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Nitsuran: Hoi there.
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Tantusar: And the pattern will spell the words DAMMIT TWITCH.
KeirenH: like everything, it happens consistently until you are ready to measure it
Anaerin: Cam, you're not looking for patterns in the numbers of Pi.
FITorion: a watched frame never drops
ritchards: take the log and plot against coffee price in Brazil!
DiscordianTokkan: Boom, Frame drop
lost_tv01: its a clicker of some sort?
ContingentCat: sortof
DiscordianTokkan: Wait, that might've been on my end
Rockario: This is literally an RTS, that's amazing
asthanius: Dropped frames are a quantum effect of streaming. Try not to look at them.
Bobtheninjagoldfish: Stim
Anaerin: Stimpacks.
godofthunder4242: StimPacks
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Scrubbodiestobears: the scream you're thinking of, Cam, is the Bloodlust sound in WC2
MaddogM: Is this how WW1 was run?
Scrubbodiestobears: stimpacks were "psh, aw yeah"
CarsmushPromthenSpupplins: is that the "yeeeeaaarrrgh" scream?
lost_tv01: I feel like they took a lot of the body horror sciborgs out of the terrians in starcraft 2
lost_tv01: *cyborgs
Laserbeaks_Fury: I'm looking forward to the new Warcraft 3: The Last Time I was At All Effective At An RTS
SketchyDetails: Cam uses the American Doctrine
BrindleBoar: jeez
Koshindan: And Matt played Sim City for most the game.
BrindleBoar: Actions Per Minute
Scarbble: cori the secret starcraft pro
Izhuark: not matt Kappa
ContingentCat: @BrindleBoar thanks
lilyoswald: the tubes were clogged
CamelAttack: someone shoved a cat in the tube
Izhuark: micro management
Laserbeaks_Fury: "Time to raise my APM!"
lost_tv01: nope; apm is spam
BrindleBoar: no, and because ranking cares about APM, you see people "doing things" to do things, some of the time
delta__vee: so lines of code KappaRoss
lilyoswald: going from 0 to optimal APM is hard so they keep it up at the top
DragonMZ: Qhoa someone remembers pure pwnage
VoidByAnyOtherName: trimps?
VoidByAnyOtherName: like shrimp troops?
VoidByAnyOtherName: blimps
battlemonk: do we want autofight on?
VoidByAnyOtherName: bananaimps?
ContingentCat: somebody made a bad
Rockario: This is like Pikmin, we're finally uniting the Trimps against their natural predators: Squimps, Elephimps, and Turtlimps
atinyspacemarine: noooooooo
tehcrashxor: Yoda's been into the botox?
TheMoatman: You've been hit by, you've been struck by, a Smooth Yoda
Koshindan: Yoda before he went to liive in a swamp.
MistahFixIt: I can't NOT check. I'm compulsive.
CrmsnDragoon: "is the world going to be on fire, yes/no"
MistahFixIt: lrrFRUMP
TheMoatman: The good news is that florida passed a constitutional amendment (singular) to ban offshore drilling and vaping indoors
lilyoswald: Shit posting is like the stealth level on non stealth games
El_Spectre: The Thing That Should Not Be
ani_laurel: I have the Guardian and the LRR Discord Politics chat open on another screen. I feel you Cam
Rockario: Finding THOSE things are what the algorithm shouldd be usedd for
BrindleBoar: Babou!
mtvcdm: Shitposting is a one-time silly derailing of the topic at hand. Sometimes fun and sometimes not.
TheMoatman: It is *the most florida* amendment possible
Laserbeaks_Fury: yeah that was was a weird amendment to read about
Uristqwerty: Seen /r/incremental_games?
VoidByAnyOtherName: impists
BrindleBoar: Art: Not even once.
muondecay: The Dhali museum in florida is pretty neat though
Rockario: As opposed to Deli, which is delicious
Laserbeaks_Fury: I'm like "I don't have anything against vaping, but can we not drill for oil"
RvLeshrac: Don't
RvLeshrac: Don't forget to Save your game.
cryptogamby: It’s less dada than nihilist, Gen z has a huge upset in societal anxiety so the concept of meaning is questioned at the very beginning, we’re restarting!
PunkRockZoologist: Yeah, Picasso was a right shitbag as well apparently.
Laserbeaks_Fury: did you just drop frames again?
cryptogamby: The drilling/vaping amendment is a consequence of Florida amendment council trying to squeeze things together, but both beingcurved isn’t an issue so easy yes vote
tehcrashxor: Dear Drs LRR, what are you drinking?
Anaerin: What's the deal with all these clicker games!
Robot_Bones: Dropping frames stream>
Robot_Bones: ?
Rockario: Interesting that the fight results keep saying "You killed a [x]", when really it's your Trimps doing the fighting
CrmsnDragoon: "your enslaved minions killed a thing" "I killed a thing"
DiscordianTokkan: Yeah, a bunch more frames dropped
piediepiedie: Hello!
tehcrashxor: Hopefully all the frames are dropping now instead of during Desert Bus
fcg_shadow: food :)
piediepiedie: Oh, goodbye.
piediepiedie: It was fun while it lasted...
tehcrashxor: PANIC!
Robot_Bones: and they were never heard from again
ritchards: and they were never heard from again..
RealGamerCow: <it crowd> Have you tried turning it off and back on again? </it crowd>
MistahFixIt: Whoops
El_Spectre: So, is this game like a clicker game w/o the clicking?
Tantusar: and now a very small amount of panic
Tantusar: aaaa
TriggerHappy2Pi: lol just as I join
piediepiedie: aaaaaa
cryptogamby: Aaaaaaaa
wildpeaks: same :D
Tantusar: and now your regularly scheduled programming
Robot_Bones: Aaaaaaaaa
tehcrashxor: Back!
Tantusar: lrrSIGNAL
piediepiedie: Panic!!!
tehcrashxor: lrrSIGNAL
Brok3nGol3m: nooo y object permanence
BeardSquadGO: lrrSIGNAL
cryptogamby: Hey!
wildpeaks: yay back :)
DiscordianTokkan: Front! Imean, Back!
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newfur: Hiding desperately here from midterm results to watch Cam talk about exponential growth
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Laserbeaks_Fury: It never changes
incredulouspasserby: What game is this exact one? I’m looking for a good idle game to play while I watch streams.
CrmsnDragoon: good username
TristalMTG: Oh no. more cookie clicker type things?
Rockario: The only memorial our Trimps need is a functioning society, moving forward lrrBEEJ
Anaerin: Still really quite surprised you're not also playing Progress Quest! It has a 3D mode and everything!
incredulouspasserby: Thank you!
Laserbeaks_Fury: Ehh, they were all going to be paperclips soon anyways :)
Tantusar: Fight Zone, Fight Zone never changes.
RvLeshrac: Playfab is storage. But if you click Save it will save it locally in your browser's localstorage.
FITorion: so which of these will we be playing during Desert Bus? I wonder.
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Askwho: Charts!
