solid234snake2: hey @loadingreadyrun i love your channel you put out the best content on twitch but sadly i can not sub at this time because i been dealing with major croinc pain and depression issuse
PhoenixMelior: ah, what an extremely satisfying album that was
Mazrae: hello hello
Miss_Katherine: oooo, what game is coming up here?
PhoenixMelior: Stellaris
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: katesLurk katesLurk katesLurk
Astra7525: sounds like Cam and Stellaris
Miss_Katherine: Yay!
Mazrae: how is everyone doing today?
Saulens181: Can the Le Guin update be released already, I need that planet/population rework
OriginalGarwulf: I picked up Stellaris on sale over the weekend (got the starter pack).
Saulens181: Also, anyone else watching the PDX Dev Clash?
Astra7525: yup
NathanJay_GA: ^_^
Saulens181: Johan: Old and Busten, Kaiser Johan: New Hotness
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Cameron leads some wildly unprepared and unqualified post-apocalyptic humans into the endless abyss of space in Stellaris on today's ...One More? 📷
solid234snake2: i hope to sub one day @LoadingReadyRun but right now i cant ):
OriginalGarwulf: And, sadly, I'm going into this year's Desert Bus as neither a corporate sponsor or an author supporting a giveaway - my Crohn's flared, and the treatment incapacitated me to the point that the only thing I can do is teach.
CarsmushPromthenSpupplins: @ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat kitty? kitty! KITTY
freshtoastlord: Slow burn galactic conquest here we go
OriginalGarwulf: I'll plug it to my class tomorrow, though.
Miss_Katherine: I find it amusing that Cam plays the one sort of empire repeatedly in Stellaris
Astra7525: Like he always says, he likes to play a society he would want to live in
Thatwasademo: You are visible and audible
Angnor33: YOu appear visible.
cheetoJack: Hi cam!
Oecking: I immediately love that mug.
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: CarsmushPromthenSpupplins katesHug2 katesHug2 katesHug2
Saulens181: oh, riiigh, Desert Bus is coming up
korvys: Opaque Cameron confirmed
TemporallyAwry: That coffee cup gets a chuckle outta me every time.
SpacePotato01: \o/
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SketchyDetails: I see a Cameron, Untilted
OriginalGarwulf: So, might we see a mid-game crisis this stream?
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ashleypg: Cameron? Playing stelarus? Gotta push off my dnd game till later for this!
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Hiramas: Dear Dr. Cameron, good evening. could you tell us where you got that gif in the tweet from?
Mazrae: this is my first stream with cam in a long long time since back when he was playing xcom and using subs to name people
solid234snake2: hi @LoadingReadyRun love your channel ): but sadly i am not at postion i can sub at this time
Hiramas: Thank You
SketchyDetails: Cameron, Untilted is a great plainswalker name.
Konda020946: less than three days to db
cameronj115: so shrek reboot how we feeling
SpacePotato01: in light of recent events, does humanity taking over the galaxy qualify as cosmic horror?
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RebekahWSD: Space Battleship Yamato?
SleepyDeveloper: Love that background
Miss_Katherine: wait, shrek reboot? Tell me more!
Saulens181: the WHAT NOW
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RebekahWSD: That Wave Motion Gun
TheElrad: why?
Thatwasademo: someBODY
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freshtoastlord: once told me
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solid234snake2: thank you @withr i will pay it forward when i can
CarsmushPromthenSpupplins: the what now?!
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VTMonster: Happy Tuesday, Cameron.
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Konda020946: i am more interrested in the upcomming watch series based on terry pratchetts books
TheElrad: the 3 years
Angnor33: With no information other than that they are planning a 'Shrek' reboot, it immediately fills me with a feeling of 'Why?'.
Hiramas: I only know of SpaceBattleship Yamato from all those mods in other games :P
Anaerin: Humans that had "Seen some shit"
solid234snake2: hey wrong game is in the title @LoadingReadyRun you have diablo in the title ?
withr: are you likely to play something like gesalts?
Duwani1: So they are offering destiny 2 for free right now - is it worth playing?
orellien2773: "We nuked ourselves just a little bit..."
Thatwasademo: ah, twitch title problems
Thatwasademo: i've missed you
Nut_Column: Destiny 2 is fun to just run around shooting things in, if nothing else
SalsaDraugur: @Duwani1 for free it's probably ok to check out
korvys: @Duwani1 Yes. I mean... it's free. It's definitely worth that.
geekyasari: cheer87 I'm in the middle of my very first playthrough of Stellaris and my humans (which are very similar to yours) accidentally became the Borg. No joke. Thought you would appreciate that.
Anaerin: "Deviants" = "Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me"
darkecologist: humans are quarrelsome? you take that back
Hiramas: geekyasari yeah, that happens
korvys: 80gb
korvys: It took me a day to get :(
solid234snake2: lrrDARK lrrDARK lrrDARK lrrDARK lrrDARK
RebekahWSD: A hefty boi
Hiramas: I am very hyped for Le Guin
CamelAttack: It's a thicc game.
Alness49: What kind of unit would it be?
SalsaDraugur: To feel things
Duwani1: To tell you you hit it
withr: stellaris 2.2 hype
1losttheGame: To feel things?
DoctorOfBeard: it still says diablo?
TehAmelie: i like Morrison's thought that we're going to need to evolve for space as drastically as we did to leave the water
SalsaDraugur: Reptilian ships are the best ships
Alness49: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! That appears to be some sort of sidewalk slam.
darkecologist: i wonder if post-apocalyptic would be like the feeling of the 1920s. maybe some space flappers.
Hiramas: 2.2 might be the most massive change this game will see. Changing the FTL drives was nothing compared to this
korvys: @Duwani1 I picked it up, and a few days later, I think I'm getting near the end of the single player part of the base, but I'm also feeling like I'm going to buy the expansion to join in with other LRR clan players.
korvys: *base game
TheElrad: shouldn't it be High Camissioner?
solid234snake2: lrrSLOTH lrrSLOTH lrrSLOTH lrrSLOTH lrrSLOTH lrrSLOTH lrrSLOTH lrrSLOTH lrrSLOTH
geekyasari: When in doubt, go punk rock.
1losttheGame: Oh is this 2.2?
Hiramas: sadly not
orellien2773: Looking forward to the Megacorp expansion that's coming?
Saulens181: @korvys in PDX games, in multiplayer all of the players play with what DLC the host has, irregardless of what everyones else has
Duwani1: Cameron what do you think of the concept of a matter decompactor - one of the new mega structures in the new update - it pulls minerals out of Black Holes.
Hiramas: duwani1 it's a well made game and the shooting is fun. And it's free. So if you can spare the bandwith, go for it
Astra7525: 2.2 is still far off
luminouschungusfunk: Woo! Just bought new DB shirt.
Saulens181: It also gives the "shared burden" trait!
Alness49: So where we droppin'?
orellien2773: I'm tempted by the Criminal Syndicate empire option...
SalsaDraugur: Does anyone else play humans as dangerously curious?
TheElrad: school of course
Saulens181: oh boy am I gonna use the "shared burdens" trait
geekyasari: I also made the mistake of starting out with a Huge galaxy, maxed out the Fallen Empires, AI Empires, and Marauder Clans, then delayed midgame and lategame to the very last second.
geekyasari: It's
geekyasari: A slog.
Kamotetop: How does the pausing work on multiplayer?
MistaFuzzy: it says this is a diablo stream?
Saulens181: @Kamotetop free-for-all, IIRC
geekyasari: Materialist.
Angnor33: It's Twitch being twitch.
Diabore: @LoadingReadyRun still in the diablo section cam
orellien2773: This is like the anti-Diablo...
SalsaDraugur: I think it's the materialist
Thatwasademo: look, we're going into space and maybe we'll meet the lord of terror on the way
Astra7525: Title is correct for me, but game listed is still Diablo
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: Is our AI drunk?
1losttheGame: Yay twitch
Vargen_HK: The title looks correct to me. Maybe a caching issue on the viewer end?
TemporallyAwry: Twitch is twitch - not much you can do.
Anaerin: Pausing in multiplayer probably works the same way it does in Starcraft 2, where it pauses for everyone, and shows who is pausing.
TheElrad: the biggest thing about Multiplayer is that you can't get over 2 speed most of the time
SketchyDetails: Tell lrrbot to override the game?
Crashzxs: on multiplayer, game speed is controlled by the host
SketchyDetails: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: Diablo III: Reaper of Souls
Thatwasademo: lrrbot's override doesn't change what twitch says?
Thatwasademo: like, it only affects the !game command
Anaerin: SketchyDetails: That doesn't update Twitch, just overrides what lrrBot says.
TheMerricat: that is correct
SalsaDraugur: Stellaris is something I'd like to try playing multiplayer but none of my friends play it
SketchyDetails: Pretty sure it does. lrrbot would have access to it
geekyasari: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: Diablo III: Reaper of Souls
Astra7525: yup. still wrong after page reload
Anaerin: Apparently Twitch is just being Twitchy. As is tradition.
Angnor33: I'm just going with 'Diablo III was the apocaplypse these humans survived.'
thekeytoviktory: Hey Cam and Chat
Thatwasademo: Thanks, Twitch. Thwitch.
ancientspark: Well, this is going to be a Human Hacking and Slashing stream now
Kamotetop: We're sorry. We love you.
NathanJay_GA: It's a problem on Twitch's end. Cam has done his due diligence
WeiseDrachenJaeger: Don't worry about it, Cam - we'll inform anyone who happens to come in and comment.
shrengar: !uptime ?
Thatwasademo: no doubt multiple times, even
Astra7525: hue hue hue
ThisShouldSay2K: hehe
manfred909: slytqLewd
AgentMagicMaster: ew
geekyasari: rimshot
thekeytoviktory: Cam has done all that he can, he's given it all she has cap'n and it's left in the hands of our purple overlords
tergonis: carry on
NathanJay_GA: Really, Commander?
Thatwasademo: thanks for that
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NathanJay_GA: *sigh* Probing Uranus...
orellien2773: And now we're going to be carefully studying uranus for tips on better designs.
Type_One___: cheer100 you call that a probe?
shrengar: Diable 3 looks different from what I remember
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TheMetalupis: Hi Cam, thanks for all the great streams and many more to come
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Traion: Hey Cameron and Chat how goes the conquering of the galaxy? Ehat are we playing as?
Saulens181: @shrengar twitch issues, wont update
OriginalGarwulf: Don't worry, everybody. As Futurama predicts, in about 300 years astronomers will get tired of that joke and rename it to a much more suitable "Urectum."
bigbradley1974: hello cam and everyone
SketchyDetails: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: Stellaris (overridden)
chesul: they're very much working on that for the it.
BlindProphet32: Yes cam that is definately coming with the next update
solid234snake2: lrrFRUMP lrrFRUMP lrrFRUMP lrrFRUMP lrrFRUMP lrrFRUMP lrrFRUMP lrrFRUMP
Saulens181: OH YES, the population rework will definetely do that
shrengar: @Saulens181 :( silly twitch
chesul: megacorps are designed to be semi-tall.
Saulens181: I tihkn you can edit that?
Astra7525: A megacorp empire is supposed to go tall
Phailhammer: If it's like other Paradox games, you can change it in the settings.
MaddogM: Is a tall empire a wide empire on it's side? :P
Thatwasademo: anomalies should pause the game, since you lose time due to your science ship wandering away, for instance
chesul: and there are other bonus' for tall empires.
Phailhammer: You have to dig around a bit to find it, though.
Anaerin: Is it blue tall, or purple tall?
Traion: The next update will be good for that. I wish it was out now
Anaerin: And does that make your exploring scout Zim?
chesul: you can build city planets and go super dense,
geekyasari: I don't want to play a megacorp. I already see enough of those in my daily life.
Hiramas: You CAN be a utopian MegaCorp where everyone has a good life, though
snakegums: this game seems like it would be my jam but i found it very overwhelming
Steel_zsar93: Moar Stellaris with the Camrade Cammander for my eyeballs?
Astra7525: You can be "The Mafia" or a megachurch too :P
azlinea: @loadingreadyrun you can always play a space co-op instead?
NickTheDM: Well this is not what I expected Diablo 3 to look like. Haha
Hiramas: I did laugh at the Megachurch option
Traion: There are loads of reasons to go tall in the next update. You wont need to worry about piracy as much, you can make city planets, etc
chesul: there's also the dyson mine thing that's coming that will help tall empires immensely late game.
Anaerin: NickTheDM: Yes, we know. We've tried to change it, but Twitch isn't listening.
Saulens181: Yeah, there's the "shared burden" trait in the expainsion as well, which is basically "we socialists now"
Hiramas: Also, have you seen the descriptions in the Stellaris dev diaries? They are taking the piss on corporate culture :P
NickTheDM: @Anaerin What game is this actually our of curioustiy?
Thatwasademo: Stellaris!
Anaerin: NickTheDM: This is Stellaris.
Mysticman89: stellaris. maybe theres space demons? unsure.
Hiramas: there probably are space demons, yes
Pryingchain20: Hey, what's up?
Anaerin: ISS Leif Erickson? Is he going to name an ice planet "Greenworld"?
geekyasari: Nice find.
Traion: Depending on the endgame crisis there are definitely space demons
jcallon: on the energy
Thatwasademo: that's a nice looking planet, and you don't even have to terraform it since you took post-apocalyptic, right?
Steel_zsar93: Have you got a standard opening move yet?
margieargie: Leaning into that and making a space demon race (with a focus on uplifting races, for the Clarke reference?) might have been interesting... just doing what Cam is doing now is probably the better option though :p
Anaerin: Okay, I'm going to have to look it up. 'cause that AI voice sounds WAY too close to Bruce Boxleitner for me.
Thatwasademo: You said surveying
Saulens181: Alright chat, who's yer favourite for the PDX Dev Clash?
geekyasari: Wait, what?
gsyhiap: It's One More playing Stellaris but Twitch tells me it's Diablo 3. I'm confused... miiliThink
Traion: My standard opening move is 2 more science ships, and the identify and grab control of important hyperlane choke points
geekyasari: I thought only Spiritualists could get psionics.
snakegums: did i read that correctly that post-apocalyptic is a choice that makes your population not need terraforming?
margieargie: @gsyhiap Twitch is being annoying and refusing to update.
SpacePotato01: wow, the centauri system is turning out to be awesome
Saulens181: @gsyhiap we ried, twitch isnt changing it
gsyhiap: Fair enough
SpacePotato01: I bet there
NickTheDM: If I was going to play Stellaris for the first time, what should I know going in? Is it fun to do blind or would it just be frustrating?
Traion: Need to be spiritualist for psi stuff
gsyhiap: Sorry Cam. I'm happy that's it's you and Stellaris though lrrHEART
geekyasari: Holy shit.
Steel_zsar93: I tend to expand aggressively and claim everything before I colonise. But then, Im terrible at the game...
Saulens181: @NickTheDM look up a bit on mechanics, but keep blind on endgame stuff
Feminine_Desires: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 10:39.
Mr_sandmens: is this civ but in space
Seagulyus: hey guys! no cori today? :o?
Invitare: it's real time
Saulens181: pretty much?
gsyhiap: pretty much, Mr_sandmens
Invitare: rather than turn-based
Zebunisher: now THAT is a jackpot
Traion: A dyson sphere? That is a sweet find
Despoiler98: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: ... One More? (No James this week means no PUBG, so join Cameron for this version of ... One More? Game: Stellaris) at Tue 03:00 PM PST (32m ago).
JACQUESEB: Oh dyson sphere
Anaerin: It's not a "Dyson Sphere", it's a "Dyson Ball", namely the central piece of a vacuum cleaner that got lost in a wormhole.
Hiramas: ohhhhh
Kortanios: lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK that is so lucky
Hiramas: a Dyson Sphere
Madmeats: what game is this?
Invitare: a nice 1200 Credits
Steel_zsar93: Busted game winner?
Hiramas: that is amazing
tergonis: so jelly
mortenw: I for one have a suspicion that the game you are playing is not Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - buy what else ?
Duwani1: That is nearly free money
mtvcdm: Evening.
Doom4114: Ive found rimworlds before
Hiramas: I once found a broken ring world, but never got to repair it because the goo killed everything
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gsyhiap: you can find ruined ringworlds as well I think
Traion: best part: this means you can build two dyson spheres
NathanJay_GA: Which raises the question, who was here before?
Thatwasademo: So, the deal with Psionics is that you have to *either* be non-materialist (but not necessarily spiritualist) *or* have a scientist pick up the relevant expertise
Anaerin: mortenw: It's Stellaris. We've tried to update Twitch and it isn't doing anything.
PhoenixMelior: I wish that Stellaris had Oral Tradition
geekyasari: Yeah, Materialist is fun.
geekyasari: The materialist voice, I mean.
Traion: @phoenixmelior in what way?
mortenw: Ah, thx - good to know, the game looks complicated and therefore interesting ;-)
PhoenixMelior: Traion just because it's fun to say :P
geekyasari: Also, if you look at it a certain way, Stellaris is an idle game.
Traion: XD
JACQUESEB: was gonna go to bed but i now i want to play stellaris...
Saulens181: oh hey, it's THAT mug :P.
gsyhiap: so we're humans this game?
omdorastrix: Twich is still showing playing Diablo III?
geekyasari: I picked it up from you during last week's TS.
Mysticman89: is psi stuff essentially magic, or does it try to explain it as a thing that exists within science?
JACQUESEB: psionics?
TheInnsanity: oh hey, the clicker game!
Anaerin: omdorastrix: We know. Twitch isn't updating.
FITorion: I've heard recently that this game has some hints of Babylon 5 influence. True?
NathanJay_GA: The narrotor kinda reminds me of Julian from that XCOM 2 expansion
actionjb: Is there talking Sim tonight? If so you know if they will be playing clicker / idle games again?
geekyasari: Fair warning to anyone who starts playing Stellaris: this game will steal hours of your life if you let it. I've played... 30+ hours over the past week?
