PhoenixMelior: are you expected not to eat before 6 in Brazil?
cheetoJack: I've got to figure out more things I can force myself to do that puts me around people. So far I'm thinking just going to a mall to look at things
Nightvalien28: you are expected to eat rice and beans before six
PhoenixMelior: any markets near you?
Nightvalien28: quite a few
PhoenixMelior: I meant cheeto but also yay
Nightvalien28: oh lol
caulderjof: Puts you around people in a getting-used-to-humans, perhaps agoraphobic way?
PhoenixMelior: going to a farmer's market and looking around is good
Nightvalien28: ^
cheetoJack: like farmer's markets? sure but on saturday morning only I think
Nightvalien28: is there a place that sells craft or plants?
cheetoJack: or wednesday
PhoenixMelior: fair enough
PhoenixMelior: the one here is Thursday to Sunday so that makes sense
PhoenixMelior: I should go, I might find something cool for my partner's wife
Nightvalien28: ours open saturdays
cheetoJack: I dont think I need to do a lot, just make sure I go somewhere once a week to make sure it doesn't get bad
PhoenixMelior: going to work exposes me to lots of people so I'm pretty okay
Invitare: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Mine O'Clock (James and RebelliousUno craft all the things. Game: Minecraft) at Tue 09:00 AM PST (8m from now).
cheetoJack: yeah that does it normally
Nightvalien28: do the futaba thing
Earthenone: set up cameras and watch people talk in a cafe?
Nightvalien28: the other futaba thing
Nightvalien28: the breaking through agoraphobia thing
cheetoJack: oh I'm fine normally. This is just a recent thing I've noticed because I took last week off work and spent as much of it as possible watching desert bus
PhoenixMelior: yeah that'll happen
PhoenixMelior: when I was unemployed I forced myself to leave my house once a day
Nightvalien28: I go for morning runs, that counts right?
Nightvalien28: even though there is no one in the streets
PhoenixMelior: that absolutely counts
lithuasil: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Mine O'Clock (James and RebelliousUno craft all the things. Game: Minecraft) at Tue 09:00 AM PST (5m from now).
Nightvalien28: huzzah
RebelliousUno: Huzzah indeed
Nightvalien28: oh hey uno is here
Nightvalien28: double huzzah
PhoenixMelior: it's an Uno
PhoenixMelior: who knows where James may be
cheetoJack: James is probably just off screen, watching us
RebelliousUno: Hopefulluy
RebelliousUno: somewhere
RebelliousUno: watching, waiting
Nightvalien28: he always is, that is why I tend to trash talk that scrub
RebelliousUno: Worying
PhoenixMelior: eating a muffin
Nightvalien28: being a scrub
RebelliousUno: drinking some *hurgk* coffe
Nightvalien28: I still can't believe he beat serge
Nightvalien28: its like a toddler losing to an infant
StarlitGhost: and such a one-sided victory
cheetoJack: my hair will not cooperate today
StarlitGhost: that 4:1 was ridiculous
Nightvalien28: hair will do that, the days I don't want to leave the house are the best hair days
PhoenixMelior: my hair looks great today
RebelliousUno: I actually missed each of the battles
RebelliousUno: so I need to catch up
TXC2: Hello Everybody
Nightvalien28: you would think serge would practice off screen but no he just scrubbed out hard
StarlitGhost: I wonder if we made a playlist for coffee pong
PhoenixMelior: Nightvalien28 hey now, I know bagging on James is the joke but let's not go too far
cheetoJack: James is a good boi
TXC2: StarlitGhost you did not, least not one I can find on the youtube page
StarlitGhost: I'll go suggest it on the slack, there's enough episodes for it to be a thing
CraziestOwl: hay friends
TXC2: hello CraziestOwl welcome
Animekitty93: Hey sergeFriend s
TXC2: hello Animekitty93 welcome
cheetoJack: hmmm do I want sushi enough to walk through 34F/1C weather
SergeYager: Hi strangers :D
Animekitty93: How far is the walk?
PhoenixMelior: 1C? That sounds delightful
TXC2: hello serge
DontpingmePlayz: @SergeYager hi stranger
Animekitty93: Hey Serge sergeHi
TXC2: 1C? sounds like my house right now :P
cheetoJack: not too far, but I'm a Texas person so like 1C still makes me think of awful
Foxmar320: hello chat and random Serge
cheetoJack: (not in Texas now but still, adjusting takes time)
SergeYager: I'm a little nervous to see what has become of our happy little world :D
TXC2: Hi Foxmar320
JameX_0: lrrSIGNAL
Animekitty93: Hey @foxmar320 sergeHi
Foxmar320: SergeYager mostly foxmarFIRE
TheAinMAP: katesAir
DontpingmePlayz: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
RebelliousUno: I'm sure nothing
RebelliousUno: I'm sure everything is fine
madness5051: morning chat
StarlitGhost: lrrFINE
Foxmar320: Uno we all know its foxmarFIRE
Animekitty93: lrrFINE
TXC2: hello madness5051 welcome
RebelliousUno: Maaaybe
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> James returns from his Desert Bus hiatus to play some Monecraft... wait, no. Sorry, it's called Minebuild. Get hyped for Mine O'Clock! ||
SAJewers: naeFOX
Foxmar320: cheer100 Desert DB Coins
Bobtheninjagoldfish: Hello Fello Runners!
TXC2: hello Bobtheninjagoldfish welcome
red_shoes_jeff: I before the bell!
CaptainSpam: It's happening! It's really really happening!
ReydienOnline: Oh right, this is a thing that James used to do, way back when...
KerbalDyne: yaaaaaaas!
thegreatwyrdling: Hello friends!
SAJewers: benginHey
steelfox13: Mine Bus for hope
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DarkMorford: O hai
TXC2: yes in the halcyon days of before THE EVENT
Bobtheninjagoldfish: time to see what uno has wrought inthe off time.. "Oh hi guys..I accidentally finished the map"
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mtvcdm: Let's see how nuts a subtrain this is gonna be.
TragicMtG: sergeHi
Hodgegoulashi: lrrCHKN
RebelliousUno: Bobtheninjagoldfish I def didn't do any quests
Animekitty93: I got my DB shirt yesterday, sooo happy
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DocHoliday9999: 6 Months, woot
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Eipewassam: Hey motherbussers! back form the desert and ready to craft all the mines!
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StarlitGhost: the shirt is very nice
TXC2: mtvcdm we had a pretty big on Adam's gamehaus
Nightvalien28: 10 bucks says uno entombed james somehow
CraziestOwl: hoe is everybody doing today?
Serifina: Hello everyone!
Bobtheninjagoldfish: @RebelliousUno so it;s time for an MTV cribs style tour of everything you changed?
TXC2: cold
Foxmar320: hi Serifina
TXC2: hello Serifina welcome
Animekitty93: Hey @serifina Its so nice to see a sword on you again :D
Serifina: I am awake and here and stuff
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eruditeCaptain: It's my first ever SUB BABY
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Bobtheninjagoldfish: I'm waiting for all the 'WHAT IS THIS DOING HERE?!?!?" from Serge.
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TXC2: Congratulations eruditeCaptain
Serifina: @animekitty93 ahahaha yeah back to the haunts I can rule
eruditeCaptain: (too bad my first sub baby was a few days after my sisters REAL baby. I'm an UNCLE!)
Eipewassam: congrats erudite!
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steelfox13: The one year! Thank you LRR for endless entertainment
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Animekitty93: Congratulations @eruditecaptain sergeHolyMoly
TXC2: Here we GO!
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Animekitty93: lrrHORN lrrHORN
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TheAinMAP: Hello.
MaybeTara: It's a James
DeadlyWinchester: We're HERE
TXC2: yo!
Hodgegoulashi: Oh hi James
Animekitty93: Heeeey James
eruditeCaptain: That intro is sick! I've never seen it before.
SAJewers: naeAW
SergeYager: Hi James :D
Serifina: Jaaaaaaaaaaaames!
CaptainSpam: WE'RE HERE! Wait, wrong show...
Nightvalien28: welcome back scrub
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DeadlyWinchester: hello James and chat
SergeYager: Jaaaaaaames!
CraziestOwl: james!!!!
Hodgegoulashi: the early 90's
TXC2: after a time
Angnor33: About 2 years ago.
Foxmar320: 2018-10-23
Animekitty93: the 80s
Nightvalien28: a thousand years
mtvcdm: After that fever dream we all had.
Eipewassam: serge!! heeeeyyyyyyy!!!!
map_wtf: 8 years.
TXC2: lets say 2 weeks and move on with our lives :P
steelfox13: A couple thousand miles at least
Serifina: It's been like TEN YEARS
Foxmar320: Thats according to the spreadsheet
azureHaights: Something something remember SNICK?
Erin_Dwight: James! sergeHeart
CraziestOwl: wasn't 3 weks
CraziestOwl: weeks
Erin_Dwight: Serge! sergeHeart sergeHeart
TXC2: "rested" AHAHAHAHA
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ulifernando01: Hey, it's already 30 days since the first day! Welcome back James, hope you're doing great.
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Nightvalien28: feel less than horrible dread so that is a plus
CraziestOwl: hi whiskers
eruditeCaptain: Desert Bus may tire you guys out, but that display of decent humanity is refreshing for me. lrrHEART
NathanLonghair: I’m honestly surprised you guys are already back from DB
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EJGRgunner: ♪ How do you measure, measure a year? In modpacks? In respawns? In block stacks? In chests of diamonds? In servers, in mobs, in achievements, in lives? ♪
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theneatestburrito: lrrHORN lrrHORN
Animekitty93: How long did it take to get studio C back up and running?
stevestein: Yay for steam!
TXC2: eruditeCaptain oh indeed, I can still barely believe how much we raised
Foxmar320: Let's GO Eevee :D
stevestein: Uh oh
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KirbySliver: All Slivers are now Kirbys in addition to their other types.
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Bobtheninjagoldfish: Mochi is a good furbaby
DeadlyWinchester: right, pubg maintenance
stevestein: "Honey, we need to have a talk" is never a good thing to hear
Nightvalien28: do what your robot watch told you
Animekitty93: I looooved Ben's stream of Pokemon sergeHeart
Foxmar320: Thats it Falldown 77
TXC2: talking about one more = James is switching to fortnite Kappa
malc: yessssss, I have just solved a really annoying server fault that I've been working on since June
fiftymcnasty: ew boy, FO76, Im sure the stream will be fun but that game is a bit of a mess
CaptainSpam: From the makers of 52 Card Pickup comes Falldown 76...
Kerrisis: You mean "Todd's Bugfest 76"?
Foxmar320: Played three hours of 76 on stream and that sure is a game
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MehallD: It was Fallout 59, right?
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, MehallD! (Today's storm count: 16)
Foxmar320: Called it that you had it on you
fiftymcnasty: pretty sure there are more than 76 bugs in that game
malc: lrrSPOOP transparent money
Serifina: That's because it's been like two months since you appeared on LRL, James
KerbalDyne: you got it!
CodeGorilla: I mean, DB is basically a week long LRL, right? =P
Animekitty93: Did any of the Mods get their coins yet??
Erudite_Cynic: @LoadingReadyRun what happens if a challenger has 2 DBloons?
Foxmar320: fiftymcnasty in my short time playing I cam across at least 15 issues
TXC2: CodeGorilla pretty much yeah
Foxmar320: Animekitty93 I have not
TXC2: Animekitty93 not yet
red_shoes_jeff: WARK
Erin_Dwight: I can't even play F76 because the game won't even respond to controls because of the framrate.
Foxmar320: At 3 coins James buys double ice cream
Animekitty93: I must have photos when you all do :D
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Godofmuffins: Damn its been a long time.
