SPOILER territory
mtvcdm: This is 'you've already been spoiled' territory honestly.
kassy_13: we do, there are TONS of logs we're missing
kassy_13: there are whole sections
kassy_13: all kinds of plot
kassy_13: yes! <3
wildpeaks: daww
Penthesilea180: lrrWOW
TXC2: bowsette and boosette ending? Kappa
Scar_Red_Tiger: i got caught up since the last stream. Romanced amute as a woman
kassy_13: mugunghwa
mtvcdm: 47%. F's get degrees?
Anonymousless: Your save from this game determines who you have with you in the sequel too
bellatrixskr: bahahaha i eould finally watch live as you go through the endings! love you Kathleen! one day ill pretend go catch up
kassy_13: mugunghwa is hibiscus, korea's national flower
rocketjohn: greetings Kathleen, nice to see you on stream again, I enjoyed your stint on LRRMTG yesterday
rocketjohn: hello there chatspersons
TXC2: Hello rocketjohn welcome
kassy_13: i guess we stick solidly on mute's side for one of those endings
rocketjohn: Ahoy TXC2 - how goes?
Noodles_15: Isn’t the sequel the game that you have to make a IRL for a cheevo?
ScoopsPlushie: What game is it?
Anonymousless: yeah, you download mute only for her ending
TXC2: rocketjohn eh, ok for now, how about you?
TXC2: !game
LRRbot: Not currently playing any game
TXC2: !show
LRRbot: Currently live: Now Kiss!
Anonymousless: @Noodles_15 Yeah, you have to make a cake and email a picture of it to Chrstine Love
kassy_13: i guess we just type in codes for the others
rocketjohn: TXC2 TFI Friday
Scar_Red_Tiger: If i rememberb Block 1 is asking hyunae the questions
wildpeaks: where is copilot by the way ?
DarkAbyssKeeper: Can we Decrypt stuff they don't tell us to?
Sethadelphia: My email said Kathleen and Ian are cutting pumpkins. But the show title was correct
TXC2: wildpeaks cam is sick
TXC2: rocketjohn I hear that
wildpeaks: oh, I hope he feels better
rocketjohn: oh dear poor cameron
dougma: yea for not sharing illbess
kassy_13: logs!
dougma: *illness
kassy_13: cheat at logs
DarkAbyssKeeper: decrypt block1?
kassy_13: decrypt other blocks
ScoopsPlushie: Thanks. ^^U
Tiber727: *Spoiler* I think you have to find a log by searching for it, even though it's not listed.
kassy_13: joseon dynasty was not great
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coriolis_storm: Hi Kathleen! Loved your Seattle vlog. :-)
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rocketjohn: Yeah seattle blog was very interesting. More architecture with Kaffleen please :)
chickenace11: meltdown
mtvcdm: You did pretty much what I end up doing when traveling: find the local book depositories and nest.
kassy_13: there's a smith family tree from hyunae
kassy_13: 11-AB04
kassy_13: i'm just interested in seeing it :)
LRRTwitter: @DesertBus> Not excited enough for Desert Bus for Hope 2018 yet? How about you head over to the blog at http://www.desertbus.org and check out this Sonic Cross-stitch prize preview! Donated by @Dillatont #DB2018 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Dp4u66uV4AEI8C-.jpg
JudgeKyle: about a quarter of the way through the DeVlog I was already pretty sure it was Ben editing it. He's got a style and it's great
Invitare: you did see it. She made it after seeing Mute's
kassy_13: interesting
JudgeKyle: alsoz the vlog was rad
TXC2: right I NEED that Cross-stiych
MehallD: The klog vlog WAS rad. #GoodContent
Pteraspidomorphi: I think ben's doing all the loading times
stormshot14: DeVlog is a great name for that
kassy_13: not sure! there's block 1 and 7 & 8?
Scar_Red_Tiger: in general show AI every log
cheetoJack: Kathleen DeVlogs?
TehAmelie: De Vlog gets my vote
dougma: horse kissing?
Kumakaori: we beat it?!? whoo!
kassy_13: hyun-ae has no interest in block 8
MehallD: Have you played PanzerMadels yet?
TXC2: oh horsebando, I how I miss you
dougma: Oh, I know... I am just always down for more of that insanity
kassy_13: i actually took a load of photos in finland of art that looked EXACTLY like horse boyfriend art
kassy_13: E X A C T L Y
Robot_Bones: loading time come on tell your friends, we'll vlog in very distant lands, with Ben the CorgiDerp and Beej the Human its loading time
mtvcdm: The Discord found an itch.io XKCD Frogger game if you just need *a game*.