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wildpeaks: Cultist Sim can be quite unpenetrable at first glance as well
CrmsnDragoon: These past couple years has opened the concept of an enjoyable spreadsheet game
Rockario: I love charts the I make myself
ritchards: chart vs tables vs graphs, fight fight fight!
lilyoswald: ah, yes, charts, the easiest way to convey information in a totally human readable fashion
lost_tv01: so; I do not have a patience for this game; its cool, but I cannot
El_Spectre: XCOM. XCOM defies mathematics and numbers.
wildpeaks: all the quantums \o/
Tantusar: my only weakness
Laserbeaks_Fury: Wall of Tables sounds like a MTG card. It should be a flip card Kappa
Reecer6: prescriptivism still requires people to actually use the word that way
FITorion: any of these argegate scores from multiple people?
ContingentCat: it gets tricky with lots of quantum computers, they won't all be black or white together
P4r7YG0D: Hey Camn, would you be willing to do a big multiplayer stream for patrons on stellaris? like if we organized it?
RealGamerCow: jack up that price per clip!
OriginalGarwulf: Why is there so much unsold inventory?
RvLeshrac: But when they're all working, you get an astonishing amount.
lost_tv01: @El_Spectre xcom makes people mad because the human brain has a habit of seeing 70% as 100%; and then getting mad because reality doesn't match their perceptions
ContingentCat: eh if they align you can get a lot of ops, and at some points you have nothing else to get so, eh
someusername5: maximize rev per sec?
ContingentCat: you can get beter marketing
someusername5: or withdraw money from the stock market
El_Spectre: No, XCOM makes people mad because it says 100% when it means 99.3% Also, thin men.
CrmsnDragoon: gigacubes of paperclips
Rockario: We were told to "Make" paperclips, not "Sell" paperclips
CrmsnDragoon: Buying out a competitor builds trust
CrmsnDragoon: our organizing org is an idiot
DiscordianTokkan: Pardonbus?
Reecer6: Obviously, destroying your rival is just one action. You get the material required, and then you do it. It isn't complicated.
El_Spectre: Universal paperclips used to be a wire company, then things took a turn.
ContingentCat: non-paperclip matter is our rival
wildpeaks: you totally misheard *whispers in hidden microphone* he knows
Skudd: Part of me wants to ask "how can you play this" and then another part of me insists on reminding me of the multiple occasions on which I've spent hours playing Cookie Clicker.
asthanius: They just happen to ALSO sell paperclips
tehcrashxor: They're not an adversary! They're raw materials.
Tantusar: Anti-Trust Commission?
EsperDerek1: I love that you've actually only sold about five million of those paperclips
Laserbeaks_Fury: very Battle Royake
CrmsnDragoon: can't run an anti trust commission without paperclips, we will be fine
Senstaku: They were less an adversary and more a loot crate.
El_Spectre: Was it Cam that referred to dead people in PUBG as 'highly curated loot crates' ?
ContingentCat: you have a marketing upgrade avalible
niccus: these are usually classical game theory situations like prisoner's dilemma, chicken, etc
Brok3nGol3m: Cori, thanks for sharing Trimps. I am now addicted.
newfur: Split/Steal
niccus: the show was called, no lie, Golden Balls
TheIdleIdol: Me: I should see what my favorite streamers are up to, to distract me from the NYT live spreadsheet of election results *finds another spreadsheet*
RealGamerCow: There's a really good webpage that shows this question played out.
ritchards: lrrDARK
MacSquizzy: @TheIdleIdol same
CrmsnDragoon: Split gets the most but people never agree to it
ContingentCat: hi Kathleen
DoodlestheGreat: Hi Kathleen.
DiscordianTokkan: Intimidating for fair outcomes: JUSTICE!
BrindleBoar: see also: why they don't let the subjects converse during that experiment
someusername5: can we buy more megaclips
someusername5: megaclippers
Laserbeaks_Fury: I still need to play Sheriff
Gekyouryuu: I've PLAYED Sheriff. it's a TON of fun
RealGamerCow: My nephew lies EVERY time in Sheriff of Nottingham. And yet we still bite some of the times.
CrmsnDragoon: Sheriff is a quick way to find out which of your friends are OK with you winning :P
Laserbeaks_Fury: I like the idea of bribery over the hidden agenda games
MacSquizzy: Have they figured out how to use the quantum computer?
asthanius: The 999 series uses the Prisoner's Dilemma very well in all three games
Reecer6: i'm super interested in what this is but do not know how to look it up
RealGamerCow: there is a TON of meta in Sheriff
azlinea: On the topic of prisoner'
korvys: Right. We used to play Mafia on the LRR forums, and I remember a player getting very upset when someone said they were lying (cause they weren't), but it's like... I have to think you're lying, cause that's the game.
MacSquizzy: @Reecer6 this game is called paperclips, if you just google paperclips game you should find it
azlinea: crap. On the topic of prisoner's dilemma has anyone read the quantum thief?
MacSquizzy: It's also on mobile
Reecer6: @MacSquizzy I mean the Youtube series Cori was talking about.
MacSquizzy: @Reecer6 oh
El_Spectre: I did, but it didn't end the way it did for you, azlinea :)
Laserbeaks_Fury: I tend to play very upfront, which is more a metagame strategy for me
newfur: @azlinea sure have
azlinea: @El_Spectre accidental button presses ><
tehcrashxor: Drop frames?
Fruan: Hypnodrones!
Scrubbodiestobears: what kind of dip goes with photonic chips? Kappa
DiscordianTokkan: Well, I'll have to catch the rest of this on the VOD; I have pt 2 of a root canal tomorrow. Wheeeee. lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
DiscordianTokkan: Night all!
RealGamerCow: Yes, that's the website I was thinking of! "The Evolution of Trust" guide is _amazing_
Anaerin: You have 6,000 Yomi right now.
BloodnBullets: you have $6000 yomi
solahwin_tampramain: we do have the Yomi though?
TheIdleIdol: I recently played Deception: Murder in Hong Kong for the first time. Definitely has some issues, but is a pretty pure implementation of the mafia/werewolf game with an added mechanic of "forensic evidence"
RealGamerCow: swole trimps
Mysticman89: am on zone 251 in my trimps window. slowed way down in actually progressing there since i stopped caring
Adamantcheese: self care sounds like the worst way to state that
ritchards: on break?
ContingentCat: yup
ritchards: !break
ritchards: whelp, I tried
ritchards: !advice
LRRbot: Lag happens.
ContingentCat: !badadvice
LRRbot: Attack the Shopkeeper.
CrmsnDragoon: always get the sweet katana
D1cey1: Always spot the Dragoon
mtvcdm: This "Week"
Kamotetop: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 22:53.
CrmsnDragoon: hey D1cey1 how are you
D1cey1: I'm doing alright @CrmsnDragoon
D1cey1: How about you?
CrmsnDragoon: Could be better, but definitely could be worse. past couple months have been very up and down
phorrestgaze: RIP
Mysticman89: that canadian air does that
Adamantcheese: welcome back to die
TheIdleIdol: Oh no Cori!
D1cey1: And there goes Cori
stgts: f
tehcrashxor: F
TehAmelie: are you a wizard?
CrmsnDragoon: don't die
DoodlestheGreat: You okay, Cori?
ContingentCat: F
tergonis: Cori's lungs are not a team player it seems
wildpeaks: 10/10, would breathe again
rogerivany: Rule 1: No Dying
Kamotetop: Would some water help?
niccus: trimps are dangerous
RomanGoro: Droping health instead of frames: an improvement lrrBEEJ
rendelnep: soooo trimps being overcrowded is the norm?
