ExachixKitsune: This mod is all-encompassing!
JoeKim: OpieOP
TXC2: ok Wow I MASSIVE audio desync on my end
Suffix: Serifina - because.
Arclight_Dynamo: 10 x 26
TemporallyAwry: "Base in a Box" if I ever saw one. If it had a bed on top that'd be all that's missing.
TheGamesBlog: Because it's amazing
SenseAmidstMadness: It turned 5 into 5
TXC2: lrrWOW
Serifina: Whyyyyy
WarlordFDC: no, not doubling, just at the same time
Jondare: Serifina I mean, nothing in this entire mod is necessary, it's just insanely powerful lategame stuff
SenseAmidstMadness: There is doubling though
WarlordFDC: but it can double with the core
mercano82: Sounds like if you put a core it it will ore double
Serifina: Not only is it huge, but it does SO MANY THINGS
Lirelent: it does double
ExachixKitsune: It does too many things
Suffix: WOW
JoeKim: this sounds game breaking
noSmokeFire: does it smelt while you're carrying it?
ExachixKitsune: Ok that's useful
TheGamesBlog: Oh baby, that's so good
Serifina: No. No no no no no THIS IS WHY I NEVER ADD THIS MOD
TXC2: it does ALL the things!
monsieur_squirrel: why have all the other stuff now?
oyleslyck: yeah, will it smelt while you carry it?
JoeKim: lol serifina
JoeKim: pls breathe
Serifina: @JoeKim NOH
SAJewers: this seems like much
Suffix: It's SO COOL
Wilcroft: Yeah, but where's the kitchen sink? Kappa
Suffix: And also entirely UNNECESSARY
Jondare: I LOVE IT
TemporallyAwry: Back in the day it was just a box that would auto-smelt what you put into it. I haven't seen it since it got this upgrade.
Arclight_Dynamo: @Serifina Okay, this thing you're feeling? It's what Serge feels when he sees your mods. Kappa
Serifina: I hate mods that exist to JUST BE OVERPOWERED and this is NOT RIGHT
Lirelent: hahahahah
Serifina: @Arclight_Dynamo Probably not even close. :p
TXC2: I mean for the VERY tippity top of the power curve maybe?
cheetoJack: Draconic Evolution: why balance when you can have everything
Arclight_Dynamo: @Serifina :D
ExachixKitsune: Serifina : What other mods do you hate?
Jondare: Again, by the time you can afford to make this thing, you're already WAY into the postgame, so being OP isn't really a consideration
RassilonDND: @phoenixmelior i totally made team chonk back in the day with raichu, snorlax, dragonite, charizard, alakhazam, and gengar
RomanGoro: How about a modpack that only has Vanilla, Big Reactors and Draconic?
Serifina: Serge.
Serifina: SERGE.
Serifina: NO.
RomanGoro: Just go from 0 to 1000
sivakrytos: see the thing that makes minecraft fun is building big things out of small pieces
PhoenixMelior: RassilonDND that's pretty chonky
Fugi: Serifina hates fun is what it is
Serifina: I hate mods that exist to be Super OP.
Serifina: @Fugi I DO NOT
Defrost: @Serifina those 2 statements don't work back to back...\
B4rberblacksheep: MEAT MEAT MEAT
thegreatwyrdling: TEETH
Nightvalien28: meat overflow
TheAinMAP: Flood!
Lirelent: meat meat meat
loglab: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:54:29.
TXC2: !findquote meat
LRRbot: Quote #2497: "Do not want damp meat." —Graham [2016-05-11]
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: "There's meat everywhere now" perfectly normal sentence
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rainbowpukingpanda: 'sup?
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Serifina: @Defrost My stance is logically consistent.
Temporal_Wolf333: Welcome to the Meat Dimension!
Suhono: The meat has been cooked
SenseAmidstMadness: lol
ExachixKitsune: sergeHeart Serge
7gorobei: storm count is at meat
Lirelent: hahaha, yea that stuff randomly teleports you
TXC2: yeap this is all fine
Gary_Number_427: This is fine.
PhoenixMelior: it's fine, they never need to sleep again
tgijbels1998: use a bucket
Serifina: I love Uno's cackling
SAJewers: katesLol
TXC2: !clip
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at
Serifina: This is why resonant ender is the best prank
RomanGoro: Uno is dying over there
B4rberblacksheep: Uno keeps pushing you! :p
Gary_Number_427: Uno is SO happy right now!
Serifina: Filling someone's base with Resonant Ender is THE BEST prank. Second place is Twilight Forest Cicadas
TheWarbo: knee: optional
B4rberblacksheep: @Serifina If you want to be a real bastard, bury them
korvys: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: NewDay Tewsday (Ben and Heather catch some mons! Game: Pokemon Let's Go Eevee) at Tue 12:00 PM PST (42s from now).
