mtvcdm: I'm guessing Cookie Clicker, Isle Champions, Clicker Heroes, Universal Paperclips, Canada Clicker, Progress Quest... that's six I still need two more...
coelopteryx: are idle games even something that can be beaten, i wonder
Nyx_fire: idle champions of the realm
Nyx_fire: sorry of the forgotten realms
Mysticman89: crank, spaceplan, unversisal paperclips are 3 idles off the top of my head that ccan be reasonably beaten
mtvcdm: Idle Champions was the one I was trying to say, yeah.
Mysticman89: adventure capitalist can be beaten but it takes like a year.
BloodnBullets: universe paperclips can definitly be beaten, i did that with a work day once...
mtvcdm: I do think Progress Quest *should* be one of them because that takes the format to its logical conclusion. You don't actually do anything. You start the game and watch it from there.
coelopteryx: ah i see. also i used to have tap my katamari on my phone, so... that's an idle clicker that exists
Nyx_fire: terrarium is an android idle game but it is a good one
Mysticman89: kittens game is also been around for awhile
TehAmelie: i beat Adventure Capitalist in like a month >_>
thegreatwyrdling: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at some of their favourite video games. Game: Idle Games) at Tue 06:00 PM PDT (8m from now).
TehAmelie: hmm okay 900 hours recorded playtime
Mysticman89: yeah it's been re-balanced a bit since when I started. I played for probably years+, then they added a bunch more milestone things and suddenly beat it a week or two later
TehAmelie: wait, why are we competing about who's wasted the most of their time?
TehAmelie: or maybe rather who's wasted it most efficiently
kinkerbelle: I remember my first idle game.
Kamotetop: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at some of their favourite video games. Game: Idle Games) at Tue 06:00 PM PDT (4m from now).
Mysticman89: to be fair, the nature of most idle games means it feels inefficient to not be playing them at the same time as anything else you might be incclined to do.
DoctorOfBeard: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at some of their favourite video games. Game: Idle Games) at Tue 06:00 PM PDT (4m from now).
TehAmelie: quite
TehAmelie: i could be writing right now but Realm Grinder is having a halloween event with precious rubies at stake. . .
quentastic: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at some of their favourite video games. Game: Idle Games) at Tue 06:00 PM PDT (12s from now).
BloodnBullets: lrrSIGNAL
ContingentCat: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Himyul: lrrSIGNAL
DoctorOfBeard: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
quentastic: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
AussiePMScottMorrison: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW
thegreatwyrdling: Big giant circles!
StudentOfEtherium: lrrSIGNAL
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Cori and Cameron are going to check out the world of idle games on Talking Sim! 📷
TehAmelie: loading ready idle!
wildpeaks: do minecraft xp farms count as idle games ? :D
ReydienOnline: @wildpeaks only in modded minecraft where you idle farm one thing to get enough resources to build the next tier of idle production facilities
Serifina: Did someone say something about modded minecraft?
RedGriffin42: yay
coelopteryx: that right there.. i think cori specifically was watching the clock like a hawk & pressed the go-online button right down to the second for the purpose of Styling On Everybody
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Rockario: How much of chat if keyed-up for a debate about the definition of idle games? (I'm not lrrSPOOP )
declan_mtg: Wow
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shadowscythe77: good evening chat
SacrificialToast: of course the best idle game is Progress Quest, which involves 0 clicking.
TriggerHappy2Pi: !storm
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dissimulate1: inb4 cookie clicker
dissimulate1: :D
wildpeaks: if it involves zero clicking, isn't it a movie then ?
Call_me_Kaye: so... cookie clicker, universal paperclips, spaceplan?
bigbradley1974: hello everyone
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aWabbajack: o hai
TehAmelie: hiya
dissimulate1: PogChamp cori
ContingentCat: hi
ehsteveG: Click Quest PogChamp
chickenace11: what about Egg Inc
Gekyouryuu: howdy
jonasjonIV: hello!
teavian: Huh I haven't seen the intro
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kinkerbelle: Well, it's an animation, at least. I love ProgressQuest - it fully simulates botting Diablo 2.
BloodnBullets: i feel like we need a new intro with Cam, Alex AND Cori
shrengar: hullu
paronomasiac042: I *love* these games so hard.
Serifina: Cookie Clicker clones. :p
atinyspacemarine: ooh, I love and hate these!
shrengar: cookie games?
shadowscythe77: idle games, not to be confused with idol games
dissimulate1: @paronomasiac042 I that that said I "love" these games so hard
EternalDensity: speaking of, do you know about Sandcastle Builder?
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jonasjonIV: I'm so glad that I was able to resub now, during your show. Thank you both so much.
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TheMoatman: I know cookie clicker wasn't *the* first but was it the first one to get massive?
chickenace11: Hey Cam I just started to play Where the Water Taste like Wine
RegulusPratus: Hello again, friend!
overlordstowell: Universal paperclips?
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SketchyDetails: Did cameron get his #DBhaircut?
TheMoatman: With the current style of idle game
ky0dar: Aziz! Light!
Lithobraker: kittens game! kittens game!
TehAmelie: they occupy like 95% of my cumulative playtime on Steam
Izandai: "played"
Izandai: I guess you play idle games.
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declan_mtg: What game will be first?
Mysticman89: many of them you start of playing, and then eventually you upgrade until things are totally idle.
wildpeaks: fingers crossed for A Dark Room
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Mysticman89: a dark room
SimplyLeggy: seconding a dark room
ContingentCat: yeah A dark room!
Izandai: A Dark Room is fantastic.
wildpeaks: ha called it \o/
Serifina: How dare you sir
declan_mtg: Good job
Serifina: (Nevermind that I actually play it just like that)
thesandstorm87: So how many of these are we going to play at the same time
Izhuark: A dark room is great but i would not call it an idle game
EternalDensity: I Sandcastle Builder is bizzare and no one should have ever wanted to play it :P
Izandai: @thesandstorm87 As many as we can, I hope.
RegulusPratus: Fill up the bars so I can better fill up bars!
mtvcdm: We did one of these at Desert Bus once, Schwarma Spin.
Pfired: Yesssss
Pfired: UPC!
wildpeaks: yess :)
Paranundrox: the best!
Izandai: Universal Paperclips is... A hell of a thing.
ContingentCat: yesss Paperclips!
Aarek: paperclips
EternalDensity: nice
Rhynerd: For some reason this stream doesn’t seem to work with chromecast.
Paranundrox: this consumed #programming in the LRRcord for like, a week and a half
ContingentCat: Candy box?
Lithobraker: I like the kittens game mainly because you can actually screw up and have your cats starve in winter.
solahwin_tampramain: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 7:22.
Mysticman89: you can legitmately beat this in a day if you're go at it
aWabbajack: oh spaceplan, i heard it stopped working on Steam
solahwin_tampramain: nice, not late
Paranundrox: yeah, this game is actually very well crafted
EternalDensity: It's not quite as weird as Sandcastle Builder but it has a similar theme of changing mechanics significantly with multiple stages
Izandai: Does Cam know about Universal Paperclips?
PunkRockZoologist: I am playing A Dark Room right now
coelopteryx: nyooooom
shrengar: oh man
Serifina: Paperclips!
SimplyLeggy: the prostrat is to get an autoclicker
declan_mtg: YAYAY
amdragon15: OH MAN
cloneblade: did we think about getting an auto clicker for this stream?
amdragon15: THIS GETS WEIRD
dissimulate1: epic gameplay
Xafty: while it breaks the spirit of the games, i would think an auto- clicker will help for this
phorrestgaze: but clicking helps
TehAmelie: until we run out of wire. . .
Paranundrox: lowering the cost of clippers helps
mtvcdm: !patreon
LRRbot: 2280 patrons for a total of $12,993.64 per month.
WhiteWizard42 looks at Cookie Clicker in the other window and feels guilty
Paranundrox: err. clips
aquinas_0: what is this
seantheman2: this game is interesting
leebenningfield: I liked this one because it's a clicker you can finish in one sitting
EternalDensity: Sandcastle Builder isn't really a good game for this stream because it has hourly events like the xkcd comic it was based on
Meyari is also playing Cookie Clicker
ReydienOnline: once you realize that the game can be abstracted to "filling bars"
Paranundrox: you want to just *barely* be accumulating clips
ReydienOnline: it's hard not to see the bars
shrengar: I think theres a crapshot similar to this
geekyasari: Funny, I’m playing Stellaris while watching this.
WhiteWizard42: @Meyari how many cookies do you currently have in the bank?
EternalDensity is the original dev of Sandcastle Builder
xantos69: cheer50 So just tuned in, what is this exactly?
Paranundrox: if you're stockpiling a ton, you're wasting time
Meyari: @whitewizard42, 25 decillion
j0xer: where is the overlay where twitch chat can help you click the buttons?
thegreatwyrdling: cheer100
HoloTheWiseWolf_: can we turn the universe into paperclips
EternalDensity: yes
Izhuark stopped playing cookie clicker after stopping the alien/satanic apocalypse he created himself.
Izandai: shh
bigbradley1974: small paper clips if its only using an inch of wire
Pfired: @xantos69 It's Universal Papercips, an idle game...with a plot.
Izandai: @Izhuark But that's just where the game begins.
WhiteWizard42: @Meyari I started a new run a couple weeks ago, so I'm at 26 quattourdecillion right now.
EJGRgunner: hey all. is there a selection of idle games being played tonight?
lifecharacter: Grey Goo, but paper clips.
wildpeaks: it is the inspiration for the game
Pfired: Yes, yes it is.
TehAmelie: it's possible to brick yourself in a couple of ways in this game
Izhuark: @Izandai I don't know for the later updates but when i started playing it was pretty much the endgame.
Paranundrox: is it a spoiler to answer that question? :P
Pfired: It is a spoiler!
aesir_blade: The whole reference is to the paper clip maximizer ))
Lithobraker: answering that question is a spoiler
sir_jack_DB: !spoiler
LRRbot: Please do not discuss spoilers in chat, even jokingly. It's a massive dick move which ruins the fun for others, and you WILL be timed out or even permanently banned. This even applies to "obviously fake" spoilers, so seriously, just don't. Thanks for you co-operation, and enjoy the show!
Meyari: @whitewizard42, nice
EternalDensity: Talking Simulator is a 100% spoiled stream
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wildpeaks: talking sim is a spoiled stream though
EternalDensity: or enslave the humans
shrengar: oh, now I'm scared
Borgrim_: lrrFINE
HoloTheWiseWolf_: i honestly didnt think it was spoilers i just remeber cam talk about that befor
ritchards: Oh come on, who hasn't killed all humans?
Tantusar: Yes, Universal Paperclips is a paperclipper simulator.
ReydienOnline: you have good advertising
ContingentCat: those good good clips
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rynolaw: Something, something something, sub-baby?
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Izandai: @EternalDensity Enslaving the humans is insufficient. Humans contain materials that can be turned into paperclips.
EJGRgunner: Warning! Do not attempt to drink paper clips!
Pfired: Public demand at 100% keeps the inventory constant?
ReydienOnline: it's kind of like the LRR Halo video: the whole world demands 300 paperclips per person
EternalDensity: one step at a time
TehAmelie: remember Why's Waldo? the idle game that needs a mute button
SickerAndSadder: We are playing Idol Games? Sweet
control_rig: Two turntables and a microphone?
chickenace11: show us
lifecharacter: Keep it safe.
ContingentCat: now the amount of clicking involved will go drastically down
cloneblade: secrets
HoloTheWiseWolf_: keep it secret keep it safe
ritchards: Secrets!
EJGRgunner: I'm guessin Venture capitalist is on the list
GlimpseYou: Are we playing Candybox soon???
MAPBoardgames: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: a man wondering about box contents
Mr_Dirty: Boo secrets are unknown to us
gascitygaming: i'v been playing Idle Champions, a D&D themed one
Xafty: oh hey, newgrounds
Xafty: i miss newgrounds
Izandai: Hm. I don't know this one.
sag3error: Will we visit AdVenture Capitalist tonight?
Izhuark: that's a good idea to make clicking obsolete in an idle game. One of the thing is dislike a lot about idle games is the click upgrades that force you to be a minimum attentive to the game.
nightwingmisthawk: Don’t think I’ve played this one.
EJGRgunner: Isn't there an idle game with Graham and James in it?