Scar_Red_Tiger: have we been tbrough block 10?
TXC2: So Finland has a lot of Horses with the face of a bishi man? Kappa
wildpeaks: keeping the Loading Time name might be a bit confusing though, LT was more spontaneous behind the scenes things rather than vlogs, plus you deserve your own serie :)
kassy_13: apparently so @TXC2
Temperature_Droplet: no cam today? :(
TXC2: Cam is sadly unwell
ContingentCat: I wonder what the ending looks like if you let the reactor melt down
TXC2: I dare to presume a game over screen
chickenace11: Hackerwoman
mtvcdm: disable: yes
wildpeaks: maybe it's the "investigator leaves alone" ending
Scar_Red_Tiger: power_control disable core
CrazymattCaptain: power control disable?
Dared00: "power_control disable", I think?
thirsty_kitteh: You need to put "power_control" first
stormshot14: there is also an achievement if the reactor does melt down
mtvcdm: I mean if we want to find out, this could just be a chat stream for the next 17 minutes while we wait.
thirsty_kitteh: [command] [action] [targets]
Kumakaori: doh good ol reactor meltdown mode.
wildpeaks: the speedrun strat :D
Qalten: does pressing arrow up repeat the last command?
TheNeckerCube: Hacker!
kassy_13: if anyone wants to see the horse boyfriend art: https://imgur.com/a/UZwDnLv
kassy_13: i missed one unfortunately
GragSmash: yeah who needs gravity anyways.
TXC2: Oh my Gods kassy_13
wildpeaks: oh wow
kassy_13: @TXC2 it's BAD
Scar_Red_Tiger: pss battery
chickenace11: that looks like more a reindeer boyfriend
kassy_13: it's amazing art but i was baffled
kassy_13: i think it is a reindeer boyfriend but just. why.
ContingentCat: @kassy_13 oh my, that's quite some art
andy1503: hullo everyone how is it going
wildpeaks: reindeers, when a horse isn't enough
kassy_13: @ContingentCat isn't it just?
TXC2: hello andy1503 welcome
chickenace11: Is it bad that I want something like this hanging in my house?
kassy_13: there was one i missed up high on the wall, the reindeer lady on her own
kassy_13: i didn't notice until i left
kassy_13: it's the horse boyfriend art kathleen
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andy1503: yay for stable job finally hit 6 months in a row.
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chickenace11: we are talking about reindeer boyfriend kathleen
Scar_Red_Tiger: now we just vent the atmosphere
kassy_13: reindeer boyfriend art!
wildpeaks: congrats andy
MehallD: Yay Andy!
Robot_Bones: it is not recommended you keep unstable reactor cores in your house
kassy_13: congrats andy
kassy_13: definitely don't keep reactor cores in your house!
wildpeaks: but they're so fluffy and radioactive
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ojii: just pretend that wrote something funny here
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kassy_13: fluffy and radiactive seems *very* bad
Scar_Red_Tiger: crisis averted. back to reading.
chickenace11: bless you
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: katesLurk katesLurk katesLurk
ContingentCat: gesuntheit x3
Kumakaori: blessyou^3
kassy_13: yay we saved it!
andy1503: I'm super psyched to take advantage of this income thing for the upcoming desert bus
kassy_13: oh we could have run away
TXC2: like life in general :P
CrazymattCaptain: I wonder if you can turn the reactor back on
TXC2: "the faster you travel, the more you realise just how big the world is"
kenkopin: katesChair
chickenace11: She's gone let's party
ContingentCat: katesChair
wildpeaks: Praise our new mighty chair overlord
kassy_13: yesss costumes time
TXC2: all in game characters should cosplay
kassy_13: we haven't tried the maid or hanbok yet right?
accountmadeforants: At least half the energy output should be diverted to FASHION, that's just common sense.
kassy_13: poor sunhee :(
wildpeaks: :(
kassy_13: (sunhee's a better transliteration than sun-hi)
beowuuf: Oh no, missed he start of this :( I guess since this is a replayI can justjumpinand VOD the start later?
kassy_13: it's worth it @beowuuf :)
Robot_Bones: They're not dolls, they are action figures
Nightvalien28: really kathleen, tell me about your yuri on ice figurines
beowuuf: kassy: what, just start watching from the start of the VOD now?
kassy_13: @beowuuf yeah we've a lot already
beowuuf: ok :) back for crapshoop later then!