Traion: Maybe put the Twitch fuck up in the stream title?
PhoenixMelior: geekyasari yup, sounds like a 4X XD
JACQUESEB: you light want to invest on a second science ship to increase survey/exploration speed
Traion: Stellaris is a long game
emberBecky: the stream title is correct
Traion: the stream title is updated though
SinthorasAlb: greetings
snakegums: is that a month real time or game time?
Contiguouskittycat: Hey Cam, have you played/seen Delta Rune? It's Toby Fox's new teaser.
Steel_zsar93: Honestly, It'd facinating towatch a strategy stream with a rotating LRR cast. The insight into how each of you make decisions and value judgements would be interesting.
omdorastrix: Wait, is that Ghoast's voice?
LiveFaust: I'm glad that was the first thing I heard. Was gonna ask about game title. lrrGARBO
NovaTiempo: Oh. this isnt diablo. Twitch! you lied to me!
NathanJay_GA: Twitch will sometimes not update the game even though the streamer changed it multiple times. Nothing can be done
SinthorasAlb: I'm still so confused by this game. Everytime I try to understand it I just get a headache
Anaerin: NovaTiempo: Yes, Twitch isn't updating properly.
Anaerin: Cam, don't worry about it, Chat has your back.
LiveFaust: lrrFINE
sprawler13: There is one solution Cam. Screw the title and lead us to galactic domination!
geekyasari: Delta Rune is quite good, but you may want to wait until it's fully released. The demo is 2-3 hours of content on its own if you do want to play it, though.
Traion: A stellaris succession game could be fun for a LRR stream series
NovaTiempo: Cam space emipres are always great. (sorry if the title thing has come up a lot)
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shrengar: stellaris lan party?
Steel_zsar93: @traion exactly!
jcallon: Did they remove fail chance and replace it with added time yet?
l0gin4me: Is stellaris real time with only manual pausing? or does it pause to prompt you for a new task whenever something finishes?
Traion: @jcallon yes a while ago
Anaerin: l0gin4me: A little of both. Some prompts pause, others don't.
LiveFaust: "Another anomaly we can't research", though. Election day in Kansas in a sentence... Thanks for a distraction, Cam. lrrHEART
coelopteryx: (pertinent information re: deltarune, toby has said that the full game will likely take Years, and he intends to gather a team to work on it because reasons) (best to check his twitter & see what he said)
l0gin4me: ty
SinthorasAlb: as far as I understand this game is crazy modable. Is it recommended to start the game for the first time with some mods? Or should I go for the vanilla experience first?
minicrayfish74: Diablo has changed man
Anaerin: minicrayfish74: We know, it's not Diablo. Twitch is ignoring update requests.
Traion: @sinthorasalb Vanilla, game is deep enough as is. No need to add mods until you got a handle on it
Contiguouskittycat: Yeah, this new mobile Diablo looks.....way better than actual Diablo TBH.
SalsaDraugur: Have you seen the futurama voice pack mod?
Metric_Furlong: oh hey, it's space times
Kamotetop: I was frustrated when I tried a multitude of things to have a Hive Mind society
LiveFaust: Came in a bit late: This is separate from the Taking Sim campaign, yeah?
Kamotetop: Just started @LiveFaust
SalsaDraugur: looks like a new campaign entirely
Traion: I mean there are cosmetic mods to give you more flag colours and symbols maybe grab one of those
LiveFaust: @kamotetop Thanks. :)
TehAmelie: i might suggest a mod that lets you pick more racial traits, five can be real restricting. but not much else
Contiguouskittycat: Oh we're humans. We going for full Psionic ascension?
SinthorasAlb: That seems interesting. I'll look around for those and stay away from additional content (for now). Thanks!
SalsaDraugur: @Contiguouskittycat I think you need to be spiritual for that and these are materialists
FarleyF: There are those two mods that add startrek races and Warhammer 40k races
NovaTiempo: Ooh, a manical scientist! sounds fun.
SalsaDraugur: neat
FITorion: and do you want that?
l0gin4me: how do you get psionics without a whoops?
Anaerin: Mad Science means never having to ask "What's the worst that could happen".
Arimus221: Why does it say we are playing D3?
FlyboyZeb: Just got here and this doesnt look like the Diablo I remember. What's the game?
Saulens181: twitch doesnt like us
Traion: I kind of wish you could terraform Mars if you start in Sol-system
SalsaDraugur: twitch being dumb
xantos69: cheer50 hey Cam! How is space civ going?
RickDeckard5: What is the difference between explore the system and survey the system?
geekyasari: I can see that Scholck mercenary.
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JohnPraw: Hello, Cameron. Hello, Chat.
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Thatwasademo: Pretty sure Maniacal doesn't cut it if you're materialist and Psionics expertise doesn't happen normally without already having Psionics, so you have to get an anomaly to give you that expertise
Mr_sandmens: do you have a intro planed for desert bus
Thatwasademo: It can happen, though
Metric_Furlong: is chat backseating again?
SalsaDraugur: Cool, I don't have that much playtime in the game so I haven't had that happen yet
MilkInBag: did stream break earlier or it was me?
Steel_zsar93: "Whoops! I accidently psioniced!'
TheInnsanity: oops I can use the force
Comeback323: What are our traits for this one, Cam?
Anaerin: MilkInBag: Yes, the stream went down momentarily to try and change the game Twitch displayed. It didn't work.
MilkInBag: @Anaerin thanks
Skajetolaf: This is Stellaris right?
Metric_Furlong: it is
PandasAndPancakes: Hey chat <3
Anaerin: Skajetolaf: Right.
Skajetolaf: ty ty:)
Metric_Furlong: hey PandasAndPancakes
Zu_o: Hello Cam
nuthouse01: Hang on, did I just see that Earth is a Tomb World? Whats up with that?
Metric_Furlong: nuthouse01 post-apocalyptic start
Zu_o: Hello Chat and any friends
MilkInBag: Cam did you read the Dev Diary about Ecumenopolis incoming in MegaCorps?
Thatwasademo: Cam took Post-Apocaliptic and *also* chose Earth start
Metric_Furlong: hello Zu_o
Traion: @nuthouse01 Humanity had an oopsie
geekyasari: Well, that's certainly a thing to say, Materialist AI.
Anaerin: nuthouse01: A "Thing" happened. We have the Post-Apocalypse start, so Earth is kinda boned.
PhoenixMelior: hopefully nothing too bad happens to nature as a price of progres
tubby125: no Beej today?
theambivalentagender: cheer50 I’m downloading stellaris right now after seeing it several times, thanks for showing a great game I would have never heard of otherwise
SalsaDraugur: Does anyone know what mod ads the post-apoc start? I haven't seen that when building an empire in the base game
Zu_o: DB prep probably tubby125
nuthouse01: I haven't played Stellaris in a long time, so the new AI voice is also jarring
Zu_o: it starts on friday
Talon3010: This doesn't look like Diablo 3
Anaerin: SalsaDraugur: I don't believe this is modded at all.
Traion: @salsadraugur Utopia DLC i think
App1e_Jakes: I think the stream might still say it’s diablo
TheInnsanity: gdi guys
geekyasari: I keep on thinking, "Wait, why hasn't he run into another empire by now?" but then I remembered that the freaks who play with everything maxed out at the start are in the minority.
Anaerin: Talon3010: Yes, Twitch isn't accepting updates to the game.
PhoenixMelior: yes we know, Twitch is borked
MilkInBag: @SalsaDraugur Apocalypse DLC
nuthouse01: Cam just said He's tried to change it but it won't go thru for some reason
geekyasari: You okay, Cam?
Contiguouskittycat: I'm gonna play a megacorp that is actually a giant interstellar charity. We will not stop our conquest until the entire galaxy has warm blankets.
tubby125: fit cohosts with your groups philosophy... :)
Zu_o: @LoadingReadyRun what do you think of the new update plans and the megacorp stuff?
sprawler13: Cam, have you ever done a play through as a oppressive or warmongering nation?
App1e_Jakes: Haha wondeful
SalsaDraugur: @Traion @MilkInBag thanks
TheInnsanity: hey cam, you're looking swell today, thanks for streaming :)
Steel_zsar93: Like how would a society without a concept of metaphysics treat what is essentially the warp? I mean, even the tau have framework.
Traion: Apocalypse DLC does make more sense now that I think about it @salsadraugur @milkinbag ;P
MilkInBag: @Contiguouskittycat if you are interested in megacorps, you should check out the MegaCorps DLC incoming
Contiguouskittycat: Yeah, that's why I mentioned it, Milk.
xantos69: I hate it when that happens.
TemporallyAwry: @Steel_zsar93 Would it be possible to develop science without at least the vaguest idea of metaphysics though?
Thatwasademo: Ah, elections.
Traion: I like the idea of the crime syndicate mega corp
MilkInBag: 2.2 and MegaCorps look Kreygasm
Zu_o: The thing I still want is politician and admiral/general events
Steel_zsar93: Curse you ambition!!!
thekeytoviktory: Hey all, I had to step away to go vote did anything big happen?
SalsaDraugur: I just want to be the universe's main supplier of xenomorphs because pop culture
PyRobotic: Stream's game is set to Diablo III fyi
Zu_o: @thekeytoviktory You Voted! That's big! Thank you!
Skajetolaf: Is Earth a Tomb World because Diablo Mobile got annouced?
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Now that I have done the democracy, I am eager to do the galaxy in the mode that Cameron has decided to govern.
Traion: @thekeytoviktory good job doing a democracy!
Thatwasademo: Hey, our leader counteracts our civic!
Anaerin: Skajetolaf: Could... could you just not?
TheMerricat: I"m sorry Cam. We could murder twitch for you but then we'd have to sit here bored with nothing to wathc.
thekeytoviktory: @traion and @zu_o thanks and @dread_pirate_westley yay democracy
actionjb: @PyRobotic He knows, it doesnt look like it can be fixed
Thatwasademo: Orange?
TheInnsanity: a wild citrus has appeared
Tantusar: Introducing... Half an orange.
Dread_Pirate_Westley: A mysterious half citrus appears!
xantos69: That orange looks tasty!
TheMerricat: Orange you glad it's not a grapefruit?
MilkInBag: but where is the other half? should we investigate for murder?
Skajetolaf: @Anaerin I'll see what I can do for you. Guess a bit soon still eh?
TreeVor84: grapefruit technique?
mtvcdm: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet.
thekeytoviktory: Alex with the citrus delivery?
Steel_zsar93: FRUIT
NathanJay_GA: well, half an orange
PhoenixMelior: FROOT FROOT
Anaerin: It's CHAIR!
NovaTiempo: Cameron's Orange Segment.
Traion: I vote Fugi has to come in the studio and every time Chat brings up the game title he gets flogged :P
Papperslappen: Choo Choo
CarsmushPromthenSpupplins: citrus!
l0gin4me: Chair!
Tantusar: Oh hey, chair.
sprawler13: Reloading Cameron.
Tantusar: How ya been?
Anaerin: !chair
LRRbot: GT Omega Racing has provided LRR with this sweet new gaming chair! Visit and use the affiliate code "LRR" and LRR will receive a portion of the profits!
TheMerricat: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: Stellaris (overridden)
actionjb: That half an orange showing up outa nowhere was the funniest thing I have seen all day.
SachielOne: What's the chair streaming tonight?
Steel_zsar93: New froot appreciation stream
Tantusar: Different chair, though.
Anaerin: SachielOne: An idle game. Stellaris.
SalsaDraugur: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
TheMerricat: Is it new chair, or replacement chair because blue chair is bussing?
CarsmushPromthenSpupplins: mmm, delicious pulpy sugar acid water
Tantusar: I wouldn't think blue chair was bussing.
Anaerin: I believe they use a recliner/la-z-boy for bussing.
TheMerricat: Chair looks nice, I want one.
xantos69: I miss Cam. Because I don't have object permanence I know he will never be back. OMG CAM IS BACK!
Thatwasademo: but where did chair go
sprawler13: A what?
Featherweight_: the rare slamless tam
Thatwasademo: i also lack object permanence
TheInnsanity: I have a Canadian customer at work that may be bringing me my first tim tam in the next couple weeks
MaddogM: Tim Tam slam?
rgoody2016: why does the stream say that were playing Diablo when were playing Stelaris?
TheMerricat: And then the stream freezes for me....
Thatwasademo: Don't forget to change the rights of humans as well while you're changing default rights!
Moddington: @rgoody2016 twitch done broke
Anaerin: rgoody2016: Because Twitch is stupid and won't accept the change.
rgoody2016: Neat thanks twitch you busted piece of trash
Featherweight_: nevermind
TheMerricat: @rgoody2016 this is the new mobile version of diablo, can't you tell? :-P
CarsmushPromthenSpupplins: i hear gigglefolks!
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jadedcynic: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: Stellaris (overridden)
TehAmelie: or Banana Star, as the Diablo 2 fans like to call it
NathanJay_GA: Bloody pirates!
jadedcynic: yay, settings fixed
Traion: I think our fleet is best described as paltry
TheInnsanity: @NathanJay_GA they will be in a minute
Anaerin: jadedcynic: It's being overridden, 'cause Twitch is still a derp.
jadedcynic: c'mon cam, let us see that crunchy goodness - it sounds delicious! ;)
TheMerricat: how can there be pirates if you don't have a fleet to pirate?
Lord_Hosk: Oh look at the fancy man with 4 corvettes... next he is going to get a T-bird or a mustang
leo___24: @loadingreadyrun Cam have you tried EU4?
jadedcynic: just candid pose
SalsaDraugur: yay piracy, the main source of work for construction crews
rgoody2016: wut is going on?
Contiguouskittycat: Alex, gotta get that good ASMR
Thatwasademo: an alex is in the room with a camera for some reason
xantos69: This is an ordinary thing happening right now.
Anaerin: Shooting for something.
TheMerricat: LOL
Thatwasademo: i'm sure it'll make sense eventually
SalsaDraugur: it's probably a desert bus thing
Pteraspidomorphi: Or will it?
txzen_: who was playing diablo?
tubby125: does pretend you don't see the camera mean look away? :)
Traion: I need discomfort, let's get Cameron!
jadedcynic: yeah, I'm guessing it'll tie into DBFH
TheInnsanity: a pirate fleet comprised of entirely spaceship engineers
TheMerricat: @txzen_ adam for newdaytuesday
jadedcynic: Adam was "Newday Tuesday" the mobile version of Diablo III
txzen_: so cameron ISN"t trying to enslave the universe?
SalsaDraugur: Also this will be the first time I'll be able to donate during desert bus because I'm not 100% broke this year
Anaerin: "Pretend you don't see the camera" *forcibly inserts camera into right ocular orbit* "Now, give me discomfort"
NathanJay_GA: thats true; can we talk to the pirates and ask them how they just materialized ships out of nothing?
KartoffelKaiser: The procedurally created faction names in this game are so cool
TheMerricat: Better yet, hire the pirates, fire your navy.
Traion: Did we remember to give our humans "academic privilege? Had to step out for a bit
Anaerin: Traion: Yes, he did.
SquareDotCube: They probably found some abandoned military post out in space
TheMerricat: 4x games became uber cool once they added 3d to them.
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Pew?
gsyhiap: #PewPew
NathanJay_GA: so, what kind of projectiles are they firing?
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Larkonus: Game being played is still listed as Diablo 3, FYI
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: Pew I sayeth
Anaerin: Traion: He checked their priviledge.
jadedcynic: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: Stellaris (overridden)
Anaerin: Larkonus: We know. Twitch is being a derp.
Jelkimantis: Diablo III really took things to a new level.
TheMerricat: @Larkonus you are chat member #2929 to notice twitch is an idiot.
Larkonus: Ah, my apologies.
TheMerricat: :-)
Anaerin: Jelkimantis: We know. Twitch won't allow us to change it.
tonylowetv: Which game is this?
TheMerricat: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: Stellaris (overridden)
Anaerin: tonylowetv: This is Stellaris.
Traion: Setting Default rights says what you give new species, to chane existing species you need to change them directly. It's dumb
Steel_zsar93: Do you think the gunners of lasers are mandated to yell 'pew' 'pew' during every shot?
TrinketKnight: I imagine that gets drained out of you during firing practice
PunkRockZoologist: We need Bubbles
TehAmelie: my day has been putting 16000 words together. feels good, even if it maybe won't ever entertain anyone
SalsaDraugur: @Steel_zsar93 they are in my empire
Traion: I imagine the guns only fire if you say "Siri: pew, pew" @steel_zsar93
Anaerin: Corvette ISS Andraste? Someone's a Dragon Age fan...
OriginalGarwulf: Funny thing about space combat - on the BSG subreddit today, there was a discussion about how space combat would work, and there was the realization that with kinetic rounds, you could literally have a battle in one system, and then in the next system over a few decades later, a space station gets shredded by a "cloud of metal death" that missed its target in the previous battle and just happened to be passing through...
Moddington: on project RHO?
N2Osferatu: yarrrr
TheMerricat: @OriginalGarwulf yep, one of my favorite 'trash' scifi authors based a battle on a similar idea.
TheInnsanity: guns without friction seems... interesting
bogween: eve online??
TehAmelie: Isaac Newton something deadliest something in space
Zebunisher: @OriginalGarwulf stellaris actually has an event where pretty much exactly that happens
TrinketKnight: @OriginalGarwulf doubtful that you could make enough density of projectiles that it really would stay together over those distances, given even tiny amounts of natural drift
KeiRaccoon: Sir Isaac Newton is the baddest mother-busser in space.
SalsaDraugur: My favorite version of space battles is from legend of the galactic heroes.
MaddogM: bogween Stellaris
TehAmelie: nice drift, chat
bogween: o
Lord_Hosk: People seem to be confused about how BIG space is... like look at how distorted the scale of this is
Zebunisher: only its not a neighbouring system but another galaxy where the projectiles originated from
TrinketKnight: single random micrometiorite-style bullets though, definitely
PunkRockZoologist: Your ship can be as stealthy as you want, but it’ll still have a big old drive plume and probably a fair bit of waste heat
bogween: lol it says diablo for me
KeiRaccoon: @TehAmelie We got there!