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Suffix: I just held my DBLoon up to my computer screen amd my GF looked at me like I was insane.
Foxmar320: Animekitty93 I don't photo well
fiftymcnasty: @Foxmar320 seem that game took all the thing wrong with the fallout games but forgot to add the good stuff that made they fun to play
EJGRgunner: that is releatively recent
Serifina: And now all I can think about is the Clubbing video
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MagnusCarter: DB shirts have arrived over the pond already!
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Animekitty93: @foxmar320 psh you'll be fine :P
TXC2: Foxmar320 just hold the DBloon in front of yourself :P
Foxmar320: fiftymcnasty I still want to try it with people. Who knows maybe then it will be more interesting
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MehallD: GOT EM
EJGRgunner: I put the Devils logo up before DB... but then DB happened.
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azureHaights: Resubbing from the middle of an eye exam, and I can SEE a long sub train has arrived. Eh? Ehhh? ...I'll see myself out.
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Foxmar320: Looking forward to W+P
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: Gonna be a 3 hour sub train
Nightvalien28: we holding it
TXC2: W+P hits 150 subs easy
Foxmar320: James you should be on more W+Ps
Kerrisis: THat and the next LRL.
MehallD: I subbed now, with you, to give ALex and Graham the smallest reprieve
Serifina: Might break 200
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Fracaswell: Oh hey, a button!
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mtvcdm: I think W+P may need to have a plan in place so they can get to actually playing games.
Animekitty93: @threecatsinatrenchcoat Did you change your twitch name for DB? Meant to ask
Serifina: There's gonna be a lot of huge subtrains the next week or two
CraziestOwl: James I'm bored entertain me
Foxmar320: Im sure you can find some stuff to inflict on people
Nightvalien28: I disagree, I enjoy all host
malc: ^
Nightvalien28: *hosts
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: Animekitty93 I did not but I have seen several other people with names like mine
fiftymcnasty: High praise there James
malc: I think W&P benefits from having different people suffering :P
vip3rpil0t just subscribed with a Tier 1 sub. vip3rpil0t subscribed for 5 months in a row!
vip3rpil0t: Celebrated Desert Bus by getting engaged, so thanks for the week long celebration y'all!
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TXC2: #TheseTwo
malc: Alex gets too used to the lrrGARBO
TXC2: Oh I was there :P
Animekitty93: @threecatsinatrenchcoat That explains it. Granted I like yours because cats :)
Erudite_Cynic: 18 points next year
mtvcdm: DB just took the record book, hucked it out the window and rewrote it entirely.
steelfox13: So many Desert Bucks
Serifina: It was totally unbelievable!
KirbySliver: WARK WARK
TXC2: congratulations vip3rpil0t
Nightvalien28: wark
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mistborn83: Really Enjoyed DB. Love that Mine O Clock is back.
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red_shoes_jeff: WARK
SiegeofTeddyBears: I haven’t tuned in for a while. What mods are being used?
TheManaLeek: Congratulations. Congratulations.
Erin_Dwight: Hi gang. <3
TXC2: !modpack
LRRbot: Current Minecraft modpack: James, Uno and Serge are currently playing FTB Pyramid Reborn.
red_shoes_jeff: Hi, Whiskers!
Animekitty93: Such a good year. Fun time for my first DB lrrHEART
flameburstx: is serge sassing you? what did you do to deserve that?
RomanGoro: I can barely hear Uno and Whiskers
SiegeofTeddyBears: Sweet. Thanks.
Animekitty93: Hey Whiskers!
Daedrin: Got here just in time! Yes.
Daedrin: guyjudgeLove
Mangledpixel: boop
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NdroFox: Whoop Whoop! Post Desert Bus Sub Hype! Congratulations! (WARK WARK) and so on
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Bobtheninjagoldfish: Discord is super quiet...
TXC2: ^
NimrodXIV: giant chicken incoming?
Animekitty93: ^
TXC2: SEVERAL giant chickens
Mangledpixel: can we get a few more volumes from the discord?
NimrodXIV: uh oh
NdroFox: Giant chickens all the way down?
steelfox13: Undistracted mad creation for weeks
Animekitty93: Oh wow Uno looks like a Mech Bunny
Bobtheninjagoldfish: time for void upgrades on the drawers!
Zu_o: Did you know the pink power ranger emmigrated to Canada?
azureHaights: @ndrofox (Wii channel BumBumBum intensifies)
ReydienOnline: Could put a mod in those boxes to auto-destroy extra items over the ridiculous amount in the drawers
MehallD: yeah, you can add void upgrades to storage drawers
TXC2: squid, pigs, squid pigs
NdroFox: Squigs?
Foxmar320: Uno has been doing botania it looks like
NdroFox: Though they're usually red and bity
TXC2: Enchantment realm portal?
Animekitty93: Looks cool
RomanGoro: I can barely barely hear anybody but James
EJGRgunner: is that a portal to Elfheim?
MehallD: yeah, co-streamers are quiet James
NdroFox: Huh... I'm not normally around for this stream, and don't do modded MC, so this is all... super fascinating stuff for me
red_shoes_jeff: Throw the switch
Foxmar320: lol
Foxmar320: Serge on tilt
BasilBrushOff: Serge is super quiet - speak up, Whiskers!
MehallD: @NdroFox Yeah, Modded is wild at first
SAJewers: lol serge
red_shoes_jeff: C H A O S
cheetoJack: Uno did not follow the style guide
Animekitty93: Hahahahaha oh Whiskers
Foxmar320: LOL
EJGRgunner: James, tell Whiskers to settle down
SAJewers: serge right now = naeMAD lrrFRUMP
TheAinMAP: This is Serge's nightmare, isn't it?
Mangledpixel: ty :)
CaptainSpam: Serge's "It doesn't match the aesthetic!" simply SCREAMS that he's never seen Peak Uno. :-D
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NdroFox: The patterns!
Erudite_Cynic: Chill whiskers
malc: well that's a quote
ReydienOnline: there's a way to replace one block type with another?
Serifina: @ejgrgunner Yeah, that's an Alfheim portal.
RealGamerCow: Of course Serge created a style guide.
Animekitty93: Better
BasilBrushOff: #TeamOrder
stevestein: Serge "There's documentation in the style guide" Yager
eruditeCaptain: One where it annoys you Serge. That's what world.
Foxmar320: Serge lol
Angnor33: #TeamOrder
Animekitty93: lrrWOW
SAJewers: oh, did uno have any luck on figuring out how to get coffee seeds buring the break?
Serifina: #ChaosReigns
jeff_sg: Are you guys trolling serge
ReydienOnline: with vein miner and a wand you can replace those blocks in like 5 minutes
MehallD: no measuring tape in this pack?
Sly_chocobo: Wow, Serge actually seems.. kind of upset..
morgoth_bauglyr: #Team seabatBRAIN
TXC2: !addquote (Serge) [now] There's documentation on the style guide, it's called looking down!
LRRbot: New quote #5540: "There's documentation on the style guide, it's called looking down!" —Serge [2018-11-20]
Sly_chocobo: Well, "Upset" / annoyed
malc: thanks, txc2 :)
NdroFox: heheh
Animekitty93: That's a great quote
Animekitty93: I'd say distraught for Serge
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Hpieper: boop
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thegreatwyrdling: Congratulations!
stevestein: Give Serge a $123,456.78 and a $666,666.66 and he goes mad with order orders.
Foxmar320: lol
Animekitty93: lol
NdroFox: Not the middle!
Foxmar320: James that portal is for items not you
Mangledpixel: that's just a portal for items, James
ReydienOnline: the Amazon portal?
ReydienOnline: or is that a different one?
eruditeCaptain: @ReydienOnline No no, the Amazon portal takes you to Amazon Prime, the homeworld of the women warriors.
MehallD: Why not, James?!
eruditeCaptain: It is said that it takes only two days to travel from Amazon Prime to anywhere else in the world (given proper conditions)
Nightvalien28: bring your mom to play
ReydienOnline: so, this episode and 3 more to actually build things, then one episode to blow everything up
stevestein: Where's your commitment, James?
ReydienOnline: better get to work on those puzzles
red_shoes_jeff: Well, sure, but as was established last night, Serge is evil. So...
Serifina: Time to focus on your quests, then. 😛
Animekitty93: To the quest board!
TXC2: return to return to Vanilla
ReydienOnline: I kinda want to see you guys attempt a "speed-run" of this modpack at the end. just do like one episode where you see how many challenges you can finish, without worrying about aesthetics
Serifina: Paths of Magic 3?
Animekitty93: @red_shoes_jeff Thank you for reminding me I need to watch that vod :D
Serifina: I've continued to improve it, James
Serifina: You know you want to play it
ReydienOnline: yes
Serifina: 😛
ksurugger1 just subscribed with a Tier 1 sub. ksurugger1 subscribed for 14 months in a row!
ksurugger1: Ah yes, another month of wasting time at work watching streams
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, ksurugger1! (Today's storm count: 27)
Animekitty93: @serifina I want to play that and idk what it is :D
Suffix: Serifina, A mod that you made?
Suffix: I'm in.
mistborn83: can someone recap what James said about the future of mine o clock I had to step away as he was talking
cheetoJack: how much petrotheum dust to a bucket of it?
Serifina: Paths of Magic 3 is a modpack I developed, which features *only* magic - NO technology at all!
TXC2: mistborn83 it's this til the end of the year, then Vanilla
TheSoftestBunny: no streams on Christmas and new years'
SAJewers: have they figured out how to get coffee for serge?
TheSoftestBunny: and next year they will start with vanilla and then move into a new modded
FireRogue: Hi james! is this episode 11?
Animekitty93: @serifina Where?! Now! Need in my brain! lrrHEART
Mangledpixel: is that an injector for fusion that happens to be draconic, or an injectior for fusing drakes?
TXC2: hello FireRogue welcome
FireRogue: also, what did i miss?
FireRogue: 👋 TXC2!
Serifina: @animekitty93 It's located on the Twitch Desktop App, but I don't recommend installing it right now. There's a huge update for it pending
ndcazzy just subscribed with Twitch Prime. ndcazzy subscribed for 23 months in a row!
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Bobtheninjagoldfish: make sure you have the right blueprints
SAJewers: wonrg blueprint
Arclight_Dynamo: Hullo, frands. sergeHi
Animekitty93: @serifina Awesome. I will look it up and be on stand by sergeHeart
Animekitty93: Hey @arclight_dynamo sergeHi
TXC2: hello Arclight_Dynamo welcome
FireRogue: 👋 arclight!
stevestein: Wait so you just add blue to paper and it gives you blueprints? I've been doing it wrong this whole time
Animekitty93: sergeHolyMoly
NdroFox: woah, what witchcraft is this?!
FireRogue: @stevestein Minecraft is simplified. in real life you also need your cat to step on it before the ink fully dries
TXC2: mods baby
Animekitty93: lrrFINE
Bobtheninjagoldfish: we need to get @SergeYager some Chisel N Bits.
elah806: Serge is too pure for mods
Mangledpixel: which is fine, modded has something for everyone :)
Animekitty93: Also sounds like TQ
Serifina: @animekitty93 Sure. :) Magic in Minecraft is my jam, so.
SAJewers: we should make a pack specifially for serge and creativity then :P
Animekitty93: lrrHEART sergeHeart
Mangledpixel: I still maintain this was perhaps not the best introduction pack for modded though
red_shoes_jeff: Hey Serge, I think you missed one. lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Animekitty93: @sajewers that's called Creative in vanilla :D
ReydienOnline: I want to see Serge do a solo, or at least serge-driven playthrough of the Snorshcraft modpack
Arclight_Dynamo: @SAJewers ...that is not a bad idea, actually.