EternalDensity: ooh I hope Crank is on the list
coelopteryx: @shrengar
DontpingmePlayz: @LoadingReadyRun i have a question i know his isnt a magic stream so i should wait but those big dice you have where do you get those or are they custom made
ContingentCat: I wonder if AdVenture Capitalist or Communist is on the list
rynolaw: Strange, I could swear I was at 8 months last month, now it shows 7 months
aquinas_0: have they found art games that are clickers
sir_jack_DB: oh this is rad
Tangsm: @rynolaw accidental time travel?
aquinas_0: neat
Borgrim_: to me, progress quest is the ultimate idle game
control_rig: I love Cam's face
Aenir798: wowwwwwwwwwww
Baldrash: @DontpingmePlayz The large foam ones? Those are generally from PAX, IIRC.
Izandai: Cam is going to have emotions about this.
onarampage: so cookie clicker later?
Izhuark: nice !
wildpeaks: oh, I wonder if Cultist Sim is in the list, although it's not exactly a clicker game
rynolaw: @Tangsm I guess so, that's the only rational reason I can see
RealGamerCow: I'm trying to think of the name of the game I played at PAX that was a horror game that you were trapped in a room and only could communicate with someone via chat on a computer.
Xafty: @wildpeaks unlikely, but would be nice
aquinas_0: oooh
Tangsm: You get happy memories or you get knowledge. This is how it works. There is no having and eating of cake.
Izandai: We didn't acquire any knowledge.
Izandai: Oh.
TacitusVigil: Excuse me, can anyone tell me where I can find a nice tall glass of paperclips?
VoidByAnyOtherName: dang, i thought it was idol games Keepo
e_bloc: probably die?
aquinas_0: is this a coma allegory?
aquinas_0: i'm feeling the coma allegory
VoidByAnyOtherName: badum
EternalDensity: ,,,,,,,,,,, comma allegory
ContingentCat: wait, this is the bad place
bigbradley1974: its a game of my life lol
aquinas_0: :D
aquinas_0: just a space of infinite pauses
azlinea: Are they going through a specific list?
ContingentCat: yes but it's secret
aquinas_0: you click the button and the text stilts itself
azlinea: Ahh sweet
Izandai: Think better?
azlinea: Thanks
EternalDensity: escalate the wall??
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Daken1993: wow, thats how my brain works
max_zuercher: wtf is this game?
humbletales: love games where i can do Loneliness and Tears
Mysticman89: spending tears on oblivion...oh boy
Himyul: grind for tears? Is this WoW?
control_rig: How you mine for tears?
AussiePMScottMorrison: "Grinding for Tears" is my Cure cover band.
SimplyLeggy: Can you at least outsource your tear production?
ContingentCat: gotta stockpile the lonliness
TacitusVigil: I mean, if they want to open the trade window, they can have mine.
ritchards: Is this the real life? Is this reality?
cloneblade: Woah 4 whole friends? thats a tall order
sir_jack_DB: aww, a friend!
wildpeaks: digging this game :)
EikoandMog: This game now has more friends than me.
AussiePMScottMorrison: Well this is sad.
RealGamerCow: frens!
PunkRockZoologist: This is messed up, I love it.
FuzBubbles: How is this an idle game?
Izandai: Yep, we're in a coma.
AussiePMScottMorrison: The solution is to escape reality.
Aenir798: 100% a coma
aquinas_0: this is actually pretty terrifying
gascitygaming: there's gonna be a BIG come down
Lord_Hosk: I guess there is a lot of variety as to what can be a clicker game, but this feels more like a RPG than a clicker
EternalDensity: this looks like it's about to become Undertale
ritchards: Boogie!
Borgrim_: imagination li it is 99
Izandai: That's the final button.
AussiePMScottMorrison: Generate carrots.
aquinas_0: you know
aquinas_0: this ones reminding me of the hate story
aquinas_0: might just be cam's voice
Izandai: Now we wake up and we are just a human.
EternalDensity: wake me up inside
TacitusVigil: Oh no, it's a Metroid!
wildpeaks: nice :)
ritchards: Don't know if that counts as an idle game...
shrengar: neet
control_rig: I was afraid of a twist ending
EternalDensity: (can't wake up)
control_rig: Glad it wasn't
wildpeaks: ah yes, chewing on glass, typical monday
Pfired: Great timing!
Mysticman89: solid timing
ReydienOnline: I expected it to wake up at the start
Borgrim_: go! bwah!
Izhuark: Ludum dare is such a well of great idea.
Count_Nodonora: Is that an MS Clippy variant of cookie clicker?
Izhuark: ideas*
Izandai: We have earned 2 Trust.
radiodrifter: I love Universal Paperclips. It makes me very happy
ForOhForError: oh no paperclips
Pfired: Need to go over 100% demand to reduce inventory
ForOhForError: this game eats time
RealGamerCow: I actually enjoyed this idle game.
EternalDensity: good choice
lancemaker: hi
ContingentCat: it's worth it to save a bit
Izandai: Should lower the price?
RealGamerCow: and the forest one
lancemaker: what am i watching ?
EternalDensity: yeh this one was fun a couple of times. then I made a mistake and bricked it
UnknownGerm: has anyone here ever actually seen the manufacturing process for paperclips? it's so satisfying to watch.
Mysticman89: your processors
TriggerHappy2Pi: increase memory?
ContingentCat: the processor controls operations
lancemaker: ahahahah oh i got it its a clicker game
EikoandMog: We running out of wire real quick now.
lancemaker: isnt it ?
EternalDensity: processors and memory yeah
Pfired: It's a clicker game!
Rockario: Literally, using the trust of our creators as a resource
azlinea: Forest one? @realgamercow
aWabbajack: reminds me of Spaceplan, without the space
Pfired: Need + memory to get the new projects
lancemaker: it lacks art
Mysticman89: memory is max ops, processors is ops/sec
Pfired: Memory increases the cap
EternalDensity: see the maximum ops though?
Izandai: I suggest decreasing the price.
lancemaker: even dwarf fortress is sexier than this art
shrengar: progress!
sivakrytos: @aWabbajack or _does_ it lack space
Izandai: Sell more clips!
lancemaker: was that coded in js ?
EternalDensity: yes, js
Izandai: That reduced your revenue.
RealGamerCow: azlinea yeah, you cut down wood to eventually make a cabin to eventually make a cart to sell wood to get seed to make a farm, or somethign like that
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aWabbajack: yeah spaceplan was free on a flash site, then costs money on Steam
azlinea: @realgamercow I'll have to go looking for that one tomorrow
ForOhForError: all according to keikaku?
Himyul: lower price to raise revenue?
mtvcdm: 'Creativity'. And this is where the idle game starts working its magic. By getting weird. At this point you want to see where the gam eis going with its train of logic.
Izhuark: algorithmically generated poems ? I don't like that :c
lancemaker: you need art for this game
lancemaker: a growing pile of clips
lancemaker: falling from the sky
nightwingmisthawk: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 28:10.
lancemaker: and dropping into the floor of the screen
Izandai: That seems fine.
Nyx_fire: what is this one called?
t3h_f1gm3nt: lrrFINE
Spacecarl: lrrFINE
Pharmacistjudge: lrrFINE
Izandai: Universal Paperclips
EternalDensity: most of the first few waves of idle games were javascript, and still many today
ContingentCat: @Nyx_fire Universal Paperclips
EternalDensity: lots look better than this though.
Nyx_fire: ty
ForOhForError: paperclips is pure javascript iirc
ky0dar: I mean, Progress Quest
Laserbeaks_Fury: Are we on the road to convert the entireuniverse into paper clips?
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EternalDensity: even Sandcastle Builder for all its randomness has a (borrowed) art style
Pharmacistjudge: I'm wondering if you link enough idle games you get an active game?
EternalDensity: yes.
silvalunae: I love these games
EikoandMog: Aaaand the hooks are now in Cam.
RealGamerCow: azlinea Here it is:
mtvcdm: Yep. That's how the idle game gets you. By being compellingly odd.
Havok4: I actually really like the story of universal paperclips.
Lord_Hosk: at some point we must flood the market right?
paronomasiac042: See, what happens is the numbers... get *bigger.*
ForOhForError: gotta keep the tab focused though
lancemaker: play mtg arena
Kamotetop: cookie?
lancemaker: haahhaha
e_bloc: but. . . what if clips are happening while we're away
ContingentCat: yet
EternalDensity: mtg isn't idle :P
teavian: Paperclip 40k
Rockario: We could even tuck the tab onto the side of the screen, its thin enough
zerg539: These are very small paperclips
Himyul: need more wire!
ContingentCat: @e_bloc they are, that's part of the appeal
chickenace11: I'm playing Where the Water Taste like Wine and I just met the New Jersey Devil
EternalDensity: yayyyy I love this one
canoecrasher: What is the name of this paperclip game?
Awexdio: Not even the classic of cookie clicker
TheManaLeek: I low-key enjoy idle games a fair bit, Clicker Heroes was my jam
Mysticman89: ah yes, I heard about this one but haven't played it
EternalDensity: universal paperclips
Rockario: Are we about to enter the shark ddimension
LadyTL: have they done cookie clicker yet?
mtvcdm: You eat a fish hooray!
Izhuark: Shark are cools !
e_bloc: I'm a shark . .. . suck my
aWabbajack: wish fishing was this easy
EternalDensity: I really like this one
azlinea: Shark game!
Gnyrinn: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 30:49.
radiodrifter: @canoecrasher
Laserbeaks_Fury: And that's when Talking Simulator became a metagame playing idle games
Darth_Wooper: katesShark ?
EternalDensity: so much to do, so many variant dimensions to explore
azureHaights: "more feesh" Cori is other confurmed
CarsmushPromthenSpupplins: hi folks! have they tried Insanity Clicker? Its spoopy themed.
ForOhForError: hey we don't wanna get to the sand dungeon and be low on sand
Izandai: Scroll down?
TacitusVigil: I hate sand. It's coarse and it gets everywhere. Kappa
e_bloc: cheer225 this is all oddly enthralling
mtvcdm: "Dropped the bass."
wildpeaks: the streaming office will need another mouse by the end of this stream at this rate :D
IncredibleFrown: "i don't know what function this will have, but i know it will be taxed one day" is one of those quotes that has a lot of uses
until_may: baby shark?
paronomasiac042: You're getting 11 fish/second, clicking is irrelevant.
Borgrim_: Ate a shark! wait, no, it wasn't a shark
Pfired: dodo do dododo
AegeusEvander: it says ate, i am not sure you are actually catching them
ForOhForError: needs more animal crossing fish puns
Izandai: @IncredibleFrown A mod needs to put it in the quote bot.
ritchards: what does ray do?
iSmartMan1: @until_may dodo do dododo
IncredibleFrown: i know?
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lurkerspine: we do clicker heroes yet?
EikoandMog: Baaaaaaaby Shark doo doo doodoodoo
AegeusEvander: oh i see we are a shark
aesir_blade: "You eat a fish hooray!"
ricin: did they do yet?
until_may: @iSmartMan1 I work with children for a living, meet my everest
ContingentCat: @ricin nope
EternalDensity: U use that max button most of the time yes
EternalDensity: er *I
Izhuark: i think you don't need to click at this point.
mtvcdm: Qwab!
Vanbael: Crab battle?
CarsmushPromthenSpupplins: CWAB
RealGamerCow: craf!
Borgrim_: got crabs?
until_may: what do crabs do? oh cameron,,,, very itchy crystals
CarsmushPromthenSpupplins: CWISTALS?
e_bloc: that's odd, usually I hear about people acquire crabs from people namd Crystal
1losttheGame: what game is this called?
iSmartMan1: @until_may Fun fact: I know my mother sang that song for me when I was a kid 15 years ago, but she swears she never heard the song until a couple of weeks ago
LadyTL: literally hedron crabs?
humbletales: this is like drugwards
gspogies: Hey I had time to figure out this AMZ/Twitch Prime stuff
Olomag: Wait, ate a shark?!?
Izandai: Still have no use for sand. Now have no use for crystals.
TacitusVigil: @e_bloc Heyo
until_may: @iSmartMan1 its actually an old song, 90's
kinkerbelle: "look at how rare it is, it must be useful!"
Izhuark: ^
TacitusVigil: @Izandai We could sell them to people. I know this woman in Nsburg...
iSmartMan1: @until_may Did I say 15 years, sorry, I meant 20 years
DoodlestheGreat: The Deadliest Catch...
RealGamerCow: kinkerbelle works for diamonds.
ritchards: what does sand do for you?
Izandai: Unknown.
Izhuark: are crystals shark drug ?
wildpeaks: you heard of the speed of light and the speed of sound, welcome to the speed of fish
EternalDensity: clicking fish isn't doing much, we're on 33/s
kinkerbelle: @RealGamerCow except diamonds.. aren't rare? we can make them out of pretty cheap stuff.
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Mysticman89: the neat thing with most of these games is when you hear people at different stages of the game talking about the game, i sounds like an entirely different game.