Phailhammer: OriginalGarwulf: I don't know if you're aware, but there's actually a random event like that which can occur in this game.
Anaerin: Then there's the story of the guy being hunted, and walking around the surface of Phobos to avoid the orbital bombardment of his adversary, as Phobos is so small they couldn't orbit properly.
ThisShouldSay2K: Wasn't it a nod to Halo?
actionjb: @bogween Its broken for everyone, he cant fix it
Anaerin: bogween: We know.
OriginalGarwulf: I have this head canon that the reason you don't see kinetics in Star Trek is that they're banned weapons because of the problem of where the missed shots will go.
bogween: oof
bogween: mb
Dread_Pirate_Westley: ME3, I think.
Steel_zsar93: Heat detection is both rudimentry and valuable. ME1 had a codex entry on it.
TrinketKnight: !fakeaddcommand !derp "Twitch is being a derp, don't worry about it :P"
bogween: just came on]
LathosTiran: its like mom giving you a talking to before you can play at the park
Featherweight_: my fav space combat is legend of the galactic hero where space battle is 50% boarding the other guys ship and hitting them with axes
jonlevir: Man, they really changed Diablo 3 for the Swtich
Invitare: it's outside the security checkpoint
TehAmelie: oh right, they'd never do that in public
Contiguouskittycat: It's outside the shuttle station, so they're waiting for the transport to the fleet, I'd guess.
TehAmelie: never thought about it
acuilador: Citadel Security. It's a great set of lines. It's right as you enter the Citatel in ME2
Angnor33: All the diablo jokes have been made...
KartoffelKaiser: I think it's just outside of the security checkpoint. Like the gunnery sergeant needs to give these guys a dressing down before they go on shore leave
OriginalGarwulf: That said, if you actually read the information about photon torpedoes in the TNG tech manual and how fast they can go, well, they're basically planet killers once they get to near-light and faster-than-light speed.
Anaerin: jonlevir: Twitch won't let us update the game. Thanks for noticing. Nothing to see here, move along.
jonlevir: @Anaerin ah, weird
Angnor33: It's an amazing set of lines in ME2.
bogween: prob shouldnt happen in that ERA i feel like
OriginalGarwulf: And that's just for the force of the impact - the thing would not even have to explode.
SalsaDraugur: now I feel like giving mass effect another chance
Contiguouskittycat: I'm glad they did though. It's so goood.
Anaerin: OriginalGarwulf: Good old "Rods from the Gods"
TrinketKnight: yeah it would have fit if you had ever toured a training location or somewhere, like maybe shepherd does a commencement speech
Lord_Hosk: the orbits those ships are on is like 50000 miles, and they are just like ehhh, spin pew pew
eltwitcherino: Any idea why the game displayed is Diablo III?
Nigouki: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 43:24.
PunkRockZoologist: Dang, at a conference and got talks to attend. Gotta catch this in to VOD.
TehAmelie: it is nice to see what's usually only dry background index stuff acted out
bogween: @eltwitcherino bug
acuilador: Yeah, that makes sense. It would make more sense to happen like where ME3 starts, but in 2 you're not part of the Military
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OriginalGarwulf: Which raises a really interesting and terrifying question of what happens when a warp-speed battle happens near a populated system, and a photon torpedo misses...
eltwitcherino: ugh
Anaerin: eltwitcherino: Yes. Twitch is being an ass and won't let us update. Thanks for noticing. You are #325 this stream.
Nigouki: new game? no more sloths? D:
TrinketKnight: @Lord_Hosk they're in a star's gravity well, how the heck are they orbiting this tiny hunk of metal
TheInnsanity: math!
bogween: woohoo
TeeJabs: hooray x3
TehAmelie: the particulars of what happens when you accelerate a two kilo slug to relativistic speed don't play a big enough part in Mass Effect i think
N2Osferatu: This voice has significantly fewer "sh*ts upgraded"
Vyous: I think photon torpedos self-detonate
Moddington: @OriginalGarwulf one interpretation is that warp velocity isn't "real" velocity. your warp bubble is carrying you along ethereally. this makes no more physical sense than ftl in the first place
theambivalentagender: Aaaand today I learned steam does maintenance every Tuesday so I can’t download this :<
Skajetolaf: Have you been playing Sins too? Have heard good stories about it (and it's Star Trek mod)
LathosTiran: our AI sounds so bored
TheInnsanity: aliums!
Steel_zsar93: Does that colonist have a mullet!?
bogween: blame the programmers
Metric_Furlong: Steel_zsar93 Space Mullets are all the rage
Anaerin: Where did you come from, where did you go?
Traion: Art station?
TheMerricat: Cotten Eye Joe!
OriginalGarwulf: I don't remember who did it, but somebody did the math for that hyperspace ramming scene in The Last Jedi, and discovered that it was all wrong because it wasn't violent enough - both ships should have just atomized and blinked out of existence upon impact.
rendelnep: the purple ones are artists I think
Taveena: [i lean away from the microphone to eat an orange]
bogween: do it
TheInnsanity: just grapefruit us
Contiguouskittycat: Grapefruit my ears cam.
actionjb: Just eat the orange, no mute. Don't be a coward
bogween: madman
CarsmushPromthenSpupplins: moar citrus!
LathosTiran: ♫i lean away from the mic, and it does nothing♪
geekyasari: Do I want to know?
LiveFaust: I accept.
Traion: @geekyasari you don't want to know
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: oh hey, it's Stellaris. Good evening, Cameron.
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: So I couldn't hear that but I could see how that sounded
Zu_o: I sort of always imagined the 'pirate fleets' to be sponsored by mega corps or something like that
hanrat: Perfect consumption *chef kiss*
SalsaDraugur: Because my first introduction to this game was talking sim, so I was a bit disappointed to find out that you can't pick your voice assistant
TheMerricat: @geekyasari only google that if you are in a safe for nsfw area
TehAmelie: heeh i've been trying to imagine what would happen if a Mass Effect dreadnaught rammed a planet at warp speed
Zu_o: I hope with the DLC it might define where they come from ... better
CarsmushPromthenSpupplins: silent noms
bunnyoffaith: Diablo looks oddly futuristic
Traion: @salsadraugur you totally can
TrinketKnight: @SalsaDraugur you can if you get the Synthetic Dawn DLC. I decided it was worth it basically just for that
SalsaDraugur: not in the base game
OriginalGarwulf: Bye-bye planet...
Anaerin: bunnyoffaith: Twitch is being an ass and won't let us update the game. Thanks for noticing. You are #326 this stream.
SalsaDraugur: I forgot to mention that
bunnyoffaith: ^ No problem, Anaerin!
phorrestgaze: just youtrube it
bogween: I dont even think we did sex ed in my school
Metric_Furlong: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! This is an airplane. Where are you even planning to go?
SalsaDraugur: @TrinketKnight I think that's probably going to be my first dlc because I want to play robots as well
TheMerricat: @Anaerin cudos for actually tracking the number accurately and fast trigger finger. ^_^
theambivalentagender: You can put sugar on it?
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KartoffelKaiser: I super don't want citric acid on my junk for what its worth
Prophetx05: that's the best sound description ever
ThisShouldSay2K: She went to TOWN.
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: a can do...with a grapefruit. I cannot imagine anything that would be fun to do with a grapefruit in that context. It's too large and too acidic.
Anaerin: TheMerricat: CTRL-C, CTRL-V is my friend.
TrinketKnight: @SalsaDraugur fair enough. Robots are nice, but Xenophile-voice-bot is required
CommiePuddin: Shoul-should I turn on incognito mode before googling that?
WeiseDrachenJaeger: I was volunteering at Desert Bus when Serge was shown this video for the first time.
LiveFaust: katesLol katesLol katesLol That description! katesLol katesLol katesLol
CarsmushPromthenSpupplins: intense splortching?
Traion: Yeah the citric acid seems like it would be bad
TheMerricat: quite wet and fruity if I recall correctly
SalsaDraugur: @TrinketKnight I think I need that for my overly curious alien lovin' humans
rendelnep: @SalsaDraugur you can it's under government options or one of the creation tabs. the tutorial might be record oly oncce though
WeiseDrachenJaeger: I think it was Serge, anyway. Someone got shown it in the volunteer area and had a priceless reaction.
OriginalGarwulf: Actually, the physics of space travel are delightfully weird. You end up with any ship having to turn around and fly backwards while accelerating just to slow down (now imagine the Enterprise going into orbit while flying backwards...).
Lord_Hosk: You should turn on incognito mode before googeling anything ever discussed on the internet
SalsaDraugur: @rendelnep I haven't found it at all in the base game but I might launch the game to check it out
TrinketKnight: Also @LoadingReadyRun help, I downloaded this game 5 days ago and have like 15 hours on it I have to force myself to eat and sleep help meeeeee :(
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: Mass Effect's "warp speed" is achieved by reducing the ship's mass to zero and thus allowing it to accelerate to infinite velocity (we'll ignore the pesky speed of light implications for now). So if a Mass Effect cruiser course intersected with a planet, assuming it definitely interacts, it would likely dump all its energy there
Anaerin: OriginalGarwulf: Look at Babylon 5's flight mechanics.
bogween: me brain hurt
Angreed66: Are you going to change the game display on twitch?
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: so basically take the mass of the ship, work out E=mc^2, and that's the amount of energy that would be dumped into the planet.
bogween: he cant
TrinketKnight: @Angreed66 twitch won't let them
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: the rest mass of the ship, I think
TrinketKnight: !derp
Angreed66: Really?
bogween: twitch borken
Skajetolaf: @OriginalGarwulf You could also put thrusters on the front side to slowdown right?
Anaerin: Angreed66: Twitch is being an ass and won't let us update the game. Thanks for noticing. You are #327 this stream.
Traion: @rou_frankexchangeofviews one of the ME2 menu news is about that happening
bogween: this music is really inspiring lol
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: Traion hah, is it really? I've got to look that up
Metric_Furlong: 'Diablo 3' is to this stream what 'breasts' were to the Devil Survivor 2 stream, back in the day
eatenbyagrue1988: wait, this doesn't look like James playing PUBG.
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: Cameron, what species are we playing this time? Are we still a peaceful sloth people?
unusuallylargemoth: @LoadingReadyRun in the spirit of a twist on a very very old question, if you could give a superpower to someone in the world other than you, who would you pick and what would you give em?
OriginalGarwulf: Skajelolaf: You COULD, but nobody ever does. The only place I've seen it was in BSG Razor, where there apparently are small thrusters on the front of the Pegasus.
TrinketKnight: @Metric_Furlong pardon-bus?
acuilador: Wonder which faction has that outpost. Hopefully science or Artmans
Anaerin: Skajetolaf: You could, but why go through the effort and expense in having to reinforce your ship to take the stress of both directions, when you can just turn the ship around and use the same set of engines to slow down too.
TrinketKnight: granted, I do remember the DS2 stream was very heavy on the "that pose on that sprite looks very uncomfortable..."
geekyasari: Immanuel Kant?
Traion: @skajetolaf it would be a terrible idea engineering wise
Lord_Hosk: Ohh ohh oh... give me the super power to regenerate nerve damage
geekyasari: For the person.
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: So humans who wrecked the environment, survived the collapse, and became highly environmentally-aware as a response?
geekyasari: Basically yeah.
A1_Saucy: @unusuallylargemoth I would give my best friend the ability to print money. Pretty sure I would see some ROI there.
Skajetolaf: @Anaerin Good point.
Nigouki: i'm late to the stream, was this a self-inflicted apocalypse? or external?
Zu_o: @LoadingReadyRun Give trump widespread empathic powers?
Anaerin: Nigouki: It seems self-inflicted.
OriginalGarwulf: Although, for sheer rule of funny, the best FTL system has to go to the bloat drive in Bill the Galactic Hero - you expand the space between all of the atoms of the ship moving in the direction you want to go, and then contract them in the direction away from where you've been...and it's VERY important not to touch any planets that happen to drift through the walls of the ship.
acuilador: Unity boost!
TrinketKnight: @Zu_o I have not interest in creating the MULE lrrSPOOP
Mazrae: who else is excited for DB?
TehAmelie: i'd give the main character in my novel the power of being a real person
eatenbyagrue1988: Testicular Torsion!
popedeadpool: Cyclone
Anaerin: ISS Quicksand?
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: Tornado?
TheInnsanity: Waterlog?
DiscordianTokkan: Microburst?
Contiguouskittycat: Will you just call one Depression?
SalsaDraugur: Hypothermia?
Nigouki: USS Democracy?
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ampinstein: My, Diablo III has changed somewhat :kappa:
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Prophetx05: Cyclone is good
geekyasari: Rockslide?
thegrolan: Testicle rash
Featherweight_: the 2 am lego block
RedGriffin42: hemmorage?
Skajetolaf: Hitting ones Little Toe.
mtvcdm: ISS Buried In Bees
CarsmushPromthenSpupplins: @eatenbyagrue1988 whyyyyyyyyyy
Anaerin: ampinstein: Twitch is being an ass and won't let us update the game. Thanks for noticing. You are #328 this stream.
Skajetolaf: LittleToeBumbs
Questhere: Defenestrator
popedeadpool: Flood
Traion: I'm curious Cameron: Why do you make a single design for each hull class? I usually have 3 per hull
Moddington: ISS Too Long In The Bath
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: ISS Anaphylaxis
Ambitious_Sloth: 99% Humidity?
Steel_zsar93: Debt? Dishonor?
eatenbyagrue1988: CarsmushPromthenSpupplins Cam said "bad things"
TheInnsanity: ISS Waterlogged
Talin06: Hang nail?
TrinketKnight: Falling Coconut
SalsaDraugur: Eruption
sprawler13: <message deleted>Global Warming?
Featherweight_: the sitting wrong
popedeadpool: Depression
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: Stubbed Toe
SpacePotato01: ISS dysentery??
TrinketKnight: Rockslide
Ambitious_Sloth: Large Rock
NovaTiempo: Loose Eyelash?
DeuteriumPhoenix: Monsoon?
TheInnsanity: Cholera
Anaerin: The ISS Hypothermia
muondecay: gesundheit
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: Decompression
aesir_blade: Caconym was the OU's name; the biggest class I think was Abominator-class?
TeeJabs: I should read more of the culture series
Akaiatana: ISS Smog Advisrory
Shodansbabydaddy: Explosive Diarrhea
CamelAttack: Mongoose
SpacePotato01: papercut
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Solutions Lacking Problems?
Steel_zsar93: Rising damp?
Zu_o: I listened to the current (CBC podcast) and they were talking about a local extinction event of caribou.
Dirt_Gopher: insomnia?
acuilador: Pateolith?
kygen: how about hailstorm casue well your gonna make alot and a hailstorm can kill someone if its big or heavy enough
popedeadpool: Necrosis
DiscordianTokkan: Implosive Diarrhea
TheInnsanity: Manila folder cut
eatenbyagrue1988: ISS Trapped in a Room Full of Bears
Zu_o: there's a word for that
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: Hailstorm is good
CarsmushPromthenSpupplins: ISS Lethargy
TrinketKnight: Gangrene
TehAmelie: The ISS Seasonal Affection Disorder
Steel_zsar93: Bedbugs?
geekyasari: Oooh, that's good.
Featherweight_: the tangled eyelash
sprawler13: <message deleted>The Donald Trump?
Anaerin: Fire Clouds?
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: Insomnia
OriginalGarwulf: On a more serious note, there is a school of thought that actual warp speed NASA and scientists are playing with figuring out (I don't remember what the concept is called, but it begins with "A") might have a big issue when you arrive. Basically, the warp bubble gathers all the particles it runs into on the trip, and once you stop, well, the particles are still going, and irradiate whatever happens to be right in front of you.
SalsaDraugur: iss"Accidentally touching the grill when removing a sandwich"
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: what'd we go with? I missed it
TrinketKnight: @OriginalGarwulf Alcubbiere drive
OriginalGarwulf: That's it.
acuilador: Other than assult, whats a 5 dollar word for a rock upside the head?
eatenbyagrue1988: acuilador "Owie"
NovaTiempo: Alcubire Drive. yeah, thats a bit of a pipe dream unless you have some jupiter sized negative matter.
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: Pyrocumulus!
FrostyTheSnowGoon: Does anyone else see the stream as Diablo 3?
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: is tht the volcano cloud
Anaerin: acuilador: Battery?
ysurin91: Diablo looks really different than i remember
eatenbyagrue1988: so a firenado
OriginalGarwulf: I THINK they've got the math down to being able to do it with a reasonable amount of exotic matter, but you still need to get that exotic matter.
eatenbyagrue1988: a fire tornado
Akaiatana: Firestorms are rough
Zu_o: @geekyasari pause a lot?
geekyasari: Time for Stellarisception.
Anaerin: ysurin91: Twitch is being an ass and won't let us update the game. Thanks for noticing. You are #329 this stream.
WeiseDrachenJaeger: @FrostyTheSnowGoon Yep, known issue. Twitch is malfunctioning and it can't be updated.
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: the horrifying volcanic plume clouds of ash and rain that generate colossal amounts of lightning and hail glass on you
TrinketKnight: @acuilador Lithocranial intersection
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Moddington: this resub is for you, Cam. thanks for being you
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OriginalGarwulf: If you can get it, though, I think the math says you can get 4 x C.
Anaerin: FrostyTheSnowGoon: Twitch is being an ass and won't let us update the game. Thanks for noticing. You are #330 this stream.
ysurin91: @Anaerin well i'm glad i could help
NarishmaReborn: just tuned in... is this the survivals of the broken earth playthrough?
FrostyTheSnowGoon: @WeiseDrachenJaeger Ah thanks for informing me
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: TBH if you were to design a single substance to destroy modern infrastructure as we know it, it'd be hard to beat volcanic ash.