FireRogue: sergecraft?
VoidByAnyOtherName: nah we just need to find a theme serge enjoys
VoidByAnyOtherName: has serge tried thaumcraft and tinkerer's
Bobtheninjagoldfish: Skyblocks aren't he gratest introduction tbf.
Serifina: I can do a Lite pack of stuff
Animekitty93: ^
TXC2: kibbles and bit :D
Mangledpixel: a Snorshcraft-Lite?
SAJewers: I'd be up to watch that
MehallD: maybe something with a spread of content mods in terms of mobs/bosses too?
FireRogue: what about something in the crash landing style, where there's a questbook to give you direction, but the questbook also helps introduce all the mods and how they work?
ReydienOnline: something more akin to the vanilla world where it's just there with a few core mods for convenience
SAJewers: evilcraft? :P
Animekitty93: @firerogue I would personally love something like that
RomanGoro: I'd like to see what Serge can do with the immersive engineering big blocks
Mangledpixel: something that adds extra worldgen stuff (another dimension etc.) is always good for progression, that is, start out normal then explore
SAJewers: what about Better Than Weagles? lrrBEEJ
MehallD: Yeah, certainly one kind of additional dimension thing, like Twilight Forest or something.
FireRogue: @animekitty93 unfortunately my only interaction with minecraft these days is james and etho, so im not up on the mods and the packs
Animekitty93: Oh gods Weagles :D
Serifina: I can do a Lite modpack based on that seed, James/Uno. Easily. I already have something very similar.
SAJewers: either twilight forest or, lost cities, or aether i'd say
Animekitty93: @firerogue Same
SAJewers: also, some sort of coffee mod, just for serge :P
Animekitty93: Yes!h
EJGRgunner: Really what you need is a mod pack where each mod “unlocks” after accomplishing some task.
Evandill: I think what really got me into modded minecraft was like finding a mod that wasn't too much of a pain and learning that, namely Botania was my mod of choice.
FireRogue: I'm in favor of the most complex coffee mod possible, just to mess with him
Serifina: Like, for reals, I actually do have a personal pack that's very similar - my "one kind of mod each" pack that I use to play with, but I can tweak it for a little bit more stuff and call it... almost whatever.
Serifina: TRAVERSE
Serifina: SergeCraft it is!
Animekitty93: Very pastel, I like it
ReydienOnline: Sergecraft Sundays
Mangledpixel: CoffeeCraft
Serifina: Aaaaacctually I might do Biomes o' Plenty, Dymanic Trees works with it.
Animekitty93: Oh gods Modding that will be fun :D
SAJewers: we should move this discussion to the discord
sag3error: Yes, Traverse has nice biomes
Serifina: I just need to cull the excess biomes
FireRogue: @serifina I'd also be interested in playing it of you've got a way of making it publicly available
SAJewers: but yes, i would love to see sergecraft happen
Veishaunaea: Good morning to all three of you!
TXC2: hello Veishaunaea welcome
Arclight_Dynamo: @Serifina I mean, what Serge would *deeply* enjoy is more block types and things like builder's wands.
Serifina: @FireRogue I do! All my modpacks can always be found on the Twitch Desktop App (and therefore hosted on Curse)
Serifina: @Arclight_Dynamo Believe you me, that's very much a thing I can do.
mercano82: I thought we retired THE DEVICE lrrBEEJ
Veishaunaea: oooooo lab growing melons?
FireRogue: neat! ill have to dig up my password and install stuff. i haven't played mc in forever
Animekitty93: @arclight_dynamo I mean we have two quotes about builders wand :D
FireRogue: does it work semi-stably on linux yet?
EJGRgunner: katesRip DAISY
Mangledpixel: cloches are real things, they are like little greenhouses, yes
Arclight_Dynamo: @Animekitty93 Right? One mentioning Serifina by name, too... :P
Animekitty93: :D
Serifina: Heh
TXC2: "Very long time ago" = earlier this year
NdroFox: cloche is also a fascinating word to say aloud
RomanGoro: Oh, no, the Melons again
Serifina: But seriously, I can easily do that kind of Lite pack. It won't even take me that long to do.
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ReydienOnline: time for the programmer aka: why that island with the compressor was made so big
ndcazzy: Melon power time!
Animekitty93: And then you blew it all up! Spectacularly
Mangledpixel: melon³
Jondare: The programmer is such a pain in the bus to make
SAJewers: Serifina: as long there's a coffee mod just for serge :P
Animekitty93: Agreed
Jondare: You have to go pretty deep into Pneumcraft JUST to make that, and then never use those things agains
SergeYager: Did someone say coffee?
ReydienOnline: it's involved, and that's like Stage 1 of the mod
ReydienOnline: pneumaticraft is weird
Serifina: @SAJewers That's harder. Last I saw there wasn't a dedicated coffee mod, and I don't want to add Actually Additions with Thermal Expansion already being the thing.
TXC2: we're saying there needs to be a coffee mod
Animekitty93: Of course sergeHeart
Jondare: Oh damn, i thought we were only on 2 Coffees! never chant it three times, or the serge will appear
Serifina: @SergeYager There may or may not be coffee in the Lite pack we're discussing.
Mangledpixel: there are a few mods that add coffee
Kazman20a: cheer100 Love pneumatic craft, nothing like blowing up you whole base by accident....
Jondare: Kazman20a i blew up my pipes SO many times trying to make the darn programmer
Serifina: @Mangledpixel DM me on Discord with them? Or just throw it in the #minecraft channel, either way. :)
FireRogue: Aren't most mods open source? how compilcated would it be tl cut open and extract the coffee stuff from a larger mod?
Mangledpixel: ah, was more of a general observation, I don't remember them off hand, apart from Pam's Harvestcraft
Arclight_Dynamo: Is anyone else not getting left channel from James' mic?
Animekitty93: lrrHEART sergeHeart
Serifina: @Mangledpixel Oh, lordy, don't remind me of Pam's. Although that could be interesting in the Lite pack anyway. Break Serge's brain with plants
Mangledpixel: hehehe
SAJewers: heh
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stevestein: Note to self: Let's do voting for Desert Bus challenges next year, and let people match donations for them. (PUT DB CHALLENGE VOTING IN SMASH YOU COWARDS)
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TXC2: FireRogue a lot of mods are dependent on themselves
Mangledpixel: I really like Pam's, though it is rather overwhelming in terms of choice
Cepsys: you must construct additional pylons
creasehearst: next time, pylons everywhere
FireRogue: i think theres space for one super complex mod, and how far does one have to get into Pam's if you just want coffee?
TXC2: spawn more overlords"!
SAJewers: RE: Coffee, there's a few results on curseforge when searching for "coffee"
Serifina: @Mangledpixel That's my biggest issue - there's a billion plants.
Jondare: speaking of DB challenges, i just rewatched Maddy singing Defiying Gravity, and HOLY MOLY can she sing
stevestein: Pylons are the pillars of our society
NdroFox: I remember seeing a coffee mod on youtube ages back, but can't recall what it was called
Serifina: @FireRogue Probably not that deep. And there's room for a few complex bthings, just not more than really one of a given type
TXC2: Jondare yeah, theres a reason I call her power lungs :P
stevestein: @Jondare Oh yes she can. Several Desert Bus people are surprisingly good singers.
Animekitty93: @jondare Imagine if she had been warned up *swoon*
Animekitty93: warmed *
red_shoes_jeff: lrrAWESOME
Animekitty93: sergeHolyMoly
BasilBrushOff: and it was all yellow
mercano82: My God, it's full of stars!
Jondare: TXC2 I just loved Kathleens and Liz's faces of shock when she reached the climax. It was amazing
Evandill: the twinkling
Serifina: Yes, it's just aesthetics
Mangledpixel: it makes STARS! ✧・゚:*
Wilcroft: my god, it's full of starts!
NdroFox: My god it's full of stars (etc.)
stevestein: Is it doing this by setting off dozens of supernovae?
ReydienOnline: I am impressed that the quest programming on this map haven't broken yet
Animekitty93: Idk what that quote is lrrAWW
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Jayrod1220: 12 months! I made it! Welcome back to Mine O'Clock!
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Mangledpixel: stevestein yup. Billions of sapient races wiped out across the galaxy, just to make the sky nice and pretty
Jondare: ReydienOnline oh it was broken from the beginning, they had to reset the computer to finish one of the early quests
Jondare: Don't worry about the clay bedrock
Serifina: @Loadingreadyrun James. It's likely to be until like this time next year before you get to the Lite pack. I will put together a skeleton but mods may move up to 1.13+ by then so I won't finalize it until we're getting a lot closer.
stevestein: @Mangledpixel Back in my day, it was just Mr. Burns blocking out the sun
DocHoliday9999: !plan
LRRbot: What are those???
Jondare: Also, you're gonna want the armour from the Programmer quest for the dragon :P
Animekitty93: Brb
EJGRgunner: James, any chance you’ll do some vanilla once 1.14 comes to servers?
the__spanish__inquisition: did james grab the reward for that quest?
Jondare: he did now :P
Phothrism: your dust is crooked
Animekitty93: Is the mic peaking for anyone else?
darkendertwister: hello
Mangledpixel: seems fine to me, Animekitty93
Animekitty93: Hmm weird
darkendertwister: no scrren
darkendertwister: no cam
Jondare: refresh, works for me
Mangledpixel: that must be at your end, darkendertwister , try refreshing
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Arclight_Dynamo: @Animekitty93 I'm entirely missing left channel on James' mic.
Wilcroft: need to make hardened, etc. before you can augment, James
Jondare: you need to use the Hardened etc upgrade kits to upgradfe it, and then put an augment in
Phothrism: Gotta put upgrade kits in there
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fullhauss13: Congratulations on another amazing desert bus
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Jondare: James, upgrade kits
Serifina: James. Read the tooltip
MehallD: Needs to be upgraded first
Animekitty93: @arclight_dynamo Are your speakers/headphones doing that for anything else?
Serifina: Reading the card explains the card. :p
MehallD: lol
TXC2: Reading is tech
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Jondare: "You're both just so good at these modded things" - Serge, not even an hour ago
Serifina: @Jondare Ahahahahahahaha yyyyeaaaah
Arclight_Dynamo: @Animekitty93 Nope. I hear Uno and Serge fine in left channel. Test tone, too.
Animekitty93: Weird :/
cheetoJack: I am getting some occassional weirdness with the sound
Wilcroft: "Both" might have been an exaggeration :P
Arclight_Dynamo: @Animekitty93 Ah, taking off my right-side headphone, I get James in left channel, but it's quieter and crackly.
mercano82: Check the induction smelter
MehallD: under your cursor, right one
MehallD: oh, apparently not
Animekitty93: @arclight_dynamo That is so strange, I would say your headphones are dying but you said uno and Serge were fine :/
MehallD: Maybe James is just an eldritch horror, and is finally starting to drive us all mad through slight, unexplained worldy weirdnesses
Arclight_Dynamo: @Animekitty93 Right? No idea.
Animekitty93: That's scans :D
MehallD: (In relation to @Arclight_Dynamo 's problems)
Phothrism: 50*4
Jondare: yeah just crucible output into a tank, and then place the tank at the pickup location
mercano82: 4*50=200
chuckaw1977: math is hard
Laurreth: arclight_dynamo; PUSH THE PLUG ALLLLLLL THE WAY IN
Laurreth: feck caps
Arclight_Dynamo: @MehallD I mean, that can be true without reference to my audio stuff, too. :P
Laurreth: I need to git gud at touch typing
Arclight_Dynamo: @Laurreth Ha. But, yeah, it's all the way in. :P
Phothrism: 3 stacks and 8 items
Laurreth: people always say that, and then *click* :-P
mercano82: 200=3*64+8
Animekitty93: @arclight_dynamo Phrasing! :P
Arclight_Dynamo: @Laurreth Not this time, I'm afraid.