TheIdleIdol: I choke on my own spit all the time
wildpeaks: humans: not perfect systems
Koshindan: Mouth cloaca.
tehcrashxor: Like a cloaca of the opposite end
Anaerin: Technically, there's 3 holes in our torso.
AmoriLinguae: that's the price of language
mtvcdm: And vomit!
phorrestgaze: Suddenly increasing number of holes doesn't help.
Fruan: Intelligent design - because choking to death on your own saliva makes sense!
delta__vee: that'll never work KappaRoss
Rockario: Are YOU going to pay for an extra tube?
ElementalAlchemist: "What if our thoughts went out the same hole that water goes in? And air?" --Cameron
notBrunoAgain: Save me from tonight Cam
CrmsnDragoon: the torso mouth doesn't seem like a great idea either
Kerrisis: Orifice efficiency!
AmoriLinguae: evolution decided we could have language or a guarantee not to choke
notBrunoAgain: I have opened the bourbon
wildpeaks: people, they're a series of tubes
Anaerin: Cori has an internet in her throat?
FlyingUltraCar: @Kerrisis Orifficiency
FITorion: at least it's not a cloaca...
ContingentCat: interestingly we used to be able to breathe and drink but it moved when we became able to speak, not sure if it was a net gain
Ukon_vasara: the human body: a series of tubes that produces fluids
MaddogM: people are internets?
asthanius: What if we had multiple holes in our faces that led to the same tube?
TheIdleIdol: There was a Goosebumps book about an alternate-reality earth where the "humans" eat through their armpits, in part for that exact reason
wildpeaks: that would be convenient
Anaerin: War, Cam. War never changes.
Mysticman89: the first 'real' boss is at zone 200
LaconicLad: We should all be conjoined twins with shared lungs and stomachs, so we can trade off breathing and eating/drinking.
Nenluen: Tracheotomy?
SpoonfullOfSugar: think about how messy that would be
tehcrashxor: One man's Utopia is an entire species of Trimps' distopia!
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Taveena: I'm not sure it's... more helpful to have our nose have to deal with gravity
TehAmelie: i'd rather take four hands but maybe that's just me
DoctorOfBeard: do it yourself blowhole
wildpeaks: just separating airways from stomach ways would already be handy
asthanius: The real issue is: if we had a blowhole, how would our clothing be different to accommodate for it?
dammitjoel: whoops didn't see ya there
asthanius: Exactly, Cori!
ContingentCat: oh god
Koshindan: I feel we would design shirts differently.
Rockario: That's kind of what our noses are, but they are NOT reliable enough to be trustedd with sole breathing duty
ritchards: the Sontaran problem?
OriginalGarwulf: Please tell us that at some point there is a Trimp revolution led by a Trimp Spartacus...
TheIdleIdol: I've forgotten to hit that button recently, apparently
El_Spectre: Consider that human digestion is just the body surrounding food for a few hours. And it wouldn't work if we weren't full of microbes.
ContingentCat: further R&D is needed
BloodnBullets: "no im Trimpacus!"
FITorion: just a flap on the back
ritchards: if you have a vulnerability at the back, then you always have to face your enemies!
electroswagnetism: needs morrre trimps
berchiliqc2g: Subscribe to Pewdiepie
asthanius: @FITorion I don't want to have to clean my backflap
ani_laurel: Is there a certain inevitability to these games? Whenever I play these games I end up in the same place no matter what choices I make.
lilyoswald: a new panalyst question: Good news! a mad scientist wants to give you a new orifice!
MaddogM: short term vs long term
ElementalAlchemist: Crank!
asthanius: croonk
ElementalAlchemist: I started playing this one after last time
ElementalAlchemist: It's wild
electroswagnetism: cronk harder
Adamantcheese: kronk, pull the lever
TheIdleIdol: Wrong lever!
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Mysticman89: I beat crank in one sitting. it was a long night.
asthanius: You cranked it out?
Mysaryl: so.... this is a non-idle game?
Mysticman89: you could say that.
Shenandygains: Living in Cloud Cuckoo Land?
CrmsnDragoon: can we unlock a comfort grip for the crank
Gekyouryuu: so, we have Idle Games and we have Idol Games.... do we have any games that combine the two?
electroswagnetism: A bigger crank
D1cey1: Idle Idols
D1cey1: ?
asthanius: @Gekyouryuu I'm still waiting for Idolatry Games
lilyoswald: This game makes me think of pump 19
Mivair: Put on some Sweet Royalty-Free Dance Tunes?
RealGamerCow: I still don't really understand this game
ritchards: more paperclips!
TheIdleIdol: @D1cey1 you rang?
mtvcdm: Who says we're even building anything in particular? We may just be building art.
wildpeaks: just distracting ourselves from the heat death of the universe
D1cey1: Yes, do you have any games?
electroswagnetism: If there's one thing magic players love...??
wildpeaks: oh my, new shiny thing
TheIdleIdol: Unfortunately no, but I'm also interested in them =)
lilyoswald: so you can look at other things!
D1cey1: Fair enough
e_bloc: the crank is coming from inside the crank!
electroswagnetism: v a l u e
CrmsnDragoon: control the crank from other screens!
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azlinea: I don't remember that when I played. That's neat.
Mivair: What are we using the Scrap for I wonder
thegrolan: Crappy scrappy
RealGamerCow: s(crap)^2
tehcrashxor: What is teh Cori drinking?
wildpeaks: is the secret tech having both a mouse (to leave hovering the crank) and touch screen ?
Rockario: As soon as I see that little crank, my only goal would become making it so I ddon't have to crank
Mysticman89: embrace hundreds upon thousands of crankbots.
Mysticman89: timely.
OriginalGarwulf: Trimp Moses: "Player, LET MY PEOPLE GO - oh, for crying out loud you 11, GET A ROOM!"
Mivair: Crankfriend!
mtvcdm: And finally we have the full automation part of Crank.
NoxStryx: didn't Alex and Paul make one of these style games at some point, or am i misremembering?
CrmsnDragoon: this is very far into the game in this genre for automation
Contiguouskittycat: Clickquest.
mtvcdm: It's not really an idle game if you don't eventually have the chance to automate something.
ritchards: lrrEFF
asthanius: Crankbot Efficiency?
tehcrashxor: Crankbot Effeciency?
electroswagnetism: create entire universes of cookies to increase cookie yield
ritchards: Crankbot . lrrEFF
thegrolan: If you want automation, you guys should take a look at factorio one of these streams
Gekyouryuu: @LoadingReadyRun you'd probably know. there are idle games and idol games, but are there any idle idol games?
electroswagnetism: sell cookies to cookies to create your own market
TheIdleIdol: I just wrote a paper on that exact possibility. After the robots take all the blue collar jobs, will they come for the white-collar AI-programming jobs? And does that inevitably lead to Skynet?
RealGamerCow: factorio is a goddamn job.
wildpeaks: modded minecraft, the fancier idle game
RealGamerCow: and I say that lovingly
thegrolan: Factorio isn't just a job, it's a lifestyle
CrmsnDragoon: so we need more than one crankbot to automate
RealGamerCow: git gud crankbot.
NoxStryx: there is crusaders for the lost Idol, that has a graham character from last years desert bus
ContingentCat: our job is safe for now
Rockario: That "Destroy" button is taunting us
Gekyouryuu: yeah, I don't play Idol games. all my free time is taken up by a) Monster Super League, b) Fate Grand Order, c) Girls' Frontline, d) Azur Lane, and e) Dragalia Lost, because I hate myself and my wallet.