Steel_zsar93: FRoot!
Traion: @originalgarwulf also the mass energy of the voyager 2 probe. Which is down from the mass energy of Jupiter it was at originally
NarishmaReborn: *survivors
TrinketKnight: @acuilador or just, hyperlithocranialism
Anaerin: ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: Well, there's also radioactive fallout.
acuilador: I prefer the German. Fuersturm just sounds more dire.
theneatestburrito: NarishmaReborn: It's the Ekumen, but not the save Cam was playing with Cori.
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: I mean, fallout is bad, but volcanic ash is bad in so many amazing different ways
TehAmelie: solution: aim directly at a star and then slow down as you get close to fire the bad particles directly into it and then take it easy
NarishmaReborn: Thank you @theneatestburrito
acuilador: thank @TrinketKnight. Thats my next suggestion
boristhewizard: @LoadingReadyRun I'm sure you've probably been told this already, but Twitch says you're still playing Diablo. I was gonna mention it earlier, but now that it's an hour later, thought you should know.
Traion: @acuilador made a typo there friend ;)
Anaerin: boristhewizard: Twitch is being an ass and won't let us update the game. Thanks for noticing. You are #331 this stream.
Zu_o: This is kind of making me want to play stellaris now
Lunareclipse123: And not terribly saturated with air
thegrolan: damn pointy dust
NovaTiempo: Is this the sort of thing that happens when your plantet doesnt have billions of years of life?
Contiguouskittycat: I always figured humanity's biggest barrier to long term space travel is 15 people having to share close quarters for years at a time.
acuilador: @Traion Like I took Geramn in school I've only really heard it said
eatenbyagrue1988: I love this game, but good gods the early parts of it make me sleepy
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: Volcanic ash is the secret ingredient in Roman cement, so mix it with water and it sets into concrete in basically any place with moisture. Such as, hypothetically, your lungs.
boristhewizard: I'm sorry :(
Featherweight_: on the plus martians will have very clean pants
ampinstein: me too :)
muondecay: Also mars doesn't really have much of magnetosphere, so one bad solar flare away from many tumors
Dread_Pirate_Westley: This doesn't look like PUBG. /s
Traion: @acuilador Feuersturm is what you were looking for :)
TrinketKnight: yeah it's funny how even a game like Stellaris where habitability is a major issue is probably still way too OPTIMISTIC on the difficulty of settling on an alien planet
OriginalGarwulf: I keep waiting for one of those science books to come out (you know, like The Universe and Beyond), that has current information on Pluto.
Juliamon: boristhewizard don't feel bad, you're not the only one after all
Anaerin: Dread_Pirate_Westley: One More isn't just for PUBG, it's whatever game they want to play that's not usually scheduled. At least, that was the idea.
NovaTiempo: 'Tis ok. We'll just build Bankian orbitals.
Zu_o: All we need to do is make this empire reap some souls and game name will be correct
Anaerin: And then they went and scheduled One More.
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: Volcanic ash is also conductive, because it has tiny bits of glass in it, so it melts onto power lines and transformers and shorts them out. Beecause the rock and glass is aerosolized lava with fresh sharp edges, it destroys all bearings it gets inside. And it will get inside them, because it's tiny. Oh, and all that glass also means it'll melt inside a jet engine and stick to the turbine blades, choking it off in short order.
Traion: @anaerin tbf it has become the PUBG stream
acuilador: @Traion Thank you. The curse of using Audiobooks. The description of a Firestorm in the Making of the Atomic Bomb really sticks with you.
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Anaerin. Hence the /s
Taveena: pneumosili... something.
Deftscythe: @LoadingReadyRun Cam feel free to ignore this is if you've answered it a million times already, but what do you think of the upcoming features in LeGuin and megacorps? Esepcially the rework to the planetary tile system. Do you think there will be a significant impact on your RP-first style of play?
jadedcynic: yeah...I realized I was given a copy of stellaris as a bonus for my backing of Battletech (published by Paradox), and this is making me wanna give up the Master of Orion remake playthrough (that I have OPEN RIGHT NOW) for this :)
eatenbyagrue1988: so is "mass corvettes, point at enemy" still the go-to strategy for this game?
TrinketKnight: @ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews so what you're saying is: "Earth really is trying to kill modern civilization, it's just not sending physical kaiju to do it."
Anaerin: Taveena: Pneumosilicosis?
OriginalGarwulf: For destructive to infrastructure, might I meet volcanic ash with salt water?
NovaTiempo: Brings new horror to the word "Ashen"
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: so this ash will destroy any moving parts, short out any exposed electrical equipment, pile up on your roof and them collapse it because when it rains (and it will rain, because volcano) it'll turn into concrete mud, and choke off any turbine engine that inhales that air.
acuilador: @Deftscythe I want to see the new planets. They look awesome.
Taveena: "Pneumoconiosis". Apparently.
TehAmelie: as far as i've known, corvettes get disintegrated by battleship drones
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: oh, and turn into concrete inside your lungs. Let's not forget that part too.
Prophetx05: Autocannons pull weight on corvettes, but in general the corvettes have been reduced to early game fighters and then late game harassers. at least in my experience
TheMerricat: I"m assuming, because Cam is coming through clearly, that the music is suppose to sound as if it's being played from a stretched out tape on a cassette player with loose spindles. But it's triggering my OCD. :-)
eatenbyagrue1988: ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews I suspect that feels massively unpleasant
Taveena: Concrete luuung~
NarishmaReborn: holy yikes yeah
OriginalGarwulf: Saltwater rusts and corrodes, and straight up poisons you, if you don't drown in it first.
Angnor33: I don't think I want concrete in my lungs.
TheInnsanity: dibs on concrete lung as a band name
Anaerin: TheMerricat: It sounds perfectly fine here.
Lord_Hosk: Isnt concrete lungs one of the reasons people like to smoke cloves?
SalsaDraugur: I remember when I was training for search and rescue before dropping it after finding out it wasn't for me but we visited one group in Akureyri and they have this armored car they use for operations and essentially that car is no longer used because it was used after Eyjarfjallarjökull erupted and now it's just too expensive to repair after the damage from the ash, this car was designed to withstand chemical attacks
Sati90: But think of the cool sculpture of the interior of your lungs
Deftscythe: I like keeping around a corvette fleet as rapid responders
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: yeah that sounds about right SalsaDraugur
l0gin4me: How much of a pacifist run can you do on Stellaris? (I assume fighting pirates is unavoidable)
Traion: I like to use corvettes late-game as a cheap meat shield for the important ships
SalsaDraugur: @ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews my smallest regret is not collecting ash and selling it to tourists
eatenbyagrue1988: faster than a fleet that can do the hyperspace jump thing?
Steel_zsar93: Mass corvettes also look cool.
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: anything that breathes air (such as turbine engines, internal combustion engines, and human beings) will take serious damage from volcanic ash
Prophetx05: The end game heavily incentivizes military
acuilador: Dear Dr. Cam, what do you use for point defense ships? Do you make PD destroyers or just load down your hanger cruisers with PD secions?
Traion: @l0gin4me they are changing pirates so it will me even more possible soon
SalsaDraugur: it also dries up rubber and ruins insulation
TrinketKnight: @l0gin4me you will need military power, or more violent neighbors/endgame crises will just steamroller you. you don't ever need to fight an offensive war
Sati90: Ohhh what do we get?
Lunareclipse123: Yeah, a Pacifist run in Stellaris doesn't mean you don't have a military, it means you don't enter ninto any aggressive wars
DeviantHS: you are playing under diablo 3 on twitch right now cam.
l0gin4me: cool. ty
TheMerricat: @DeviantHS we know, it's twtich
Sati90: Is it a human meat grinder? Or does it make useful gadgets?
Anaerin: DeviantHS: Twitch is being an ass and won't let us update the game. Thanks for noticing. You are #332 this stream.
rendelnep: oooh one thing on a tangent to the ash but those super-volcano eruptions tend to go over a span of months.
DeviantHS: oh ok
OriginalGarwulf: Can I notice it and claim being number 333 in stream?
NexusVoxx: ahoy chat, Cameron
Anaerin: OriginalGarwulf: Sorry, I know you know better.
OriginalGarwulf: Or does not caring about it outside of the number being funny mean that I'm disqualified.
FlyingUltraCar: I've recently been reading Issac Asimov's Foundation series, and I kind of want to see strategy game in that vein of anticipation and nonmilitary maneuvering
moshimoshiman: I feel like this is not Diablo 3
eatenbyagrue1988: I mean, historically it's a theory that part of the reason the Indus River Valley civ died out was because they had no military, so even pacifist states need SOME kind of military
Steel_zsar93: Also corvettes with their hyperlane drives removed makes them bonkers cheap and rapid to build for system defense.
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WeedenProject: Always nice to see more Stellaris when getting home from 40k night :)
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acuilador: @Anaerin Curse being a responsible adult.
geekyasari: Also watching this stream while working on music composition for the AP exam works surprisingly well.
Anaerin: moshimoshiman: Twitch is being an ass and won't let us update the game. Thanks for noticing. You are #333 this stream.
TheMerricat: Too bad LRRbot can't be upgraded to have autowhispers to someone as soon as they join chat.
Kortanios: The concrete in the lungs bit earlier reminded me of the existence of Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva, a rare genetic disorder that slowly turns your soft tissues into bone...
W1CKZA: is this diablo immortal?
TehAmelie: it might theoretically be possible to be massively prosperous and buy everyone's protection but spending it on your own fleets is more reliable
moshimoshiman: Oof
Anaerin: (Also, that 333 starts from a wild-assed guess)
A_Catastrophic_Success: This isn’t Diablo 3
Anaerin: W1CKZA: Twitch is being an ass and won't let us update the game. Thanks for noticing. You are #334 this stream.
Traion: Not having a military in a galaxy full of "Driven Assimilators", "Fanatical Purifiers", and "Devouring Swarms" seems like a bad idea, no matter how pacifistic you are
Anaerin: A_Catastrophic_Success: Twitch is being an ass and won't let us update the game. Thanks for noticing. You are #335 this stream.
OriginalGarwulf: FlyingUltraCar: there's a REALLY nice hardcover edition of the Foundation Trilogy from Everyman - that's the one we have.
A_Catastrophic_Success: I figured ;)
herepetofauna: I swear, like 8/10 streams you guys aren’t playing mtg Pepehands
rendelnep: I learn that from a local vulcanologist who also said that studying supervolcanoes was probleatic because they're so unique
eatenbyagrue1988: Traion at that point, it's basic self-preservation. "Si vis pacem para bellum" and all that
acuilador: Dear Dr Cam, then what do you make your Hanger Cruisers into? Or do you not like fighters?
Deftscythe: @LoadingReadyRun What's your favorite bit of emergent narrative to come from one of your Stellaris games?
FlyingUltraCar: @OriginalGarwulf nice, i just have some of the paperbacks
arcaneemperor: it still says you're playing diablo III?
TrinketKnight: @TehAmelie There's also units that want more than your money e.g. Fanatical Purifiers and Evangelizing Zealots
TheInnsanity: @arcaneemperor we know
Anaerin: arcaneemperor: Twitch is being an ass and won't let us update the game. Thanks for noticing. You are #336 this stream.
OriginalGarwulf: Seriously, you can probably get the hardcover for less than you'd pay for the three in paperback.
arcaneemperor: kk
acuilador: Thanks
WeedenProject: So I've not played much of this for a while, is spamming torpedo corvettes still the best option?
arcaneemperor: and somehow @anaerin i don't believe you
TrinketKnight: apparently they're working on that in the next patch @WeedenProject
eurasia: oh god
lucha_libro: Should it say diablo 3? Sorry just got here
Traion: @weedenproject they nerfed the crap out of that already
Juliamon: arcaneemperor there's been at least one person per minute mentioning it
Juliamon: there's another
Anaerin: lucha_libro: Twitch is being an ass and won't let us update the game. Thanks for noticing. You are #337 this stream.
WeedenProject: They did? Damn :(
KartoffelKaiser: I remember reading a data crunch post on reddit about hanger cruisers that concluded that a hanger cruiser that leaves its hanger slots empty somehow does more damage than one that uses its hanger bays. I think they might just be broken.
lucha_libro: heh.
Add1ctTV: THis is not diablo 3
TheThromborax: game is showing as diablo 3 on mobile. anyone else seeing that?
rendelnep: oooh can I be #337? *Ahem* hey guy dis iznt daiblo Iii
FlyingUltraCar: something I find interesting is the way that stars are linked by straight lines, much like how we depict constellations
Anaerin: Add1ctTV: Twitch is being an ass and won't let us update the game. Thanks for noticing. You are #338 this stream.
lucha_libro: SO .. why is it not diablo 3? *runs*
Traion: @weedenproject it was very bad gameplay
theambivalentagender: Because Diablo 3 is bad
gsyhiap: wow, chat so trolly tonight NotLikeThis
OriginalGarwulf: the next funny number will be 444...unless your Chinese, in which it would be triple death?
TheMerricat: every now and the I see a headline that really makes me wish feeddump was still a thing: "Bill Gates Showed Off a Jar of Poop to Get Us Jazzed About Toilets of the Future"
Steel_zsar93: @anaerin, amazing work
Add1ctTV: Sorry, thought it was funny :)
rendelnep: Sorry Cam
OriginalGarwulf: *in which case
Lunareclipse123: Shit's Upgraded
mtvcdm: Yes, chat, please no more Diablo gags.
WeedenProject: @Traion oh I know, I just liked having to pay less attention to ship patterns
jadedcynic hugs cam in sympathy
arcaneemperor: well we're sorry
lucha_libro: I apologize. :)
jadedcynic: #BlameTwitch
TheThromborax: sorry, i just got here. how should I have known?
arcaneemperor: but also we had no way of knowing when we just jumped in
eatenbyagrue1988: speaking of Diablo, I'm late to the party on the internet firestorm over that Diablo announcement and have no idea why the internet is upset this time
ChakatLunar shakes fist at Twitch
DeviantHS: to be fair, people coming to the chat cant know that
arcaneemperor: so sucks for all
acuilador: @KartoffelKaiser I wonder if that's because of the charge system? Like weapons do more damage because they recharge faster if you have more excess power. So leaving a slot empty helps with that
Moddington: there's more than enough people being serious/doing it by accident, don't add to the weight
anyGould: I am *so* glad I took a minute to read chat first, or else I'd have done it too. :(
Gnyrinn: One would have thought that Soyuz would be the name of a science ship, not a military one.
thegrolan: We need like a command or something
Angnor33: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:10:34.
Traion: Can we add "Diablo" to the purge list for this stream?
eatenbyagrue1988: I just assume it's stupid and petty and childish
TheMerricat: cheer150 Sorry for the frustration, we'd fix it if we knew how too. cheer150
MadAran87: I'm always glad to see you playing Stellaris, Cam. :) Sad that Cori isn't there with you, though.
Balthasar_Wiseman: For my part I prefer Stellaris.
OriginalGarwulf: Does this mean that getting Twitch to change stream names might qualify as a really frustrating idle game tonight?
Veketshian: This is
LetsConsider: I was just coming in and wondering if Twitch was being annoying
Phailhammer: eatenbyagrue1988: As far as I know, people thought they were going to announce Diablo 4, but announced a mobile game.
KartoffelKaiser: @acuilador That's probably why.
eatenbyagrue1988: Phailhammer ...that's it?
shiftless: Is this the new Diablo mobile game? Looks neat.
eatenbyagrue1988: THAT is what they're making death threats over?
N2Osferatu: mom's scheddi
TheInnsanity: moms sketti?
jadedcynic: @eatenbyagrue1988 long story short; because ActiBliz did NOT announce what those angry people WANTED them to announce, nevermind that with their coffers, AB can do ALL the projects simultaneously including what they DO want
Anaerin: eatenbyagrue1988: Pretty much.
strigonLeader: one more x?
N2Osferatu: @TheInnsanity high five
Contiguouskittycat: I am quite serious about Spaghetti.
Phailhammer: eatenbyagrue1988: I did see some other stuff about them apparently not developing the mechanical parts, only the art, but yeah.
theambivalentagender: I mean just by context clues if I hop in a stream that’s been live awhile with a title different from the game played I wouldn’t ask why there’s a difference...
eatenbyagrue1988: well, I called it: petty, childish and stupid
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strigonLeader: the best part of diablo mobile
TehAmelie: hai Alex
l0gin4me: Hi Alex
Asterysk_Mike: Huh leave it to Cameron to turn Diablo III into a galaxy cluster administrative assistant simulator, man I miss Cam streams
Prophetx05: Hi Alex
MadAran87: A wild Alex appeared.
NexusVoxx: ahoy alex
FlyingUltraCar: there's a weird thing with internet culture about failed attempts to be helpful, in that the mass of similar comments made in ignorance come across as a malicious thing
acuilador: What's upcoming on Talking Sim?
NarishmaReborn: yeah I don't get it. the Diablo series seemed like a perfect series to bring to mobile
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: Alex! katesHug2 katesHug2 katesHug2
TrinketKnight: @theambivalentagender you're thinking too hard, just bug the streamer about it Kappa
TheMerricat: It wouldn't have been as bad if the announcers hadn't waived off the boo's by going "Don't you own a phone?" - esp since the guy asking the question was one of their top content producers on YT.
jadedcynic: IOW, it sounds like Bliz IS working on Diablo IV, activiely, but just didn't TALK about it
Contiguouskittycat: We got eezo?
FlyingUltraCar: hi Alex! how are you doing?
thegrolan: Hey look it's an Alex!
geekyasari: Yo Alex!
rendelnep: yay new spice
phorrestgaze: We like Alex, mic him
lucha_libro: I feel sidalpha did a good video on the diablo mobile outrage that's a little more nuanced then just saying DIABLO BAD! or GAMERS ENTITLED
strigonLeader: also zro is supposed to be dune spice I think
ArboristAndrew: Hey Cameron, I’ve only played Stellaris a couple of times. Since you have played it many more times than me, I was curious if you start seeing the same random events repeating without much variety, or if the game is able to generate enough random events to keep it fresh?