Kumakaori: eugh, >.<.
kassy_13: poor eunmi :(
Megumax: >If you're lucky you'll get pregnant quickly
kassy_13: :(
kassy_13: miscarriages
SandwichKed: Um, wow, I've had this on my steam wishlist for a long time and now I'm glad I never spent on it.
Kumakaori: Ked, it's worth playing, but it's heavy.
kassy_13: @SandwichKed it's very very good but very upsetting
kassy_13: ji-in is lovely
kassy_13: (it doesn't always come naturally....)
TXC2: yeah this is HEAVY stuff
Nightvalien28: blergh
GypsyGyro: hello! i was just watching you carve a pumpkin
Kumakaori: show those darn fire sprites at 3ps this! show them the /real/ heavy stuff!
kassy_13: these poor sisters aren't even allowed to SEE each other :(
kassy_13: they're 15 and what, 17?
TXC2: hello GypsyGyro welcome
Megumax: throwing shade
wildpeaks: daww :)
wildpeaks: uh oh
TXC2: !cw
LRRbot: Content warnings for Analogue: a Hate story include: sexual violence, domestic abuse and gaslighting. If any of those are a problem for you, It's okay to not watch this stream, self-care is more important.
kassy_13: how can it be WORSE
Megumax: oh man hyun-ae giving content warnings after everythinig we've already seen
kassy_13: hyun-ae giving warnings
Kumakaori: how? let this unsent letter show you~
Megumax: How can it escalate from [REDACTED]
Kumakaori: ;-;.
ContingentCat: oh no
rocketjohn: oh no :(
Dared00: uh oh
wildpeaks: :/
kassy_13: :(
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kassy_13: god that must have been horrifying during the joseon era
TXC2: it's still bad now
Kumakaori: lrrAWW slytqHug
dougma: hitting a bit close to home
Angnor33: <3
kassy_13: bless you
chickenace11: bless you
wildpeaks: bless you x 5
Kumakaori: blessyou^4
ContingentCat: gesunheit x5
Megumax: Oh man I wanna puke
Kumakaori: 5? oops
TXC2: it was 4 sneezes
n_mandrag: yikes.... thats really an unpleasant image
ContingentCat: combo bonus extra gesunheit :)
rocketjohn: that's so very sad :-(
Kumakaori: lrrAWW lrrAWW
Megumax: at least the issue resolved itself
TXC2: nope nope nope
Megumax: When hyun-ae killed them all
ContingentCat: oh nooo lrrAWW
kassy_13: damn, i hate the idea what women only have one use
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CrazymattCaptain: lets go back to happy thoughts and find the costumes
kassy_13: yeah pretty outfits...?
Ironfistofglee: dang i did not see this go live... how much have i missed?
kassy_13: yay
kassy_13: and new block 3 things?
TXC2: Ironfistofglee you missed the harem ending, and just missed some REAL heavy stuff
kassy_13: mute's gone i think
kassy_13: i have the codes if you need them
Ironfistofglee: dang. i guess i'll have to watch the vod @TXC2 thanks.
Ironfistofglee: its such a good game. the heavy shit is the best
kassy_13: sojin and hana
kassy_13: tab or ctrl will skip through everything
Kumakaori: BLITZ mode
wildpeaks: blitz, blitz ? :D
kenkopin: I can't imagine it's intentional, but this music keeps reminding me of the main riff from Sugar Hill Gang's Apache.
kassy_13: we've done this already
kassy_13: so it's ok
Kumakaori: isnt there something that';ll let you see the previous log?.
TXC2: mtvcdm why do you tease me so?
wildpeaks: the old trap "skipping dialog and get stuck in a yes/no question you haven't read" :D
TXC2: kenkopin we get that a lot
Scar_Red_Tiger: scrollwheel to back up dialog i figure
Megumax: Did you ever ask her mute's questions?
kassy_13: yes we did
kassy_13: or at least the important ones
Megumax: Ok I must have missed them sorry
Scar_Red_Tiger: thats how weunlocked block 1
kassy_13: or you can post the codes
kassy_13: ^^
ContingentCat: time to save scum /i guess
kassy_13: yay mute's questions time
CrazymattCaptain: can't you switch which AI core is active with the power_control commands?
kassy_13: i have them :)
kassy_13: but this seems like a good idea
TXC2: yes, but we lost *mute
Scar_Red_Tiger: We have a Mute save file right? maybe we come back to that later.
kassy_13: yes we do, but it's not really possible to get everything in one game without cheating
Megumax: I dont think she read who the questions were from
coolbond: how much have i missed?