Izhuark: zircon aren't really diamond i think
Izandai: YES
IncredibleFrown: okay this game is alright
mtvcdm: Science shark!
wildpeaks: Science. Shark.
kinkerbelle: Science shark <3
EternalDensity: !!sCIENCE!!
ContingentCat: Science Shark!!
RealGamerCow: kinkerbelle yuuuuuuup!
Izhuark: Science + shark = nothing can go wrong
mtvcdm: We hit the 'game gets weird' phase of this game quick.
Izandai: Ah, yes, we know have the "science" resource.
Lord_Hosk: dodododo
Nyx_fire: you must die
Aenir798: Cam is just reliving his days at Camp Nettleby
TheMoatman: I just love getting more science
azlinea: It keeps getting weirder
Tangsm: Moist clipboard.
ky0dar: SCHOOL
zerg539: That description hurt on a personal level
MinniChii: my 1yo loves the shark song....
Nyx_fire: my 2 year old does too
aWabbajack: Squid3 coxSays coxBuffalo lrrAWESOME
Mysticman89: basic frenzy jobs
cheetoJack: where did "All basic frenzy jobs" come from
Nyx_fire: and now it is lodged back in my mind *sobs gently*
EternalDensity: c r a b s
iSmartMan1: Okay everyone, place your bets, how long before we get sharks with laser beams?
TacitusVigil: Are there any land based sharks in this game? For lack of a better term...street sharks? ;)
azlinea: Not sharks. Rays.
EternalDensity: like a minute
RealGamerCow: A guy I work with sung the shark song enough that I threatened to beat him with my shoe if he did it again.
Izhuark: science is used in science isn't it ?
wildpeaks: maybe sand for glass later, would make sense for science equipment
AegeusEvander: more science sharks are needed rooVV
Gekyouryuu: sand is used for one of the science upgrades
Pfired: Idle games and gamifying boredom, go go!
EternalDensity: yeah it's actually rays
IncredibleFrown: you got shark power!!
Izhuark: ah only for a tech to get more sand x)
Izhuark: my bad
Tangsm: I assume the sand is for glassware for science.
Izandai: Scroll down?
Rockario: It feels like the Rays and Crabs know something about sharks that you don't
wildpeaks: "More sharks" should go in !advice :D
Borgrim_: you require more vespene gas
e_bloc: not enough methane gas!
kinkerbelle: If you do the crystal now you'll have enough crystals again once the science hits.
e_bloc: damnit
EternalDensity: choices, choices
TheMoatman: I mean crystals are one every half second
TheMoatman: And you only need 50
Izhuark: This is now crab clicker
TheMoatman: But you need 60 science
Lord_Hosk: You will have like 1... every other second
DoodlestheGreat: Folger's Crystals?
Rockario: Also, where are the rays getting all this sand? Is there a new ocean trench somewhere?
silenceaux: One lonely shark doing all that science alone
InfinityToPlanck: so very many
EternalDensity: rayts
Mysticman89: Alright boys, lets set up some differential equations.
mtvcdm: Each crab costs 7% more than the previous crab, right?
Mysticman89: (and girls and other genders)
Izandai: Go to the all tab and scroll down?
1losttheGame: maybe we need more rays for a minimum threshold?
DoctorOfBeard: zeroth order, first order, psudo first order, second order...
EikoandMog: But what about the partial differential equations?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Build 6 SCVs and another Command Center
TheMoatman: I think you have enough crystals to buy the second shark and jars
markededge: More science sharks!
Coinman1863: Are we doing some messy related rates problems?
EternalDensity: oh a lot
delta__vee: I enjoy the idea of setting up a failover cluster for one's idle game VMs
Tangsm: Equations and yields are the closest thing they have to arcane incantations and being a wizard.
AegeusEvander: more science sharks rooNom
silenceaux: Prime numbers maybe
RealGamerCow: I had to know SO MANY rates as a ChemEng. Like, how long it would take for a popsicle to freeze in -40 glycol, so I could figure out how long to make a conveyor belt in a factory
e_bloc: so fish are entering the top of the tank at a rate of seven fish per second while three and a half fish are exiting the tank every second. if the tank begins empty, at T=60 seconds, what is the water/fish mixture
EternalDensity: I had to do a lot to make Sandcastle Builder not easily solvable through spreadsheet. that's part of how it got so weird
Borgrim_: the first idle game I'm aware of was progress quest, iirc it was made as a parody of everquest, which was largely viewed as waiting for progress bars to fill up by the author. Progress quest is the most idle of games, you start it, it requires no input and you level up and get loot and stuff
Mysticman89: by the time one figures out the math, a new problem has generally presented itself. As with real life.
Lithobraker: anyone wanna calculate the activation energy? then the Kp?
kinkerbelle: we still have no outlet for sand.
ContingentCat: nothing's ever gone wrong putting things in other things
LaconicLad: this reminds me, I need to spend more time optimizing my Factorio game.
kinkerbelle: That uses 250 where we currently have over 4,000.
Lord_Hosk: The sand sinks... tothe bottom of the ocean
silenceaux: While the noble sea flapflap is one of my favourite marine mammals, I specifically remember not needing many of them or their sand
mtvcdm: The rays need some love too.
CarsmushPromthenSpupplins: we have to math the science numbers!
iSmartMan1: Have we seen what the sand does yet?
Izandai: Ah, yes, now we can spend 250 of our 4,800 sand on something.
zerg539: Acquire more Crabs
TastyArsenic: i've definitely forgotten most of what little i ever knew about realted rates
ContingentCat: they store things
Tangsm: Nervous shark.
silenceaux: You've discovered the accountant's office.
Izhuark: sundenly stuff !
zerg539: buy more Crabs
BlandSpice: I imagine the gimmick of this will be that at some point you don't need science sharks anymore?
Awexdio: Get the underwater chemistry for the increased science rate
RealGamerCow: Wow, Fallout is down to 500k/s of the 47GB re-download of the thing I already downloaded.
mtvcdm: I feel the crystal spades should just get bought to get bought.
silenceaux: Reminder that you can trash half your stuff, or one at a time. idk why you would need to do that either, but eh.
kinkerbelle: I imagine the gimmick of this is that eventually you'll get enough sand to cast off your gills and walk on land
Borgrim_: think of all the paperclips that are happening
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Izhuark: we will soon hit the 1 crystal/s !
kinkerbelle: Deliver packages. Candygrams. Become a plumber. etc.
EternalDensity: recycling is important for resource loops later
AegeusEvander: why not double science rooThink
EternalDensity: yeh check in on the paperclips now
zerg539: underwater Chemistry might be worth it for a flat doubling of science output
malc: !dbcountdown
LRRbot: Desert Bus for Hope will begin at Fri 9 Nov 10:00 AM PST (9d, 16:17 from now)
Rockario: what use do carnivores have for agriculture?
Count_Nodonora: Lol, exciting is not quite the word I would use here...
Laserbeaks_Fury: Thremal Vents to turn sand into something new
TheMoatman: 3->6 vs 3->4
Tangsm: Agriculture to feed livestock.
ContingentCat: @Rockario attract more fish
PunkRockZoologist: So this is basically Shark Sapience Evolution Simulator?
EternalDensity: !dbcountdog
Rockario: Fish is largely a solved problem
silenceaux: The fish problem is mostly sorted
sag3error: I walked away for 5 minutes... what has this game become?
EternalDensity: no dog years conversion? shame
TheMoatman: You must aquire additional crabs
EikoandMog: And catching fish.
Spacecarl: grab the ray upgrade since its pretty cheap?
zerg539: The Crabs were not asked to do the job they were Voluntold
RegulusPratus: ^^^
EternalDensity: We are the crystal spades
e_bloc: V.v.V
mtvcdm: The ray upgrade is dirt cheap for us now.
ritchards: get the spades... you know you want to
Rockario: Crabs, well known for their attraction to magical stones (Crystals, heddrons, what-have-you)
silenceaux: You _will_ want laser rays btw
EternalDensity: laser rays. laser. rays.
TheMoatman: No, rays with lasers. Big difference
iSmartMan1: CALLED IT
Izhuark: Lazer sharks !
Talon3010: thats too easy a joke
silenceaux: You looked directly into the laser ray
EternalDensity: lorzer shorks
ritchards: get the spades, definitely then!
Feltic: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: Games + Demos
Corvan: @LoadingReadyRun have you guys seen Lucas Pope's new game Return of the Obra Dinn, it looks pretty interesting
Borgrim_: you can't get ye crabs. oh no wait, you can get lots
kinkerbelle: You're spending crystal, to *get* crystal.
Pfired: Billy Ray...GET THE SPADES!
Rockario: DDo we no longer need to forcibly enslave the crabs?
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SquareDotCube: hits you like that pipe in the ceiling that's just at head height
Awexdio: Did that laser ray reduce your sand intake?
Lithobraker: glass isn't a crystal!! It's amorphous :P immersion ruined.
silenceaux: Check the grotto for more detail re: laser rays
kinkerbelle: @Awexdio Yes, you lose a ray to get a laser ray.
asddsa28: is this how we die
Tangsm: We've moved beyond mining to synthesis.
EternalDensity: check in on paperclips?
aesir_blade: Buy more crabs?
silenceaux: (As in you can do that if you are curious, sorry I phrased that as a command)
asddsa28: the sharks get smart and kill us
aesir_blade: And rays possibly
Tangsm: So when are we getting these sharks to space?
mtvcdm: We can get crunk on so many rays right now.
mjihde: The Laser Ray is a -6 sand. Oh no! you're going to run out of sand!
CarsmushPromthenSpupplins: our science has math'd the number stats!
ky0dar: More discoveries are needed.
ContingentCat: don't worry about it
shrengar: purge the xenos
1losttheGame: i think we need more rays but i dont know what other units this game has
Mechsican: I think this is how XCOM: Terror from the deeep starts.
ky0dar: More. Discoveries. Are. Needed.
mtvcdm: 12 rays doesn't seem like enough for us right now.
mjihde: Is that xeno a plastic bag?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Spawn More Overlords....
TheMoatman: These rates are about to get hella related
Rockario: Sorry, "Manufacture" of new sharks?
AussiePMScottMorrison: I didn't think sharks needed education to produce new sharks.
sag3error: Sharks learned how to bone down
EikoandMog: Medical exam passed
Izhuark: Make more baybies you shark !
Feltic: Turn that Shark tap?
kinkerbelle: It's a fish sink, and shark positive feedback loop with high beta cooling.
RealGamerCow: lookit that science go!
dammitjoel: hehe... doodoo
ritchards: everything you doo doo?
silenceaux: When was the last time someone told you to just, just go to kelp
Feltic: Seeds typically is why there is kelp
AegeusEvander: now we have the true sand sink
e_bloc: planter crab? I just met crab
EternalDensity: that didn't kelp us at all
Lithobraker: if we keep on increasing sharks the panalysts will need to find new jobs for them! like babysitting :)
e_bloc: I don't really sea where this is going
TheMoatman: Not anymore
Izandai: Everything is alive, Cam.
kinkerbelle: Regular apples are alive too, Cam.
Rockario: Are they living things, or kelp fruit?
BlandSpice: Is this game effectively Civilization without the 4X game around it?
jawz77: cheer50
MinniChii: I'm supposed to be making a Halloween costume. but this is more interesting
ritchards: sea apple... sapples
aquinas_0: it does seem like tech tree the game
Izhuark: Science !
silenceaux: I believe it's a static amount of science. Hard to notice one at a time compared to your current rates.
TheMoatman: I think it gives you 10 science
kinkerbelle: @BlandSpice We ran into this a bit earlier! It turns out that the 4X bits are also optimization problems with meter filing at differential rates?
wildpeaks: For Science
jubale1: Are we done with the space lrrSloth race?
silenceaux: Need kelp to set the mood
ContingentCat: yup now we're playing idle games
EikoandMog: Oh, it's a ray-ne maker.
Himyul: more laser rays?
TheMoatman: Yeah it's definitely like 10 or 15 science for studying the apple
jubale1: aww, sloth emote is gone
Izandai: We have a number of rays we could turn into laser rayx.
Mivair: It looks like kelp increases production across the board
coelopteryx: i wonder if these sharks ever encounter the coelacanth
Beofryn: I was really hoping they'd be called nurser-rays
v_nome: What is this game called?
EternalDensity: once you have a lot of kelp you'll have a lot of apples and can make a lot of science
Izhuark: we make 10 crystals per second, we are rich !
ritchards: how about them apples?