Phailhammer: eatenbyagrue1988: From what I can tell, it's one of those things where I can understand why people might be annoyed, but the response has been completely out of line.
KartoffelKaiser: Blizzard just handled their announcement of it poorly. The negativity is super not justified but it also is totally their fault.
Anaerin: Supposedly, they were intending to announce D4 for the PC (with nothing more than just "We're working on it"), but decided not to at the last minute.
geekyasari: That sounds like a delicious senior thesis.
eatenbyagrue1988: Phailhammer so peak internet.
jadedcynic: tl;dr human beings are petty selfish creatures with no patience or willingness to look closer on things. ALL of us ;)
PsychOMGG: after blizzards 95% PC playerbase got upset about them announcing that they dont ever intend on porting the game to PC, blizzard then acted as though their PC playerbase was entitled
Steel_zsar93: Alex! Another cared for and loved individual!
SachielOne: Lead helmets for everyone!
Moddington: @NarishmaReborn they're not making it, it's outsourced to a chinese mobile dev
FlyingUltraCar: Alex I really enjoyed your monster girl inktober
LiveFaust: That was basically Jace's backstory, right?
Phailhammer: eatenbyagrue1988: yuuuup
NexusVoxx: the Elder Scrolls thing at... E3, was it? - that was the strat to employ
Fruan: Could we get a mic for Alex - he's awesome and I want to be able to hear what he's saying :)
acuilador: I wonder if we change the stream title to We Know Chat, Stop Telling Us! that it will reduce that
LetsConsider: @jadedcynic Hey, some people are cinnamon buns
TheMerricat: @Anaerin Kotaku revised their article saying Blizzard responded saying they absolutely were NOT goin to ever announce 4 then, but it's one of those "really?" things.
Asterysk_Mike: Hello Alex, you are looooooooved!
Unas84: low-key !? XD
eatenbyagrue1988: well, thanks for explaining it to me, Chat. I'm gonna go sit in a corner and weep loudly now.
TrinketKnight: In NEMESIS Troy manages to identify a cloaked ship by tracking the minds inside
theambivalentagender: Hey Alex
rendelnep: oooh this
Deftscythe: @LoadingReadyRun Troi is constantly reading the mind of the captain of the federation flagship and everyone is... chill... with... it?
TrinketKnight: granted, NEMESIS is a bad movie
Deftscythe: Troi the mom, not Deanna
Traion: Oh this event is great!
TheInnsanity: this is the internet, you can't just fix the internet
azlinea: Hi Alex! Hopefully things go well for you :)
TheMerricat: @Deftscythe she's half betazoid, she can't read thoughts, only emotions
FlyingUltraCar: @acuilador i think nothing short of putting "we can't change it" in massive block letters across the middle of the screen can help
Deftscythe: Trio the elder, Merricat
Deftscythe: *troi
TheMerricat: Yeah, I hit enter before I saw your clarification.
strigonLeader: Is this modded Stellaris? I've never seen this event
Anaerin: FlyingUltraCar: Then you'd get hundreds of people joining asking "Can't change what?"
theambivalentagender: @deftscythe she’s an empath and half betazoid, so she only reads emotions rather than thoughts. Still invasive tho
NarishmaReborn: whoops
TehAmelie: there should really be an understanding that a stream watched by 100 or more people is going to be aware of the first thing that people see in that stream
TrinketKnight: @Deftscythe in fairness, a lot of strange bus goes on in the Enterprise
TheInnsanity: can we talk about how cool it would be to see keyboards built for use by non-human races?
jadedcynic: @LetsConsider yeah, that's the thing that people forget: humans are Devils AND angels. SIMULTANEOUSLY. ALL of us. I'm an utter asshole. And I'm a godsend to others and full of boundless hope and goodwill. That paradoxical dichotomy is the big catch for humanity
Featherweight_: eff the time line
CarsmushPromthenSpupplins: i just got back and hi alex!
xiivv7: hi
SyrusRayne: Ooh, Camsmos. The perfect thing to listen and watch intermittently as I fuck around with Open Morrowind Multiplayer.
thegrolan: lrrFINE
reptileviking: Nooooo
TrinketKnight: @TheInnsanity I think you'd hit the cow-tools limit pretty strongly (i.e. it only sort of registers as the thing it's supposed to be)
reptileviking: Screw timeline consistency!
acuilador: @Anaerin Maybe flying titles saying "This is not Diablo"?
Anaerin: The timeline's fine.
tergonis: the temporal prime directive is for lames :P
jadedcynic: have fun, guys! o/
eatenbyagrue1988: I read somewhere that the whole "a hundred monkeys at a hundred typewriters will eventually create Shakespeare" thing has been basically debunked, because all we got from that was 4chan
eurasia: just cause 4
jadedcynic: don't forget to write!
Zebunisher: don't worry, our friend the worm in waiting will fix it...
CarsmushPromthenSpupplins: GodWillsIt.catpng
Anaerin: What's the Temporal Prime Directive ever done for us? NOTHING!
FlyingUltraCar: oh hey, have folks picked up their fangamer Desert Bus t-shirts yet? grabbed mine a few hours ago
Traion: When I got this event I warned them, thereby causing them to change procedure, leading to the crash
reptileviking: Oh snap! Sweet 4chan burn
jadedcynic: @eatenbyagrue1988 4chan proves my 'every human is both' point
teavian: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori continue their look at the wonderful world of Idle Games.) at Tue 06:00 PM PST (1:22 from now).
TrinketKnight: @eatenbyagrue1988 it is entirely possible that some works of Shakespeare were written in the depths of 4chan at some point, but do you want to dig them out?
thegrolan: How goes the Desert Bus preparation?
electric_claire: Why is the listed game Diablo III?
Angnor33: Shhhh!
jadedcynic: for every toilet-trash discussion to come out of /b
Anaerin: electric_claire: Twitch is being an ass and won't let us update the game. Thanks for noticing. You are #339 this stream.
ContingentCat: !dbcountdown
LRRbot: Desert Bus for Hope will begin at Fri 9 Nov 10:00 AM PST (2d, 17:21 from now)
TehAmelie: but monkeys would type randomly, that's much more likely to produce useful writing than 4chan
sprawler13: I go to piss and come back to Alex!
eurasia: neptune
jadedcynic: @electric_claire Twitch bug
Steel_zsar93: Haaaaaaaate
eatenbyagrue1988: TrinketKnight I wouldn't approach 4chan even if I wis hiding behind ALL the VPNs
l0gin4me: looks pretty, so I am guessing it kills you
TrinketKnight: @eatenbyagrue1988 exactly
acuilador: Yeah, I need to do a Pacifist run to see what the Space Whale story is like.
TrinketKnight: ditto the chimps. imagine all the shit gumming up those typewriters before random chance gets to what you want
eurasia: time to go watch some movies
eatenbyagrue1988: jadedcynic is it worth it though? Because they're also responsible for a lot of harassment
Metric_Furlong: jadedcynic so, even more reason to avoid it? Kappa
eatenbyagrue1988: and memes are gonna come from SOMEWHERE
theambivalentagender: For the humans being both bastards and not thing, there’s an article written by Steve grand that talks about how something not a lot of people acknowledge is that we are close to bonobos in addition to chimps, and what that means for human behavior
eatenbyagrue1988: I literally wrote my grad thesis on that
reptileviking: Timey wimey whatever
SketchyDetails: Inflexible
SpacePotato01: won't the system end up filling up with the same wreck?
jadedcynic: not forgetting that /b/ is just ONE board on a whole site full of topical boards
thegrolan: Wibbly wobbly timey whimy
eatenbyagrue1988: theambivalentagender this looks like a good read, so thanks for that at least
Anaerin: A Crystalline Entity?
Metric_Furlong: eatenbyagrue1988 4Chaan is rather like the USA: even its denizens who recognise it's bad react with hostility to 'outsiders' making that observation Kappa
rendelnep: is that a double digit physics resource? *grabby hands*
Anaerin: Tempus Fugit. With a hard G as in Fugitive.
gualdhar: I mean, how can time be mutable if we're in a simulation in the first place?
N2Osferatu: Tempus Fugi: when Twitch is all borked up all the time, blame him
CarsmushPromthenSpupplins: tempestfucket?
jadedcynic: and /b/ is the 'misc' - where you throw whatever can't fit in any other board
aesir_blade: All Cs and Gs are hard in classical latin
TrinketKnight: fots shired
Twixwhite565: cant wait for diablo immortal :))) will be freakin fun
aesir_blade: "veni vidi vici" is "wehnee weedee weekee"
ArboristAndrew: I always read it as tempus fug it as well :)
Vilun: Fugit as in Gif
FlyingUltraCar: so are there, like, millions of stars between each "system" that the game just doesn't tell you about?
Traion: Faith in Science is sooo good
jadedcynic: Weeny, Weedy & Weeky
VoidByAnyOtherName: vinny deedee becky
acuilador: @Vilun No. Just no.
eatenbyagrue1988: aesir_blade do we know that for sure though? I'm pretty sure there's no native Latin speakers left, and all the Catholic church preserves is "high" Latin
Anaerin: Veni, Vidi, Verberavi
Izhuark: In general soft G with a U is rare in languages.
FlyingUltraCar: because otherwise that's a very tiny galaxy
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gualdhar: Alex, is it possible for you to get closer to the microphone? you're really muted compared to game sounds
eatenbyagrue1988: but I'm not an archaeolinguist, so I wouldn't know
TrinketKnight: @FlyingUltraCar sure
jubale1: Diablo in Space! Sloth master race
N2Osferatu: What was the QWERPLINE intro to that effect?
TrinketKnight: @FlyingUltraCar see also the ships being the size of planets
jadedcynic: "Round the rough and rugged rock, the ragged rascal rudely ran"
aesir_blade: i mean that's what i learned in high school latin class and they seemed like they had their head on straight
Traion: @flyingultracar nope but you have to deal with scale
Anaerin: gualdhar: It's a lapel mic, so not really.
Steel_zsar93: Language is disgusting moist face sounds.
enemiesMTGO: Wait...Diablo looks a lot different than last time I played it.
Izhuark: if english is common what is elvish ? x)
jadedcynic: length of the kings middle thumb knuckle
jubale1: lingua franca is latin for french language.
jadedcynic: that's an inch
Metric_Furlong: Izhuark according to most fantasy media: Welsh
acuilador: Dear Dr Cam, I would argue all languages are stupid, because every sigle one is based on a crowd randomly deciding how things work, except arguably French.
FlyingUltraCar: @Traion I accept the need to make scale a thing
VoidByAnyOtherName: aha, so db did take their mic
Anaerin: Then there's George W Bush's assertion "You can't trust the French - They have no word for Entrepreneur"
Izhuark: @Metric_Furlong nice !
eatenbyagrue1988: I'm a linguist and I agree with acuilador 's point
geekyasari: cheer413 You know what you did, Alex.
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TrinketKnight: @Izhuark apparently (citation needed) Tolkien intended it to be Semitic-sounding
jadedcynic: which was fine...until the king died and a NEW king...with different stride-length, height, etc. took over :P
muondecay: Fahrenheit is just the worse
SalsaDraugur: English is for nerds
ogundiety: Hey we can hear alex now!
Gnyrinn: I like english. I like how every sentence of it is a mouthful of every world that the English (and related peoples) have interacted with.
TrinketKnight: ack...alex voice lrrSPOOP
DiscordianTokkan: Like a foot is the size of some dead guy's foot. And a mile is how long lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR can stretch. Waitwhat
gualdhar: yay Alex is here now!
ogundiety: What game is this?
Carbonylcookie: @muondecay I will FIGHT for Farenheit, it's a saline scale!
Metric_Furlong: ogundiety Stellaris
Hrnuefel: it isn't Diablo
Bobtheninjagoldfish: Good Time of day, LRR fronds.
Nenluen: A very cold day, and the temperature of a child with a fever, is what i heard
TehAmelie: i hear it was an average chilly day, and Fahrenheit's body temp when running a fever
Duwani1: Well celsius had to be flipped due to the creators rage issues
acuilador: No, He used his body temp for 100. he had a fever that day
KartoffelKaiser: I think it has to do with the boiling point of salt water?
TheInnsanity: my 120 degree days beg to differ
TrinketKnight: These are the same people who decided the center of the world was Greenwich, England
DiscordianTokkan: 100F was based on Fahrenheit's body temperature that day, and he had a fever.
NarishmaReborn: my physics teacher said something along his line
Metric_Furlong: Carbonylcookie you're not going to have a good time with that fight :p
Anaerin: I was under the impression Fahrenheit was the temperature range of liquid alcohol.
excalgold: what brand of human are they playing ?
sorinplaneswalker: my favorite is an "acre"...."The amount of land that a good ox can plow in one day"
gualdhar: 100 was Fahrenheit's measurement of the human body's temp but the guy had a fever
jadedcynic: on the plus side: if you can learn english, you can learn ANY OTHER language with much more ease Kappa
AegeusEvander: we still use barrels as a way to measure volumes
Carbonylcookie: Farenheit is a SALINE SCALE and is useful for human biology!
aesir_blade: The apocryphal bit I heard was that 0 degrees F was supposed to be frozen brine, and 100 F was body temperature but they fucked it up
eatenbyagrue1988: ohai Carbonylcookie
CarsmushPromthenSpupplins: what about Bloody Hot?
Shy_DnD: IIRC fahrenheit was based on the human body temperature. The measurement was slightly inaccurate and they called "human body temp" was 100
Gnyrinn: Of the several explanations for Farenheit, this is the one that makes the most sense.
geekyasari: One gram of water.
NathanJay_GA: 1 joule
Papperslappen: I thought 100 was body temperature but then had to adjust the scale for the freezing temperature not being an integer
Shy_DnD: later we more accurately measured the human body to be 98.6
Kortanios: 0 Fahrenheit was the temperature that brine water in Danzig bay froze, and 100 was the wife of Fahrenheit's temperature when he set up the scale, she had a fever
Steel_zsar93: So Farenheight is just Britain whinging?
muondecay: So basically 100, its like the temperature of his armpit when he had a cold
NathanJay_GA: I think?
Shy_DnD: but the measurementw as teh same
thegrolan: I thought it was 1 gram?
ogundiety: The problem with that, though, is how much is a gram?
TrinketKnight: a calorie is the amount required to raise 1cc of water by 1* C
TehAmelie: it's the temperature of water freezing and boiling
Carbonylcookie: @eatenbyagrue1988 Hello friend!
Anaerin: 1 gram of water, which happens to be 1 cc and 1 ml.
KeirenH: yes, but food Calories are actually kilocalories
NarishmaReborn: newton meter is correct for joule
sorinplaneswalker: Alex: it is a calorie
gualdhar: 1 cubic centimeter is one milliliter
TrinketKnight: F you and your metrics
aesir_blade: One calorie is the energy to raise a gram of water one degree of celsius. A joule is a kg m^2 / s^2. A calorie is about 4 J
Izhuark: That's why Celsius and the metric system is the way too go in general. I don't really understand why some still try to hold on the imperial system.
jadedcynic: one CC == mL (which for PURE water is also 1g )
Metric_Furlong: TrinketKnight rude
FlyingUltraCar: I really wish the US would just switch to metric
Kortanios: Steel_zsar93 nope, German guy in Danzig winging it
gualdhar: the US also wishes it would switch to metric, but turns out it's fucking expensive to do at this point
TrinketKnight: @Metric_Furlong I...I regret my actions. Alas I remain stuck here :(
TrinketKnight: *in the US
Lord_Hosk: Yeah, he is going to have to stop measuring weight in stone and go to measuring it in pounds
BasilHunter: In my job, "kilofeet" is used
jadedcynic: Imperial measures are based on the human body
DiscordianTokkan: Scientists in the US use Metric at least
Steel_zsar93: @kortanios fair. that scans
Fruan: Imperial units are great if you never need to do math to them.
jadedcynic: yeah, reference
jadedcynic: perspective
Jimmos: I dont get it at all
Anaerin: Also: Miles per Gallon is the wrong way round to measure it. Here in Canada, they measure "Litres per hundred Kilometers", which is much better.
acuilador: But yeah, as someone mentioned, Fahrenheit used what he thought were things everyone could have (Salt+ ice, their own body temperature) to make thermometers
KartoffelKaiser: I had a physics textbook that gave all the measurements in imperial. The problems were impossible.
eurasia: i wish i was smart
LetsConsider: I've never been able to understand height in centimeters
NathanJay_GA: See, Canada likes to think were metric. But we measure heiht in feet, build houses in feet, and we still buy butter in pounds and drink soda cans in ounces
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Feet are useful as very close to the distance light travels in one nanosecond.
Moddington: imperial measures are usually multiples of 6 or 12, which are "better" than 10 because it has more factors, so it's easier to do head math with
Anaerin: A mile is about a kilometer and a half.
Angnor33: A mile is 1.6 km.
jadedcynic: but it has no real grounding in the rest of the universe
jadedcynic: 1.1 yd == meter
eatenbyagrue1988: I just figure a mile as being "a fucking long distance"
Metric_Furlong: gualdhar it's most nationalism, tbh. Same reason Japan keeps on hunting wales "it's Our Thing and you can't make us stop it!"
phorrestgaze: yeah, I worked at an international company that specs would be in whatever the designing site made them... until the manufacturing site changed them, then they'd update them with what they wanted.
jadedcynic: yeah 1 mi ~ 1.6 km
eurasia: the complexity of this game is crazy
Morrigan9: yard is like 92 cm
thegrolan: 5000 something feet
Metric_Furlong: *mostly nationalism
l0gin4me: 5280 feet in a mile
KartoffelKaiser: A mile is 5280 feet
BlindProphet32: A mile is just an awkward measurement
TrinketKnight: I'd say the only thing Imperial is really good for is the Foot. I do kind of wish Metric had a term for something 1/10 - 1/3 of a meter
Duwani1: 60 mph is 100 kph
geekyasari: As somebody who lives in America, yeah, fuck the Imperial system.