TXC2: thanks uno and Serge
TXC2: thanks for streaming James
Serifina: @B4rberblacksheep Oh, that's precisely what I mean. You hide the cicadas everywhere, buried under things
lysander1994: good streaming !
TXC2: !events
LRRbot: Want to know what's coming up? You can check it all out on the events page.
TheGamesBlog: Thanks James!
SAJewers: christmas-themed minecraft map?
Serifina: Byyyyeeee Jaaaaaaaaames
cheetoJack: time to become Fortnite streamers
B4rberblacksheep: @Serifina Have the fixed the cicadas not having directional sound?
Theycallmejokke: Bring on the pokymanz
Nightvalien28: cheetoJack no
B4rberblacksheep: Yes time for adorable Eevee!
Serifina: @B4rberblacksheep Oh. I think so. I think that was fixed a while ago.
Gary_Number_427: Bai James and Serge and Uno and chat!
B4rberblacksheep: EEVEE IS BETTER
mtvcdm: FOX FRAND
Foxmar320: The Eevee one is legit. My Eevee soloed the Elite 4
Elenodul: The best version JAMES!
TheGamesBlog: Eevee is better!
lord_wertornion: Pocket monsters?
devil_dan: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: NewDay Tewsday (Ben and Heather catch some mons! Game: Pokemon Let's Go Eevee) at Tue 12:00 PM PST (1m ago).
B4rberblacksheep: Fight me
Elenodul: EEVEE IS BEST!
B4rberblacksheep: :p
TheAinMAP: Pocket Monsters.
Barb4rian: Eevee is better
Gary_Number_427: EEVEE IS BEST
cheetoJack: #JamesIsWrong
Theycallmejokke: You can wear you tiny eevee on you head
TXC2: !discord
LRRbot: LRR has an official Discord server! You can join here:
Gen2Gengar: I side with James, for once
Piratical_tendancies: #TEAMCHOWSE!
minecraft_litty: <message deleted>sdfs
TXC2: !patreon
LRRbot: 2273 patrons for a total of $12,878.95 per month.
minecraft_litty: <message deleted>sfsfsweter
ArcOfTheConclave: Teem charzard
minecraft_litty: <message deleted>r
TheGamesBlog: #TeemEevee
Lirelent: #blameJames
BloodnBullets: #teamPikachu
TheWarbo: #Pikachowse
Lirelent: #team @Serifina
TXC2: Bye
hippitybobbity: hullo nerds
PhoenixMelior: Look, I'm here to figure out if I need to buy a Switch to play this game.
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet.
TXC2: hi hippitybobbity
Nightvalien28: hi hippity
PhoenixMelior: oh hey it's hippity again
BloodnBullets: but i just got here @TXC2 ! lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ
thegreatwyrdling: So when does Desert Bus start?
PhoenixMelior: are you on break from school or something? We never see you when you're in school :P
hippitybobbity: lol nah
TheGamesBlog: @PhoenixMelior This game is fun, but I don't know that I'd buy a switch JUST for Let's Go
hippitybobbity: I was just reminded of everyone in here by the bus de deserte
PhoenixMelior: TheGamesBlog Octopath Traveler and Super Mario Odyssey also make me want to get one
TheGamesBlog: Octopath is really good too
PhoenixMelior: i've been waiting for a tipping point for a while
TheGamesBlog: I still haven't played Odyssey yet
hippitybobbity: i would love a switch
PhoenixMelior: i've played a little bit of Odyssey and I like it
hippitybobbity: most interesting machine out there atm
Theycallmejokke: So is it the true that the new game doesn't have pokybattles?
FurthestChunk55: you only fight trainers, no wild battles
TheGamesBlog: There are still trainer battles, but instead of fighting wild ones, you have the catching mechanic from pokemon go
hippitybobbity: sweet
PhoenixMelior: BUT
FurthestChunk55: wild encounters use PoGo's mechanics
PhoenixMelior: you get EXP from catching pokemon
hippitybobbity: that's so goooood
PhoenixMelior: and you can still turn them into mulch
Theycallmejokke: Ah so there are battles, just not out in the wild, thanks :)
TXC2: how then do you train your mons?
hippitybobbity: Trainer battles are the best bit
GrandLlamaQ: Anyone want a slightly used immortal soul in exchange for LGP?