Izandai: Alien eggs?
dismallyOriented: dammit now i want land apples
ContingentCat: *cat holding a newspaper looking out a window* I should buy more sharks
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: !spoilers
LRRbot: Please do not discuss spoilers in chat, even jokingly. It's a massive dick move which ruins the fun for others, and you WILL be timed out or even permanently banned. This even applies to "obviously fake" spoilers, so seriously, just don't. Thanks for you co-operation, and enjoy the show!
aquinas_0: is anyone else reminded of the mine o'clock inventories
aquinas_0: heading slowly to infinity
Mysticman89: marketing and wire
AussiePMScottMorrison: I thought this was a spoiled stream?
wildpeaks: it usually is
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: Cameron just said it wasn't
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: so I'm going by what he said
silenceaux: All clips must go
Aenir798: marketing?
TheSilentArbiter: Demand is 400% you raise price!
Izandai: More marketing?
Tantusar: Hold on, doesn't this game pause when defocussed?
Pfired: wire out again.
DoodlestheGreat: More wire
Izandai: Demand at 100% apparently means it's equal with production.
EternalDensity: if it's in another tab yes, in another window no
Izandai: Or not?
Izandai: I dunno.
silenceaux: We can probably store a few hundred paperclips... Or a few thousand...
Mysticman89: oh cam and his amibtion.
ritchards: that's the idea, I understand
Tantusar: @LoadingReadyRun recommend keeping paperclips in separate *window* rather than *tab* if you want it to actually run in the background
CarsmushPromthenSpupplins: the entire cosmos? but that includes me!
EternalDensity: don't get ahead of yourself Cam :P
alcyon91: Sharks !
Pfired: The tab does run, but it's super easy torun out of wire if ou're not watching.
EternalDensity: if it's a separate window yes.
PunkRockZoologist: Nano-paperclip grey goo scenario?
TheMoatman: I think the price is too high now unless you want to hold onto the clips until $200 for the next marketing level
Laserbeaks_Fury: isn't the story of an AI tasked with making paperclips that converted the entire universe into clips a thing? It sounds familiar
jubale1: AI nightmare: a super-human intellect but it's only goal is to maximize paperclip production.
Hingadora: Which Cosmos got converted to paperclips? Was it the original Carl Sagan one?
kinkerbelle: wait, *we* acquire more trust? Uh. This is worrying.
andrew: this content was made for me
Lithobraker: Oh crud. You can reset the game if you get enough negative ops...
aquinas_0: what happens when they stop providing resources?
andrew: Hi friends <3
e_bloc: more laser rays to make paperclips
EternalDensity: yes Cam explained that earlier
aquinas_0: when enough paper clips are
EternalDensity: Carl Sagan's Cosmos was not the original
Rockario: @Laserbeaks_Fury Cam brought it up earlier. Where the machine doesn't do anything, then spits out a strange object, then the entire universe is paperclips
Mysticman89: note the wire cost fluctuates, so super optimising pays attention to when you buy
EternalDensity: the original was Humboldt
e_bloc: at 220% demand, one might say they have a tromboner for these office supplies
Mysticman89: this quickly becomes pointles sthough
mtvcdm: As we're seeing. Any given idle game, at least most of them, starts with you just trying to acquire one thing. Then it becomes you trying to juggle the acquisition of potentially dozens of things.
krorkle: The clips must flow!
aquinas_0: is this going to end with a button: build doomsday device?
Hingadora: @EternalDensity Today I learned.
EternalDensity: The original Cosmos
solahwin_tampramain: depending on what though?
ContingentCat: wire cost is connected to market demand for clips I think
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ContingentCat: I never bothered to really math it out
ozone1304: Down with capitalism up with paper clips
asddsa28: for some reason this reminds me of clicker game back it the day made by bigfish
andrew: Is this your first idle game of the stream?
PunkRockZoologist: It’s paper clips all the way down
Himyul: this is all well and good, but the entire business model is going to fall apart when big staple gets its act together
EikoandMog: Oh god, you guys got me hooked on the shark clicker.
EternalDensity: yes but we also played a second and have a third
EikoandMog: Shark Game
mtvcdm: Given that we're juggling multiple games now, I should mention how different idle games treat you walking away from the game for a while in their own ways.
e_bloc: tbf I prefer paperclips to staples because they can be used multiple times
Serifina: And I am currently playing A Dark Room.
TheManaLeek: Spaceplan was a super good non-free clicker, good little story
andrew: nice!
ContingentCat: what a wonderfully descriptive name
ritchards: I wonder if the kitty one is on the list
EikoandMog: I had easy access because it's open on my other screen you bastards.
EternalDensity: let's check on the sharks
andrew: Im still horrifically addicted to cookie clicker
asddsa28: one day i would love you guys to play a big fish game i loved those as a kid
silenceaux: Honestly, idle games are how I first intuited the concept of Rate of Return
e_bloc: pomme de mer
EikoandMog: The Sea Apples give 10 Science when processed.
mtvcdm: Some idle games just let you stockpile forever as you walk away. Others cap your acquisition after a certain point as an incentive to come back and actively play again.
ContingentCat: @ritchards do you mean Neko Atsume or another?
tehcrashxor: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: Games + Demos
shrengar: you've tried the double idle game talking sim, but have you ever tired the triple idle game talking sim???
TheMoatman: Sharkonium?
BlandSpice: Oh geez that log entry
RainbowPhoenix06: at the end of the stream can the list be posted in the discord? I have never played any games in this genre
e_bloc: autopopulate asyphyxiation
Izhuark: Breed the crabs !
ritchards: @ContingentCat
kinkerbelle: "transmute stuff". Good game.
ritchards: no wait, not that one
cheetoJack: autocrabs roll out
Talon3010: Auto crabs? that sounds not fun
o0sk_ren0o: has anyone suggested "A Dark Room"?
tehcrashxor: om nom nom
aquinas_0: they are delicious
Talon3010: crab squad? oh my...
LadyTL: Out of curiosity have we done / are we planning to do Ad-Venture Communist?
Mysticman89: cam himself inadvertently mentioned a dark room
sag3error: Wire
Aenir798: @o0sk_ren0o they didn't play it but they talked about it earlier
aWabbajack: I usually ignore the crabs, too much effort at the boo-fay
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Mysticman89: adventure communist is my phone idle game these days, along with eggs inc and to a lesser extent westworld.
aWabbajack: also lobster, cracking the shell
Aenir798: More Marketing!
cheetoJack: so how long until we invade the above world with our sharks
aquinas_0: but they have the moral weight of a can of raid
Coinman1863: Marketing time
ancientspark: The crabs will invade before the sharks do
TheMoatman: You can upgrade marketing now too
AmoriLinguae: sorry what was the name of the game they finished again?
Nyx_fire: break the limits
aquinas_0: Break the Limits?
Talon3010: Crabando?
DoodlestheGreat: Sharky's Machine. Starring Burt Reynolds.
AmoriLinguae: thanks
TheMoatman: You can probably dump the laser rays back to the general pop
ContingentCat: it's only a problem to run out of wire if we also run out of inventory and money, iirc there's a way to go bankrupt using trust and get more wire but that has limits
BlandSpice: I wonder what job the crabs will have when we automate kelp?
AussiePMScottMorrison: Who cares they're just crabs.
Himyul: you need more science sharks
Pfired: wire
Nyx_fire: cheap wire and we are lowish
andrew: Sharkonium is my favourite Outkast album
Mysticman89: See we're only playing 2 idle games at once right now and we're already basically overrun with things to do.
sag3error: Wire
Nyx_fire: out of wire
LaconicLad: youve run out of wire
cheetoJack: new paperclip projects?
TheMoatman: 4.20k sharkonium katesNice
Talon3010: The sharks shouldn't be too smart. Anyone see deep blue sea?
ContingentCat: Sharkonium sounds like the name for the next King Gizz album
kinkerbelle: Oh, like bitcoin!
ritchards: @ContingentCat This was what I was trying to get to.
sag3error: get a wire buyer
Talon3010: They ate nick fury!
Mysticman89: those are both just a flat +1 rather than generation
mtvcdm: "We can automate the creation of trust." -Cameron
TheMoatman: Up the marketing for more buys
Aenir798: Upgrade Marketing!
baughb: nice 2001 reference
Paranundrox: yeah, you get Creativity when your Ops are full
Himyul: marketing
Paranundrox: you can also get autowire buying, which will help with this
EternalDensity: Youtube tried to automate the creation of trust
Nyx_fire: wire buyer
EternalDensity: questionmarketing
ContingentCat: @ritchards thanks, 2 new cat games
Rockario: We must create in the people a great need...for paperclips
BloodnBullets: demand is high, you could probably increase your paperclip price.
Izhuark: we need more science sharks !
TheMoatman: This is unique
kinkerbelle: The United States buys 11 million paperclips per year.
jinaday: how long till you have to pay to get the super sharl
mtvcdm: Feed the machines. Feed them.
TheMoatman: They're trying to keep their jobs
DoodlestheGreat: Turkey? I thought we were sharks.
RealGamerCow: you have many fish.
SoldieroFortune: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:05:33.
mtvcdm: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet.
ContingentCat: we'll have so many paperclips and sharks
EternalDensity: ok i have to bring in shopping
Izhuark: i think sand is not the most exploited ressource in the seas x)
solahwin_tampramain: bank TONS of wire?
DoodlestheGreat: Time to visit Toiletland.
Mysticman89: then can buy the autowire buying thing soon
ContingentCat: @solahwin_tampramain it's ok to run out as long as we can come back and buy more or let the invintory get bought
TrinketKnight: UNIVERSAL PAPERCLIP...I mean hi what games are we playing today?
TrinketKnight: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: Games + Demos
Blythus: just got here. what games have they played so far?
mtvcdm: NOTE: This stream schedule subject to change, due to Desert Bus preparation.
Mysticman89: currently playing paperclips and shark game, and they beat one little flash games. break out of it or something like that.
Blythus: cool
Blythus: i hope they play realm grinder, thats the best idle game i’ve played
TrinketKnight: awesome
Mysticman89: could never get into that one although I know its super popular.
Blythus: its really complex
Mysticman89: feel like it'd benefit from a more gradual unfolding
InfinityToPlanck: realm grinder is quite good but I think Idling to rule the gods edges it out for my favorite
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ContingentCat: katesNice
Mysticman89: trimps is my main background idler on pc these days.
TrinketKnight: NAIC
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EternalDensity: oh trimps I remember that
ContingentCat: trimps?
EternalDensity: has anything out-weirded Sandcastle Builder yet?
Mysticman89: no.
TrinketKnight: So chat, I just downloaded Stellaris today. I am given to understand that my loved ones should stock up on food and pictures of me for my absence?
ContingentCat: welcome back
EternalDensity: cos if so I would have some programming to do :P
Spacecarl: gasp! the wire!
ContingentCat: you have paperclip projects you can get
ContingentCat: and are out of wire and invintory
Rocketman210: you do?
Rockario: Jaw-sms
EternalDensity: making science, making science, la la la
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steelfox13: Ahh! I forgot I was watching.
Mysticman89: autowire thing. and more marketing
Aenir798: we're out of paperclips!
Rocketman210: i dont think anyone liked kazaam cam
Dusk_Shine: i remember playing OGame back in high school. Ye olde granpappy of space sims
wildpeaks: panic
EternalDensity: donkey space?
Rockario: But...why are buyer?
Rocketman210: Ogame was great, but it was an early pioneer of the pay to win game
Spacecarl: oooh more marketing
mtvcdm: Donkey Space
ContingentCat: Donkey Space
fuzzy_died: All +1 trust
mtvcdm: Always purchase donkey space.
EternalDensity: oh I thought i misread that
Dusk_Shine: @Rocketman210 agreed
baughb: we have 12 trust to spend
Izandai: They all do the same thing.
kinkerbelle: Donkey space. Isn't that the plot to The Dark Forest?
TrinketKnight: Is the Hadwiger Problem a reference to a real thing? because it seems like a lot of things in this game are...
ContingentCat: for now...
Rocketman210: If everyone who can actually mooncrash has payed upwards of $100 your game is a bit unbalanced
EternalDensity: everything that seems like reference is
ContingentCat: I like how Paperclips shifts what is the resource of focus
EternalDensity: do more planters
EternalDensity: so we can have more kelp and apples
Onean: crystal machine, maybe?
ritchards: this is the problem with idle games, in that I'm not idle when the game is "idle now!"
Dusk_Shine: OGame WAS fun though.
Rocketman210: If you set an AI to produce as many paperclips as possible will it kill all humanity and refine the earths crust into an endless stream of paper clips?
Mysticman89: I'm playing succubox at the moment and I started off grinding xp, and now I'm trying to save up a billion dollars to hire tigerts for all my employees. so they work harder. because they'll get eaten otherwise.