Laurreth: :-(
Arclight_Dynamo: @Animekitty93 I mean what I say. :D
mercano82: Time for more drives
TXC2: bigger and more
Animekitty93: Why is James nervous?
et_adassian: James is always nervous
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Animekitty93: :D
Animekitty93: Ooooh thanks, looks like colors to me :D
red_shoes_jeff: "A flower that eats cake." Sounds like a friend of mine...
Animekitty93: I'm sorry what?! Cake eating tree?!
Evandill: there's also a flower that eats the energy created by explosions
Arclight_Dynamo: @red_shoes_jeff Sounds like a great life to aspire to, to me. :P
Jondare: just upgrade a portable tank
Jondare: it should tell you if you look at it in your inventory while holdinh shift
mcspikes: need 4 more
RAICx: 4 more
cheetoJack: are there further upgrades for the machines in this version?
Erudite_Cynic: you need a coffee mod!
Jondare: You need a boatload of nether stars
Friedent: ahh mine o'clock. where serge plays vanilla, uno plays modded and james plays art director.
Jondare: so you NEED to get mass wither killing up and running
CrazymattCaptain: mmm whither beer
Jondare: James, don't worry about the clay bedrock
Jondare: I promise you, it'll all make sense when you get there
Jondare: Oh right, for the programmer, make sure to start looking at your ipad drone order thingy, since you can only get oil from there, which you need, and it's random whether it's available
Anubis169: Hellooooooo Jabes and Chat! lrrAWESOME
Jondare: I don't think there's enough pressure in the champer
Anubis169: James*
ReydienOnline: what does the red Exclamation say?
malc: Japes?
Anubis169: effing phone...
TXC2: hello Anubis169 welcome
MehallD: Famous Youtube Jabes Turner?
malc: famous Minecraft streamers Japes, Whiskers and Uno
MehallD: fuck. typos in my message calling out a typo.
MehallD: the shade of it all
Arclight_Dynamo: But... where did the iron *go*?
CraziestOwl: @Anubis169 i feel you
Knot_Greg: they're probably in the input block, and needs more pressure
Jondare: The iron is in the input of the chamber, the block that the hopper is pointing at
ReydienOnline: oh, is that what's going on. click the block that the hopper is connected to?
Jondare: Once there's enough pressure, the iron will appear in the chamber itself, and then get outputted to the chest
ReydienOnline: check the specific block that the hopper is connected to?
johothehobo: hey and good day, what are we trying to do?
TXC2: hello johothehobo welcome
ReydienOnline: maybe it has too many bars inside, so it needs more pressure to push that many bars in at once?
mrMorphius: sergeHi
johothehobo: are they trying to pressure iron into diamonds? thats not how it works
Jondare: I hate Pneucraft so much
johothehobo: also uno is The Fab
ReydienOnline: there it goes
NathanLonghair: This is high pressure gaming right here
mrMorphius: One very sparkly boi
MehallD: @NathanLonghair lrrJUDGE
NathanLonghair: Sorry.
TXC2: I kinda want to know what happens to iron under high pressure IRL now :P
mrMorphius: Depending on the circumstances: Shrapnel
MehallD: That's kinda the definition of crafting, James
Anubis169: @txc2 it gets hot
NathanLonghair: I mean under 3.5 bar, probably not that much?
johothehobo: the sign is in the way?
SAJewers: you can't because of the sign
Asimech: Pretty sure the sign is taking up the space directly above it.
mcspikes: i think you can just put hte tank into that block
cheetoJack: i think you can toggle the tank to output mode right?
Serifina: Put the tank above the duct and right-click it with the wrench
Asimech: So yeah, another pipe piece, then place the tank above *that*.
mcspikes: just right click it without hte tank in your hand
Serifina: Oh
Serifina: Sign is in the way
TXC2: Anubis169 see that's what I thought, but then I was thinking it would go liquid, and that makes no sense :P
Serifina: Just chugging right along on those quests!
Xenguin47: Are we winning, yet?
RAICx: Watch it stop at 49999
JoeKim: hello friends
TXC2: hello JoeKim welcome
JoeKim: hows the crafting
Mivair: Noice
Serifina: A Resonant Energy Cell with Holding 4.
Serifina: That's a big power storage
Serifina: :D
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polaris415: great job on desert bus! #TeamOrder
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LathosTiran: can quests be repeted for more wands?
johothehobo: ooh ther was a M at the end, thats a lot
Xenguin47: Wait... half of this looks like their usual build. Has that pyramid thing always been there?
EJGRgunner: #teamchaos
MehallD: @Xenguin47 Yup! It comes with the modpack
johothehobo: pyramid it part of the map
Jondare: you need 6 of those things in all
Xenguin47: Huh. I've just never noticed before
Ravynn: #TeamOrder
Serifina: #ChaosREIGNS
KirbySliver: #TeamEntropy
RAICx: #TeamOrder
SongtheDoggo: #TeaMorder
CraziestOwl: #not a cult
red_shoes_jeff: Order is an illusion! #teamchaos
JudgeKyle: #TeamChorder
mercano82: 123,456.78
coppersandles: #teamorder
NathanJay_GA: cheer52 DB was great! Thoughts on last night's football game?
Jondare: It needs enough pressure to do ALL of the items before itll do any of them
mistborn83: Go Rams!
TXC2: what happened?
Mangledpixel: did they foot the balls?
Arclight_Dynamo: Speaking of football, anyone else planning on watching the Grey Cup this weekend?
NathanJay_GA: @txc2 Rams beat the Chiefs 54 to 51
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Xenguin47: James "What's That Noise" Turner
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mercano82: I oopsed into Team Order with my D2 Gambit score last week. (12345 Infamy)
JudgeKyle: aw, did I miss the kne good football game of the year?
TXC2: NathanJay_GA wow, high score game
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Jondare: God, this entire thing is bringing back horrible memories of trying to make plastic myself
Jondare: Call the DRONE!
Serifina: I dislike PneumaticCraft.
Serifina: It's... way too wonky.
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RomanGoro: Looks like a neat idea, but the execution seems too messy
Serifina: It is a neat idea. It used to be even WORSE
elah806: Pneumaticraft was frustratingly opaque in a lot of places, especially how temperature and pressure are quantified
Jondare: there's just way too much stuff to juggle, between pressure, temperature, overheating, overpressure, raw materials etc etc
TheSoftestBunny: it is two years!
Serifina: It's also *incredibly* iron intensive
Gary_Number_427: Spontaneous bucket?
TheSoftestBunny: i have a new shiny badge
Friedent: has james tried to sleep yet?
Jondare: Serifina yeah, i would NOT want to try and do this stuff before i have an infinite iron source
Serifina: Yeah.
mistborn83: PCP?
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Ladyrhea: 9 months?! That's one whole sub baby!
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Serifina: And this is why I dislike it.
Serifina: It's SO opaque.
Arclight_Dynamo: The instructions for making an empty PCB require an empty PCB?
Vivid_Soul: lrrCOW
RAICx: Pressure is building up right now lrrCOW lrrSPOOP
Jondare: I ended up resorting to a youtube tutorial to get through this bit
Serifina: I'm glad Uno understands this thing
stevestein: I keep thinking they're talking about taking PCP, which sounds like it would make Mine O'Clock ... interesting.
MercurialVox: pretty sure Uno has it backwards check tooltips
theghostwiththemost: hi everyone
cheetoJack: it said there were speed upgrades for it?
TXC2: hello theghostwiththemost welcome
Laurreth: IRL you'd heat the acid
lord_of_the_ramp: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: NewDay Tewsday (Ben and Heather catch some mons! Game: Pokemon Let's Go Eevee) at Tue 12:00 PM PST (1:26 from now).
malc: lrrCOW
Serifina: Ahahahahaha
TheSoftestBunny: lrrCOW
Angnor33: lrrCOW
RAICx: Pressure was above 5 bar
TXC2: lrrCOW
Arclight_Dynamo: lrrCOW sergeFuse
red_shoes_jeff: lrrCOW lrrCOW lrrCOW
MehallD: you've run out of liquid plastic James
steelfox13: clip it, that's the ticket
Angnor33: It's a good bomb, though.
Jondare: ohuh, out of platic
RAICx: lrrCOW lrrCOW lrrCOW
Gary_Number_427: "It shouldn't have exploded!" Said every engineer ever.
Arclight_Dynamo: The exploding cow emote + the pointing Serge emote is my new favourite combo. :D
LathosTiran: engineer: "i blame manufacturing"
RomanGoro: I missed the explosion :(
MehallD: you've run out of liquid plastic James
MehallD: there it is
Arclight_Dynamo: @RomanGoro ...just wait two minutes for the next one. :P
MehallD: Liquid Plastic, James
Serifina: I'm watching this and just thinking... this used to be WORSE
Jondare: Serifina HOW?!?
Erudite_Cynic: filter
Xenguin47: THey
theghostwiththemost: can i make a suggest a game for newday tuesday
Xenguin47: They're having fun in there
TXC2: the explosions were bigger and more
mercano82: Pnumaticraft seeds. So many seeds.
Arclight_Dynamo: @Serifina This seems like a terrible mod, honestly.
Serifina: @Jondare It used to have these ridiculous plants you had to plant by dropping them (making them the biggest pain in the ass to automate) which each made a different kind of plastic. You also had to do weird timing things to get things out of the pressure chamber.
MehallD: Pneumaticarft will let itself expel an item for a valid ongoing recipe? God that's dumb.
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kyranthewalker: If something can go wrong, it'll probably happen to James.
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MehallD: Like, have a button to expel anything "stuck" in the system, just in case, but in general, if it can be used by the block, leave it be. THere's probably a reason it's there
Jondare: Serifina yikes, that does sound horrible
TemporallyAwry: This does seem like a good gate-keeper mod for technology progression packs though.
theghostwiththemost: this is a mess to my standerds
Serifina: @Jondare I hated it. It's one of the things that drove me to stop watching DireWolf20 because he loves it.
steelfox13: cue the boom...
Jondare: MehallD Just do like every other crafter and have an "in" part, and then an "out" part that stuff moves to after being crafted or whatever, and which is the only one pulled from
mistborn83: a minor miscalculation
TXC2: miscalculation = didn't calculate Kappa
Arclight_Dynamo: I mean, I *do* like that if you flip a switch wrong, you blow out a pressure vessel. That's kinda hilarious. :D
mercano82: Why is the UV light box powered by compressed air?
inkyumbreon: Hi
Jondare: mercano82 I have no bloody idea
Ravynn: @mercano82 Because realism, but not TOO much realism
VanillaBean0809: is serge not on today?
TXC2: hello inkyumbreon welcome
Serifina: @mercano82 Because "pressure" in this case is just "power". It's literally all it is.
TXC2: VanillaBean0809 no he is
Serifina: Which is part of why this mod is dumb.
RomanGoro: mercano82 you use the compressed air to compress the lightwaves to get from visible to UV
Serifina: Pressure makes no sense as a power system.
Arclight_Dynamo: @VanillaBean0809 Serge is here. He just gave up on the modded stuff to go hang out with trees, because it's ridiculous. :P
cheetoJack: Serge is a druid, neat
theghostwiththemost: well time for me to watch this stream and play some warframe on the switch
ztdiaz: hi
Arclight_Dynamo: We broke the solar system. Great.
Gary_Number_427: You broke physics!
theghostwiththemost: James broke the sun
DentedPockets: The end times are here!
Gary_Number_427: Hooray!
Serifina: Did... Uno... turn off the day/night cycle?
Arclight_Dynamo: It was night when you placed the starfield generator.