Metric_Furlong: *whales
DiscordianTokkan: I think it's a mile is 4 furlongs with is based on how much an ox can plough or something
TeeJabs: 1760 yards
Prophetx05: The mile is an unusually specific amount of feet to me
KartoffelKaiser: The reason: go fuck yourself, like the reason for everything in imperial
DiscordianTokkan: *which is
Nenluen: Then there are Chains... 66 or so feet.. depending on temperature
captain_wulf: 5280 feet or 1760 yards
LiveFaust: It's 5... thousand and something feet. Duh.
TehAmelie: you can just say 1/3 meter
thegrolan: Imperial is a dumb way to measure shit
acuilador: and then theres -40, the best temperature.
brainbosh: God, trying to understand measuring systems still used in things like shipping and packing is mind breaking.
Contiguouskittycat: In America our measurements are completely arbitrary, much like everything about our culture.
LetsConsider: I feel like there should be a deci-meter
Prophetx05: 5280 probably matters, but i don't know why
Steel_zsar93: I use cubits with anyone who knows me
LetsConsider: A tenth of a foot
Traion: Like who thinks 5280:1 is a reasonable ratio of measurements
LetsConsider: *meter
AegeusEvander: the mol comes from the ground cirSmug
CarsmushPromthenSpupplins: you're not supposed to say mole. I said mole.
NovaTiempo: C12
KeirenH: yup, in engineering school in canada and they make us use imperial sometimes. The best part is that they often use thousands of pounds force (kips) and thousands of inches as standard units
Akaiatana: 6.02x 10^23
DiscordianTokkan: Oop. 8 furlongs
phorrestgaze: converts atomic weight to g
crystal_shooter: molecules technically
NovaTiempo: Or is it C14?
jadedcynic: you know what? I LOVE that "Imperial" measures are basically ONLY used by the ONE nation that's famous for rebelling against THAT SAME EMPIRE :D
TrinketKnight: @Traion it's base 12 so that it's easy to convert to fractions
Papperslappen: I thought it was the number of particles in 12g C12
Werdnae: It's the number of atoms in 12.0g of carbon 12 IIRC
delta__vee: avogadro's number is the number of avogadros in 1 mol of avogadros KappaRoss
KartoffelKaiser: The mole is the number of hydrogen atoms to get a gram of hydrogen. I think?
captain_wulf: should we introduce nautical measurements inti the discussion?
rendelnep: there's a great wikipedia page on weird measurements like jiffys
N2Osferatu: Avogadro Toast
Fruan: It's "A dozen atoms", but instead of 12, you use 6.023x10^23
Ryzlei: is this Diablo4 ?
TehAmelie: the imperial ton is the worst, i mean, it can mean at least THREE different weights and all of them are almost the same
acuilador: I thought that it was just made by Avogadro's research into hydrogen
NarishmaReborn: we're about to have a universally unchanging kilogram finally, that's exciting news in measurements
Lord_Hosk: You want to start arguments about people violently defending that their system is the best and the only one that makes sense, even though their system isnt as standard as they think it is either its just what they are used to.
Gnyrinn: A mol of Carbon_12 weighs 12 grams.
rendelnep: and nibbles
NathanJay_GA: Consider that fuel economy - when measured in litres per 100 km, is a measure of area. Fuel efficiency can be expressed in square meters!
silenceaux: Ryzlei They've tried, can't fix the stream title.
NovaTiempo: Protons?
acuilador: AMU
jadedcynic: @Ryzlei yeah, according to twitch - we've tried to update the info CONSTANTLY for the past hour
Carbonylcookie: g/mol
NarishmaReborn: grams per mole
crystal_shooter: atomic weight is basically a proton
silenceaux: Really close to a proton or neutron iirc
Werdnae: grams per mole
NarishmaReborn: on average, yeah
phorrestgaze: in protons
Kortanios: The whole story with Fahrenheit was that it was supposed to be point at which a saturated salt solution freezes to human body temperature, Fahrenheit winged it a bit too much though...
excalgold: it's like a computer buffering with the spining
thegrolan: Number of protons?
Ryzlei: thank you chat
eurasia: smart people make my brain happy
acuilador: Atomic Mass Units. the weight of a proton
Sir__Octopus: For an interesting read about the mole, see this
muondecay: You can convert to eV if you want...
Anaerin: It's simple. A mile is 8 furlongs, a furlong is 10 chains, a chain is 4 rods, and a rod is 5½ yards.
LRRTwitter: @DesertBus> The hype is real. | @MikeLLunsford> It's nighttime in the desert | A bus driver has stopped on the side of the road | They have found something | Sometime soon they will turn the lights on | To give us all a better look | @DesertBus 📷
aesir_blade: A mole is just a number, like a dozen. A gram per mole is about the mass of a proton
Ryzlei: what is this game?
DiscordianTokkan: So. A Mile is 8 Furlongs, and a Furlong (the distance a team of oxen could plough without resting.) is 660 feet
Seagulyus: @LoadingReadyRun the average weight of 1 AMU is a proton with no other
KartoffelKaiser: It's grams per mole, which sounds like it was reverse engineered from the definition of a mole, because it is.
Metric_Furlong: Ryzlei Stellaris
crystal_shooter: hydrogen is 1 proton and weighs 1.0008 amu or something because deuterium is a thing
jadedcynic: pecks, bushels, rods, roods
TheInnsanity: butts aren't obsolete
Lord_Hosk: They do
NathanJay_GA: yup
ContingentCat: Did you guys hear they're defining the kilogram mathematically now, it was being defined by a very carefully contained block of metal somewhere
Dread_Pirate_Westley: They do.
captain_wulf: yes
NarishmaReborn: I think so yeah
delta__vee: yup, bushels are still a thing
Akaiatana: they sure do.
silenceaux: I think bushels are only at farmer's markets
anyGould: yup.
eurasia: why cant normal peoople communicate like you guys
silenceaux: oh nope
Seagulyus: @KartoffelKaiser everything is derived
captain_wulf: 60 lbs
phorrestgaze: yep, price per bushel is still read off on the radio here
eatenbyagrue1988: there's an obsolete unit of weight called a "batman"
Izhuark: what are those words ? x)
KartoffelKaiser: Real talk though fuck acres
CarsmushPromthenSpupplins: farthing!
LetsConsider: What does chat think of a Decimeter? 1/10th of a meter?
acuilador: Somke amount of Pecks
TehAmelie: a hectare
Seagulyus: @KartoffelKaiser the ONLY constant is the speed of light
delta__vee: stone is still used in some places?
anyGould: Bushel is about 35L, according to Google.
e_bloc: don't tell me what I can plow
Izhuark: acre is the only i know from them.
Jimmos: Grains of sand
Akaiatana: A bushel is a small to moderate sized laundry basket
Nenluen: Acres are still very frequently used in US Land surveying/civil engineering
KartoffelKaiser: @Seagulyus That's my favorite part of physics tbh.
Gnyrinn: The subtle difference between the English Pound, the French Pound, the Danish Pound, etc.
Anaerin: It's simple. A mile is 8 furlongs, a furlong is 10 chains, a chain is 4 rods, and a rod is 5½ yards.
TrinketKnight: @LetsConsider wish it had a snappier name, but it's a very useful size for making measurements
LiveFaust: They use a bushel in Guys and Dolls. Also, a peck.
FarleyF: You know a general podcast with both Alex and Cam just sitting there shooting the breeze seems like it would be interesting, based on this conversation
AegeusEvander: the speed of light is easy in the FFF system 1.8026 megafurlongs/microfortnight
Dread_Pirate_Westley: I know there was discussion of how to define the kilogram, but it is still a block of metal in Paris (I want one.)
Anaerin: And Grains are measurement of barleycorns.
Anaerin: MAWP
TheInnsanity: MOP
KartoffelKaiser: @Anaerin aaaaahhhhhhhh
Lord_Hosk: ow
CarsmushPromthenSpupplins: bai alex!
e_bloc: lrrHEART Alex
Seagulyus: KartoffelKaiser my least favorite part is that everything uses K as a constant
silenceaux: I accept your apology, Alex.
SalsaDraugur: Barley cereal is the worst, it's absolutely flavorless
ContingentCat: katesRip headphone users
excalgold: mawp.......mawp
Prophetx05: Bye Alex
TrinketKnight: @FarleyF they've tried occassionally. both of them have other projects though so it rarely sticks around
jadedcynic: passel? was that ever a thing or am I imagining things?
Steel_zsar93: baii!
NarishmaReborn: that's okay alex, we still appreciate you even when you kill our ears
LetsConsider: @TrinketKnight Wait, is that an actual thing? I was thinking of a metric equivalent of the foot
thegrolan: Does our empire measure in furlongs?
electric_claire: This is a nice relaxing stream for a stressful day.
anyGould: @Dread_Pirate_Westley I believe they actually nailed down the new definition, it's just not "live" yet.
KartoffelKaiser: @Seagulyus yeah we need more characters for constants.
NarishmaReborn: yep
crystal_shooter: yup
Traion: @contingentcat it was in the Louvre. Also there are some Metreologists that argue defining measurements of of universal constants is bad, because we won't be able to notice if they should change
gualdhar: cereal was originally invented to prevent night time secretions in men, so do you honestly expect it to taste good?
muondecay: You ever heard the phrase "Two shakes and a jiffy"? both of those are actual units of measure
NarishmaReborn: a proton-ish
Anubis169: Hi hi Cam :)
Duwani1: Cameron you have a really defendable space right now
Dread_Pirate_Westley: @anyGould Cool, then the actual kilograms are obsolete, and I've got a birthday next month.
jadedcynic: @Traion touche on that!
TrinketKnight: @LetsConsider I mean, it's a real thing yeah. Not something in common use as far as I know
JFLXRE: Why the tittle say Diablo3?
NarishmaReborn: rest mass of a proton is slightly more than an amu
Steel_zsar93: Our empire measures everything in micrometres. Even weight.
jadedcynic: @muondecay I was tought a 'Jiffy' was 1/60 of a second
Seagulyus: JFLXRE cam cant fix it
Anubis169: how're all my happy muffins today? 'sup chat :)
acuilador: @JFLXRE the evil that is Twitch
NarishmaReborn: No, no, you're good
jadedcynic: @JFLXRE becuase Twitch is broken
LetsConsider: @TrinketKnight Why is height measured in centimeters and not decimeters?
Seagulyus: yeah what acuilador said JFLXRE
muondecay: @jadedcynic Yep!
TrinketKnight: @LetsConsider I wish I knew
JFLXRE: Wat game is this
Anubis169: btw Cam, we appear to be set to "Diablo 3" in the directory
NarishmaReborn: Not meaning to explain to you, sorry. just was clarifying and i guess it came out condescending, sorry
acuilador: Pretty much anyway. It's not like you can put 1 proton alone on a balance scale
cheetoJack: we know
LetsConsider: @Anubis169 We know
Anubis169: oh
theambivalentagender: As much as I’d love to see the US change over to metric a big part of me really doesn’t want to see how it would affect traffic for a few years after the change. People here already get into accidents because of daylight savings
TrinketKnight: @LetsConsider I honestly thing it's because centimeter rolls off the tongue better
Juliamon: Hello Anubis, welcome to the "thanks Twitch backend" stream
Metric_Furlong: LetsConsider bigger numbers sound more impressive
thegrolan: Even the mods are doing it now!!!
KartoffelKaiser: @JFLXRE Stellaris, a grand strategy game by Paradox
Anubis169: ignore me
TrinketKnight: *think
Anaerin: Anubis169: Yes, we know. Twitch isn't accepting updates.
jadedcynic: @JFLXRE Stellaris - a space 4X game
FlyingUltraCar: Cameron is a chemist, which means that he studies 2+ molecules at a time.
Anubis169: sec
Anubis169: i think i have an API poke that might work
ogundiety: I can't wait till we find some sort of element on the peroidic table that fits between two things with atomic weights one number off
LetsConsider: @TrinketKnight Because we're used to centimeters and not decimeters.
Anubis169: Stellaris is it?
Anaerin: Anubis169: Right.
ogundiety: And we have to redo evertyhing
cheetoJack: It is Stellaris
TrinketKnight: @LetsConsider well, sure it is NOW. but how did it start that way
jadedcynic: @JFLXRE N/P
Anubis169: brb sec, poking twitch API
NarishmaReborn: lol, not a bad idea
Seagulyus: Cam isn't that the average weight of an electron?
JFLXRE: U have great mods your mods answer quick
theambivalentagender: As much as I’d love to see the US change over to metric a big part of me really doesn’t want to see how it would affect traffic for a few years after the change. People here already get into accidents because of daylight savings
LetsConsider: @Metric_Furlong Someone choosing to arbitrarily?
theambivalentagender: oops double post
NihilismRacoon: Hey wait a minute this isn’t Diablo 3
crystal_shooter: Electrons are kind of a trip anyway what with the particle/wave duality
Juliamon: lrrHEART mods
CarsmushPromthenSpupplins: hey! electrons have self worth too!
acuilador: Dear Dr Cam. My mother the Microbilogist did the same thin to my biology textbook when it left out the Archaeo Kingdom.
JFLXRE: U have active mods nice channel bro
Seagulyus: @cam I'm an engineering graduate :P
ogundiety: It's possible that there is only one electron, for that matter, and it is traveling back and forwards through time
Anaerin: JFLXRE: We know. lrrHEART katesThank mods
NovaTiempo: Well, it comes up a lot in nuclear physics.
e_bloc: @CarsmushPromthenSpupplins don't base the worth of an electron on its weight. some have different metabolisms
frozenphoenix7: Hello chat and Cam. Hope everyone who could vote today did!
ogundiety: But...that gets a litlte heavy on theory.
jadedcynic: you'll find that this turns out to be a pretty awesome community here
Izhuark: \&lt\;3 \&lt\;3 \&lt\;3 mods
LiveFaust: Did you see that they found a different mass for a proton? Now they get to figure out why different measurement methods return different results.
KeirenH: the mass of an electron is approximately zero, which is close enough for me
CptMurphey: we think they're somewhere in this general area at some time
Izhuark: \&lt\;3 mods
CarsmushPromthenSpupplins: Electrons: They're Around.
Izhuark: <3 mods
rendelnep: electrons are there(?).
Seagulyus: LiveFaust of a solo proton or in a nucleus?
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Electrons are lonely and want to be friends with other electrons.
Featherweight_: wibbly wobbly atomly watomly
cryptogamby: Yay Cameron stream!
Labjer: Probably the best way to think about it, honestly
Bobtheninjagoldfish: I'm theoretically a Chemist...
jadedcynic: am an old fartm and have seen a LOT of froups and whatnot over the years, and LRR has cultivated one of the most stably nice, friendly and awesome fanbases :)
muondecay: Or interested in magnetic amterials
Steel_zsar93: I studied ifo theory so you're all miles beyond me.
NovaTiempo: oh, I remember the shell longform. 2s8d4p.... oof.
muondecay: *materials
LiveFaust: Proton.
NihilismRacoon: This sounds like my knowledge as a biologist lol
crystal_shooter: As a crystallographer, I basically just care if I can see the orbitals or not
Taveena: theoretical chemistry is so fucking interesting and I know NOTHING about it
Anaerin: Electrons are all quantum. Which as far as I recall means add a few extra 0's to the price.
MilkInBag: how can atoms be real if memes are dreams
excalgold: electron things....
Anubis169: Cam: did that work?
sprawler13: Theoretical chemistry sounds like it would hurt my head
ogundiety: Right until chemistry touches biology
Moddington: what ARE electrons? we just don't know
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Izhuark: what is not an empirical science ?
BobaThaiTea: when do we bring out the bottle of whiskey and start ranting about electrons
TrinketKnight: I loved an atlantic article from a couple weeks ago where someone was trying to use fluid dynamics to propose a more deterministic model of electron behavior. It lasted, like, two thought experiments in the way the article told it
Seagulyus: Moddington I have a picture for that
ThisShouldSay2K: Game looks to have changed
e_bloc: it says Stellaris for me
Asterysk_Mike: Then there is Florine. Fuck everything when you talk about Florine and its relationship with electrons.
Anubis169: woohoo!
DiscordianTokkan: It worked!
BlindProphet32: Electrons are up to some shady stuff
NovaTiempo: Its updated!
Seagulyus: @Moddington We just don't know
Juliamon: katesThank based Anubis
CarsmushPromthenSpupplins: @Anubis169 you poked a thing!
jadedcynic: twitch stream info HAS UPDATED! WEEEEE :D
Traion: It works @anubis169 is a wizard
TheInnsanity: empirical data is a word I've heard of
Lazarenth: How Can Electrons Be Real If Our Eyes Arent Real?
mtvcdm: Also confirming the stream title is updated.
TrinketKnight: As one of my profs described it "shut up and calculate"
RedbeardTheTechnical: And then there's the ethereal sciences. #ghostFarts #butTakingExquisiteNotes
shadowscythe77: Good evening everybody!
e_bloc: this discussion is rather on-topic for the game
ogundiety: My twitch thing hasn't updated
NihilismRacoon: We are stellaris now
sprawler13: It is fixed!
jadedcynic: @Anubis169 TYVM!
MilkInBag: Cam restores 1 sanity
gsyhiap: All hail Anubis169 lrrHEART
NovaTiempo: Cam is free! A free elf!
Anubis169: uhh
ContingentCat: the twitch gods have smiled upon us
LiveFaust: Sorry, @seagulyus. Meant to respond directly. Proton. I can dig for a link and post in discord later... assuming i remember, of course.
muondecay: MAGIC
ogundiety: Ah, refresh on the wbsite and it worked.
Anaerin: ogundiety: If you're still seeing Diablo, refresh.
DiscordianTokkan: Anubis is a space wizard
tergonis: literal wizard
frozenphoenix7: It's the jackal head Cam. You need to have a jackal head.