TXC2: quite a bit coolbond
coolbond: have kathleen reached any other endings?
kassy_13: @coolbond we got the harem ending
coolbond: need to rewatch then
kassy_13: yup ^^
jklingftm: Just got here, where's Cam?
PurpleTarget: wwtv7
TXC2: Cam is sick sadly
jklingftm: :(
n_mandrag: all the well wishes and cat-purrs to him then
kassy_13: awwww <3 i liked jaehwa
Scar_Red_Tiger: Log entry Get!
kassy_13: this makes me so sad
jklingftm: Dayyyyyyyyyyum
kassy_13: well good, she had a good night <3
MalBeam: noticing there is no dialogue from hyun-ae in that log makes me lrrAWW
kassy_13: yeah :( i wonder if jaehwa knew?
jklingftm: Oh, so we have seen that entry then
kassy_13: probably not
kassy_13: yes we have
TXC2: yeah we got at the end of the last stream
jklingftm: Wasn't sure what happened in the last session
TXC2: 7 or 8
jklingftm: Someone said you got the harem ending? I thought you needed to rummage through the game files to get that
kassy_13: we did :)
TXC2: jklingftm we got that one today
kassy_13: we cheated
jklingftm: Ah, gotcha
Scar_Red_Tiger: i thonk block 7 is all hyunae endgame
kassy_13: i dunno if it's cheating if the game ASKS you to do that ;)
kassy_13: yeah she doesn't know :(
jklingftm: :(
kassy_13: hangul is SO much easier than chinese
Scar_Red_Tiger: which is why hyunae cant communicate even without her voice
jklingftm: I thought this was Korean though
kassy_13: @jklingftm they went backwards in time and no longer used hangul
jklingftm: <message deleted>Right, okay
kassy_13: hangul was created to make it easier for the average korean because chinese characters didn't work with korean properly, which explains why hyeonae finds it difficult
MsL3th4l: I'm sorry, I'm listening in the background. Was incest mentioned? Or is my brain playing a trick on me?
TXC2: I dont think so no
Scar_Red_Tiger: the queen liked to write
Scar_Red_Tiger: first incest mention is in the admonisments
jklingftm: <message deleted>Something something McPoyle bloodline
Penthesilea180: Yikes
kassy_13: oh noooooo
melodiifrost: Oh, there's the incest
jklingftm: <message deleted>B I G Y I K E S
TXC2: explains them having a hard time having children
accountmadeforants: Yup, sure is royalty in here.
Megumax: it could have been worse: no westermarck effect at least
wildpeaks: well fudge
jklingftm: <message deleted>Are we sure this isn't taking place inAlabama
ContingentCat: I stepped away for a second to a yiiiiiiikes what did I miss?
TXC2: lets not make them kinds of jokes please
jklingftm: Sorry about that
kassy_13: joseon era :(
jklingftm: You're right that was in poor taste
Megumax: you skipped page2?
bigb00gi3: looks like there are some page 2s
the_8th_mage: is this a game
Penthesilea180: Wow, they really just wanted her to be an incubator.
kassy_13: yes
kassy_13: yes...that was the way of things
kassy_13: women were for breeding
MalBeam: i see infosec has regressed as well
Kumakaori: aaand that's one of our keys to this puzzle
jklingftm: Yeah, we had known that already
Penthesilea180: But, they also wanted her to be frail and weak. That seems so at odds with having a healthy child.
kassy_13: do you want the code?
Gnuttor: The id should be 10-RZ071
accountmadeforants: Looks like it might be 10-RZ071, given the pattern
TXC2: Penthesilea180 it's like it's not well thought out or something Kappa
kassy_13: 10-SA500
Gnuttor: Meh!
kassy_13: it's 10-SA500
Gnuttor: They all went into that series!
Scarbble: tricky
Kumakaori: gnu; you've got the pattern, but they do occasionally switch it up on ya
Scar_Red_Tiger: patterns are for chumps
jklingftm: CURVEBALL
Penthesilea180: @TXC2 Yeah, like it was made to be patriarchal and maintain the male dominated status quo.
Temperature_Droplet: 35 - so withered ....
jklingftm: "Withered old lady," said the 35 (?) year old
MalBeam: the withered old age of 35 /s
TXC2: if you're withered at 35, shits gone wrong
Penthesilea180: I wonder what the average life expectancy was on this ship.
jklingftm: About 40, from the sounds of it
Sophie_the_bookworm: Oh no! did I miss much?