LRRTwitter: @DesertBus> RT @James_LRR> If we raise $15,000 before @DesertBus starts I promised to buy everyone at DB ice cream. We’re currently over $5000 with just under 3 days to go. 📷
Mysaryl: I CREAM?
RebekahWSD: I'll play idol games occasionally, it fills a particular niche of "watch shinies!" for me
RealGamerCow: do t-shirt sales hit at all before DB starts?
thegrolan: Eyecream!
TheIdleIdol: I can't believe James is making that mistake again! =P
Mysaryl: I am an everyone
Mysaryl: but not an everyone at desert buss
Mysticman89: I like idle games since I can play them at the same time as playing 'real' games like league and so on
tehcrashxor: You know, it would be great to have an idle version of Desert Bus
thegrolan: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 39:46.
Mysaryl: Idlebus
Mysticman89: probably exists.
Gekyouryuu: DESERT BUS 2?!
BrindleBoar: you mean a rubber band?
Master_Gunner: oooh, Desert Bus For Hope: The Idle Game
Master_Gunner: it could work
NoxStryx: @tehcrashxor sounds like an idea for the next DB game jam
ritchards: !dbcountdown
LRRbot: Desert Bus for Hope will begin at Fri 9 Nov 10:00 AM PST (2d, 14:28 from now)
El_Spectre: The new DB space is amazing
TheIdleIdol: Paul said some unpromising things about it last week
CrmsnDragoon: Idle version of desert bus: you need to press a button 100 times, but you can only press the button once every half hour
mtvcdm: We did a DB idle game. Schwarma Spin.
thegrolan: One of those drinking bird desk toys to hit the button
KeirenH: up up down down left right left right b a start
atinyspacemarine: uuddlrlrba select start
FITorion: having a view remote drive...
CrmsnDragoon: and even then it only is active for 15 seconds
FITorion: viewer
ElementalAlchemist: We wrecked shawarma spin
Gekyouryuu: awwwww, T H E D E V I C E (tm) is gone?
Gekyouryuu: CBot.Eff?
ElementalAlchemist: DAISy broke things more than being useful lately, so it only makes sense
CrmsnDragoon: the device did end up costing quite a few points last year
lilyoswald: personally that is my favorite thing
CrmsnDragoon: not sure the device and the new console worked together that well
thegrolan: Have you guys taken a look at Spaceplan this stream?
Rockario: The story and the mechanics become interlinked. Not much story is told without revealing new mechanics
Mysticman89: I think cam would enjoy spaceplan quite a bit for a variety of reasons.
wildpeaks: that's living dangerously
Rockario: As oppoedd to tutorial-ed games, where they lay out all the mechanics in order to not have them in the way of the story
NoxStryx: within mechanics interlinked, interlinked
Laserbeaks_Fury: That factors a lot into the idea of games using interactivity to connect you intimately to a story. Even if that interaction is just clicking a button
Mysticman89: spaceplan is one of relatively few 'idle' games you can reasonably beat in a day or two, so its nice. for a distraction
wildpeaks: curiosity-driven
TheIdleIdol: Cori's ability to keep track of three simultaneous idle games with complex mechanics is truly impressive
wildpeaks: oh yeah, the slavery line catches by surprise the first time
wildpeaks: especially if you played the heck of the web version
TheIdleIdol: Even still, the compartmentalization and task switching is impressive
lilyoswald: at the end game it kinda feels like a machine you are keeping running
TheIdleIdol: Ooh, I'm on board with this analysis. It even has the manual clicker effect to some extent with the post 2.0 border growth system
rendelnep: it's going to be a less clicky idler next patch too
Mysticman89: Trying to optimise multiple idles at once drives me insane. I always want to get to the next generator in whatever game so while I focus on the other one the time isn't "wasted",
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wildpeaks: convenient type of game to experiment with as it doesn't require fancy graphics to work
ani_laurel: any resource management game is a clicker if you boil it down
thegrolan: Real talk though couldn't these themes be applied to almost anything in human existence?
Mysticman89: downside to some of these is many times the devs haven't 'solved' the games, so sometimes stuff is very imbalanced once figured out
Rockario: This can also get into saying "At it's core this is [x]" instead of "[x] is one of the big components to this thing"
lilyoswald: except your own enjoyment
niccus: i admire Derivative Clicker for being exactly what it says on the tin in both ways
Mysaryl: entertaining the masses tho?
DarkNacht: entertainment is valuable
Bionull: Cam was turning his own crank all along.
lilyoswald: humans like to do things. It is better than not doing a thing. And sometimes we need a relaxing thing to do.
cryptogamby: The concept of nonthought is so beautifully paradoxical
wildpeaks: oh good
ContingentCat: hm
Scrubbodiestobears: maybe don't pick it up with your hands though
electroswagnetism: just grabbed it with ur hand
cryptogamby: The idea of doing nothing is self defeating, that’s why Buddhist monks separate the idea of duality and reality
TheIdleIdol: Minesweeper and Solitaire were designed specifically to teach mouse skills; clicking precisely and dragging, respectively
ritchards: make scrap?
korvys: You're not crafting scrap metal.
thegrolan: lrrWOW
electroswagnetism: uwau
cryptogamby: Minesweeper is also a great microcosm for game theory and probability
wildpeaks: that looks familiar
TheIdleIdol: Oh I agree; just interesting to note the creativity that sometimes comes from "ulterior motives" to game design even on this very distilled level
cryptogamby: My grandpa had an over 85% win rate on his super old desktop
Adamantcheese: this game is super lewd
wildpeaks: giving scitches to little squid makes it happy and it makes ink ?
ContingentCat: did we switch to something else when I stepped away or did Crank take a drastic turn?
electroswagnetism: don't squids only ink when they're horrified?
wildpeaks: crank is still happening in the background, it's another one
cryptogamby: We switched away cats
ContingentCat: ok good
niccus: just a little cuddlefish
Indiexxx: Idle...
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Uristqwerty: Ah yes, the "tutorial that primarily teaches you how to click the glowing button, rather than anything about the game itself".
Mysticman89: I played shark game a bit, but it's not actually super balanced
TheIdleIdol: Of course it's hats
Ukon_vasara: buying hats, now this is a game
wildpeaks: ahh squid hats
RealGamerCow: this is a weird destiny DLC
niccus: last part of settings is "Hide Event Aesthetics" and turns the lights back on
azlinea: The developer seemed to want the individual worlds to be quick for shark game and a second level game to do with ascension.
TheIdleIdol: So the crow carrying pumpkins is part of the standard game skin?
Mysticman89: sure but it ends up being a whole bunch of 20 minute runs for essence, and nothing to really build up towards
unusuallylargemoth: @LoadingReadyRun Dear Doctors Cameron, I just remembered a question I've been meaning to ask you but keep forgetting to. A while back one of your science stories included a guy accidentally setting off a "nitrated compound" and blowing open a lab wall, and doctors saving his hand. The question I keep forgetting to ask, how much nitrated compound was that to do that? How much "nitrated compound" is "enough to be seriously dangerous"?
Mysticman89: that would surely depend on the nitrated compound
unusuallylargemoth: To be clear, less than a gram blew open a lab wall?