Anubis169: Cam: I manually poked twitch's API on the command line
CarsmushPromthenSpupplins: @Anubis169 hax? is it hax?
Featherweight_: someone banged on thew side of twitch
Seagulyus: TheInnsanity empircal data is data you observe more or less
N2Osferatu: haxxx
Izhuark: yeay anubis !
Contiguouskittycat: Look okay, SQL is the fucking worst and fulll stack development doesn't make it easier.
SalsaDraugur: twitch finally decited not to be dumb
geekyasari: Okay, Cam, I'm curious: at this stage in the game, I am barely keeping in the green for energy and minerals. How are you in the thousands?
cryptogamby: Can we really observe an electron?🤔
TrinketKnight: @Anubis169 dark computer magic, got it
Seagulyus: LiveFaust no no that's enough, and very interesting
MilkInBag: why do people care so much about the game displayed? 🤔
muondecay: BACKEND MAGIC
Angnor33: @Anubis169 lrrHEART lrrAWESOME lrrHEART
RedbeardTheTechnical: This destiny mod is weird.
Steel_zsar93: Anubis = space wizard
LetsConsider: I'm sorry, you did what to the what
Vargen_HK: If it makes you feel better, I've had the correct title displayed since I got here.
jadedcynic: wait... they use SQL?!? with full stack dev? AAAAaaaaaa *runs away*
SachielOne: @MilkInBag Because half the people coming into chat kept bringing it up
Juliamon: MilkInBag because randos came in wanting to know why we weren't playing the right game
Anubis169: the button doesn't seem to be working, but the API endpoint appears to be active
Anaerin: MilkInBag: Because it also defines where the stream shows up.
ogundiety: Uncjertainty principal rears it's ugly head
Anubis169: all good :)
sprawler13: All hail our mod overlords
MilkInBag: @SachielOne I know, that's what I'm wondering why they ask
crystal_shooter: You can observe electrons in orbitals easily, by themselves it's tricky
CarsmushPromthenSpupplins: hexagons!
NovaTiempo: I think you can image the orbit of most things fairly well
NarishmaReborn: oooh interesting
TheInnsanity: we've seen the crop circles but not the aliens?
Kortanios: you are imaging probability clouds
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NovaTiempo: Gifts!
LiveFaust: @seagulyus you can also check Science News directly. The study is really interesting in detail. It's statistically significant and the error bars barely overlap from previous measurements.
rendelnep: @geekyasari having a full service military is expensive. don't build it unless you need it
acuilador: Yeah, imaging an electron is kinda like trying to get a picture of droplets in fog, from what I understand....
cryptogamby: I guess it counts if you can observe a behavior and conclusively say there is proof of electrons
MilkInBag: wait electrons are not on a fixed orbit? WutFace
Seagulyus: LiveFaust well that can have implications
TrinketKnight: not a Bohr-ist?
NovaTiempo: Only in plasma physics
NarishmaReborn: it does in mine only when I get weird questions from my high school physics students
TheInnsanity: weed eaters are also "mostly empty space"
Xed_Regulus: Wow, thank you
Steel_zsar93: Okay willco!
RedbeardTheTechnical: Wait, then what's where I thought the 'empty space' was?
e_bloc: cheer200 always here for some science discussion with Cam
Anubis169: wait Jigahaganaga's in here?
Anubis169: dude it's been forever!!
Anaerin: RedbeardTheTechnical: Other things.
thegrolan: Welcome to Chem 423 with guest professor Cameron
LiveFaust: @seagulyus for sure. I'm fascinated to see what, if anything, comes of it.
MaelstromX17: Todays been a great day so i wanted to give a little back with 4 rando gift-subs
13thChimera: Have you seen any of the Hazbin Hotel stuffs Cam? i think you'd love it
cryptogamby: Theinnsanity that makes a good chunk of Canada empty spac-oh wait
DarkNacht: Everyone should really stop things of things as particles and start thinking of everything as fields
jadedcynic: I understand that Quantum Mechanics is essentially incomprehensible
ogundiety: Hahaha
TrinketKnight: @RedbeardTheTechnical it's more that you shouldn't think of the spaces where things are as being fixed and the rest as being empty
actionjb: Cam I wana know how I am supposed to visualize atoms?
MilkInBag: b-but I read the wiki page
Taveena: Anyone who understands quantum mechanics cannot explain quantum mechanics to people who do not understand quantum mechanics, and that leads to people thinking that no-one understands quantum mechanics
Anaerin: Ooh, a Quantum-Scale Dragon?
TehAmelie: Einstein said many things that sound clever
Taveena: Because quantum mechanics is FUCKING COMPLICATED
NovaTiempo: Maths in general would be fairly worthless if you couldnt form a coherent modle with it
NarishmaReborn: nah, my quantum prof knew his stuff for sure. for a while there in college I thought I did too, but I don't recall enough to do stuff now
TrinketKnight: yeah probabilistic and arcane is not the same thing as incomprehensible
ContingentCat: but I watched that 20 min. video are you telling me that wasn't comprehensive?
Seagulyus: RedbeardTheTechnical electrons exist in a probability field. so they *can* exist anywhere at anytime
ogundiety: I dunno, when I flip a coin quantum mechanics has convinced me to keep calling 'edge'
MilkInBag: quantum mechanics is just yes and no at the same time, duh OpieOP
sprawler13: Or the coin lands on edge!
sprawler13: I’ve had that happen
jadedcynic: sorry for my brief absence - I had to mute the stream and track down a rogue tab playing audio :P
acuilador: @Seagulyus Aren't there exclusion zones between the energy levels?
LiveFaust: @loadingreadyrun Cam, I love your streams for exactly this.
TehAmelie: like "not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted". why not quote that instead?
KartoffelKaiser: Yeah the whole "quantum mechanics is random so it can't be understood" thing just seems to fly in the face of other fields, like psychology.
muondecay: "What does quantum mechanics do?" "It works"
Izhuark: I just understood the part where you need to look in the box to see if the cat was dead. Kappa
RedbeardTheTechnical: @Seagulyus @TrinketKnight All this talking about chemistry is making me feel a lot less technical O.o
CarsmushPromthenSpupplins: what i still don't understand is - previous flips don't determine future flip probability, right? but if you flip a bunch of tails, you're more probable to flip a head, right? i don't know how to think about it...
TrinketKnight: @KartoffelKaiser in fairness, I hear people say that about social science fields
Anaerin: muondecay: "What does Quantum Mechanics do?" "Yes"
jadedcynic: it's our vague understanding of a thing; it's NOT the thing itself
Steel_zsar93: I have a course to attend seeya Cammander and Cammune
ogundiety: yeah, it's not as complicated as people think. It really is just a globalization of a system that gives semi-predictable results reliably, and occasionally lets us short circuit some stuff
TrinketKnight: @RedbeardTheTechnical no worries. I'm just a social scientist I also have to remember my place on the technical levels :D
NarishmaReborn: "how do the heisenberg compensators work" "quite well, thanks for asking"
ogundiety: The 'occasional short cuts are what get the press
Seagulyus: acuilador I'm not a theorist, I'm an engineer :P so I'm not 100% on it. but they shouldn't be found on the interior levels they *can* be. its improbable I think. but IDK I have a very precursory level of info about this
ContingentCat: that sounds like him
acuilador: Sounds like him
NihilismRacoon: Extra Credits did a series of videos on quantum mechanics it was fairly interesting
TrinketKnight: No model is accurate, but some are useful
unusuallylargemoth: In the spirit of "the most dangerous question I would probably ask", where do you think human evolutionary traits are heading on a larger scale? Not "trimming vestigial traits", but like, the new things humanity will have in the future?
ExecutiveHollow: your right to speed is your abilety to break!
Anubis169: wow Cam, there are a lot more endpoints here than I remember... I didn't know you could set a channel raid with a countdown timer of 0 lrrSPOOP
NovaTiempo: I like to use imagainary numbers as my goto example of useful models that arnt... realy a thing
cryptogamby: What’s your opinion on the moonshot that quantum computing and its changes on how we interact with electronics?
crystal_shooter: If models 100% accurately described a system, they wouldn't be called models.
Zu_o: @TrinketKnight do you occasionally feel like you're a bard in the heirarchical order of spellcasters in D&D (Wizards - sorcerers - warlock bards)
cryptogamby: Sounds like a Feynman quote
TrinketKnight: @Zu_o yes
Nigouki: so is this stream going to seamlessly flow into the Talking Sim timeslot?
MaelstromX17: cheer1000 Todays been a really great day so i wanted to give a little back with 4 rando gift-subs and some bits.
TehAmelie: tailored gene inserts or just cybernetics? we have outgrown evolution for sure
RedbeardTheTechnical: AFAIK, it gives a base 3 system
Anaerin: Qubits.
Anubis169: MaelstromX17 thank you!
ogundiety: It's not base 3
Zu_o: @TrinketKnight lol slytqHeart
NovaTiempo: Shmoltanious operations at the downside of innacuracy
thegrolan: I thought it was 1, 0, both, or neither
ogundiety: That would just be a larger storage system
TheInnsanity: quantom computers are the most fragile thing ever apparently
thegrolan: as far as I understand
NovaTiempo: Strewth, I cant spell
RedbeardTheTechnical: But in two bit's of space
Anubis169: meow... manMARTIN
Anubis169 bounces around
CamelAttack: It's still binary but one of the bits of any byte in in a spin state and can be flipped between the two states.
KeirenH: i believe the qubit state is defined by probablities of 1 or 0
jadedcynic: @unusuallylargemoth well, given my name, I figure homo sapiens sapiens is going to end up as a memory and some ruins and archaeological evidence within maybe another ten generations :(
ogundiety: It's actually 1, 0, or both/neither/either
KartoffelKaiser: Yeah I think it's "0", "1", "the super position of 0 and 1", and "the superposition of neither 0 nor 1"
MilkInBag: all we care about is when we'll be able to use quantum computers to render 3D cats and dogs videos
ogundiety: And the last isn't a 'pick one' it is 'undefined'
acuilador: @NovaTiempo I just exorcise the typodaemons occasionally. it doesn
KartoffelKaiser: but I dont know I'm not a quantum cop
acuilador: t help, but the chanting is soothing.
TrinketKnight: @Zu_o amusingly, since my field is economics I often find I'm much more comfortable with unclear and probabilistic theories than some of my hard science brethren :P
ExecutiveHollow: cameron, if you could crossbread 3 boardgames into a video game, what would you pick?
KeirenH: and there are a handful of people in the world who have any real understanding of quantum computers
jadedcynic: @MilkInBag ...and porn; don't forget the porn! ;)
Anaerin: Yes. Qubits. Quad Bits.
ogundiety: You know how every time you divide by zero you can break all math? Yeah, welcome to the explicit codification of that.
Anubis169: isn't a half byte called a nybble?
LetsConsider: Hey Cam! TIL the Stray Demon in DS1 is weak to toxic!
Ambitious_Sloth: So what determines the number of connections between stars in this game? It doesn't seem distance based.
TehAmelie: i sure hope we're not going to die out and be replaced with another civilization. if that happens enough they'll run out of iron that can be reached. . .
MaelstromX17: well i got to go hope everyone has fun :D
ogundiety: Basically, yes, what it lets you do is look at across a large seriest of qbits to observe trends/numbers and data sets that are probable
Moddington: yeah, a byte is two nibbles (which is useful because a nibble is a single hex digit)
MilkInBag: @Ambitious_Sloth a slider before generating the map
geekyasari: According to Extra Credits, it's basically using quantum entanglement to have a 1 and a 0 be a "system" that changes whenever a single value is altered, essentially creating two extra types of things to read for binary. This is very hard to do, however, since observing it busses it up, so scientists have to set up Rube Goldberg machines to properly maintenance them.
TrinketKnight: @Ambitious_Sloth it's not. random on galaxy generation similar to Master of Orion
ogundiety: You can never know what a qbit actually is, but you can see how much that matters.
forcedreject: Just got here from slacking off on said academics, what kind of Civ is Cam playing this time?
NovaTiempo: Yay for mental flexing!
Zu_o: @TrinketKnight Bards are not to be scoffed upon as often as they are, but I enjoy the jokes.
Anubis169: wheeeee
Ambitious_Sloth: @MilkInBag @TrinketKnight Ah, thanks!
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Mox_Hagdorm: Space chores!
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LetsConsider: What's wrong with Extra Credits?
Izhuark: that's a fair statement.
cryptogamby: Have you read Dave Newport’s deep work? I’d feel you’d be a fan
TrinketKnight: yeah that feels a little outside of James' wheelhouse
KatNBows: kurtsigat has a really good video on quantom mechanics
geekyasari: They did preface it by saying that this is a vast oversimplification, but I am curious as to why you say that about EC.
fcg_shadow: WAS THIS A NEW GAME?
KatNBows: quantom computing
acuilador: @LetsConsider It's simplifications sometimes are kinda wrong or biased
fcg_shadow: sorry caps!
jadedcynic: @forcedreject iirc post-apoc environmentalist humans?
Zu_o: @TrinketKnight also, as social sciences have to deal with a lot of large margins I think that makes sense. in any case, you're a scientist and that's cool.
forcedreject: @jadedcynic cool, thanks
MilkInBag: @Ambitious_Sloth the game maps a 'standard' map before generating the map, and makes clusters of stars and 'islands' of several stars, then according to the slider for number of connections, it draws additional links or removes some, tldr you get a random map pretty much every game
NihilismRacoon: Cam throwing shade at EC :O
LetsConsider: @acuilador Yeah... But good starting points?
TrinketKnight: @Zu_o sadly, not anymore :(
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ProfBlahson: Hot damn 17 months? How time flies
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TrinketKnight: probably not ever really, but I enjoyed grad school while I was in it
MilkInBag: nice
ProfBlahson: also i get to be the nice sub lmao
forcedreject: @Zu_o As someone who is technically getting paid to read on social science, I sure don't feel like a scientist
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acuilador: @LetsConsider True, but too many poeple on the internet treat it as the end all be all. That's not EC's fault, but it does behoove them to be more careful.
RedbeardTheTechnical: What game is this? it looks like endless space
MilkInBag: Stellaris
fcg_shadow: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:47:59.
Seagulyus: forcedreject there are many different types of scientists. they usually don't understand one another
MilkInBag: the best* sci fi 4x game
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Zu_o: @TrinketKnight is it on your resume?
LetsConsider: @acuilador Well, I haven't been watching the recent EC, mostly because I heard that the person making it now is kinda abusive
geekyasari: Huh, that's news to me. You have a source for that?
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RedbeardTheTechnical: Well, that's disappointing to hear
gsyhiap: #PewPew
snakegums: this game is so pretty
CarsmushPromthenSpupplins: "But I'm le tired..."
LetsConsider: @geekyasari Dan? Like Dan Prime? I thought that's why he left
forcedreject: @Seagulyus One of my professors explained that the academic/scientific community aren't the primary producers/gatekeepers of knowledge anymore cause internet. Which is neat.
Zu_o: @forcedreject Sorry to hear that it doesn't feel as ... sciency as you'd like
Anubis169: those are some beautiful looking suns right there <3
MilkInBag: imagine using missiles in actual space combat where you launch it monday, then you have to wait until friday to know if it hits
CaptainSpam: Eat flaming death!
ExecutiveHollow: Commander! The Aliens are still making progress to their avatar programm if we what to stop them, we need to hurry!
acuilador: @LetsConsider I hadn't heard that, I just stopped watching because I found using their titles as a study guide (IE read the title and then just reserach it myself w/o watching the video) to be more edifying
ContingentCat: @CarsmushPromthenSpupplins "so take a nap. zen fire ze misles!"
thegrolan: @MilkInBag If we get it to relativistic speeds we could know in a few hours!
Seagulyus: forcedreject well given that it was found that a user one goddamn 4chan solved the minimum length of a superpermutation nearly 7 years ago and some mathemeticians found out literally last month
CarsmushPromthenSpupplins: @ContingentCat DAAAAAAAAH MOTHERLAND
ExecutiveHollow: piratsplode
cryptogamby: I always struggled with sci-fi spaceship deaths, why sink down from the perspective of the viewpoint when the source of falling gravity is the nearest sun?
LetsConsider: @acuilador That's why Dan Prime left, iirc
geekyasari: I thought Dan Prime left because he wanted to work on other things. They also ousted Will Overgard, one of their more popular LPers on Extra Play, for behavior that violated their community guidelines, but then again, I don't know.
IAmNotAshKetchum: I just got here. DId I miss anything important?
acuilador: @IAmNotAshKetchum The lunching of out species into space.
Izhuark: Pirates can be such a pain. I remember one time a single armada of pirate wrecked 75% of my systems because my warships were at war somewhere else.
Zu_o: @LoadingReadyRun can we name a particular ship "Anything Important" so we can show people they didn't miss it?
ExecutiveHollow: is there an talking simulator episode where you talk about moba games like LoL, HotS or Dota2?
MilkInBag: yes but they get yelled at by 12 years old Kappa
Nigouki: Zu_o but what if Anything Important gets sunk? D:
forcedreject: @Seagulyus I don't know how I feel about "professionally" reading dead philosophers for 4 years to try to explain their ideas and then some random guy in the internet is able to do it 10x easier without any formal training. Kinda neat but asks "what am I doing with my life" XD
acuilador: @Izhuark Yeah, thats why I usually run at the ragged edge of starbases. it drops pirate rate to very low if you chokepoint right.
Seagulyus: forcedreject we don't know if the dude was a genius :P
Zu_o: @Nigouki well, we'll have to name "Something important" because then they will have missed it
CarsmushPromthenSpupplins: If I may ask Cam, do you have any spooky stories about your science work? I love science stuff that is spooky/disturbing.
rendelnep: [TNG warp-core ambiance]
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acuilador: @CarsmushPromthenSpupplins define spooky. I have a story of someone being expelled for science.