TXC2: Sophie_the_bookworm quite a bit yes
jklingftm: @Sophie_the_bookworm we're almost at the end of this particular branch
Sophie_the_bookworm: Damn, that's too bad :(
Scar_Red_Tiger: oh honey
TXC2: can't she see that Hyun-ae has no tongue?
bigb00gi3: assuming she opens her mouth, maybe
Scar_Red_Tiger: its scary how according to plsn things went for the Kims
Sophie_the_bookworm: The Empress is a cool person :)
bigb00gi3: so what's the context for this play? are we in mid-first-run, or is this a re-visit?
jklingftm: Re-visit
bigb00gi3: aight
Penthesilea180: She used the separate spheres to her advantage. That's partly what my dissertation is on.
Scar_Red_Tiger: getting the rest of the logs
jklingftm: Is the assumption that Hyun-ae's adopted parents had the Empress killed?
kassy_13: i don't understand how society went backwards so much
n_mandrag: An "excess of wood in the spleen" sounds like she got staked...
jklingftm: It's never really explained
bigb00gi3: it is in the sequel, kinda
accountmadeforants: It's explained in the sequel (and partially in here)
kassy_13: i think it's like "hysteria" as an excuse
Sophie_the_bookworm: pretty much ^
jklingftm: GOOD NEWS!
Mangledpixel: DOOG SWEN!
Kumakaori: severly sarcastic ... good news =A=.
kassy_13: a good news emote would be great
wildpeaks: x.x
jklingftm: WOW
jklingftm: Fucking rude
kassy_13: sojin and hana and sunhee and eunmi and jaehwa are the only people i like
kassy_13: this already worries me
Lirelent: so was she sick from suspended animation sickness?
TXC2: she was sick before that
kassy_13: no she had some kind of cancer or blood disease
Tiber727: @Lirelent She was put in stasis because she was sick.
Lirelent: oh so frozen with the assumption that the "future" would have the cure
jklingftm: Maybe an immune disorder
kassy_13: that was why she was put in stasis
Lirelent: thanks chat!
kassy_13: yeah a deadly immune disorder would make sense
jklingftm: Would make sense because older tech wouldn't have a good idea of those
Megumax: It was an immune disorder, she says so in the logs
jklingftm: Gotcha
Pteraspidomorphi: Oh, this is the one mute showed us
bigb00gi3: I trust her, but she's still worst girl because of that :V
Maltanno: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:35:40.
Sophie_the_bookworm: *hyun-ae deserves all the hugs
Gnuttor: Why skipping so much? Have this been read before?
kassy_13: i dunno, i feel like i'd do what i could to get rid of them too
jklingftm: Yes
Lirelent: have you never had the urge to kill all humans? MrDestructoid
kassy_13: yes we've read a lot of them
Gnuttor: ok.
Kumakaori: 83~ whoo~
Scar_Red_Tiger: careful not to go past point of no return before we get the other logs
jklingftm: I think it's asking Mute's last question
kassy_13: there is no point of no return in the 100% log run
MalBeam: we did all of block 7 last time?
Scar_Red_Tiger: reading block 7 entries basically
Penthesilea180: Yeah 7 is where we learn about her mutilation?
jklingftm: Eventually
bigb00gi3: that was definitely some serious oof for me
jklingftm: I think we need to ask Mute's last question though?
TXC2: block 7 builds up so well
jklingftm: Yeah, we have one more question
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kassy_13: we don't quite have 100%
kassy_13: close
accountmadeforants: Did you go through all the costumes already? They all have dialogue attached to them as well.
GragSmash: the word "sub" may take on different meaning watching dating sims.
Kumakaori: boooooo
wildpeaks: :D
jklingftm: We anime now
bigb00gi3: harem ending TakeNRG
kassy_13: no because we got the other ending before
Kumakaori: yes we need friend zone ending.
kassy_13: we need friendzone ending
wildpeaks: we said "yes" last time
TXC2: bigb00gi3 we already got that one
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kassy_13: i can give you the logs for 100% in another run?
bigb00gi3: @TXC2 right on CoolCat
kassy_13: awwww
jklingftm: Yeah
TXC2: if we say no there, we get the lone ending right?
kassy_13: we've just saved anyway
CrazymattCaptain: save and get the lone ending in a minute
Tiber727: I'm still reminded of the SOMA problem. Even if you copy her, there's a copy trapped in the ship.