Temporal_Wolf333: An enemy stand!
steelfox13: That star field generator broken the universe
Xenguin47: Huh. A watched sun never sets.
Gary_Number_427: Wait, yes, no, wait, yes, maybe, wait
Serifina: Question. What's the tickrate? /cofh tps
Ravynn: Time has no meaning here.
theghostwiththemost: well the day is broken
Serifina: TEN
Crokoking: when you tested the sharfield generator it was night
cheetoJack: standard TPS is 20
Jondare: xD
Serifina: Still shouldn't have slowed down the day/night cycle that far, though
TXC2: so we're on DB time? oh no
mercano82: Could be the server is running slowly. The client moves the sun at the speed it thinks it should go, then winds it back when the server updates behind schedule.
Gary_Number_427: Awww. Less fun than just straight breaking physics.
Serifina: Low TPS slows down everything - including day/night progression.
ReydienOnline: the client is probably moving the sun assuming 20 TPS, then gets updates from the server every couple seconds
SenseAmidstMadness: Wow this server is getting a bit nuts
Jondare: guess that also explains why the crafters and temperature things are so slow
cheetoJack: Alpha Flight is just taking over
Serifina: Oh, no
Arclight_Dynamo: @Jondare Ooh, good point.
SenseAmidstMadness: My skyblock builds never look this cool
mercano82: Caw!
Gary_Number_427: Coo.
Xenguin47: Too many stars. The sun is jealous
MehallD: has pneumaticraft broke TPS?
cheetoJack: see, they've gotten Serge! Truly its the end times
TheSoftestBunny: !birb
LRRbot: Tweet, twe-twe-tweet, tweet, squawk!
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Serifina: I BET ANYTHING the stupid PneumaticCraft stuff is breaking the tick rate
SenseAmidstMadness: Where exactly does one get a "Surge"?
mercano82: Bird noises! Bird noises!
SenseAmidstMadness: lrrBEEJ
stevestein: It's not noon yet!
TemporallyAwry: @Serifina I would agree, those pipes are not lag-friendly.
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Arclight_Dynamo: @Serifina Can you change TPS with a command?
SenseAmidstMadness: PCB? Is this TTSF now?
Serifina: @Arclight_Dynamo No.
Arclight_Dynamo: @Serifina Dinger.
Xenguin47: Is anybody else concerned that we've got a pit of acid on a floating platform above another of our platforms?
Serifina: @TemporallyAwry Yeah. The mod itself is NOT server friendly.
cheetoJack: TPS is the speed the server can process at. It goes down when there's too much happening
kakarrot_420: Hi i am deaf
mercano82: TPS should be 20 Hz. If it falls below that, its because you're systems aren't able to do everything they need to do in a tick in under 1/20th of a second.
Serifina: ^
TXC2: hello kakarrot_420 welcome
Serifina: TPS = Ticks per second. Each tick is Minecraft updating All The Things, which runs machines, entities, world processes, etc.
Serifina: And my bet is PneumaticCraft is a lagmonster slowing things down.
Jondare: Oh, can the TPS problem be due to all of the mob droppings?
Serifina: Because things were running fine before.
Serifina: @Jondare No, or things would have slowed down like this beforehand.
TheGamesBlog: Hello chat friends! Hi James!
Jondare: Yeah, everything is taking twice as long as it should right now
TXC2: hello TheGamesBlog welcome
Serifina: My recommendation: Finish making the pneumaticcraft thing then break the stuff
TXC2 engages blanket mode
TemporallyAwry: If I recall correctly the mod calculates the pressure for each and every pipe on a network, rather than just "the network is at X" - so it's "intense"
TheGamesBlog: Hi TXC2!
Jondare: Serifina I vote we do so with some sort of massive explosion, for the catharsis
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Keifeto: oooh Minecraft
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Serifina: @Jondare Ahahaha
Suffix: Draconic Fusion crafting is awesome.
SenseAmidstMadness: Bedrock? In a skyblock?
Serifina: Clay bedrock
cheetoJack: what if its disassembled and Serge creates a prison for a chest that will contain the blocks that break TPS
TXC2: yes, it's the last reward
Suffix: Also, @Serifina - is your mod pack posted anywhere? I wanna try it.
Xenguin47: Have we considered just dynamiting our way into the pyramid? :D
Serifina: Yeah, I think once they finish this thing they're down to the last two quests
Jondare: did you get the cyan plastic too?
Serifina: @Suffix Which one, Paths of Magic?
Suffix: Yes
Keifeto: Kei-fee-toe but eh its a hard username to pronouce xD
Serifina: It's in the Twitch Desktop App/Curse.
Jondare: Yeah they're more or less down to Fusion crafting. But that might also take a while, they need to kill the dragon and set up Wither-genocide
Serifina: @Suffix That said, it's due for a major update soon. Like, hopefully before this weekend, depending on how much time Thanksgiving takes.
Suffix: Awesome. Thanks Serifina. Downloading now.
Serifina: @Suffix I would hold off on starting a world today.
Suffix: Ah. Well then - I'll hold out for that update.
Suffix: Not bad James. Not bad.
Xenguin47: Wait, if it's sky in all directions... what does the sun set behind...?
Serifina: @Suffix Sorry. Some things have updated and I want to get a new mod in the pack as well (Nature's Aura).
stevestein: James "... genocide shouldn't be super hard" Turner
Serifina: @Xenguin47 Don't even worry about it. :p
Xenguin47: I
Xenguin47: I'm worrying a little bit...
TXC2: bag things I wager
mercano82: Didn't NEI say that UV lightbox takes 10 minutes? With current TPS, that'll be 20.
steelfox13: nuke
red_shoes_jeff: lrrCOW lrrCOW lrrCOW lrrCOW lrrCOW lrrCOW
Xenguin47: Ah, well, time to take a little boy to a doctor. Try not to break everything!
elah806: I ruined my playthrough of this modpack trying to set up Wither genocide. I prepped a cage of reinforced obsidian and it teleported out somehow
VanillaBean0809: Serge is loving mod less and less I assume
TXC2: so long Xenguin47
Jondare: elahj
Jondare: elah806 oh noooo
TXC2: :D
Serifina: Box. It's a box. :p
SenseAmidstMadness: We're gonna need more reinforced obsidian
MehallD: I suspect elah's box was maybe not tall enough, because I did the exact same thing
Jondare: My first wither also got out, but i managed to lure it far away from my base island (<3 angel ring) and kill it there before it destroyed anything
drthvd3r: Hey, it's night!
SenseAmidstMadness: sergeFall
Serifina: It is. It's just the slow TPS.
CraziestOwl: what are we doing?
TXC2: (bangs top of box) this bad boy can hold so many..(wither escapes) SHIT!
elah806: That's exactly what I mad. I modeled it after yours :P I think it teleports upward as part of spawning
Jondare: I gotta say, it's still weird to be able to swear in chat again, after DB
mercano82: It takes 10 minutes, best case. Find something else to do.
TXC2: Jondare I know right?
Jondare: I keep waiting for people to get timed out, and then when nothing happens i remember :P
SenseAmidstMadness: It's the food UI
TXC2: I keep wanting to time people out for it :P
Serifina: @Loadingreadyrun AppleSkin adds the food hunger/saturation tooltip
SenseAmidstMadness: AppleSkin gives you the satiation icons
SAJewers: yes
SAJewers: i think you can get it from breaking grass?
noSmokeFire: can I get "Coffee, a potion-like item that gives the user several buffs" on a t-shirt?
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ExachixKitsune: Thanks for an amazing Desert Bus! Now, back to... One More Modpack.
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Serifina: No, it requires Coffee Plants to break in world
Serifina: Redstone Flux is the power for Thermal Expansion, James.
Jondare: I think we can break our "no cheating" rule a little bit to allow Serge to make coffee
mercano82: I'd say cheat in the coffee. It isn't OP, and it'll make Serge happy.
TXC2: watching James scroll down that list is giving me DB chat flashbacks :P
SAJewers: ok, FTB gamepedia wiki says you get coffee seeds from breaking grass:
TheElrad: Give xXJamesXx coffee?
thegreatwyrdling: James is not here.
Serifina: That may have been a recent change.
DentedPockets: Give NightBook Coffee.
Arclight_Dynamo: Ooh, I'd like some xXxCoffeexXx
Serifina: I do not remember the nightbook thing and I swear I should.
mercano82: Hey, time to go fire up the cloche.
TXC2: nightbook is from that Pirate game
SAJewers: Sea of Thieves
red_shoes_jeff: Classic Nightbook...
NathanJay_GA: What is Sea of Thieves like today?
RomanGoro: Empty?
TXC2: sea of thieves is a game that should have come out next year
SAJewers: now i kinda wish serge was streaming right now so i could watch him try and figure out how to make coffee
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TemporallyAwry: Nothing about this mod makes me think it won't melt if you leave it in longer than 5 minutes.
red_shoes_jeff: Staircase is off by one. lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Jondare: TemporallyAwry Yeah, i really wouldn't put it past this mod author
ExachixKitsune: sergeCounting
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McArgh: 26 months! Yay?
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sheqesi: moldy cobblestone
stevestein: I don't think you're ready for this Jell-O
SAJewers: use a cloche or similar i think
SAJewers: need to grow the seeds into beans
MehallD: *Toy Story alien voice* T H E C L O C H E
nixe0770: minecraft is best
abisi_bea: wow game :D
wildpeaks: so with enough coffee, Serge will open a coffee shop ? :D
SAJewers: it's still growing james
TXC2: wow harsh Uno
steelfox13: Now Serge will make a coffee field and a bespoke coffee shop
Ravynn: Takes a gift, straight into the Sea
Erudite_Cynic: Uno with the backstab
SAJewers: heh
wildpeaks: if the bean is strong enough, will it turn it into a sea of coffee ?:D
TemporallyAwry: Probably time to check on that PCB ... just saying.
VoidByAnyOtherName: cawfee
Erudite_Cynic: James don't forget to check on your pcb
noSmokeFire: well it's not a grinder :P
SAJewers: james: you should probably read the AA manual on coffe
SenseAmidstMadness: Water is needed to make coffee? What?
MehallD: coffee maker also needs water
TemporallyAwry: *cough* melting PCB
wildpeaks: that's a lot of beans
Ravynn: 35 coffee beans isn't that much, that's like....200mgs
MehallD: that's half a bucket
steelfox13: I'd like half a bucket of coffee please.
TXC2: so we're making like 5 liters of coffee?
VoidByAnyOtherName: so 70 beans per bucket of coffee
SenseAmidstMadness: Not done
RassilonDND: half a bucket + 35 beans seems like really watered down coffee
SenseAmidstMadness: > Has an advanced fluid storage and transport system
SenseAmidstMadness: > Fills up a tank by hand
SAJewers: heh
Ravynn: Submit a bug ticket Serge
TXC2: the irony
fiftymcnasty: Damn Serge, way to gatekeep coffee
SAJewers: need a pipe
Arclight_Dynamo: This modpack has literally everything but the kitchen sink?
Arclight_Dynamo: Seriously?
Ravynn: This coffee maker aesthetic is....sub optimal
TXC2: well it doesn't have tinkers so......
Mangledpixel: you put things on the right to give your coffee different effects
DentedPockets: Coffee brewed with lake water. Only the best at Cafe Skyblock.
SAJewers: james: maybe grab milk and sugar for the coffee :P
theghostwiththemost: coffee is not working
SenseAmidstMadness: It's more of a shrub
Ravynn: Serge's coffee sensibilities are offended by this bourgoise mod
Laurreth: Serge's immersion ruined, 2/10, the worst
Mangledpixel: so, how do you craft the coffee pong table?