PhoenixMelior: txc2 you get exp from catching mons
Jondare: TXC2 XP from catching random mons, PoGo style
FurthestChunk55: catching pokemon gets EXP, yes, and you get more EXP for the more catches of a specific species in a row you do
Jondare: And from battling trainers
Earthenone: !advice
LRRbot: Never hit F11.
Dared00: So much stuff in Let's Go is streamlined, they've fixed so much annoyances, it's amazing
FurthestChunk55: you can go to town on experience by chaining a bajillion pidgeys
PhoenixMelior: chat helped alleviate most of my fears earlier, but I just want to see what it's like
TXC2: Title change!
FurthestChunk55: and then you grind them into candy, which is the most OP thing around because you can just straight up... add 200 to every stat
cheetoJack: !
PhoenixMelior: I still need to SEE it
hippitybobbity: ! next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: NewDay Tewsday (Ben and Heather catch some mons! Game: Pokemon Let's Go Eevee) at Tue 12:00 PM PST (6m ago).
FurthestChunk55: phoenix the eevee is too cute
FurthestChunk55: i am powerless against it
Jondare: PhoenixMelior It's SO GOD DAMN CUTE
PhoenixMelior: if it melts my cold heart (I think skeletons are cute) then I may have to get a switch
TheGamesBlog: It is super cute!
FurthestChunk55: you can BOOP THE CHEEKS on your eevee
WizardZedd: One thing I don't fully get about the new Pokemon...Since you don't fight wild pokemon, and you don't get money from them, isn't the amount of xp you can get limited by the number of pokeballs you get/can buy? Like, it seems like you could theoretically run out at some point, with no way to get more. Which means no more XP for your pokemon...
Jondare: Like, they could have made the rest of the game utter shite, but i would still buy it just to be able to pet my beautiful little Evee buddy and have it ride my head
hippitybobbity: oh man that's a good place to boop
Theycallmejokke: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
TheAinMAP: katesAir
Elenodul: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
PhoenixMelior: WizardZedd this is basically my only remaining concern as well
FurthestChunk55: in some areas, you can find a bloke that gives out pokeballs if you're running low
SenseAmidstMadness: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL again
cheetoJack: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
FurthestChunk55: and trainers do give you pokeballs in addition to money
Dared00: @WizardZedd you get free pokeballs from trainer battles
hippitybobbity: you never got money from wild pokemon tho
FurthestChunk55: it's real hard to run low
PhoenixMelior: FurthestChunk55 ohhhh that's pretty good
BloodnBullets: Bengineering played some lets go on stream yesterday if people want to check out the VOD
TheGamesBlog: @WizardZedd There are npcs who will give you free pokeballs if you run out, and there are several npcs who will give you daily quests or pearls/nuggets to sell for doing small tasks for them
PhoenixMelior: trainers giving you balls
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Today Heather and Ben attempt not to melt into a puddle from sheer cuteness! It's time for Pokemon Let's Go! | 📷 ||
FurthestChunk55: oh yeah, and in Mt. Moon and the underground tunnels, dropped items respawn daily
hippitybobbity: oh wait I thought they were trashing FO76 today
WizardZedd: Oh, interesting. Hmm.
FurthestChunk55: so you can find nuggets like every day
PhoenixMelior: ohh so they've rewarded players for playing every day
Theycallmejokke: It's a countdown-a-mon it's charging it's special move
cheetoJack: hippitybobbity thats tomorrow on CTS
PhoenixMelior: okay, this sounds better than expected
Earthenone: trashing fo76 is on CTS
DarkMorford: Yay, lunch stream
hippitybobbity: coolio
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ExachixKitsune: o/ DarkMorford Good work on DB
FurthestChunk55: also, if you're playing with the game out of the dock, when petting your starter, you can give them a hairdo
DarkMorford: Thanks!
FurthestChunk55: you need to use the touchscreen because you need multiple fingers
Sliderzz: Hey! Who is going to be playing?
FurthestChunk55: pikachu with an afro is great
FurthestChunk55: ben and heather
PhoenixMelior: they're playing eevee
Sliderzz: sweet
PhoenixMelior: eevee with a mohawk...
Theycallmejokke: 10 seconds HYPE!
FurthestChunk55: veehawk is strong
mikialice: I am excited for this stream - also hai chat
FurthestChunk55: also, the eevee has the anime's VA
TXC2: hello mikialice welcome
hippitybobbity: alright then, have fun with the pokey'd mons, I gotta see a man about a thing
PhoenixMelior: oh good
FurthestChunk55: so it's going to be going BUIIIIIII
Asimech: Yeah, I've got a mohawk on mine as well b/c obs.
PhoenixMelior: the anime eevee voice was too good
TXC2: Here we GO!
mikialice: Thanks @txc2 PokPikachu
TheGamesBlog: Let's Go!