ContingentCat: we just saved we can go back and do both
kassy_13: we're missing some in 1 and 4
Scar_Red_Tiger: you can do loner ending anytime
MalBeam: we did block 4 last session
kassy_13: okay!
wildpeaks: true Tiber727
MalBeam: i think
kassy_13: ohhh that was it
Kumakaori: all business
ContingentCat: you're downloading a person makes sense it would take time
kassy_13: 97 wow
Scar_Red_Tiger: itll tell us in the credits if we havent seen something
wildpeaks: I wonder, does the ending screen changes depending on the costume you pick ?
Radyin: How long would it take to get the Mute only ending?
ContingentCat: "the security program" in that other ending is Mute* right?
kassy_13: yes
accountmadeforants: As punishment, you have to sit here for 3 days in real time
Kumakaori: wow strung her along XD;.
kenkopin: The Ai only ads an hour to the download time? :)
kassy_13: yeah we don't have time for that
Kumakaori: wait we got harem ending XD?
Kumakaori: hehehhehehe.
Scar_Red_Tiger: i tbink we have a mute save after the meltdown?
chickenace11: that is a good place to end
TXC2: we did that one first today Kumakaori
ContingentCat: still missing block 8
kassy_13: 4-GA788
Scar_Red_Tiger: block 8 is just small
kassy_13: whoop!
Scar_Red_Tiger: Mute talking about the queen yeah
bigb00gi3: I think there was 2 missing? the achievement that popped up said 95/97
ContingentCat: lrrHORN ?
TXC2: good enough
kassy_13: no problem, we had fun :)
ContingentCat: close enough!
Radyin: Load a Mute save and reload that last thing?
TXC2: thanks for streaming Kathleen
kassy_13: thank you all!
Riandisa: This was great
Gnuttor: Thanks for an interesting stream!
Sophie_the_bookworm: will you play Hate+ as well?
TehAmelie: i want to play it
Penthesilea180: Thanks! This was a great game.
TXC2: !dbcountdown
LRRbot: Desert Bus for Hope will begin at Fri 9 Nov 10:00 AM PST (20d, 23:28 from now)
ContingentCat: yeah that makes sense
Lirelent: !dbcountdown
LRRbot: Desert Bus for Hope will begin at Fri 9 Nov 10:00 AM PST (20d, 23:28 from now)
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wildpeaks: Cultism Sim's new dating dlc could be fun
Mandillio: Have you ever heard of Persona New Days, it's a fan made dating sim where you kiss persona 4 boys.
jklingftm: I mean we've played DDLC
Gnuttor: No, but it looks tasty nontheless.
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: It is a VERY good murder mystery
Robot_Bones: breif interloods of saving the world is fine
jklingftm: So it's not like there's not a precedent
Sophie_the_bookworm: Thank you very much for streaming, it was very fun :)
Mandillio: It isn't
Maltanno: Vlogs before or after DB?
TrakoZG: Kathleen, "Now Thiss" as a Now Kiss alternate?
beowuuf: so kathleen saved the world, then made it kiss, now she solves its problems? :)
chickenace11: I found a visual novel yesterday where you go around and try to make friends with cats
ContingentCat: Aus Vlogs probably after DB
Gnuttor: @chickenace11 which one is that?
Sophie_the_bookworm: @chickenace11 Do you mean Hustle Cat?
Penthesilea180: Now What's This?
TXC2: !discord
LRRbot: LRR has an official Discord server! You can join here: https://discord.gg/lrr
wildpeaks: baii, thanks for the stream
TXC2: !next
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varmintx0: Thank you for the stream.
ContingentCat: thanks for streaming
kassy_13: bye kathleen!
Riandisa: Thanks for the stream
TXC2: !events
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chickenace11: no this one was called Cateau
beowuuf: thanks for stream!
Mangledpixel: woo carpshart!
TXC2: !discord
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TXC2: !patreon
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TrakoZG: lrrDARK
Gnuttor: @chickenace11 ok, thanks.
TXC2: bye!
Sophie_the_bookworm: I'll look into it :)
Gnuttor: Bye all!
chickenace11: it take less then an hour to play but still cats
Gnuttor: @chickenace11 :) :) :)
Sophie_the_bookworm: that sounds very up my alley
TheSpindash: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: The Crapshoot (Join the crew for a live look in on the creation of a Crapshot) at Fri 01:00 PM PDT (1:25 from now).
chickenace11: it was free on steam
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