Clockwork_Penguin: Coffee is the hot liquid thing that comes out ofi vending machines right? Thats the standard for coffee.
RomanGoro: Are you going to play coffee pong over this, James?
wildpeaks: can you use a pumpkin to make pumkin spice coffee ? :D
TXC2: Mangledpixel YES!
wildpeaks: dawww
StarFreak359: Waiter waiter percolator..
SAJewers: serge right now: naeAW
TXC2: sounds like REALLY messed up pipes :P
wildpeaks: the audio was a really neat touch
cheetoJack: we need some hand brewed, artisanal coffee
Stoffern: But where is the artistry?
SAJewers: now, coffee with milk + sugar for james :P
mercano82: Add cream and sugar to the coffee machine for James
steelfox13: Do you have the Latte art mod?
WarlordFDC: Put stuff in the right to get the effects
Ravynn: Can you put some milk in?
Arclight_Dynamo: Nono, Serge is Mr. Coffee.
SAJewers: james: i think you put the milk and sugar in the inventory on the right
wildpeaks: fish-flavored coffee, that's.. adventurous
TXC2: fugu Coffee?
RassilonDND: is pufferfish coffee literal poison?
MehallD: if you hover over the finished cup on the right on that JEI screen, it'll tell you what each of those things actually do for your coffee
coppersandles: "There's a fish in the percilator"
wildpeaks: oh no
TXC2: magma cream?
SenseAmidstMadness: RIP
Ravynn: F
noSmokeFire: coffee TOO POWERFUL
TemporallyAwry: The server has spoken :D
DentedPockets: Nope, Java
RomanGoro: F
l0gin4me: LUL
TXC2: bork
rs25mtg: F
red_shoes_jeff: F
Wilcroft: F
mercano82: James looses Coffee Pong
Ravynn: Java has opinions
SenseAmidstMadness: Coffee with milk and sugar is too terrible for minecraft
cheetoJack: we flew too close to the sun
NathanJay_GA: Java pls
RassilonDND: F. need better mods
coppersandles: f
Arclight_Dynamo: Adding milk and sugar to java breaks it. Kappa
wildpeaks: Java knows coffee
TheAinMAP: katesWa katesOw
MagnusCarter: Only Black Coffee
Gary_Number_427: Coffee broke the server forever!
Suffix: No one BREWS with milk and sugar already in the cup. That's terrible.
SAJewers: RIP
TXC2: and this is why you stick to tea Kappa
red_shoes_jeff: Confirming what I have known all along, coffee is poison.
NathanJay_GA: How ironic that Coffee threw a Java exception
Laurreth: puny server can't contain coffee
SAJewers: i hope someone clipped that
j0xer: coffeepocalypse
Anubis169: somebody call for a mod?
Gary_Number_427: The coffee was so bad, it destroyed the universe!
CptMurphey: Server status: On Fire
StarFreak359: Wait, so JAVA can't handle COFFEE
Gallium71: NathanJay_GA wow
steelfox13: @nathanjay_ga Booooo
Anubis169: oh.. lol..
Anubis169: RassilonDND that set off my highlights
TXC2: Anubis169 no, the srver crashed
Suffix: James just lost a round of coffee pong. it finally happened.
NathanJay_GA: lrrSPOT
StarFreak359: Dangit, Nathan!
SenseAmidstMadness: Mods please. Don't crash when we're trying to make coffee. lrrBEEJ
RassilonDND: @anubis169 Perfect :)
TheElrad: James owes everyone doubble ice cream
Anubis169: The stakes are... the stream
Serifina: I look away for TWO MINUTES and you crash the server?!
red_shoes_jeff: lrrDILLY lrrDILLY lrrDILLY lrrDILLY lrrDILLY lrrDILLY
TXC2: Serifina blame coffee
SenseAmidstMadness: @serifina James tried to make coffee the wrong way
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medic_turtle13: sergeHeart
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Serifina: #BlameJames
Serifina: #ChaosReigns
red_shoes_jeff: #blamecoffee
Arclight_Dynamo: lrrCOW sergeHeart
SenseAmidstMadness: #TeamCHAOS
fiftymcnasty: This coffee eliteism
Ravynn: #blameCoffeeJames
TXC2: #BlameMinecraft
Anubis169: <----- drinks his coffee black
incslayer: #BlameJames
Anubis169: milk or sugar kinda ruins the taste of the coffee
Arclight_Dynamo: sergeSqueak
Anubis169: but prefer matcha :)
NathanJay_GA: RIP server
Anubis169: and tea
RassilonDND: btdubs cold brew tea is so easy i shouldve been doing it sooner for my green teaa
NathanJay_GA: I spoke too soon
cheetoJack: is the PCB thing ok?
MehallD: i think it rolle dback, James.
DentedPockets: It never existed.
Serifina: The last world save was probably a minute or so back
SenseAmidstMadness: Yeah it rolled back, you never made the coffee
Laurreth: brew tea hot and strong, then pouring it over ice cubes to shock cool and dilute it, and let it rest over night, that can do amazing things with the right leaf
Mangledpixel: you went back in time, James
steelfox13: crash it again!
Erudite_Cynic: James is the PCB okay?
froglet_12300: Hi
TemporallyAwry: Rooting for a groundhog day crash again.
Wilcroft: If at first you don't succeed, try to crash the server again? :P
TXC2: hello froglet_12300 welcome
Mangledpixel: take 2
TXC2: Do Over!
Mangledpixel: lets see if it crashes again
Mangledpixel: if it does, then it really was the milk and sugar
wildpeaks: let's see if coffee is just as deadly to servers as launching 3 nukes at the same time
Laurreth: wub wub wub
Arclight_Dynamo: Dang it, now I want another cup of coffee...
NathanJay_GA: Id love a coffee mug with mending
SAJewers: can you put more sugar in the coffee?
cheetoJack: Serge should figure out what the other things you can add into your coffee can do
Serifina: I'm glad Serge is happy with his coffee. :D
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Lucaan: Coffee? Did Serge make this mod?
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steelfox13: Build a coffee shop for Serge.
SenseAmidstMadness: Oh good, it's Labview
SenseAmidstMadness: For minecraft
cheetoJack: its like Scratch, but worse!
wildpeaks: we coding now bois
TXC2: so it's space chem?
SenseAmidstMadness: What could go wrong
NathanJay_GA: I am unfamiliar with that text editor
Jondare: yeah don't even worry about it, just turn it in and blow up the pneumcraft stuff and never look back
mercano82: And now we can tear down all the Pnumaticraft infrastructure.
Serifina: I would seriously break down the PneumaticCraft stuff just in case
Serifina: HOLY
TXC2: oh my
Abavus: Records get jamieDance
Wilcroft: server error?
Serifina: I did not know that!
Arclight_Dynamo: Huh. That box is a record-holder! Kappa
cheetoJack: I would actually suggest tearing down the pneumaticraft stuff and putting it in a box behind glass that says "in case of pneumaticraft, break glass"
CaptainSpam: Another record-setting stream!
wildpeaks: Arclight_Dynamo git out :D
Serifina: You can do a quest twice only
weshutitdown: what's up! new to this stream
TXC2: hello weshutitdown welcome
SenseAmidstMadness: Wow, some items just innocently appeared in Uno's inventory
MehallD: We're all proud of you Serge
Mangledpixel: yay! our little Serge is growing up!
SenseAmidstMadness: How could this occur? Definitely not cheats!
Serifina: @Loadingreadyrun Upgrade once and put a Flix Linkage augment in it
Lucaan: I'm always proud of you, Serge
TemporallyAwry: @James I would suggest the flux-capacitor and it's associated upgrade.
Mazrae: hello hello
TXC2: "how did this happen? well a long time ago, also now and also never"
TXC2: hello Mazrae welcome
Suffix: Welp. Time to get the better upgrades.
Serifina: You could just HEAR the slurping sound as the item sucked up all that power
Mangledpixel: nothing was ever anywhere
Serifina: @Loadingreadyrun If he gave himself the armor it wouldn't have the enchants on it
Serifina: Like, the enchants aren't outstanding but it's better than nothing and do you want to spend the time to build a full on enchanting system?
noSmokeFire: confirmed: james doesn't wear pants
Mangledpixel: no rules means no pants!
Serifina: James, why are you not wearing your belt?
Mazrae: how is everyone doing?
cheetoJack: whats the TPS currently at?
mercano82: I wonder if the server was slowing down due to approaching the memory ceiling.
SAJewers: maybe need a better fluxduct?
SenseAmidstMadness: The flow into the charger is too slow
Serifina: @Loadingreadyrun Key conflict - the CoFH cycle key is on the same as another mod, that's what the excavate shape is
TXC2: shoot SCORE!
SAJewers: maybe try replaincg the fluxduct with a better one
red_shoes_jeff: Righto, off to the gym. PEACE.
Serifina: I would unbind the other one
Serifina: There it is
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TXC2: so long red_shoes_jeff have fun
Serifina: You have stupid amounts of arrows.
ExachixKitsune: Errors or arrows?
SAJewers: now, to test them :P
TheElrad: James, Serge and Uno have been dead for years
Bobtheninjagoldfish: In before someone explodes an island and serve dies on the inside
SAJewers: test the sword?
TXC2: is twtich craping out for anyone else?
CraziestOwl: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:30:12.
Serifina: @TXC2 Not me?
SenseAmidstMadness: Quests can be repeated exactly one time
Serifina: @Rebelliousuno Quests only get one repeat.
TXC2: might be my internet :P
Serifina: Flux infused bows are kinda stupidly strong
Serifina: I can one-shot Endermen with one setup right.
CraziestOwl: night friend
CraziestOwl: s
TXC2: so long CraziestOwl have fun
Mangledpixel: ah, apparently you can't do the clay bedrock until all the other quests are done
Wilcroft: might want to pattern the draconic cores
Laurreth: TXC2, if you've paused it you may need to reload the whole thing, twitch has been super sensitive to pausing for me (but then I can only watch the 480p conversion at best because my ISP reverts to 15 years ago in the evenings)
Wilcroft: you'll need a lot of them
Suffix: I love fusion crafting. If you can automate it from the start - I'd recommend it.
TXC2: Laurreth I have, takes forever to come back and still has problems with stability and latency
TemporallyAwry: no james - processing patterns go with the machine's paired crafter
TXC2: like right now my buffer is bigger then my latency
Xenguin47: Aaaaaaand we're back!
Laurreth: txc2, other fun things like the image freezing while audio continues?
TXC2: welcome back Xenguin47
TXC2: Laurreth yeap
Xenguin47: Tiny human has maybe a sinus infection. Medicines prescribed.
Arclight_Dynamo: @Laurreth @TXC2 Huh. Not just me, then.
Laurreth: yup, got that too, but reloading usually fixes it and so far it only seems to happen after I pause the stream
TXC2: hope they get well soon Xenguin47
Mangledpixel: there appears to be one in the system
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Barb4rian: Yay Sub-day! How is the craft of the mines James?
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Laurreth: are you watching source or some recoded format?
TXC2: Laurreth I'm in 480p
Laurreth: heh look at that, me too
monsieur_squirrel: ahoy there!
Laurreth: dunno, maybe twitch forgets keyframes and if too much stuff gets lost just can't continue
TXC2: hello monsieur_squirrel welcome
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monsieur_squirrel: luck number 47
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Xenguin47: @TXC2 Yeah, the worst part is how much of a royal pain he gets when he's sick. <.<
Xenguin47: What're we making now? It looks like additional pylons..
Barb4rian: Always need more pylons
Serifina: I stepped away for a moment. I take it we're working on draconic Evolution now?
The_Bread_is_Delicious: Why have the extra relay crystal on top?