CrmsnDragoon: nitrogen in an unstable state is scary stuff
RealGamerCow: ANFO is definitely scary
unusuallylargemoth: OHHHHH, okay, I heard wall, and thought "oh jeez that took out brickwork", don't scare me!
Phailhammer: Reminds me of how I found out what picric acid is; most of my university was cordoned off because a couple of vials of it had begun to crystalise.
electroswagnetism: upgrade crank bot?
CrmsnDragoon: retrofit crank bot
unusuallylargemoth: wait
unusuallylargemoth: what's picric acid
RealGamerCow: speaking of walls and safety, be careful with your tanks of gas, and always keep the neck guards on. They become very dangerous missiles that can go through walls, or people.
PhoenixShaman: just arrived is this paperclips?
Mysticman89: I'll settle for adding alkali metals to water. violent, but expected.
CrmsnDragoon: so we can now spend power to make antimatter
Phailhammer: unusuallylargemoth: Is/was a component used in artillery shells, among other things.
Eklinaar: It's canon in Star Trek that it takes more power to create antimatter than they get out of using antimatter as fuel, but they do it anyway because they need that concentrated energy in the form of antimatter to run warp engines. They produce antimatter in massive fusion arrays in various places around the Federation.
korvys: No, right now you're making power FROM anitmatter, you can go the other way later.
CrmsnDragoon: so we just found antimatter on the floor? how the heck did that work
CrmsnDragoon: oh well, gameplay conceits
Adamantcheese: let me just pick up this antimatter with my hands OH NO
TheIdleIdol: I'm happy that my most horrifying experience in a lab was my freshman chem professor "helping" me resolve and issue where my lab materials drawer began the semester with all of the glassware inexplicably fused to the bottom
korvys: It just kinda floats around, and you click on it sometimes.
TheIdleIdol: He used a crowbar, of course
Mysticman89: depends on what qualifies as 'play'
korvys: This game took me about 10 hours to finish.
BloodnBullets: depends one what else your supposed to be doing...
korvys: 10 hours straight through, that is.
electroswagnetism: s p e e d c r a n k
RunicScribe: Lategame Cookie Clicker can get to the point of monthly check-in
Mysaryl: Must construct additional scrap
ritchards: need more scrap
cryptogamby: Good Ol psychology experiments
Mysaryl: pylons
niccus: the late late game is when you pull out the browser's javascript debugger
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ContingentCat: yes, as someone who regularly titles his home streams "wizard chores" you should probably be familiar with skinner boxes
Mysaryl: Lol MMOs
SandwichKed: Meh. You haven't idled until you play Trimps.
lilyoswald: is there any disadvantage to mini crank? does it crank slower when it is activated?
notBrunoAgain: Did you play Universal Paperclips for one of these idle game streams?
Mysticman89: been playing trimps for lik,e a year now
SandwichKed: Oh, you are Trimping.
ContingentCat: what are pants good for?
Ukon_vasara: just from the belt down
electroswagnetism: at least pantless
BrindleBoar: don't think about it Cam
SandwichKed: Yeah, it takes a year to get anywhere.
Mysticman89: figuring out what trimps look like is also a thing it slowly hints at
ritchards: Cori, you've done Kittens, right?
GrunkusDunkus: They're not naked, they have boots
Mysticman89: trimps are also blue
Mysticman89: other than fluffy
Nigouki: how many paperclips sold? at 10 milllion yet?
TacitusVigil: Always the gladius, nobody ever remembers the pilum
solahwin_tampramain: more than that
snowewolf: Have you heared of the Butt naked Battalion ..... Lead by General ButNaked
aquinas_0: well, swords are, as always "cool"
niccus: oh, like ketchupbot
PatchworkWit: all of a sudden cicero makes way more since
PatchworkWit: *sense
TheIdleIdol: That sounds very Simone Giertz "shitty robot"
electroswagnetism: Hey Cameron, I'm looking for a new TTRPG system to try with my live group; are there any neat systems that you've been interested in but never tried?
wildpeaks: but luckily the surgery went well
BrindleBoar: The Shitty Robot Queen beat her brain tumor.
FITorion: tumor Non-cancerous
ReydienOnline: not cancer, just a tumor, I believe it was benign
FITorion: removed
TheIdleIdol: Non-cancerous brain tumor, luckily. But still a brain tumor
Herbert_Erpaderp: Simone Giertz is rad.
Scrubbodiestobears: i saw that today it looks good
TehAmelie: i'm sad i never heard of her until she came back
Mysaryl: I've invented a robot that screams AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Why? *thinking emoji*
anemzero: She ate birthday cake off a conveyor belt in her most recent video
ContingentCat: OH wow, I thought it was the standard thing when a woman on the internet takes some time away
korvys: Aren't most physical calendars calendars that you touch?
Mysaryl: ack formatting gone
MousseFilledCat: Ooo! That is a fun setting
BlindProphet32: Eclipse Phase is LOVE
sniperserpent: have you ever played a powered by the apocalypse game?
Scrubbodiestobears: eclipse phase looks so good
lilyoswald: I feel like you would be a great DM Cameron
Dusk_Shine: I've found that I really enjoy the Genesys system because of how simple it makes die-roll results.
Scrubbodiestobears: and all my friends have zero interest
BlindProphet32: Can't wait till 2.0 is comes out...
Labjer: I have not heard too encouraging things about 2.0, but I've not been keeping too close an eye on it
CrmsnDragoon: I was in a game of eclipse phase, but we bounced off of the settings conceits hard after the GM didn't want us to be part of Firewall
lilyoswald: You remind me in ways of my favorite DM
aquinas_0: he's demonstrably a great dm they record it
CrmsnDragoon: kinda messes up the setting if you do that
BrindleBoar: EPv2 really needs to cut some of the complexity out. I love the setting but they went a little too hard on mind-body separation detailing
sniperserpent: I've heard eclipse phase is one of those games with an amazing setting and pretty poor mechanics
cryptogamby: Cameron to DM parliament?
CrmsnDragoon: d100 games make it hard to balance
CrmsnDragoon: as it turns out it may be a little bit to swing-y
sniperserpent: There's a lot of really good fiction first games out there! Apocalypse World, Blades in the Dark!
electroswagnetism: My group loooooves crunch.
Mysaryl: I want a game that involves rolling lots of dice
GrunkusDunkus: some of the most fun I've had with TT is in Godbound
Mysaryl: because dice
TheIdleIdol: That's why I really enjoyed Dresden Files (and FATE/Fudge in general). Very story driven, with mostly abstracted mechanics
sniperserpent: They avoid all of these problems!
Scrubbodiestobears: the recent D&D/canada crapshot had me in stitches by the way
Eklinaar: I love crunchy roleplaying games
aquinas_0: the worst is when you have one dude who is into crunch
Vyous: I enjoy the process of building characters in those kinds of systems (3.5) because it's a nice open box to see what I can build. I do not, however, enjoy playing in them.
Mysaryl: BUT I don't think a good place for that is tabletop RPG where you end up rolling dice many a time
Rockario: That's why I like the Cypher/Numenera system (as a GM), I can mull over all that and just spit out a difficulty level for literally everything
Scrubbodiestobears: i think at this point the "a part of our heritage" commercials are a part of our heritage
aquinas_0: and four fluffs
DarkNacht: I think most RPGs make it too simulationy when people really just want to tell a story
MousseFilledCat: @TheIdleIdol I play in multiple Fate games and a Dresden LARP, I'm fond of it.
ani_laurel: that creeped me out. I had so much trouble sleeping
sniperserpent: Seriously anyone who thinks games are too crunchy check out dungeon world or apocalypse world
korvys: Music!