Himyul: recycle sand into crystal?
Inkompetence: You have a lot of sea apples that you can science the heck out of.
Onean: more crystals means more science, so I think a crystal machine would be worth
mtvcdm: If you don't need sand, feed t h e m a c h i n e s
AegeusEvander: what about shark moms
RealGamerCow: sand is accelerating
Edgarware: crab broods?
mtvcdm: Turn sand into residue/.
EikoandMog: 10 Science per Sea Apple.
Pimptimus_Prime: Howdy all, how goes Idling?
kinkerbelle: The chasms... beckon...
EternalDensity: so make more planters
TrinketKnight: @Pimptimus_Prime very number, much improvement
Mysticman89: I think we need a ~20 dimensional system.
EternalDensity: more planters-> more kelp more apples more science
Rocketman210: This seems less like an idle game and more like a budget balancing and corperate managment sim
Mysticman89: moar marketing
mtvcdm: I think this would be a good time to triple-queue or idling.
Spacecarl: marketing
sag3error: Time to start a third idler?
RealGamerCow: ingegral (dcrab/dshark * dshark/dtime)...
wildpeaks: +1 for third idler
TrinketKnight: mu-mu-mu-mu-multi-idlers
EternalDensity clicks third idler
RealGamerCow: integral rather
ContingentCat: public demand is 290% you can probably safely up the price
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EternalDensity: seriously though, buy planter crabs for great gains
Rocketman210: i would like to point out at this point that we are creating 11 crabs per second
onarampage: triple que!!!
Rocketman210: that would depopulate the earth in about one year
AegeusEvander: we have insufficient sharks/second
korvys: Isn't there that DnD idle game that has Graham and James in it?
EternalDensity: YAY
Pfired: Crank!
coelopteryx: c r a n k
Mysticman89: crank is cool. Another beat-able one.
Laserbeaks_Fury: if you complete 4 Idle games, you can hire a new host to help you play more Idle games
EternalDensity: very pleased
TrinketKnight: @ContingentCat My experience is that the only "reliable" indicator for paperclip sustainability in that game is whether the unsold clips count remains relatively stable/slightly increasing
andrew: Have you tried Spaceplan?
e_bloc: I usually do this in private
coelopteryx: (i don't know the game, i'm just entertained by the title being so straightforward)
Mysticman89: I expect spaceplan is on the list.
Sirius2010: Try adventure capitalist!
TheMoatman: Oh no, you aren't cranking it enough
wildpeaks: spinning plates variation ?
kinkerbelle: Or adventure communist? I'm not sure what the difference is?
TrinketKnight: Generator?
EikoandMog: Um.
o0sk_ren0o: oh they're playing it. yay!
TrinketKnight: @kinkerbelle different art assets
Mysticman89: adventure communist is the sequel to adventure capitalist essentially.
baughb: what game is this
EikoandMog: I think I won Shark Game
Mysticman89: although they're very similar in practice.
ContingentCat: @kinkerbelle way less of a difference than one might expect
ritchards: Cam off screen
Dusk_Shine: unfortunately, OGame is wayyyyy to slow for Talking Sim
CarsmushPromthenSpupplins: ok its my bedtime. Bye folks! Have fun making more things to make more things to make more things to make more things to make more things to make more things to make more things!
Rocketman210: Ogame takes several months to get started
EikoandMog: Oh god
TheExactSame: I think this is Cameron abuse
Mysticman89: am unfamiliar with Ogame. should I be
TimeToFry: This is extremely stressful
EternalDensity: sandcastle builder has a few months of Waiting for It
EikoandMog: There's MORE RESOURCES in Shark Game
Pimptimus_Prime: Triple Queue, Decadent!
EikoandMog: So much
EikoandMog: Send help.
Rocketman210: @Mysticman89 its old, and masically its a wait to play game but before we knew those types of games were bad
Rocketman210: so it has nostalgia
2Flower: Is this Spaceplan?
Mysticman89: This is Crank
Tantusar: oh yeah i totally misunderstood the computer for a while
Mysticman89: computer you drag things to the slot sorta.
EternalDensity: if only we had a better crank and more battery space...
Mysticman89: this is not immediately clear
Comeback323: Yea I think this is Cam Abuse
kinkerbelle: @EternalDensity Sounds a bit like people wishing for better horses.
TimeToFry: I don't know what this is but it's giving me anxiety
Comeback323: I'm calling the cops Cori
wildpeaks: must keep those plates spinning
Rocketman210: eraser head is not something i wanted in my head right now
Adamantcheese: is it cam abuse if cam likes it?
v_nome worries about having to empty the baby
korvys: Cameron, were you ever a Healing in WoW? Keep all the bars full?
sithenin: Sharks?
TrinketKnight: an idle game that is taking care of a (group of?) newborns sounds simultaneously amazing and terrifying
Izandai: Meanwhile I'm trying to get the achievement for ascending with exactly 1 trillion cookies baked in Cookie Clicker.
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Carbonylcookie: Cam, the bars can't control you if you don't give them power!
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mtvcdm: Yeah, we haven't run into the prestige mechanic yet and we may not tonight, but prestiging is definitely a Thing in idle games.
EternalDensity: the prestige in Sharks is pretty great imho
Mysticman89: crank doesn't prestige, and paperclip only sortof prestiges though, and can also just end.
EternalDensity: it's a sort of newgame +
Paranundrox: how about the Kitten Game :P
Paranundrox: that one takes literal ages
wildpeaks: even in non-clicker games (call of duty has prestige too)
brainiac4: Did you already do Spaceplan?
BlandSpice: Usually you get a resource, which multiplies your rates, but then you can spend that resource on other things
Izandai: VICTORY
wildpeaks: or are FPS another sort of clicker :D
Rocketman210: do people find fulfilment in these games?
chickenace11: Egg inc is a game like that
EternalDensity: some do
Izandai: We certainly do!
Mysticman89: many of them have multiple layers of prestiges now too.
Onean: what's on the LOG and SYS tabs now?
jubale1: dm
EternalDensity: oh Egg inc, I played a lot of that. without spending money :D
baughb: I am on like 26 prestige on Realm Grinder, still a new player lol
ritchards: Clicker Heroes is excessively Prestigey
Izandai: Or at least, satisfaction.
Mysticman89: antimatter diemnsions for example is prestiges on prestiges on prestiges.
7gorobei: i like Candybox2 it allows you to adventure while you idle
Onean: oh, there's SYS
EternalDensity: I got so good at clicking drones
mtvcdm: In some games you have to prestige hundreds, even thousands of times. And the game becomes about how fast you can get to the next prestige.
Izandai: If not exactly fulfillment.
sag3error: Ahh, the Angel Investors in Adventure Capitalist
BogglesUrMind: Is this still the paperclip game?
TrinketKnight: @Rocketman210 Ehhh, define fulfillment? I have definitely used Paperclip as a distraction/coping mechanism occasionally
Silver__Knight_: Clicker Heroes is notorious for you hitting a wall that is literally impassable without prestiging
Pimptimus_Prime: I played a decent amount of a game called Idle Miner on android and it was a fun distraction. It quickly get to a point where it is representing money with a tiered letter system instead of real njmbers.
korvys: What was this game again?
mtvcdm: This is Crank.
Rocketman210: LIke, when i get an achievement in EU4 i feel fulfilled, like i have finished a problem, these just seem like an endless stream of problems
withr: Cam are you likely to try the new call of cthluhu video game?
Adamantcheese: what about crank on crank?
ritchards: Res?
Adamantcheese: so you can crank while you crank, dawg
Comeback323: what is in the RES tab?
Pimptimus_Prime: EU4?
Izandai: @Rocketman210 And every time you solve one it feels good. You've constantly achieving in games like this.
brainiac4: @unarmedoracle is this your first experience with clicker games?
Izandai: @Pimptimus_Prime Europa Universalis 4
7gorobei: crank-ception?
sag3error: Pull the Crank lever...
Pimptimus_Prime: @izandai Ah, that is a familiar name
Rocketman210: @Izandai i guess that makes sense
kinkerbelle: I really like the open mind you guys present to us when you see a new genre of game.
brainiac4: @sag3error Why do we even HAVE that lever?!?!
Izandai: It's a very shallow form of fulfillment, but it also doesn't
Paranundrox: hows paperclicker doing?
TheExactSame: does this have a failures state ?
TimeToFry: Is this game spooky
Rocketman210: I feel like this would have been a very fun comodore 64 game
ContingentCat: @Paranundrox we have auto clippers and auto wire buyers so it's ok to leave for a while
Mysticman89: I don't think you can fail. you can put yourself in a ropugh spot if you really intentioanlly try to shoot yourself in the foot.
Izandai: @Rocketman210 It's a very shallow form of fulfillment but it also takes basically no effort to achieve, so it's a good thing to do when you've got a few minutes and nothing else to do.
kanimaras: You really need some huge life skills to turn scrap metal into useful things
EternalDensity: few idles have fail states. Paperclips does actually
Paranundrox: fair. Gonna have a lot of creat to burn :P
Izandai: Or to have running in the background while you do other things.
BogglesUrMind: Best Idle game I ever played was Candy Box. It's like idle game meets point-and-click puzzle adventure.
mtvcdm: The crank mechanic is really quite insidious. You can only engage in acquisition for a few seconds at a time, and you can't walk away and let the game play itself. There is nothing but turning the crank.
phorrestgaze: huh, looks like the paperclip game has a fake prestige... just a real reset :/
Paranundrox: Paperclips fail state requires some work to have happen though :P
aWabbajack: I am at 743,180,000,000 watts in Spaceplan
brainbosh: Whats the name of this game again?
aWabbajack: leaving it running now since I beaten the game
Rocketman210: maybe your eyes have adjusted to the brightness, so now the slightest shadow seems cosmically dark
ContingentCat: @EternalDensity but to fail at Paperclips is pretty hard to do accidentally
kinkerbelle: It's getting dark so quickly because it's 7 pm and you guys live in canada :P
aWabbajack: feliciaToronto feliciaToronto
Rockario: This is way different than the sequel, Crank 2
EternalDensity: I managed to do it by being a bit too clever after my third prestige
RealGamerCow: multiple color bars? What is this Yakuza? lrrBEEJ
kinkerbelle: I remember that movie! It was really dumb, in a fun way.
Pimptimus_Prime: Is this just a Jason Statham Maintemance Sim?
RealGamerCow: kinkerbelle so, like every Jason Statham movie?
aesir_blade: are we done with scharks today's?
Spacecarl: scrap seems to be the current bottleneck
Mysticman89: system really advance the story/game, so it'll make stuff happen when completed. kinda expensive for now relative to computer power
shrengar: you guys made a crapshot on this
kinkerbelle: This is all ALL games really are.
brainiac4: @cori what grinder? I missed that - my audio was too low. :(
MalBeam: clickers are the pure distillation of the skinner box that is games
mtvcdm: Compelling, no. Attention insistent, yes. You can't leave this game alone for an instant, like you can with other idle games.
TimeToFry: @brainiac4 We're on Grindr now?
Mysticman89: eventually you've got crnak bots and so on so you can ignore it for a bit.
JarJarThinks: @brainiac4 Realm Grinder i believe
Spacecarl: how can you speed up the upgrades?
mtvcdm: The second you go to another tab, all progress in Crank is going to cease on you.
Coinman1863: What order Diff are we dealing with?
Mysticman89: computer power gets upgraded later.
Adamantcheese: i have to make a joke
Adamantcheese: crank dat soulja boi
brainiac4: Thanks @JarJarThinks
summonerspam: was dis?????
kinkerbelle: This one looks like zeroth order so far, sharks is up to fourth with one self-term.
Scarbble: jarjarthinks is such a good twitch name
Hylazu: what is thus game?
JarJarThinks: ty :)
Tantusar: The Power Change meter is not a perfect system. It averages out over a few seconds and makes it very difficult to get a clear picture.
Himyul: change in acceleration
Rockario: Jerk is change in acceleration
Master_Gunner: and after jerk, you have snap, crackle, and pop.
JarJarThinks: The game is called Crank.
Mysticman89: jerk is the time derivative of acceleration.
korvys: Accelerations is how fast your changing speed, jerk is how fast you're changing acceleration
e_bloc: jerk is just the next derivative
Comeback323: !quote jerk
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
amadeusmyth1: rate of change of acceleration
amadeusmyth1: is jerk
Izandai: Where's speed, which is rate of change in position, and there's acceleration, which is rate of change in speed, and jerk is rate of change in acceleration.