CarsmushPromthenSpupplins: ah ok. I remember Julie talking one time about storing bugs in your freezer. I liked that.
MilkInBag: everything is (mostly) under control
UncannyJimjams: More Cam, yay!
sweg_leaps: I got spooky teaching stories. That count?
solahwin_tampramain: not continuing the game from TS?
MilkInBag: ant imotology?
e_bloc: "my freezer"
DiscordianTokkan: @MilkInBag I'm picturing an ant saying "Onii-saaaaan!" now
unusuallylargemoth: In the spirit of Science questions, Dear Doctors Cameron, what would you say is the "funniest" lab story? (Aside from the tragically humorous glass bit I mean).
BobROE: what sort of bugs? Where did they come from?
e_bloc: this sure is some crunchy ice cream
unusuallylargemoth: Funniest Lab Story you've been a part of or heard **
rendelnep: the closest to scary was Cam's red stuff in an organic lab but that's just a mystery
acuilador: Well, I say a story, but it;s more just a cautionary sentence based on a story. Don't make Nitrogen Triiodide if you're done with your lab and bored if you want to stay in college.
Carbonylcookie: Safety violations are the best stories
TehAmelie: here's a harmless, funny story lab told in one picture
MilkInBag: D: oww
GlennSeto: oh no
e_bloc: lrrWOW
KartoffelKaiser: big oof
Fruan: Dear Dr Cam - Did you ever have a pet project or theory that just never panned out? When has reality let down your perfect vision.
unusuallylargemoth: flawless technique
Anaerin: TehAmelie: Oh, he's just tripping on acid.
GlennSeto: How much? ($$$)
TehAmelie: heh heh
CarsmushPromthenSpupplins: @Anaerin OMG YOU <3
unusuallylargemoth: jesus my dude
e_bloc: oh that could be worse
BobaThaiTea: ouch my wallet hurts hearing that D: could have been worse but still\
Carbonylcookie: Ohh! I have a nondangerous one! We had a Quebecois professor for his first year teaching for Advanced Organic Sythn, and once an acetone dry ice bath overflowed, and we all cried "Luc! Luc! What do we do!?" and he just shot back "I don't know, in Canada we just put maple syrup on it!"
unusuallylargemoth: what like 50USD per volflask
Anaerin: CarsmushPromthenSpupplins: You're welcome.
GlennSeto: Ok, that's mild compared to some failed reactions you mentioned in the past.
Izhuark: Eavesdropping can be hard to refrain yourself to when you are naturally curious. You try to concentrate on something else but there always a part of your brain saying "oooh but i want to know more".
SerGarretCameron: they usually don't.
eurasia: story are awesome but im good
unusuallylargemoth: >they know we're clumsy morons, CASE IN POINT
KatNBows: ya at least it was glassware and not some piece of machienery
Kortanios: you can get decent ones off sigma for 30-50 $
KartoffelKaiser: isnt the most disastrous thing you can break in a lab a person? I mean i mostly did psych research but I imagine that applies to other fields as well.
e_bloc: into the roil
eurasia: physic over chemistry any day
forcedreject: Dear Doctor Cameron, on science I've been on the social science part of things for a few years in my PhD program. As someone with an applied science job I'm curious as to what differences you see between applied sciences versus humanistic sciences.
Carbonylcookie: Phenylpthalien?
NovaTiempo: I had someone spend about three hours pulling apart a mass spectrometer troublyshooting it. Turns out the curcuit breaker had tripped.
e_bloc: well I guess you have to taste it
unusuallylargemoth: please do not synthesize white phosphorus in a lab thanks lrrBEEJ
eurasia: no way with chemistry man
Contiguouskittycat: Curiously enough
cryptogamby: RED PHOSPHOROUS???
Dread_Pirate_Westley: You get a long enough pi chain and it can be red.
Carbonylcookie: Oh, that sounds like an iron oxide
BobaThaiTea: iron contamination?
UnhappyYak: Stellaris! are you ready for Le Guin?
muondecay: In my old lab, we had a melt spinner that got seriously fucked up because they were using tap water to cool the RF inductor, forgetting that the building it was in had a lot of metal in its tap water...
cryptogamby: I remember red phosphorous being the subject of a myth that terrorist groups went crazy for
ogundiety: The question is 'why is that ever there', though.
rendelnep: red phosphorus is relatively benign
coelopteryx: i would like to eat a pie system
DGatsby: Hi everyone!
Carbonylcookie: You can get TAMRA at a BRIGHT pink fluorophore
JasoMan1st007: @LoadingReadyRun to bad it wasn't meld Kappa
Anaerin: Just don't make FOOF
DiscordianTokkan: Iron oxide contamination, due to the Spooky Ghost trying to get people so solve it's murder! (the iron oxide was blood). lrrSPOOP
NovaTiempo: Never make FOOF!
geekyasari: Probably a wise decision.
KartoffelKaiser: "This is not worth risking someone's hands over"
SketchyDetails: Have you ever read the process for making FOOF?
SketchyDetails: Its GREAT
OriginalGarwulf: The strangest thing I ever heard about chemistry was about the origin of food additives, pretty much all of which start with "this chemist was working in the lab, tasted the chemical they were creating, and realized it tasted like X."
wildpeaks: what is FOOF ?
cryptogamby: How many crazy discoveries from fuckups must be lost like that
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KatNBows: i mean to be fair that was probably the safest thing to do
rendelnep: azide groups make pretty colours from what I've read
Anaerin: wildpeaks: Dioxygen Diflouride. It's... energetic.
wildpeaks: oh dear
SachielOne: It's an onomatopoeia, for one.
FlyingUltraCar: foof isn't even useful as a weapon, because a weapon needs to be controllable
cryptogamby: I mean risks out weigh rewards
SalsaDraugur: @originalgarwulf isn't that the story behind artificial sweeteners?
RedbeardTheTechnical: There's a great /r/HFY story about it
Despoiler98: ONE MORE for Stellaris? So we're gonna be here for twelve hours?
OriginalGarwulf: Apparently, it's the story behind a lot of food additives.
acuilador: I prefer NI3 to FooF
Labjer: When I did all my chemistry courses in college, I was led to believe that labs were going to be a lot more dangerous than they have turned out to be
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Fenrikson: 23 months of attempting to think of witty jokes for this space...also hi Cam!
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phorrestgaze: top video: Cam explains Foof DB2017
TehAmelie: it's a chemical that's only been researched somewhat seriously once by a guy in the 1960s who was probably trippin balls
bunnyoffaith: - Cam Explains FOOF!
aesir_blade: I just want to know if anyone has tried or succeeded to make a dodecahedron out of twenty nitrogens
ContingentCat: an important thing to learn
GlennSeto: No kidding?
LetsConsider: Crusader kings?
Phailhammer: LetsConsider: Another Paradox game.
DiscordianTokkan: I mean, the game's made by the same people, so makes sense!
forcedreject: So how did your civ's homeworld come to ruin?
acuilador: @GlennSeto I think they just are so paranoid they think the ship is out to get them.
UncannyJimjams: is that Nolan North? It sounds like Ghost
lost_tv01: so how does this game stack up to other 4x's?
Carbonylcookie: Huzzah! I got chat back
Valdinzar24: bought this game cause of cam and now i'm in love with it literally the only 4x game i enjoy
GlennSeto: Take your pick, really.
CarsmushPromthenSpupplins: we accidentally the whole thing
MadAran87: Oh, is Sol a tomb world?
rendelnep: Paradox likes to be self-referential with their other titles
forcedreject: "Boo Boo" is actually code speak for some apocalyptic weapon
MadAran87: Earth, rather.
wildpeaks: they've human'd Earth
CamelAttack: They canoodled with large energy transfers.
KartoffelKaiser: A nuclear apocalypse happened. The earth became nuclear winter'd
TheInnsanity: sometimes you mix up the fireworks and the nukes, it happens to the best of us
LetsConsider: Man, that seems kinda optimistic for Humans
GlennSeto: Is becoming a space-faring species even remotely likely after such a cataclysm?
FlyingUltraCar: +
angryoptimist: Hello, back from doing 1 (one) democracy.
rendelnep: Basically Civilization Gandhi
Zebunisher: paranoid scientists are actually quite usefull as they have a have to get the psionic research trait under some very specific circumstances
FlyingUltraCar: mid-to-moderate Mad Max-ing
SerGarretCameron: I love how if you search for what red organic compounds can you make in organic chem, and all you get is intro to chem textbooks with red fluids in flasks on the cover.
TehAmelie: "the details are unimportant, the causes purely human ones"
JavaJoeCoffee: Earth 2.0 has SOOOO much more beach front property tho'
MadAran87: Aw man. No more whales.
GlennSeto: Oh, right. I always forget Star Trek is set after WW III.
battlemonk: What megastructure did we find?
angryoptimist: You're aware of the extremely large collection of developed-together Star Trek Stellaris mods, yes?
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acuilador: @battlemonk a Warpgate
Valdinzar24: but yea this game is sweet i suck at it but it is sweet
e_bloc: sweet
acuilador: Oh, and a Dysonsphere
NovaTiempo: oooh. Hexagonal.
TehAmelie: someone just left that there?
Izhuark: Dysonsphere hype !
JavaJoeCoffee: HALF a Dyson Sphere tho
forcedreject: Kinda terrifying to consider what civilization was there before and why they're gone
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: The concept of humans building something the scale of a dyson sphere, just boggles me.
muondecay: I got my first paper published because I fucked up measuring how much gallium oxide I needed, in an experiment, soooo
NarishmaReborn: ooh... looks like that star got big on 'em and made a mess
GlennSeto: I mean, it would not just go away on its own, after that civ went under.
wildpeaks: looks difficult to carry around in your pockets, makes sense they would just leave it there
TehAmelie: at half effect i believe it'll produce 2000 energy a month for free
Valdinzar24: its the frame thats all you need really
battlemonk: Playing an inward perfection save, I'm about to have to build a second one to feed my project of building 90 artificial planets
forcedreject: @TehAmelie I read that as "half erect..."
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: Just given our lifespan, it would be generations before even visible results... and we're not so good at generational buildling.
Fdmajora: I just started playing Stellaris this week after binging the talking simulator on it! I’m playing my first race as the basic humans, with all the tutorial pop ups, but it’s been a lot of fun! My first alien contact has already declared us as rivals :P
MaddogM: I can't hear Dyson sphere without thinking vacuum cleaner
BobaThaiTea: i guess its still an "ayyyy got there" if you publish
MilkInBag: terraforming is sooooo slow
Prophetx05: I usually only terraform high tile number planets
FITorion: I'm more concerned that the Dyson Sphere wasn't inhabited... what could cause that?
Thane1607: Hey Cam, how goes the exterminatus?
FlyingUltraCar: you are Cameron to say that
forcedreject: Well you already remade your own planet in a different image so....
Valdinzar24: time disease
GlennSeto: Time usually does that.
Fruan: Time wounds all heels...
lost_tv01: I am usually a fan or terraforming in 4x's depending on time
VeinNetwork: is it just me or does audio sound a little different?
LetsConsider: Would we consider taking that Dyson Sphere?
wildpeaks: nice
battlemonk: Douchebags with guns can cause a dyson sphere to go away
Officinalis: Gotcha!
ContingentCat: yup, time does that
someusername5: just arrived, woo stellaris
rendelnep: it's a powerplant. No maintenance will wreck any power plant
Anaerin: Time heals all wounds. And wounds all heels, but that's something else.
Thane1607: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:10:17.
GlennSeto: Rakshasa also tend to hold eternal grudges, right?
lost_tv01: that IS a cool line; Im stealing that
FlyingUltraCar: my paladin has been giving my gm a headache from being accidentally quite overpowered
Izhuark: Energy
angryoptimist: Become a lich--that'll show him!
solahwin_tampramain: i think they commandeered the mic for DB, @VeinNetwork
geekyasari: Eberron seems like such an interesting setting. Pity I don't have a group right now.
GlennSeto: @angryoptimist Not a common career path for paladins. ;)
VeinNetwork: @solahwin_tampramain makes sense! making sure it wasn't on my end
Zu_o: what line?
dougma: Just watched that FOOF clip. I had not seen that before. Julie's "Just use 10% HCL for christ sake" caused me to laugh so hard my side hurts
aiamethyst: any plans for future Cam campaigns on Dice Friends?
forcedreject: It's almost like that really needling sass someone delivered to you in middle school that you've been storing in your brain for years
Zoozle: Hey everyone! How's the empire? What kind of civ have we got here?
GlennSeto: Cam, are you telling us, that you'll get to use that line before you literally run out of time yourself?
lost_tv01: @FlyingUltraCar let your overpowered characters be overpowered; dont nerf them; come at them sideways
battlemonk: holy shit, I didn't see the 11 physics system
angryoptimist: @GlennSeto Another reason to go off the beaten path. Kappa
SketchyDetails: THE EVENT
ContingentCat: the event
dougma: 'the event'
Despoiler98: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori continue their look at the wonderful world of Idle Games.) at Tue 06:00 PM PST (26m from now).
forcedreject: Surprise Kathleen voice?
Labjer: I would absolutely crave to see you run eclipse phase
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The_Lord_Arthur: SPAAACE
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DarkNacht: E V E N T
Zoozle: The event?
fcg_shadow: Im making my first character. Will be an interesting experience.
FlyingUltraCar: Cameron I always love your campaigns, they are relentlessly intriguing
Anaerin: Pur-ple Rain, Purple rain!
Gnyrinn: Was the campaign with the four Paladins an attempted setup for that line?
geekyasari: I need
JavaJoeCoffee: So the BIG question in 2D space 4x is linear space lanes or free interstellar flight. Stellaris has a lot of pre-made bottlenecks, is that strategic or a drag?
x0den: just tuned in and oh god what race are you?
forcedreject: A new art monument on a ruined world, neat
geekyasari: To binge all of Dice Friends at some point
Anaerin: x0den: Filthy humans.
Officinalis: Now you'll have update emails clogging up your inbox.
FlyingUltraCar: Burning Bright is the campaign that I use to try and get people interested in Dice Friends
cryptogamby: Speaking of dice friends, how do you like game systems like call of Cthulhu and others like it that are distinct from dnd?
aiamethyst: random question for no particular reason, if you were a muppet what color would you be?
FlyingUltraCar: Nothing but the truth, Cameron
forcedreject: Be wary of Jeanstealers
solahwin_tampramain: a nice grey?
Anaerin: Hello, Gene's Clinic? I'd like some Levis please.
cryptogamby: Cameron is def a blue muppet I feel
DiscordianTokkan: Gene Clinic is the much nicer frontman to the Science KISS coverband
Ceris75 used to do space things. Till he took an arrow to the knee.
cmdrud87: this looks like an updated version of galciv with better graphics
incredulouspasserby: Oh hey, Stellaris. What kind of empire is he running?
FlyingUltraCar: I think Cameron would be purple, but I can't say for sure
FlyingUltraCar: sky blue is good
TehAmelie: would your name be Big Sky?
MythosMagic: !advice
LRRbot: Do not take your baby into space.
solahwin_tampramain: a nice human flesh maybe?
forcedreject: If you were puppet what material would you be made of?
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: Now I want to see your hairstyle on a muppet. Would look sweet.
Officinalis: How appropriate LRRbot
fcg_shadow: !advise
aiamethyst: thanks, I'll keep that in mind
Mithgar: Is this a new run from the Sloths?
gsyhiap: !badadvice
LRRbot: Attack the Shopkeeper.
fcg_shadow: !advice
LRRbot: Hit the hole!
Fruan: I am a muppet made of flesh
lost_tv01: its a meme
Izhuark: burning bright was great. Really felt like something i did not see before in fantasy. (To be honest i did not read a lot of fantasy books.)
cryptogamby: I was asking more along the line of if you have a favorite system, do you prefer dnd or do you have a pet favorite etc
battlemonk: !quote muppet
FlyingUltraCar: hot take: the simpsons had some really funny jokes
DiscordianTokkan: Bonus good: Dream Pod 9 is Canadian
FlyingUltraCar: see ya!
fcg_shadow: Okm see you soon :)
TheInnsanity: bye for now cam O/
Despoiler98: Talking Sim?
DiscordianTokkan: Bye Cam!
angryoptimist: Thanks for the stream!
CarsmushPromthenSpupplins: breaktime!
Izhuark: see you later cam !
GlennSeto: Have a good break!
jjcard: oh no, the idle games, my one...of many weaknesses
forcedreject: Hello to future Cameron then
fcg_shadow: A coffee?
cryptogamby: Take the break, you deserve it!
lost_tv01: was that dream pot? or dream pod?
ContingentCat: put some food in your body?
SerGarretCameron: yeah, you do you.
battlemonk: No break, only entertain
Tantusar: So just more of this steam? ;)
NarishmaReborn: thanks for the stream!
solahwin_tampramain: you want to start some of them after ending this?
NovaTiempo: See you in a bit!
lost_tv01: googled thank you Cam : ]
Phailhammer: cya :)
ContingentCat: see you then, thanks Cam
RedbeardTheTechnical: IMMA TAKE CARE OF ALL Y"ALL
DiscordianTokkan: They do! DP9 does Heavy Gear Blitz, a mecha minis combat game
RealGamerCow: literally tuned in to "goodbye"
azlinea: stream will return soon, self-care mode was activated
TehAmelie: i've been taking care of myself so hard today i don't know what more i can do
BloodnBullets: @TehAmelie a nice relaxing bath?
azlinea: Or coloring books? Kind of the opposite direction of bath but hey.
TehAmelie: in 10 minutes?
BloodnBullets: hmm, that wouldnt be that relaxing i suppose...
BloodnBullets: unless you can set up watching the stream while in a nice relaxing bath?
TehAmelie: nnope
BloodnBullets: meditation then?
TehAmelie: baths just make me tired and wish i was in bed anyway
LoadingReadyRun: We may run about 5 minutes late today. I'll keep you posted -cori
TehAmelie: already meditated enough