FITorion: music
silvalunae: where music
thegrolan: Cranks within cranks within cranks within...
electroswagnetism: sub cranks
sniperserpent: the dice mechanics take like 2 minutes to learn and they are extremely good fiction focused games
TheIdleIdol: Actually yeah @sniperserpent Dungeon World is phenomenal
azlinea: welcome to phase 2
e_bloc: ah a perpetual cranking machine
silvalunae: nice jams
TheIdleIdol: The flavor you want from D&D, but very little of the numbercrunch
Papperslappen: I like the Mutant Year Zero/Tales from the loop system
sniperserpent: it's so good!
lilyoswald: it is crazy how exciting this is
sniperserpent: There's a lot of games in that basic engine out there and I love so many of them
Mysaryl: I feel like a game where you roll a ton of dice to generate units for a fire-emblem esque battle would be neat
ContingentCat: oh neat
electroswagnetism: A crank-powered ship
thegrolan: I.S.S. Crank
ElementalAlchemist: You're on a ship!
SerGarretCameron: purple on scan?
ElementalAlchemist: And need a weapon!
sniperserpent: Then Blades in the Dark is a game with similar ideas that's about being a criminal enterprise in Dishonored inspired setting and it's spectacular
korvys: Annoyingly, if you hit the cap, the Power Change meter will say 0, so you were actually well in the black
fuzzy_died: Up to this point in thew game ithought I was in a cabin
electroswagnetism: Maybe an installation?|
sniperserpent: Also existing: Mosnterhearts, a fiction first game about being queer teenage monsterss that's a masterclass in how to communicate themes through game mechanics
asthanius: I like strange artifact
Dusk_Shine: power!
Mysaryl: Like, a ton of dice, and when you roll em 1 = swordsman, 2 = mage, 3 = archer, etc etc
korvys: You can research it
Dusk_Shine: oof, close
Adamantcheese: ???????
TheIdleIdol: Absolutely nothing concerning about that unkniown artifact...
ElementalAlchemist: You put the strange artifact in the computer
Mysaryl: so you roll a fist full of dice, but you only do that a handful of times during the course of a game
OriginalGarwulf: Did this just turn into Seed Ship?
incredulouspasserby: Oh man I would have kept playing Crank if I had ever gotten the scanner
GrunkusDunkus: THE SUSPENSE
sniperserpent: In dungeon world, you only ever roll 2d6 + a number between -1 and 3
sniperserpent: it's super sumple but has a lot of depth
sniperserpent: sorry im probably shilling these games way too hard im just enthusiastic about fiction based rpgs
Eklinaar: I wish there were more crunchy RPGs. I get really bored with the super abstracted ones.
aquinas_0: its a pendulum, people got sick of calculating limb damage at some point
sniperserpent: yeah after playing a lot of games I like way more then dnd I find it hard to go back to games that crunchy
Eklinaar: yeah seems like the industry is pushing less and less abstraction lately and it's gotten me out of tabletop entirely because I'm just so bored with it all.
Eklinaar: I mean less and less crunch.
electroswagnetism: Limb damage is a hill at least some parts of me will die on
sniperserpent: though burning wheel exists at the glorious crossover between crunch and fiction focus
aquinas_0: i think the last curnch system i messed with was alpha omega? I think
fuzzy_died: The only issue I have with crank is the scanner at high levels
aquinas_0: 5 hours of character creation and we got through maybe two encounters
fuzzy_died: it is way to slow
Eklinaar: What I really want is RPGs with a focus on group tactics. I loved D&D4e. I've yet to find another tabletop that does what it did.
TehAmelie: good job the United States by the way
aquinas_0: what did we do?
aquinas_0: i haven't looked at any results
asthanius: NY did well.
ElementalAlchemist: Whoa hey wait don't turn me into papercli--noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
Laserbeaks_Fury: Whos left to buy these clips
CrmsnDragoon: that inventory is a little underpriced
niccus: currently about 200 imperial tons of paperclips total
someusername5: go for monopoly?
Nigouki: wow, that 50mil inventory just disappeared
Seagulyus uses a magic spell to turn ElementalAlchemist back from a paperclip into a person
ElementalAlchemist: oh, thanks
ElementalAlchemist: I needed that
niccus: oh nice more paperclip material
CrmsnDragoon: the one you chose needs to win for the most yomi
FlyingUltraCar: so Cameron do you still not want spoilers for this game?
Nigouki: withdraw all the millions and make ALL THE PAPERCLIPS
tehcrashxor: Cam, you're out of camera shot
Laserbeaks_Fury: Is there a point where you do actually stop selling clips due to lack of market?
Mysticman89: theres a point where money stops being a thing
niccus: unfortunately paperclips don't buy much paperclip
MacSquizzy: pro tip you can hold the enter key instead of spam clicking the compute button
OriginalGarwulf: My wife played through to the end - she turned the universe into paperclips.
TheIdleIdol: Hello Cameron
tehcrashxor: So that's where the voice was coming from!
TheIdleIdol: Cameron is both the knight AND the knave
korvys: I think you can raise the price again :P
Banrael: Evidence indicates otherwise
Banrael: Such evidence includes my now-snorted water glass.
wildpeaks: he appears in light disturbance patterns
electroswagnetism: Tower is best major arcana
silvalunae: i can fix that for you cori!
DoodlestheGreat: I tend to appear at Chinese buffets as Full of Wontons.
Laserbeaks_Fury: Ah, like Mysterium
sniperserpent: I'm making an RPG with tarot cards as the rng
sniperserpent: I was hoping to have it done for halloween but
Izhuark: @electroswagnetism it's a troll right ? x)
notBrunoAgain: It's better than a Myers-Briggs because it actually works
incredulouspasserby: I’m literally homebrewing a tarot based RPG right now.
sniperserpent: i procrastinated
FarleyF: this is the Crapshot that explains what happened to Cameron
therisingtithes_: I've been investigating using Intuiti cards for RNG the same way as the tarot, especially for storytelling
aquinas_0: that was a wonderful movie
Eklinaar: god I wish that were me
stgts: wow can we get a database of all these tarot rpgs people are making. i'd be into it
ani_laurel: I mean, Mood
Contiguouskittycat: Tarot is better than Myer's Briggs, cause you can't be a magician in Myer's Briggs.
sniperserpent: People interested in card based storytelling should check out the game The Quiet Year by Avery Alder
sniperserpent: it's a spectacular world building game
therisingtithes_: ^^ everything Avery Alder makes is rad af
sniperserpent: that is correct
sniperserpent: she's a fantastic designer
aquinas_0: and weirdly accurate
wildpeaks: what happens if you don't collect the antimatter ?
Mysticman89: nothing special.
wildpeaks: wepon \o/
aquinas_0: i don't think they had to make much up at all for that movie
aquinas_0: well he did have to come in to kill baria anyway
Mysticman89: also antimatter appearing itself is rng i believe
DoodlestheGreat: Does this mean Beria was the equivalent of Fredo in Godfather 2, and Stalin was Mama Corleone? OhGod
Mysticman89: in practice people don't get past 600 or so
Mysticman89: and that takes several years of efficient grinding
Laserbeaks_Fury: A planet where Trimps evolved from Man?