TrinketKnight: Jerk is how physicists refer to how uncomfortable riding with them in a car is
Bladinus: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: Games + Demos
Scarbble: bop it, twist it, jerk it
Mysticman89: I like to imagine 4th dimensions by just picturing a perpendicular to the 3rd dimension.
kinkerbelle: Jerk is people who don't understand the difference between the definition of a term and its meaning. :P
brainiac4: Oh, I remember Realm Grinder. I played it on iOS
Laserbeaks_Fury: So here's my question: If these games are tapping into a primal brain thing, where does that thing come from? What itch is "filling a bar" scratching?
Izandai: Is chat being helpful again?
muondecay: Jerk is what chat is being right now :P
ContingentCat: I looked away to do my Doulingo are we glad the Battery is 1 or concerned it's only 1?
Izandai: I'm sorry.
RealGamerCow: Jerk is Steve Martin.
Comeback323: Jerk is what I do with my alone time
mtvcdm: !advice
LRRbot: Don't check the tweets, they are lies.
TrinketKnight: #ChatIsHelpingAgain
Izandai: @Comeback323 slytqLewd
Gekyouryuu: Jerk = Pod 6 (for anyone who gets that reference)
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t3h_f1gm3nt: @TrinketKnight "Helping"
Himyul: if jerk is the 4th order, then twitch chat would be the 5th order
Mysticman89: naw thats snap.
Mysticman89: Kappa
TrinketKnight: @t3h_f1gm3nt Okay, #ChatThinksItsHelpingAgain
teavian: the crckle then pop
Laserbeaks_Fury: Hey, you know what *isn't* in these game systems? RNG
silenceaux: You can feel in your stomach when you're accelerating. Whenever that feeling changes in any way, that's jerk. Including that time you ate too much teriyaki.
silenceaux: The games Unfold in intriguing ways.
wildpeaks: driven by curiosity
Mysticman89: oh right, there is RNG in this.
Izandai: What's rate of change in jerk?
Scarbble: you know that way that jamaicans cook chicken and other meats? that's jerk
phorrestgaze: there's a little in paperclips
RechargeableFrenchman: Saying "no" to RNG, Cam? And you call yourself an XCOM player
CulturalGeekGirl: Evening all, what have we played so far
brainiac4: When some guy hits you in the eye with a big pizza pie, he's a jerk.
Izandai: Cookie Clicker has RNG but you don't have to worry about it if you don't want to.
kinkerbelle: @Izandai snap, actually, but eventually it stops being physics and starts being math.
Mysticman89: playing shark game, paperclips, and crnak currently.
delta__vee: random number generator exists between keyboard and chair KappaRoss
Izandai: @kinkerbelle And then crackle and pop?
Mysticman89: crank*
TrinketKnight: @CulturalGeekGirl Universal Paperclips, some sort of Shark thing, and then this
kinkerbelle: @Izandai ...yes.
Izandai: wut
Pimptimus_Prime: Jerk is a Chicken Dish from Jamaica.
TimeToFry: What was the one with the cats called again
Mysticman89: kittens game
Pimptimus_Prime: And it is delicious...
Mysticman89: there are zebras in kittens game.
Mysticman89: you can do the whole game with no kittens.
CulturalGeekGirl: oh god kitten game is the best of the games I've found
ContingentCat: Neko Atsume would count as idle game I think it's another "one with the cats"
Paranundrox: and then things go off the rails
TimeToFry: I just remember trading ore with dolphins
baughb: sinusoidal? What'd you call me?
CulturalGeekGirl: I only quit it because rebooting the timeline was SO KEY to the gameplay loop and I didn't figure that out until I'd gone way too far without it, and I got mad at myself
Paranundrox: I had to drop it because the Kitten Game was eating up too much attention
JarJarThinks: Now I want to see cam play A Dark Room if he hasn't already
Ninjasousaphone: Cookie clicker?
Adamantcheese: is this Cori's idea of a halloween spooky prank on Cam? it counts as psychological horror, right?
shrengar: ouch stop oof
MalBeam: stellaris is an idle game with anomolies to add narrative
MostCallMe__Tim: influence
TrinketKnight: Now here's the real killer. What about Minecraft Kappa
Comeback323: scrap is capped :D
SoySauceThunder: I’m just tuning in what are they playing?
Rockario: Idle-game is a good way to even play strategy games. I ignored resource gathering and increasing rates for a long time and never got very good
Onean: did we see what the increased mass upgrade does?
sag3error: So is EVE an idle game with other players?
kinkerbelle: Ah, but your military is capped by your minerals, and the only way to expand is more military sometimes...
TrinketKnight: @sag3error I mean, WOW often is, so sure
kinkerbelle: @sag3error Have you ever mined?
kinkerbelle: It even has offline skill progression!
ContingentCat: @SoySauceThunder Universal Paperclips, a Shark one I don't remember the name of, and this, Crank
EternalDensity: Shark Game
TrinketKnight: shark one is apparently called Shark Game
PhoenixGayming: lol I remember when i had skills in EVE that were taking 4+ months to train
MostCallMe__Tim: Cam, speaking of Stellaris, we never really talked about the robot races
Darleysam: I think if I were given MS Paint and 5 minutes to depict a Zachtronics game, it'd probably look like this
SoySauceThunder: @contingentcat thank you
Herbert_Erpaderp: Ahh. EVE. The ship spinning game!
coelopteryx: i appreciate how chill neko atsume is about its incrementation. like it's The Most Idle, you just open it up and look at cute things
Rockario: If we're going to acknowledge that a lot of game-types can be boiled down to bare mechanics, it can make you appreciate how much complexety there is in the actual game
TheMoatman: On the other hand, eve also rewards you for setting your alarm clock for 4 AM to save your alliance's POS because some dipwad set the stront wrong
TheMoatman: Well, rewarded, since I think they finally fully excised the POS system for citadels
mtvcdm: !clip
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at
Spacecarl: how do you upgrade research speed again?
Mysticman89: I definitely missed dinner and didn't sleep the first night I beat crank. This is not a typo.
RechargeableFrenchman: Every now and then I think to myself "I miss EVE"
coelopteryx: like if you're having a kinda cruddy day you can set out some food in neko atsume, then a bit later all the friends have shown up and it's heartwarming
wildpeaks: interesting thing by the way, A Dark Room is open source, if someone ever wants to make a LRR-themed version :)
silenceaux: Someday you will be free
DoodlestheGreat: I spent my final two years in EVE as an idle player, keeping the account up with all the in-game money I'd gotten. Durning that time I became a pilot for capital ships. The ultimate idle game.
Izandai: what
cheetoJack: which do you think is likely to happen first: the game to end, or to have the player starve
BlandSpice: Oh man could you imagine if this game involved a real crank, to gamify working out
RechargeableFrenchman: And then I realize that I miss the IDEA of EVE, not actually playing the game. I love everything about that game except actually playing it
TrinketKnight: boooooo
delta__vee: ^^
kinkerbelle: Computers have probably made many things worse.
xantos69: Sarcasm about computers? HOW DARE!
aquinas_0: computers can make things better
Izandai: They've made a lot more things better.
aquinas_0: people somehow make them worse anyway
silenceaux: But they have to be things you would do
ContingentCat: @RechargeableFrenchman ...I think of school that way
wildpeaks: humans using computers made things worse, computers themselves were just tools
Laserbeaks_Fury: Or, tie the input to a FitBit and walk around to crank
EternalDensity: time to check on sharks and paperclips?
Izandai: We can't leave this!
Tantusar: Anything which is green has the potential to advance the plot.
wildpeaks: this is our life now :D
Pheonix888: Just bluetooth this to your treadmill, and you'll be all set.
Ninjasousaphone: We live here now
brainiac4: @Cori are you going to show Cam Spaceplan?
Izandai: lrrHERE
Mysticman89: thankfully you can beat this, so eventually you'll return to the shraks/paperclips/etc
ContingentCat: who knew idle games would be how we'd get a 24 hour stream
cloneblade: You monsters. you have trapped yourselves!
Izandai: How long does it take to beat this?
silenceaux: You can close your eyes for two minutes
aquinas_0: i'm personally hoping you are the iron giant in this one
brainiac4: lrrEFF
RechargeableFrenchman: @LoadingReadyRun What is this "else" you speak of Cam? All I know is the lights being on, and that I want them to remain on
aquinas_0: probably a murder bot, but hoping for happy friend murder bot
wildpeaks: this stream works great with the Pony Island soundtrack :D
Laserbeaks_Fury: Are there any good board games that utilize these feedback loops?
brainiac4: @unarmedoracle I think you would like the sciencing in Spaceplan.
Mysticman89: yeah spaceplan is a bit more artistic too
aquinas_0: @Laserbeaks_Fury that would be Painfully fiddly
Mysticman89: just a bit tho
cloneblade: spaceplan is sooo good. i wish there was more to it
coelopteryx: oh my god, we have achieved Cyan
TrinketKnight: we're heading to PLAID!!!!!
wildpeaks: how many colors can we achieve
coelopteryx: i like the color cyan so i'm happy with it
insane_42: better than brown alert
Mysticman89: Seccubox has not lead to mean developing a "security disagreement" with the USA. Oh boy.
InfinityToPlanck: like a longbowman
mtvcdm: Is it me or are the shades of grey changing as we progress?
Mysticman89: succubox* now*
EternalDensity: just started succubox like half an hour ago
aquinas_0: @mtvcdm yeah, i think they are
EternalDensity: thanks I hate it
Pimptimus_Prime: Just think, before automation people worked jobs for 8-16 hours a day BEING automation.
Mysticman89: it stopped being about lootboxes like 3 hours aog.
Mysticman89: ago*
TrinketKnight: oh, maybe end the game with Lootbox Opener?
krorkle: I think I prefer the sharks and the clips. The negative mechanic with the crank would stress me out. I’m mildly stressed just watching Cam, here.
CulturalGeekGirl: Did they play Succubox on Watch And Play, or was that something else
Izandai: @Mysticman89 Wait what?
InfinityToPlanck: apparently archaeologists can identify english longbow men by there skeletons as they are deformed due to massivily uneven muscles
mtvcdm: That was I Can't Believe It's Not Gambling.
ReydienOnline: the best part of this is that watching you play this made me want to go play it
Mechsican: scrap cap?
Spacecarl: capped
kinkerbelle: There's no negative mechanic. If you stop cranking, you just... stop getting power.
TrinketKnight: Lootbox Simulator I think was the W+P game
ReydienOnline: so now I'm playing this and cranking and choosing different upgrades
v_nome: do do do do?
shrengar: baby shark do do, doo doo do doo
Gekyouryuu: @InfinityToPlanck neat
canoecrasher: do do doo doo do doo
Mysticman89: I mean, the lootboxes are there. but they're quantum lootboxes that contain *everything*
CulturalGeekGirl: Hilarious that there are more than 3 lootbox buying simulators
lilyoswald: I can recite the entire shark song from memory, along with 5 different variants. My daughter really loves the shark song
NW9k: @LoadingReadyRun it does a loop of baby shark, then mommy shark, daddy shark, grandma shark, grandpa shark. then it goes to a run away sequence, and finishes with safe at last, i believe.
cyclopsboi: baby mama daddy, grandma, and grandpa i think
UnseenAcademical: @CulturalGeekGirl I wish one of them could only be found randomly in lootboxes
EternalDensity: oh I forgot about lunch
asddsa28: I wonder if this game was like what it was like for the women who enrich stuff in the Manhattan project
TrinketKnight: we need an intervention
phorrestgaze: just one more crank
wildpeaks: this is how idle games get you :D
Mysticman89: markteting
zerg539: @InfinityToPlanck I can believe it my Ex was a softball pitcher and her pitching arm was measurably shorter than her non pitching arm.
Mysticman89: lots of marketing
ContingentCat: more marketing
BlandSpice: I can't help but notice an inflated cost of wire since we automated the purchasing of wire
tuckamanian: rivetting
Pimptimus_Prime: On Gaby Spartz's channel we were memeing the baby shark song and someone had to point out to all of us that her name fit perfectly into the timing. I know I felt amazingly dumb for a second. lol
CuRua: Local wire company knows what's up.
kinkerbelle: Draw three sharks?
cloneblade: only 10 billion science to draw 3 cards
lurkerspine: Gate time?
lurkerspine: prestige?
UnseenAcademical: NASCAR?
EternalDensity: draw three cards
Izandai: 10 billion science = 1 blue mana
aquinas_0: kwizatz hadashark?
NW9k: @Pimptimus_Prime Syllables are fun though, so good on you notB
zerg539: you need to buy sharks
Spritz_T: look at those sand apples go
EternalDensity: mke more planters and more kelp
TheMoatman: I think it's only a single one of each
EternalDensity: then turn the sea apples into science
wildpeaks: oh dear
TheMoatman: Welcome to P R E S T I G E
Mysticman89: oh prestige
mtvcdm: Prestige!