TXC2: lets says yes
Bobtheninjagoldfish: yeah for the next quest
Lirelent: yea why 2 pylons instead of 1?
Jondare: What, no stream on the 25th or NYE? lrrBEEJ
rendelnep: Are we still calling Serge Whiskers?
RomanGoro: I don't know why we would call whiskers "Serge"
msgred: <message deleted>pls raid this guy called giraffebarry43
rendelnep nods sagely
TXC2: Jondare James is more afraid of disappointing his mum then chat Kappa
APODionysus: Chat: any Bloodbourne players in here who can help me with something.
mtvcdm: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: NewDay Tewsday (Ben and Heather catch some mons! Game: Pokemon Let's Go Eevee) at Tue 12:00 PM PST (14m from now).
Lirelent: time for netherstar machine
TXC2: "on the next thrilling episode of Mine O'Clock!"
noSmokeFire: all this talk of wyvern tiers makes me want to pick up monster hunter again
Barb4rian: That looks sick!
SenseAmidstMadness: sergeFall sergeFall sergeFall
thegrolan: Is there a mod list somewhere?
SAJewers: heh
TXC2: !modpack
LRRbot: Current Minecraft modpack: James, Uno and Serge are currently playing FTB Pyramid Reborn.
thegrolan: Thankya much
Xenguin47: Oh hey, Serge built more bridges over there!
RassilonDND: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: NewDay Tewsday (Ben and Heather catch some mons! Game: Pokemon Let's Go Eevee) at Tue 12:00 PM PST (10m from now).
RomanGoro: Good think they got to do it at night
RassilonDND: why isbeveryone streaming eevee.
TXC2: this is how Rice Crispys are made Kappa
SenseAmidstMadness: New injector isn't being charge
SenseAmidstMadness: d
Wilcroft: Did uno miss conneting power to one of the injectors?
PhoenixMelior: RassilonDND because eevee is best?
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Xenguin47: I feel like we shouldn't be standing this close...
tgijbels1998: you can speed it up with accelleration wand @LoadingReadyRun
adobonator_808: The man, the myth, the legend - LoadingReadyRun!
Xenguin47: Um...
TXC2: now we're a Sonic Boss Kappa
Xenguin47: Do we have dragon balls now?
RassilonDND: @phoenixmelior i mean your not wrong, but being unable to evolve eevee is lowkey ipsetting
ExachixKitsune: TXC2 : Specifically a sonic 2 boss?
TheWarbo: "oo oooo oooooooooooo" ~ Serge
TXC2: ExachixKitsune yes
JoeKim: whoa
Xenguin47: Holy butts
Lirelent: aw, where is the earth shattering boom
JoeKim: big chest
Barb4rian: Oh that is a chest for sure lol
cheetoJack: and this will be where we store the coffee!
SenseAmidstMadness: Too much power!
TheAinMAP: Roomy.
PhoenixMelior: RassilonDND yeah, it's a little sad. In Yellow you could EVENTUALLY evolve Pikachu
noSmokeFire: make it hot pink
Lirelent: does this chest smelt?
SAJewers: yes please :P
TheGamesBlog: Huge tracts of land
SenseAmidstMadness: It's a super smelter! We can replace James Burner now!
Serifina: wat
Serifina: WAT
WarlordFDC: Ya, Drakonian chests are really nice
RomanGoro: I can see why Serifina doesn't says this mod is OP
RomanGoro: Grr, does say*
Jondare: That thing is ABSURD
mercano82: It has a furnace and a crafting table built in?
SenseAmidstMadness: Yah, I've never used that
DentedPockets: You have storage on hard drives, do you need a fancy zombie-colored chest?
Suffix: lol
SenseAmidstMadness: IT's just weird
JoeKim: friggin OP
ExachixKitsune: This mod is all-encompassing!
JoeKim: OpieOP
TXC2: ok Wow I MASSIVE audio desync on my end
Suffix: Serifina - because.
Arclight_Dynamo: 10 x 26
TemporallyAwry: "Base in a Box" if I ever saw one. If it had a bed on top that'd be all that's missing.
TheGamesBlog: Because it's amazing
SenseAmidstMadness: It turned 5 into 5
TXC2: lrrWOW
Serifina: Whyyyyy
WarlordFDC: no, not doubling, just at the same time
Jondare: Serifina I mean, nothing in this entire mod is necessary, it's just insanely powerful lategame stuff
SenseAmidstMadness: There is doubling though
WarlordFDC: but it can double with the core
mercano82: Sounds like if you put a core it it will ore double
Serifina: Not only is it huge, but it does SO MANY THINGS
Lirelent: it does double
ExachixKitsune: It does too many things
Suffix: WOW
JoeKim: this sounds game breaking
noSmokeFire: does it smelt while you're carrying it?
ExachixKitsune: Ok that's useful
TheGamesBlog: Oh baby, that's so good
Serifina: No. No no no no no THIS IS WHY I NEVER ADD THIS MOD
TXC2: it does ALL the things!
monsieur_squirrel: why have all the other stuff now?
oyleslyck: yeah, will it smelt while you carry it?
JoeKim: lol serifina
JoeKim: pls breathe
Serifina: @JoeKim NOH
SAJewers: this seems like much
Suffix: It's SO COOL
Wilcroft: Yeah, but where's the kitchen sink? Kappa
Suffix: And also entirely UNNECESSARY
Jondare: I LOVE IT
TemporallyAwry: Back in the day it was just a box that would auto-smelt what you put into it. I haven't seen it since it got this upgrade.
Arclight_Dynamo: @Serifina Okay, this thing you're feeling? It's what Serge feels when he sees your mods. Kappa
Serifina: I hate mods that exist to JUST BE OVERPOWERED and this is NOT RIGHT
Lirelent: hahahahah
Serifina: @Arclight_Dynamo Probably not even close. :p
TXC2: I mean for the VERY tippity top of the power curve maybe?
cheetoJack: Draconic Evolution: why balance when you can have everything
Arclight_Dynamo: @Serifina :D
ExachixKitsune: Serifina : What other mods do you hate?
Jondare: Again, by the time you can afford to make this thing, you're already WAY into the postgame, so being OP isn't really a consideration
RassilonDND: @phoenixmelior i totally made team chonk back in the day with raichu, snorlax, dragonite, charizard, alakhazam, and gengar
RomanGoro: How about a modpack that only has Vanilla, Big Reactors and Draconic?
Serifina: Serge.
Serifina: SERGE.
Serifina: NO.
RomanGoro: Just go from 0 to 1000
sivakrytos: see the thing that makes minecraft fun is building big things out of small pieces
PhoenixMelior: RassilonDND that's pretty chonky
Fugi: Serifina hates fun is what it is
Serifina: I hate mods that exist to be Super OP.
Serifina: @Fugi I DO NOT
Defrost: @Serifina those 2 statements don't work back to back...\
B4rberblacksheep: MEAT MEAT MEAT
thegreatwyrdling: TEETH
Nightvalien28: meat overflow
TheAinMAP: Flood!
Lirelent: meat meat meat
loglab: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:54:29.
TXC2: !findquote meat
LRRbot: Quote #2497: "Do not want damp meat." —Graham [2016-05-11]
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: "There's meat everywhere now" perfectly normal sentence
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rainbowpukingpanda: 'sup?
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Serifina: @Defrost My stance is logically consistent.
Temporal_Wolf333: Welcome to the Meat Dimension!
Suhono: The meat has been cooked
SenseAmidstMadness: lol
ExachixKitsune: sergeHeart Serge
7gorobei: storm count is at meat
Lirelent: hahaha, yea that stuff randomly teleports you
TXC2: yeap this is all fine
Gary_Number_427: This is fine.
PhoenixMelior: it's fine, they never need to sleep again
tgijbels1998: use a bucket
Serifina: I love Uno's cackling
SAJewers: katesLol
TXC2: !clip
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at
Serifina: This is why resonant ender is the best prank
RomanGoro: Uno is dying over there
B4rberblacksheep: Uno keeps pushing you! :p
Gary_Number_427: Uno is SO happy right now!
Serifina: Filling someone's base with Resonant Ender is THE BEST prank. Second place is Twilight Forest Cicadas
TheWarbo: knee: optional
B4rberblacksheep: @Serifina If you want to be a real bastard, bury them
korvys: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: NewDay Tewsday (Ben and Heather catch some mons! Game: Pokemon Let's Go Eevee) at Tue 12:00 PM PST (42s from now).
TXC2: thanks uno and Serge
TXC2: thanks for streaming James
Serifina: @B4rberblacksheep Oh, that's precisely what I mean. You hide the cicadas everywhere, buried under things
lysander1994: good streaming !
TXC2: !events
LRRbot: Want to know what's coming up? You can check it all out on the events page.
TheGamesBlog: Thanks James!
SAJewers: christmas-themed minecraft map?
Serifina: Byyyyeeee Jaaaaaaaaames
cheetoJack: time to become Fortnite streamers
B4rberblacksheep: @Serifina Have the fixed the cicadas not having directional sound?
Theycallmejokke: Bring on the pokymanz
Nightvalien28: cheetoJack no
B4rberblacksheep: Yes time for adorable Eevee!
Serifina: @B4rberblacksheep Oh. I think so. I think that was fixed a while ago.
Gary_Number_427: Bai James and Serge and Uno and chat!
B4rberblacksheep: EEVEE IS BETTER
mtvcdm: FOX FRAND
Foxmar320: The Eevee one is legit. My Eevee soloed the Elite 4
Elenodul: The best version JAMES!
TheGamesBlog: Eevee is better!
lord_wertornion: Pocket monsters?
devil_dan: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: NewDay Tewsday (Ben and Heather catch some mons! Game: Pokemon Let's Go Eevee) at Tue 12:00 PM PST (1m ago).
B4rberblacksheep: Fight me
Elenodul: EEVEE IS BEST!
B4rberblacksheep: :p
TheAinMAP: Pocket Monsters.
Barb4rian: Eevee is better
Gary_Number_427: EEVEE IS BEST
cheetoJack: #JamesIsWrong
Theycallmejokke: You can wear you tiny eevee on you head
TXC2: !discord
LRRbot: LRR has an official Discord server! You can join here:
Gen2Gengar: I side with James, for once
Piratical_tendancies: #TEAMCHOWSE!
minecraft_litty: <message deleted>sdfs
TXC2: !patreon
LRRbot: 2273 patrons for a total of $12,878.95 per month.
minecraft_litty: <message deleted>sfsfsweter
ArcOfTheConclave: Teem charzard
minecraft_litty: <message deleted>r
TheGamesBlog: #TeemEevee
Lirelent: #blameJames
BloodnBullets: #teamPikachu
TheWarbo: #Pikachowse
Lirelent: #team @Serifina
TXC2: Bye
hippitybobbity: hullo nerds
PhoenixMelior: Look, I'm here to figure out if I need to buy a Switch to play this game.
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet.
TXC2: hi hippitybobbity
Nightvalien28: hi hippity
PhoenixMelior: oh hey it's hippity again
BloodnBullets: but i just got here @TXC2 ! lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ
thegreatwyrdling: So when does Desert Bus start?
PhoenixMelior: are you on break from school or something? We never see you when you're in school :P
hippitybobbity: lol nah
TheGamesBlog: @PhoenixMelior This game is fun, but I don't know that I'd buy a switch JUST for Let's Go
hippitybobbity: I was just reminded of everyone in here by the bus de deserte
PhoenixMelior: TheGamesBlog Octopath Traveler and Super Mario Odyssey also make me want to get one
TheGamesBlog: Octopath is really good too
PhoenixMelior: i've been waiting for a tipping point for a while
TheGamesBlog: I still haven't played Odyssey yet
hippitybobbity: i would love a switch
PhoenixMelior: i've played a little bit of Odyssey and I like it
hippitybobbity: most interesting machine out there atm
Theycallmejokke: So is it the true that the new game doesn't have pokybattles?