DoodlestheGreat: Yes.
aquinas_0: yes
CranstonSnord: Trimpanzees?
BrindleBoar: I think so, yes.
ContingentCat: I think so, but I only know that from references to it
BrindleBoar: "the day of my cat's quincanera"
therisingtithes_: Idle (heh) question: has Candy Box come up in this or last week's stream already?
CamelAttack: I read the book
TStodden: I prefer Candy Box 2, IMO.
BrindleBoar: Meowzel Tov Kappa
RebekahWSD: 15 years is an amazing day for a cat!
anemzero: one of the cats last days
korvys: I know Fredo because of the scene with the chair, that was the subject of part of a Every Frame a Painting video
RebekahWSD: All days are big days for cats, but the 15th year is especially so!
asthanius: It's very nice how fun Dada is to say
OriginalGarwulf: My recollection (it's been a LONG time since I've seen part II) is that Fredo betrays the family in some way, and Michael has him killed.
ContingentCat: but kindof good bad ascii art
TStodden: Candy Box is part of the "Unfolding" idle games.
SketchyDetails: DF on Talking Simulator next week?
OriginalGarwulf: That said, The Godfather is a really good movie, same with II, and a really good book.
SketchyDetails: During THE EVENT?
RebekahWSD: I have to use visual tilesets for Dwarf Fortress
aquinas_0: why would they do that
aquinas_0: the tiles are so ugly
electroswagnetism: people play nethack?
aquinas_0: i am currently playing nethack
aquinas_0: :D
wildpeaks: so many things to do, so little time
ContingentCat: I really like Candy Box 2, but always get frustrated and cheat
korvys: Those 2 things could be the same 8 hours!
Eklinaar: shouldn't Talking Simulator next week be on Desert Bus?
asthanius: There's a lot of media I need to consume. I won't, but I need to.
Mysticman89: yup. go finish crank. and then do spaceplan.
Tiber727: I play roguelikes with tiles. Your disdain means nothing to me!
ElementalAlchemist: That's not to say there can't be a Talk Sim during Desert Bus, but don't count on it
Contiguouskittycat: @Eklinaar I hate to disillusion you, but I do not think that will be happening.
aquinas_0: @Tiber727 if they're pretty tiles it works, but so few tilesets are tolerable
ReydienOnline: keep acquiring resources until you can turn those resources into resources that let you acquire resources without effort
tehcrashxor: Talking sim *of* desert bus?
ContingentCat: YES
CrmsnDragoon: oh my
OriginalGarwulf: The Godfather movie actually caused mob violence in New York. Apparently, it made whacking people as a solution cool.
TheIdleIdol: I feel the same way
FlyingUltraCar: I kind of want Cameron's driver intro to be the opening titles to Cosmos
CrmsnDragoon: your voice would be so wrecked
silvalunae: well i know my challenge
FITorion: sure. I'd listen to Cam reading to me
notBrunoAgain: You COULD read The Second Coming about 600 times
godofthunder4242: I second that ugh Cam
TheIdleIdol: Yep
DoodlestheGreat: Well, playing that game for 12 hours _is_ Purgatory.
TStodden: I should check... is there a moratorium on US election day figures?\
DarkNacht: Please do story time during desert bus
Contiguouskittycat: If you really want to ruin Desert Bus, read 40 days of Sodom.
quentastic: A Culture novel?
FarleyF: How about a talking sim About desert bus
BrindleBoar: same
godofthunder4242: Thats why I read Moby Dick
Mysticman89: thats mostly why I read books these days.
Bionull: If you're a catcher in the rye then you end up a truck driver. It makes sense.
Eklinaar: Do a Talking Simulator about the random dance party button
MrsLlante: LUL LUL LUL
TheMoatman: That was the point, wasn't it?
MrsLlante: BURN
electroswagnetism: tellin' jokes
anemzero: Talking about idle games. It's very important.
Himyul: yep, that's a pretty good cliff notes of Catcher in the Rye
DoodlestheGreat: @tstodden, if at all possible, yes please.
silvalunae: i went to high school cori, so yes
ani_laurel: This is actually a ecent application though
TheMoatman: I don't actually know, I avoided having to read it
GrunkusDunkus: hmeHA
ContingentCat: @TStodden not formally but ehhh
TacitusVigil: [laughing turns into sobbing]
gsyhiap: ugh I had to read catcher at school. I agree with "ugh"
CrmsnDragoon: learning graphics programming was hell
ani_laurel: same as my poi sci degree
FlyingUltraCar: Cameron, you've done talking simsabout desert bus the last two years, will you run it back or try something else?
Darleysam: Comp Sci, that's PvP science right?
silvalunae hums what do you do with a ba in english to self
KodeMage: what's this one called again, I forgot
Dusk_Shine: @CrmsnDragoon agreed
ContingentCat: I have a well worn schpeel for the value of a philosophy degree, knowing how to think is great
BrindleBoar: and you get *really* good at arguing about stuff, because that's the fun part of any lit class
DarkNacht: English seems like it would make a better minor
tehcrashxor: So why did you go for English Chemistry instead of Metric Chemistry?
lilyoswald: comp sci, or competitive science, is a very pvp focused degree
TStodden: The only election contest I'm keep tabs on is if I have to keep apologizing for Rep. Steve King or not...
Mysticman89: I like philsophy for that sort of thing
AmoriLinguae: I mean, any good liberal arts degree will prepare you to think critically, write well, and problem solve
therisingtithes_: This reminds me to consider registering an account for Desert Bus just so I can challenge Cam to describe House of Leaves
CrmsnDragoon: I feel like a focus on absorbing knowledge from words is a good idea
Mendiloquence: We used to play a game where we would have to switch sides mid-argument.
stgts: man. i wish that had been true of my english department
CamelAttack: In real life people just try to win.
OriginalGarwulf: Oh right, that's today. I should take a quick look and see what the result was.
asthanius: A rapier versus a broadsword
CrmsnDragoon: knowing the difference between real life and debate club is more important than some think
Darleysam: oh, was that.. I want to say Fred Ettish
BrindleBoar: "Fine Riposte, sirrah" *sound of gun cocking*
wildpeaks: yup, pretty much
Darleysam: learned about him from a Seanbaby article on cracked
lilyoswald: "Can I stop killing this man? No? Well I guess i'll keep going"
ContingentCat: With a masters in Philosophy arguments with normal people often involve having to backtrack and explain so many things I just avoid it
FlyingUltraCar: He was twitching. "He was twitching because he's got my axe lodged in his spinal column!"
SerGarretCameron: and that is why I took English, Philosophy and Kung Fu.
electroswagnetism: that's why I stick to watching the fake fights
anemzero: "This isn't for fun, it's for money" makes MMA fighting sound really mundane as far as jobs go
asthanius: @CrmsnDragoon Twitter has taught me that many people don't know the difference
Eklinaar: I left my philosophy department precisely because the people in it were not at all interested in respecting other people's perspectives.
ContingentCat: @Eklinaar I'm sorry, that part of arguing with philosophy people of respecting people who disagree is something I miss.
Mysticman89: fluffy is pretty interesting and you're not gonna reach that fora year.