Izandai: Oh, we won!
Pimptimus_Prime: Card Name: Ancestral Shark, Cost: A Single Shark, Instant, Draw 3 Sharks
TrinketKnight: congrats, you won, now you never ever ever have to play again Kappa
wildpeaks: 1 essense.. so we got another thing to grind for :D
silenceaux: Close to home. Close...
Izandai: Yes.
EternalDensity: once you get going you can finish some worlds in a couple of minutes
Izandai: But now we will find new sharks!
Daxieoclock: new ocean who dis
ReydienOnline: we built their society, then left them upon seeing our work complete
silenceaux: They're doing fine without us
TrinketKnight: why meow?
aquinas_0: because fish
aquinas_0: meows like fish
Questhere: why meot?
EternalDensity: I should eat bye
Mysticman89: ccatfish
wildpeaks: is "break" the code for "Cam is going back to the crank to fill the bar" :D
baughb: cam is going to go on "break" but actually just go play crank
ReydienOnline: we're definitely gonna cut back to cam just quietly cranking
Mysticman89: desertbus is gonna be whoever desertbussing, with cam in the back just turning a crank and looking tired.
Mysticman89: (...asside from the game being beatable in about a day or two.)
coelopteryx: cookie clicker 2: literal actual electricity-related boogaloo
silenceaux: Or the crank, not turning. Lights are out. Cameron is absent. Coriander looks into the camera, a manic gleam in her eye.
DaMullet14: I assume this has been covered in the obligatory pun section, but is there an idol idle game
silenceaux: He needed to be stopped.
mtvcdm: I feel we're not complete without a look at Progress Quest.
Pimptimus_Prime: I finally carved my pumpkin today. Carved a Metroid into it.
Mysticman89: "Where is cam? He didn't shoow up for work." "Oh, he couldn't come in. said something about feeling too cranky"
NW9k: @Pimptimus_Prime spooky!
silenceaux: Sometimes I'm glad it gets cold here. Keeps the metroids down.
mtvcdm: !dbcountdown
LRRbot: Desert Bus for Hope will begin at Fri 9 Nov 10:00 AM PST (9d, 14:57 from now)
Pimptimus_Prime: I know right! If misused by Mother Brain and the Space Pirates the Galaxy could be wiped out!
mtvcdm: If tradition holds, Desert Bus *should* be opening for donations on Friday. I don't have confirmation of that, but previous years have given it exactly one week of runup time to build the clock.
mtvcdm: Meanwhile, guest bios and call-ins are now live on the DB site. As of just now.
silenceaux: Ooh
wildpeaks: yay Mikey :)
Earthenone: pride51
EternalDensity: hi
wildpeaks: it's for your own good
ky0dar: bought my best friend Kona for halloween. its unfairly hot here today
Styxseus: Oh! This game
ContingentCat: katesRip
ky0dar: those ARE words cam
DaMullet14: I thought Yomi was a thing from Go
SquareDotCube: Yomi is a tournament game
NW9k: is it like fighting spirit?
Izhuark: mindgames
Rockario: !explain Yomi
Herbert_Erpaderp: Yomi is brother of Yorri
Styxseus: Does it translate to "read" ?
RvLeshrac: The best idle game I've played has been Armory & Machine (Android, iOS?)
PiousHeathen: It`s a term taken from Kendo. It`s the You know, that I know, that you know what is going to happen
Mechsican: you need to harvest 10 DOBS to summon an adam to explain yomi
teavian: Its a game on Steam
wildpeaks: Chat: like Siri, but with more conflicting answers
PiousHeathen: yes!
PiousHeathen: It`s the stack of knowledge warfare
wildpeaks: oh good
phorrestgaze: ded gam
Spacecarl: time for more processing?
Gekyouryuu: isn't it that thing in Street Fighter 4 where they had the black shadows on them, and they moved slower, but could launch counter moves?
TrinketKnight: yes, it's the ability to work within or around the meta of strategies for a complex system
DeafMints: Cameron have you checked out the perfect tower or Trimps?
ky0dar: you only think that i know that you know that i know that you know
DolGrenn: Ooh, marketing!
PiousHeathen: If you know I will strike the head, I will defend it and strike the body., but you know I know you wil strike the head, so you change your attack. But I know you will know that, etc
silenceaux: Is it the thing in Wuxia where two masters play out an entire duel in their minds without either taking a step?
Styxseus: I thought it sounded like "read" so I just thought it meant "reading" the flow of things, etc.
TrinketKnight: yomi is the ability to get an edge when the key information asymmetry is the other players, not the game itself
SquareDotCube: Anyways, this version of Yomi is a bunch of AIs competing against each other to give or take points
sag3error: Iocane Powder
TrinketKnight: I'd bet my life on it
ritchards: grind all those realms!
NW9k: oh god.....NGU
SquareDotCube: so you get AIs like greedy or min/max
brainiac4: Trimps!
EternalDensity: ohh swarm sim
DeafMints: Trimps!
TrinketKnight: Swarm simulator is the one that ends up in Base-64, right?
DeafMints: I think so its the Ant one TrinketKnight
SketchyDetails: you can do realm grinder on steam and its much nicer
kinkerbelle: Ah, the two options, shop and sexy.
asddsa28: oo this game
brainiac4: Realm Grinder is also available on Steam as a free game.
Rockario: I wonder what this brave new product is. Pay...Pal?
Serifina: Oh dear lordy. I used to play this before it had fancy graphics.
SketchyDetails: You don't have enough time left in the stream to do anything in realm grinder :D
PiousHeathen: Dr Cam: this is an extremely relevant article regarding Yomi levels written by Sirlin:
Serifina: This one gets.... *complicated*.
mtvcdm: Oh boy, we found a vampire!
Serifina: Like, this one has a LOT of systems involved.
cloneblade: are we going to play and evil faction or good faction?
ContingentCat: I prefer playing click heavy games on my phone, especially when they accept multitouch
mtvcdm: Does that say 'sexy' or 'scry'?
wildpeaks: this seems involved
kinkerbelle: Look, it's might&magic, but as a clicker game.
TrinketKnight: Scry I think
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baughb: @mtvcdm it is scry
kinkerbelle: And now I'm worried that might and magic *is* a clicker game
PiousHeathen: MY favourite clicker game of recent memory is the Katamari one.
baughb: Scry is "Watch an advert to get a bonus" in realm grinder
wildpeaks: interesting take on a clicker game
Mystaira: Oh hey, I remember this game...
Vulcnor: Oh Cookie clicker games!
Banrael: Storm 'em out!
PiousHeathen: Dear Dr. Cam: in case you missed it before, this article on yomi levels by Sirlin is very good.
MalBeam: i cast summon tax collector
Banrael: Summon bureaucrat?
Pfired: ooof. Sirlin is one fo the problematic things I like.
strigonLeader: cameron looks scared
paronomasiac042: Faeries are best for now
shrengar: can you guys zoom in?
shrengar: please
incredulouspasserby: Oh hell yeah! I loved this game for a few months
TrinketKnight: Just think Cam, a little more graphical fidelity and this'd be HOMM Kappa
Mystaira: Under the spells? XD
alexwhitechats: Realm Grinder is a lot, the exponential requirements for progression mean you could keep unlocking things for well over a year.
kinkerbelle: They're like trophies.
wildpeaks: wizard tower ? is this pubg :D
mtvcdm: I don't think it's something to be concerned about, really; if you enjoy yourself go ahead and play it.
SpoonfullOfSugar: more like a paradigm?
wildpeaks: a game can have multiple aspects: for example, ECHO is technically a stealth shooter, but it's more like a puzzle
Rockario: Stellaris, not a clicker game. Definitely at least part-way and idle game
SnowToad: This is becoming one of my favorite shows.
Styxseus: Does passive resource-accumulation = clicker ?
RvLeshrac: But is a baked potato a sandwich?
TrinketKnight: Or, per Extra Credits, Genre by the driving force for playing it, not the mechanics used to advance in it
Pfired: Idle games use your own boredom as a mechanic.
mtvcdm: If you enjoy an idle game, play an idle game. Or any game not generally thought of as sufficiently game-y. I'm like 7,000+ holes deep into Desert Golfing, I'm fine with that.
cloneblade: Is portal and FPS?
ky0dar: alex thinks of everything as a puzzle game though
Clench_Eastwood: This might be dated, but I remember Total Biscuit (R.I.P) back in 2010 asking if the VGAs needed more genres, and I remember sending in a 3 paragraph answer, and that was after I condensed about 1000 words
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Someone called Ikaruga the puzzle games of Shmups and holy shit that clicked
Clench_Eastwood: also, hello o/
RvLeshrac: SydPreviouslyHeadache: Every score-based bullet-hell shmup is designed as a puzzle game.
Pimptimus_Prime: Howdy Clench!
RvLeshrac: SydPreviouslyHeadache: I mean, explicitly, not as some sort of side thing.
Anaerin: Have they not installed an auto-clicker already?
strigonLeader: Counting coins in scientific notation Kreygasm
wildpeaks: one million million = 1 gem ? it must take a while to create jewelry then :D
ArmadilloAL: feenHey Ooh, this reminds me I need to go log into an idle game for a quick dopamine hit.
InfinityToPlanck: fairies are very active focus
Clench_Eastwood: but the point of my story was that after all of that explaining, my conclusion was that a genre can never correct define a game
TheMoatman: I prestiged shark game and it got a *lot* harder
InfinityToPlanck: lots of spell casting
InfinityToPlanck: fairies are building focused, eleves are click focused, and angles are spell focused
InfinityToPlanck: elves
EternalDensity: sometimes shark game is harder, sometimes easier. and sometimes it's easy if you know how to be clever with it
azlinea: @themoatman what world did you go to next?
TheMoatman: azlinea deep
Mystaira: You exchange them for bonuses.
ArmadilloAL: Okay, dopamine achieved. Hit an upgrade, bought some labs, and I'll check back in tomorrow.
InfinityToPlanck: evil is more idle
azlinea: That's the super dark world with chimeras right? @themoatman
TheMoatman: yeah
Anaerin: Yeah, I'd have an auto-clicker going already.
Clench_Eastwood: so, Cam, I remember, back in high school (2000-ish) playing an online spreadsheet game called like...EARTH 2041 or something like that, that was in its basic form a click and wait game. did you ever play that?
InfinityToPlanck: undead are afk focused, demons are high tier building focused, and goblins are income focused
PiousHeathen: try trading, it opens a whole new section
PiousHeathen: qOps can go beyond your maximum
ContingentCat: @ArmadilloAL it's nice to have such an explicit dopamine skinner box
strigonLeader: holdup is that a grey goo game
Anaerin: The darker the box, the more you get. But if the box is white you get negative clips.
Mysticman89: qops let you go over max, but it'll decay
ContingentCat: The quantum comuting this is weird
PiousHeathen: buy the trading alogorithm
silvalunae: omg you're making the weird thing before the world becomes a paperclip
SydPreviouslyHeadache: no. not the paperclips
Banrael: Sounds like "Restart"?
Styxseus: OH, I never found that xD
Mysticman89: it's a way to restart if you've gone and goofed.
EternalDensity: so only quantum when the box is black
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zed_alpha: Ah yes, idle games, or as I've heard them referred to, single-player MMORPGs.
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kinkerbelle: You've made 1/5th of the annual US consumption of paperclips.
Reecer6: This is a perfectly reasonable quantity of paperclips to amass so far.
Mysticman89: yeah quantum computing works by clicking whne the box(s) are black. just like real quantum cocmputers.
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CranstonSnord: Oooh! 13! Spoooky!
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ContingentCat: "only" ?
Reecer6: All in high risk, baby!!!
zed_alpha: High Risk!
Pfired: *mindblown.gif*
Fugi: High Risk
Silver__Knight_: High Risk
ContingentCat: I always did medium rish
Fugi: All in on one stock worth under $10
Pimptimus_Prime: Wait, are you just making and stockpiling Paper Clips? Like, just filling a swimming poo,s with them?
zed_alpha: Risk! Risk! Risk!
andrew: fuuuugi
zed_alpha: Conquer Africa!
mtvcdm: !advice
LRRbot: Doors may not be used by wizards.
oyleslyck: High risk or bust
Pimptimus_Prime: swimming pool*
teavian: Risk Legacy!
Clench_Eastwood: have you guys played "I can't believe it's not gambling" yet?
Fugi: Haven't you seen the stock market lately? It'll be fiiiiiiine
Reecer6: Oh, strategic modelling is a cool feature.