FurthestChunk55: you only fight trainers, no wild battles
TheGamesBlog: There are still trainer battles, but instead of fighting wild ones, you have the catching mechanic from pokemon go
hippitybobbity: sweet
PhoenixMelior: BUT
FurthestChunk55: wild encounters use PoGo's mechanics
PhoenixMelior: you get EXP from catching pokemon
hippitybobbity: that's so goooood
PhoenixMelior: and you can still turn them into mulch
Theycallmejokke: Ah so there are battles, just not out in the wild, thanks :)
TXC2: how then do you train your mons?
hippitybobbity: Trainer battles are the best bit
GrandLlamaQ: Anyone want a slightly used immortal soul in exchange for LGP?
PhoenixMelior: txc2 you get exp from catching mons
Jondare: TXC2 XP from catching random mons, PoGo style
FurthestChunk55: catching pokemon gets EXP, yes, and you get more EXP for the more catches of a specific species in a row you do
Jondare: And from battling trainers
Earthenone: !advice
LRRbot: Never hit F11.
Dared00: So much stuff in Let's Go is streamlined, they've fixed so much annoyances, it's amazing
FurthestChunk55: you can go to town on experience by chaining a bajillion pidgeys
PhoenixMelior: chat helped alleviate most of my fears earlier, but I just want to see what it's like
TXC2: Title change!
FurthestChunk55: and then you grind them into candy, which is the most OP thing around because you can just straight up... add 200 to every stat
cheetoJack: !
PhoenixMelior: I still need to SEE it
hippitybobbity: ! next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: NewDay Tewsday (Ben and Heather catch some mons! Game: Pokemon Let's Go Eevee) at Tue 12:00 PM PST (6m ago).
FurthestChunk55: phoenix the eevee is too cute
FurthestChunk55: i am powerless against it
Jondare: PhoenixMelior It's SO GOD DAMN CUTE
PhoenixMelior: if it melts my cold heart (I think skeletons are cute) then I may have to get a switch
TheGamesBlog: It is super cute!
FurthestChunk55: you can BOOP THE CHEEKS on your eevee
WizardZedd: One thing I don't fully get about the new Pokemon...Since you don't fight wild pokemon, and you don't get money from them, isn't the amount of xp you can get limited by the number of pokeballs you get/can buy? Like, it seems like you could theoretically run out at some point, with no way to get more. Which means no more XP for your pokemon...
Jondare: Like, they could have made the rest of the game utter shite, but i would still buy it just to be able to pet my beautiful little Evee buddy and have it ride my head
hippitybobbity: oh man that's a good place to boop
Theycallmejokke: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
TheAinMAP: katesAir
Elenodul: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
PhoenixMelior: WizardZedd this is basically my only remaining concern as well
FurthestChunk55: in some areas, you can find a bloke that gives out pokeballs if you're running low
SenseAmidstMadness: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL again
cheetoJack: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
FurthestChunk55: and trainers do give you pokeballs in addition to money
Dared00: @WizardZedd you get free pokeballs from trainer battles
hippitybobbity: you never got money from wild pokemon tho
FurthestChunk55: it's real hard to run low
PhoenixMelior: FurthestChunk55 ohhhh that's pretty good
BloodnBullets: Bengineering played some lets go on stream yesterday if people want to check out the VOD
TheGamesBlog: @WizardZedd There are npcs who will give you free pokeballs if you run out, and there are several npcs who will give you daily quests or pearls/nuggets to sell for doing small tasks for them
PhoenixMelior: trainers giving you balls
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Today Heather and Ben attempt not to melt into a puddle from sheer cuteness! It's time for Pokemon Let's Go! | 📷 ||
FurthestChunk55: oh yeah, and in Mt. Moon and the underground tunnels, dropped items respawn daily
hippitybobbity: oh wait I thought they were trashing FO76 today
WizardZedd: Oh, interesting. Hmm.
FurthestChunk55: so you can find nuggets like every day
PhoenixMelior: ohh so they've rewarded players for playing every day
Theycallmejokke: It's a countdown-a-mon it's charging it's special move
cheetoJack: hippitybobbity thats tomorrow on CTS
PhoenixMelior: okay, this sounds better than expected
Earthenone: trashing fo76 is on CTS
DarkMorford: Yay, lunch stream
hippitybobbity: coolio
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ExachixKitsune: o/ DarkMorford Good work on DB
FurthestChunk55: also, if you're playing with the game out of the dock, when petting your starter, you can give them a hairdo
DarkMorford: Thanks!
FurthestChunk55: you need to use the touchscreen because you need multiple fingers
Sliderzz: Hey! Who is going to be playing?
FurthestChunk55: pikachu with an afro is great
FurthestChunk55: ben and heather
PhoenixMelior: they're playing eevee
Sliderzz: sweet
PhoenixMelior: eevee with a mohawk...
Theycallmejokke: 10 seconds HYPE!
FurthestChunk55: veehawk is strong
mikialice: I am excited for this stream - also hai chat
FurthestChunk55: also, the eevee has the anime's VA
TXC2: hello mikialice welcome
hippitybobbity: alright then, have fun with the pokey'd mons, I gotta see a man about a thing
PhoenixMelior: oh good
FurthestChunk55: so it's going to be going BUIIIIIII
Asimech: Yeah, I've got a mohawk on mine as well b/c obs.
PhoenixMelior: the anime eevee voice was too good
TXC2: Here we GO!
mikialice: Thanks @txc2 PokPikachu
TheGamesBlog: Let's Go!
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: Let's go!
FurthestChunk55: and pikachu is obviously voiced by ikue
TheAinMAP: Hello.
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androgyknits: ayyyyyyy so many months! v excited to pet an Eevee!!!
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FurthestChunk55: as ikue cannot be prised from that role
wujo444: Let's Go!
Noy2222: Let's Go Muk!
TXC2: Hello Ben and Heather
e_bloc: distinct lack of female representation in that intro
noSmokeFire: what?? that's beather's music!
TheElrad: Lies, lies and slander
FurthestChunk55: HI BEN
FurthestChunk55: HI HEATHER
Armstrong11139: Swallowed up by the subocean...
SenseAmidstMadness: lrrSPOOP
Theycallmejokke: Spoops!
UlranQentba: Hi!
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HopPoleStudios: Welcome back all after Desert Bus! Good to see the Pokemon fans doing the Pokemans!! 21 MONTHS!??!?
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Rhynerd: They had their turns, now it yours!
Rhynerd: Greetings!
PhoenixMelior: e_bloc it's a six pack o' digs (or however many of them there were)
Theycallmejokke: Burn!
noSmokeFire: burnt!
KV1NN4: lunarj1Heart
PhoenixMelior: lrrWOW
Barb4rian: Oh deep cuts
Sliderzz: Ben, you're a national treasure
BloodnBullets: there was a horrible desert accident, and they were never seen again.
Gen2Gengar: CurseLit CurseLit CurseLit CurseLit
Psychic_Ketchup: Daaaaaamn
Vivid_Soul: lrrAWESOME
mtvcdm: Ouch
WarIocktopus: I'm really curious what this game actually looks like, i might get it if it's good
PhoenixMelior: HA! You better have BURN HEAL!
fireiceair1989: lrrWOW
NimrodXIV: CurseLit
Earthenone: CurseLit CurseLit CurseLit CurseLit
Armstrong11139: Why don't you tell us how you really feel?
TheOtherTrevor: lrrWOW
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Psychic_Ketchup: A subsidiary of Hodor's House of Lies
TXC2: PhoenixMelior gonna need a max restor for that one
cheetoJack: is that bad?
Elenodul: Quick Ben and Hodor! Name my Skiddo for my nuzlocke!
korvys: Can't wait to see Ben rip on Ben, my favourite
Traion: Hey Ben, hey Hodor!
TheElrad: James has brought Ben ice cream?
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Laogeodritt: It's my 10000th month anniversary! Yes, that is a binary joke.
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TheOtherTrevor: Tuesday
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thatliamanthony: WOW! 11 Months. Has it really been so long? Feels like yesterday it was new years day and I was subscribing for the first time.
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Laogeodritt: Hey Ben, Hodor! Hope your leg's doing OK, Ben.
PhoenixMelior: lrrDILLY
mikialice: Nice to see you both, Ben and Heather (hope leg is okay Ben)
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wafflesoup: Do you guys have Black Friday sales up there?
mtvcdm: HAHAHAHA
Laogeodritt: James is now the Moonbase dessert man. XD
NarishmaReborn: group pressure!
RechargeableFrenchman: Oh Spider-man is sooo good
Traion: hahahaha
TXC2: wafflesoup we get them here in UK now
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NimrodXIV: Ben is injured, he needs hot chocolate!
mikialice: Hot choc sounds good
cheetoJack: I actually already picked up a $200 (US) PS4 with Spiderman from a deal that popped up on Sunday
TheGamesBlog: James, drive the dessert bus
ExachixKitsune: Black friday is everywhere =/
Earthenone: if this was bens home stream i would expect a cute fanart of eevee drinking hot chocolate to show up
PhoenixMelior: Heather, Ben, I love you and I love your subs. But I NEED to see this Eevee
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Fizzicist13: Where is Let's Go Raichu?!?
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mikialice: Definitely! @earthenone
PsybrnetiCToasT: are there any deals on ps4 pro happening?
Foxmar320: Hey Ben and Heather
TXC2: wheres lets go Scizor?
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spicydungus: hi
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BloodnBullets: Another desert bus down, I'll be on 27 months for the next one!
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puls3evo: 5-0 to Eevee flip!
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Foxmar320: My Eevee soloed the Elite 4 so yeah who needs evolved forms.
rendelnep: or lets go sentret...
HavenJunde: hey Ben, hey Hodor :D
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WonderfulGlory: Y'all are doing a great job, can't wait to see some number of you at PAX Unplugged.
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TXC2: hello HavenJunde welcome
wujo444: 20% battery :>
Foxmar320: I do
HavenJunde: @TXC2 how goes?
SenseAmidstMadness: Charge Your Phone!
FurthestChunk55: so are we continuing with Ben's save?
PhoenixMelior: wujo444 it's charging, thankfully
TXC2: HavenJunde it goes
PhoenixMelior: cheetoJack YES
Earthenone: co op?!
mtvcdm: This is Heather's copy.
PhoenixMelior: you can play with kiddies!
wafflesoup: oh man. Co-op mode makes thing so easy
mikialice: Coop sounds fun!
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TheGamesBlog: Let's Go Laharl and Etna versions?
PhoenixMelior: second player basically just helps you out
wujo444: NUZLOK PogChamp
wafflesoup: Sleep-locke
Foxmar320: There are so many battles its not a joke
BloodnBullets: ben, consider moving where you are on the screen?
PhoenixMelior: how about a friendlocke
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: One More... Pokemon?
PhoenixMelior: that way you can still catch everything
Umandsf: First Pokémon you see?
TheAwkes: I played he co-op mode on Sunday. You get to control a pokkerm'n in fights, and throw pokkerballs to capture the m'ns. The end.
wujo444: "will not take long" lies
mtvcdm: Pokemon is a cultist simulator right? We indoctrinate Pokemon into our cult.
Asimech: If it's the one I got today it didn't take long. It was creepily quick, tbh.
PhoenixMelior: it's like a nuzlocke but you can catch everything but you only use the first one you see (I made up the word because I thought Ben called it that in the past)
cheetoJack: LRR in general could be a cultist simulator, so anything they do fits
TXC2: come on OG music!
Noy2222: Suddenly, 3PS3s