Eklinaar: @ContingentCat I ended up getting a degree in religious studies instead because the people in that department were very respectful and caring.
asthanius: Cameron I'm so sorry
TacitusVigil: That sounds like a type of hell. No offense.
asthanius: "Their own language" Latin?
RebekahWSD: I think I'd cry if I was at a dinner party with lawyers who wanted to just argue.
MousseFilledCat: Huh. That was not my experience growing up with a lawyer mother.
lilyoswald: Dinner parties with lawyers is like an episode of Ranma 1/2
lilyoswald: that show turned everything into some how a battle of some sort
dread_persephone: Can confirm, my partner doesn't know who I am when my coworkers are around.
Master_Gunner: yeah, that just sounds like a family dinner to me (my brother's a lawyer, and *loves* arguing more than anything else in the world).
RebekahWSD: "I just want to eat and drink and not be crushed by giants"
Dusk_Shine: @lilyoswald hey, combat spatulas are cool :D
Laserbeaks_Fury: "Pigs! You're all, Pigs!"
o0sk_ren0o: Crankbot?
dread_persephone: @asthanius , it's like English but none of the words mean what they should mean
lilyoswald: my brother and I constantly practiced debate by taking arbitrary positions on a given issue. That was fun
Kaorti: I went to law school. You did well not to.
StabsofWar: so life?
Himyul: not having anything.... except giant stacks of cash
AmoriLinguae: I mean, society takes all types, right?
FoxFyr: Taking a year of Business law for my undergrad was enough to make me not want to be a lawyer
e_bloc: a lawyer and a criminal?
asthanius: @e_bloc He moonlighted as a lawyer
DarkNacht: I have known game programmers that put years into games that never got finished
e_bloc: @asthanius lol
TheMoatman: The most common piece of advice I've gotten from almost every lawyer I've met is "don't go to law school," followed immediately by "only go to law school if you don't have to pay for it"
ContingentCat: I considered going into law even took the LSAT but I love non-classical logic to act like their rudimentary classical logic is any good
ani_laurel: I work in politics. Spending a year to lose an election sucks but you built great relationships, gained skills, and got a paycheck
CrmsnDragoon: I'm just about to potentially need to kill an early access game because the company may just not be a thing in a month
CrmsnDragoon: it's not fun
DarkNacht: You havent gotten to the map yet
asthanius: I just started grad school for game design, fully aware of how shitty it can get. I make good decisions!
DarkNacht: I'm not sure you do Cam
Izhuark: the problem with paperclips at this point is that you need to pay attention to quantum computing to progress.
o0sk_ren0o: @Laserbeaks_Fury "... Tuatha Tuatha, Lockmore Danalora, Lofashock Danu ...
TriggerHappy2Pi: Wait until you get to the combat in the paper clips game!
ContingentCat: it is pretty neat how the paperclips goes where it goes
CrmsnDragoon: turning on a paperclip AI is when the slippery slope starts
someusername5: first you cure cancer, then you hypnotize people
ContingentCat: then just all the The into paperclips
Laserbeaks_Fury: *hypnotoad buzzing*
korvys: I think you can put the price up
electroswagnetism: There's no such thing as ethical marketing
CrmsnDragoon: no such thing.
lilyoswald: I like to think I could spin that conversation to make it sound noble
TheMoatman: My problem with Universal Paperclips is that I know what it's a reference to
o0sk_ren0o: We are practicing system optimization with arbitrary parameters.
asthanius: To be fair, any species with space flight has to do SOMETHING to fill the time. Making numbers bigger is a simple way of doing that.
Laserbeaks_Fury: oh lord, of course someone made a 10 hour version of the Hypnotoad clip
Phailhammer: Would it be better or worse if you explained this to them, and they were like "Oh yeah, we have games like that."
Scrubbodiestobears: there was an old penny arcade comic about how video games are really just about filling bars
delta__vee: Is running a well-oiled giant enterprise basically like a clicker game?
FlyingUltraCar: What are you doing? "Ultimately, tricking my brain into producing dopamine"
lilyoswald: We have such a huge drive to act that, given no useful activity, we will invent useless activities to keep ourselves stimulated
FoxFyr: The only true Ethical marketing is just saying "I like this, you will probably like it too" and letting people do the thing if they want
Mysticman89: generally not worth it to go beyond level 10 on an equipment
Mysticman89: they're blue, have lots of arms and legs and heads.
Laserbeaks_Fury: Spidermonkeys
lilyoswald: might be three legged pants
e_bloc: at least two legs
BrindleBoar: crab people
auxv: i beat paperclips since last week, i can say the endgame is quite surprising.
asthanius: Trimps just have eighty fingers
SquareDotCube: Our Trimps are miniature Shivas
Scrubbodiestobears: hecatrimpteres
Mysticman89: ttheres a couple more pieces of equipment you can only get later.
DarkNacht: @auxv Which end did you get?
rendelnep: they're decaopods! like shrimp
OnTheSamePaige: Evening all HeyGuys
CrazyCoopDawg: Salutations
lilyoswald: An interesting clicker game thing I have heard is Clicker Heroes 2, which is a full $30 paid game. Clicker Heroes was a fremium game, but the devs thought it was unethical so they made it a one time up front fee
lilyoswald: for the sequel
asthanius: bone-uses
Eklinaar: @lilyoswald did it sell well?
lilyoswald: I hear it is doing very well, and the game itself is quite good
Laserbeaks_Fury: The skin is minimalist
TehAmelie: and then it gets weird cause you end up only playing 1/3 of the grandmapocalypse for optimal production
Laserbeaks_Fury: That's also like the loot iteration in MMOs
lilyoswald: clicker hero had a lot of "whale" spending that the devs thought was not good for their consumers so they were like "let's not do that this time"
Laserbeaks_Fury: Shoot 100 guys, get an incrementally better gun
Himyul: have you talked about skinner boxes yet?
Laserbeaks_Fury: I still wonder what primal urge this fulfills
someusername5: cure cancer before you go
ContingentCat: progress is engaging no matter how thin the vanir put on it
Phailhammer: Thus ends the last episode of Talking Simulator, now what we have solved games. lrrBEEJ
Himyul: wooo cancer cured!
NightBook1: cheer100 just a reminder DB starts on friday
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azlinea: @Laserbeaks_Fury acquiring things is super useful when the only things you are likely able to acquire are food/water/basic building materials.
ContingentCat: thanks for streaming Cam and Cori lrrHEART
azlinea: complete conjecture
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ContingentCat: cheer50 thanks for this last talking Sim before DB
DarkNacht: Oh god. Just check election results and they are not looking good
mtvcdm: !next
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TheMoatman: Last Talking Sim before DB? I can't believe there won't be another for a year
ViralStitch: what is your best A serge?
TheMoatman: lrrBEEJ
wildpeaks: sweet :)
BrindleBoar: Slothlaris is canceled
wildpeaks: baii, thanks for the paperclips
Phailhammer: cya :)
ContingentCat: For anyone interested Serge is live playing minecraft at
DoodlestheGreat: Goodnight, you two. Thanks for providing a safe space.
lilyoswald: Looks like dems take the house and repubs take a couple more senate seats
TacitusVigil: Thanks for the stream.
aquinas_0: having a split house/ senate isn't ideal, but its a hell of a lot better than one party having everything
aquinas_0: they can't just steamroller everything anymore
TehAmelie: it's a real wave of the future judging by some of these new congresspeeps