TheMoatman: Oh man, the recycler is suuuuuper important
Mysticman89: eventually you get other models.
TheMoatman: 1 to 1 fish to rarer resource conversion
delta__vee: lrrFINE
Anaerin: Pimptimus_Prime: You have to "Make Paperclips". It doesn't say how you should do so. And at one point, you get the option to convert all matter on earth into paperclips.
kinkerbelle: p/l is still <1, so your paperclips are all that's keeping you solvent
Rockario: All of this is in service of making paperclips
TrinketKnight: your paperclip business is the base on which you will eventually build a financial empire
Mysticman89: more than just earth
Clench_Eastwood: @Fugi I heard CODBLOPS4 is a failure at only $1/2 billion Kappa
Anaerin: That's only stage 2 of this game, Cam.
MalBeam: yep, we're a paperclip maximizer
baughb: god now you have to finish this game
mtvcdm: But we could have a planet made of paperclips.
TrinketKnight: well, wait until you manage to cure baldness
zed_alpha: what's a yomi?
Pimptimus_Prime: @anaerin Dag, that is impressive!
TrinketKnight: you joke cam, but...
Mysticman89: don't get ahead of yourself cam
lilyoswald: I mean if the paperclip game doesn't end with the paper clip scenario then I will be very disappointed
Rockario: Conquer or harvest?
ContingentCat: yup, there's the exploration mechanic
Clench_Eastwood: no no, Cam, you're thinking small, paperclip temporal rift
azlinea: Yeah the recycler both breaks the game is key to making prestige short.
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VelvetFalcon: Hey Cam and Cory, hope you're having a lovely day.
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mtvcdm: The recycler mechanic is we send the paperclips to the Shark Dimension.
Galactic_pain: @Rockario Why not both?
Anaerin: I mean, "HypnoDrones" is certainly a thing.
EternalDensity: temporal rifts are a Sandcastle Builder mechanic
oyleslyck: Mash quantum
Rockario: @Galactic_pain The distinction is semantic
baughb: Cam just listed off a bunch of features of the game lol
MalBeam: turning the earth into paperclips is only a phase 1 kardashev civ
TrinketKnight: yes, they're even called Von Neumann machines iirc
rrtycoon2: Hmm, that backlog is going to cause some issues with the bottom line.
Paranundrox: yeah, Cam had a surprising amount of hits there :P
EternalDensity: *galaxies
MrGibberish: why is watching people playing a clicker more entertaining then playing one? >.>
ArmadilloAL: Are we the grey goo?
Anaerin: ArmadilloAL: Not yet. But SOON™
Banrael: Hrrm.. So are we making paperclips out of force fields containing solar plasma?
oyleslyck: Mash quantum again
delta__vee: the wikipedia disambiguation page for von neumann machine is helpful in this instance
TrinketKnight: @ArmadilloAL In the end, we all do what we must
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LadyAtarka: Happy five months!!!!!
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Banrael: Cause that seems like a nice paperclip.
azlinea: @mrgibberish seeing the joy of discovery from the outside is cool?
aesir_blade: The VN machines in this one are technically made out of paper clips
Fugi: @oyleslyck with the delay i'm not sure calling it out will be useful :P
FlyingUltraCar: At what point do we begin liquifying human beings so that we can use the iron in their blood for paper clips?
Clench_Eastwood: so, whats is ultimately the point of these games...i.e. the devs strat. advertising to you? driving you to their other games? or it this just actually for fun/time wasting?
MalBeam: playing a clicker while watching a stream of a clicker is an odd gaming experience
Galactic_pain: @FlyingUltraCar Soon, but not soon enough
Clench_Eastwood: @MalBeam Clickception
FlyingUltraCar: *our blood. Of course I meant our blood, which we as humans all possess
Mysticman89: yeah my 'productive' evening is long gone. I'm playing idle games while wathcing idle games.
PiousHeathen: It`s so wonderfully counter intuitive once you get to certain thresholds of production where income is inverse to price
Mysticman89: my arena wins of the day can wait.
TrinketKnight: @Clench_Eastwood depends. most are ad vehicles. this one happens to be a pretty good simulation of a fun thought experiment, with some amusing commentary on the nature of numerical expansion/global capitalism floating around
Reecer6: @Clench_Eastwood the well-known browser-based ones are basically all just "because it's fun and addicting"
Paranundrox: I do like the minigame of trying to pick the best strategy for the tournaments
Reecer6: i imagine to code as well as play
EternalDensity: Paperclipse Phase
Silver__Knight_: Clench_Eastwood some games advertise for other games, mobiles tend to lean into microtransactions, some are a handful of code that excel at wasting time
Reecer6: oh we're multithreading clickers are we
Rockario: Which one is grey goo?
Clench_Eastwood: fair enough, its pretty much why I play WoW
ContingentCat: @FlyingUltraCar I don't think we explicitly mine humans but space exploration is done with robots so
EternalDensity: Sandcastle Builder was kinda addicting to code for a year or so but wore off
PunkRockZoologist: Is a Tycho Monolith just the Monolith from Space Odyssey? It’s called a Tycho Magnetic Anomoly on the Space Odyssey Wiki.
TrinketKnight: we explicitly mine humans, it's done tastefully though :P
Pimptimus_Prime: @flyingultracar Yes, I too as an average human also contain large amounts of blood. <_< >_>
Galactic_pain: We must upgrade the lesser non-paperclip based lifeforms into the obvious, glorious evolution
InfinityToPlanck: grey goo is where self replicating nano bots turn all matter into themselves
TheRealSgtCrispy: damn you cookie clicker! Look what you have wrought!
t3h_f1gm3nt: @Galactic_pain so this is how the Cybermen were created? i never knew!
Banrael: cheer124 #TeamOrder
TrinketKnight: @InfinityToPlanck Greetings, Emperor of Drift
SileeOneNow: !advice
LRRbot: Don't hit 0 hitpoints.
chenhsi2: ooh, I already have ngu idle open too
Rockario: NGU, not quite an NGO
kinkerbelle: "Current" event?
Clench_Eastwood: All the world's a click simulator, and all the men and women merely clickers: they have their clicks and their clacks; and one man in his time clicks many buttons, his clicks being nothing and everything.
Anaerin: None of the original Idle game: Progress Quest?
ContingentCat: ah just what it says on the tin
TheRealSgtCrispy: Still running my Progress Quest toon
krorkle: This was a crapshot, wasn’t it?
Fugi: oh i remember this game
wildpeaks: More bars for the bars gods
EternalDensity: Is a man entitled to the sweat of his clicks?
EternalDensity: *Density
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EternalDensity: the answer is Bioshock occurs, right?
mtvcdm: FEED ME
TrinketKnight: Hey Hey, Blonde-Jesus-but-not-really deserved his hidden elf village in the middle of the rockies Kappa
vegetalss4: Does anything happen from throwing the money away, or is it just to get rid of the stuff?
ArmadilloAL: You occasionally get items or minor buffs.
ArmadilloAL: Nothing fancy.
ArmadilloAL: The "Misc" is mostly interface features that you'll find handy in three weeks, but would just scare off newbies even more than Cam is scared off right now.
Galactic_pain: Oh god, Tippi
t3h_f1gm3nt: awww he wanted to be our friend :(
mtvcdm: Tippy whyyyyyy
Mysticman89: tippy is definitely not clippy.
t3h_f1gm3nt: and we MURDERED him!
Mysaryl: nooooo
Mysaryl: mouse friend
EternalDensity: Tippy cannot speak and will not threaten to stab you
Rhynerd: Oh, Tippy didn’t deserve to die that messily.
TriggerHappy2Pi: Can I just let the paper clip one going in my browser overnight?
FarleyF: Cori would it be possible for you to post the list of clicker games you played tonight
Mysticman89: I feel like crank has been the winner thus far.
Fugi: @TriggerHappy2Pi yes but it's not very efficient
Pimptimus_Prime: Does that say "Move 69" on those last 3 buttons in Adventure?
Jigokuro: moistLurk
kinkerbelle: I want to ask what the number does, but also, I want it to not do anything.
Mysticman89: katesNice
Pimptimus_Prime: Nice!
ContingentCat: yay pants
TriggerHappy2Pi: !time
LRRbot: Current moonbase time: 8:46 PM
NW9k: @kinkerbelle from the rebirth menu? it multiplies your attack and defense stats, so when you have a high number it takes less progress to fight further
ArmadilloAL: It takes a while, since the fluff has 500,000 hit points, but we can.
siver110: Can we zoom in a bit
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Manokewl: Yes! I'm so glad that I saved my one year monthiversary for my favorite stream, and didn't screw it up in any way whatsoever!
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lurkerspine: Idle games take up so much time...
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Reecer6: You would be locked in stalemate with the stick.
Pimptimus_Prime: Oh hey, an ad for Dofus! That one of the 80 Hojillion games I've played in alpha or beta but never touched after release. lo.
ContingentCat: @Reecer6 and wouldn't that be sad
Paranundrox: maybe move some energy over from defense?
t3h_f1gm3nt: SPARE Tippy!
mtvcdm: Tippy 2
ArmadilloAL: Luckily, a few days from now, the first bosses will die so quickly you won't even see Tippy for so much as a single frame.
NW9k: It doesnt work @LoadingReadyRun since you dont have magic unlocked yet :x
TriggerHappy2Pi: Does the paper clip game a end that is easily reachable or is it a multi month endeavor?
Reecer6: unfortunately, the undertale idle game hasn't been released yet
Mysticman89: paperclip is a few days to a week
Gekyouryuu: @Reecer6 the what?
vegetalss4: There appears to be some newbie offers that seems much better ratio for XP expendure?
Mysticman89: maybe a hardcore day if you are efficient
Reecer6: @Gekyouryuu doesn't exist even conceptually, was a joke, sorry.
CulturalGeekGirl: Playing 5 idle games in 5 different tabs is basically ADD simulator 2k14
kinkerbelle: So die early die often?
Paranundrox: don't forget you have a lot of idle energy
Mysticman89: I encourage those interested to play through and beat Crank, universal paperclip, and spaceplan, since they're all 'short' by idle standards.
Rhynerd: Is there also a “so what?” To give or did I miss that?
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shrengar: @rhynerd there kinda was
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Rhynerd: Then I must have missed it. Sorry.
Peter200lx: I think lrrAWESOME has failed to load on the progress bar
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ritchards: good old white box...
TheMerricat: when you get home just in time to welcome the subs
Phailhammer: cya :)
Fugi: oh god i just realized next week is NOT desert bus
wildpeaks: soon. SOON. but not yet
Mystaira: lol
mtvcdm: No, but if tradition holds, donations ought to be opening on Friday.
ReydienOnline: part of the secret there, Cam, is that you were introduced to like the top 1% of the genre
TheMerricat: fugi, the event
ContingentCat: oh man there's going to be so many paperclips in a week
Fugi: @mtvcdm as the one enabling them, yes they will be :P
mtvcdm: Didn't have it confirmed, which is why I hedged. But hey, confirmed now.
TrinketKnight: I'd say it's more another optimization problem where you need to determine which incremental improvement has more long-term value for you
wildpeaks: oh dear :D
NW9k: i already have crank bots ._.
mtvcdm: This now ends another LRR broadcast day. On behalf of everyone at LRR, good night, and good morning.
TrinketKnight: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG on Magic Channel (Broadcast on, join Graham and James for some slightly above average MTG! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Wed 10:00 AM PDT (13:02 from now).
TheOgreMagi: stream it cam
wildpeaks: minimalist graphics age well
TrinketKnight: you don't have to stream it, but I do hope you eventually do a full run of Universal Paperclip
TrinketKnight: I think you'll really appreciate it
mtvcdm: !patreon
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Herbert_Erpaderp: Goodnight everyone :)
mtvcdm: !discord
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SydPreviouslyHeadache: No way! I'm excited I was told they played all the nightmare games
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Thanks for streaming Cam and Cori
SydPreviouslyHeadache: have a good night everyone
TrinketKnight: it's a necessary life skill, I'd say
Earthenone: goodnight
TrinketKnight: bai bai
GreenBrains_: lrrDOTS tiltyhEXTREME lrrARROW
theneatestburrito: lrrHEART
Mysticman89: enjoy spending the rest of your night crnaking.
TrentSSB: Thanks for the stream lrrAWESOME
ContingentCat: thanks for streaming lrrHEART
Pimptimus_Prime: Thankee for the stream!
TacitusVigil: Thanks for the stream.
ContingentCat: If anyone's interested Serge is playing They are Billions at
wildpeaks: ohh neat, and another twist on clicker games, except you better not be idle in this one :D