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: Let's go!
FurthestChunk55: and pikachu is obviously voiced by ikue
TheAinMAP: Hello.
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androgyknits: ayyyyyyy so many months! v excited to pet an Eevee!!!
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FurthestChunk55: as ikue cannot be prised from that role
wujo444: Let's Go!
Noy2222: Let's Go Muk!
TXC2: Hello Ben and Heather
e_bloc: distinct lack of female representation in that intro
noSmokeFire: what?? that's beather's music!
TheElrad: Lies, lies and slander
FurthestChunk55: HI BEN
FurthestChunk55: HI HEATHER
Armstrong11139: Swallowed up by the subocean...
SenseAmidstMadness: lrrSPOOP
Theycallmejokke: Spoops!
UlranQentba: Hi!
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HopPoleStudios: Welcome back all after Desert Bus! Good to see the Pokemon fans doing the Pokemans!! 21 MONTHS!??!?
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Rhynerd: They had their turns, now it yours!
Rhynerd: Greetings!
PhoenixMelior: e_bloc it's a six pack o' digs (or however many of them there were)
Theycallmejokke: Burn!
noSmokeFire: burnt!
KV1NN4: lunarj1Heart
PhoenixMelior: lrrWOW
Barb4rian: Oh deep cuts
Sliderzz: Ben, you're a national treasure
BloodnBullets: there was a horrible desert accident, and they were never seen again.
Gen2Gengar: CurseLit CurseLit CurseLit CurseLit
Psychic_Ketchup: Daaaaaamn
Vivid_Soul: lrrAWESOME
mtvcdm: Ouch
WarIocktopus: I'm really curious what this game actually looks like, i might get it if it's good
PhoenixMelior: HA! You better have BURN HEAL!
fireiceair1989: lrrWOW
NimrodXIV: CurseLit
Earthenone: CurseLit CurseLit CurseLit CurseLit
Armstrong11139: Why don't you tell us how you really feel?
TheOtherTrevor: lrrWOW
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B4rberblacksheep: 13 months, just like how long it's been since I've seen LRR go live.. I think.. when was DB again?
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Psychic_Ketchup: A subsidiary of Hodor's House of Lies
TXC2: PhoenixMelior gonna need a max restor for that one
cheetoJack: is that bad?
Elenodul: Quick Ben and Hodor! Name my Skiddo for my nuzlocke!
korvys: Can't wait to see Ben rip on Ben, my favourite
Traion: Hey Ben, hey Hodor!
TheElrad: James has brought Ben ice cream?
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Laogeodritt: It's my 10000th month anniversary! Yes, that is a binary joke.
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TheOtherTrevor: Tuesday
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thatliamanthony: WOW! 11 Months. Has it really been so long? Feels like yesterday it was new years day and I was subscribing for the first time.
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Laogeodritt: Hey Ben, Hodor! Hope your leg's doing OK, Ben.
PhoenixMelior: lrrDILLY
mikialice: Nice to see you both, Ben and Heather (hope leg is okay Ben)
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wafflesoup: Do you guys have Black Friday sales up there?
mtvcdm: HAHAHAHA
Laogeodritt: James is now the Moonbase dessert man. XD
NarishmaReborn: group pressure!
RechargeableFrenchman: Oh Spider-man is sooo good
Traion: hahahaha
TXC2: wafflesoup we get them here in UK now
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NimrodXIV: Ben is injured, he needs hot chocolate!
mikialice: Hot choc sounds good
cheetoJack: I actually already picked up a $200 (US) PS4 with Spiderman from a deal that popped up on Sunday
TheGamesBlog: James, drive the dessert bus
ExachixKitsune: Black friday is everywhere =/
Earthenone: if this was bens home stream i would expect a cute fanart of eevee drinking hot chocolate to show up
PhoenixMelior: Heather, Ben, I love you and I love your subs. But I NEED to see this Eevee
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Fizzicist13: Where is Let's Go Raichu?!?
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mikialice: Definitely! @earthenone
PsybrnetiCToasT: are there any deals on ps4 pro happening?
Foxmar320: Hey Ben and Heather
TXC2: wheres lets go Scizor?
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spicydungus: hi
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BloodnBullets: Another desert bus down, I'll be on 27 months for the next one!
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puls3evo: 5-0 to Eevee flip!
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Foxmar320: My Eevee soloed the Elite 4 so yeah who needs evolved forms.
rendelnep: or lets go sentret...
HavenJunde: hey Ben, hey Hodor :D
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WonderfulGlory: Y'all are doing a great job, can't wait to see some number of you at PAX Unplugged.
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TXC2: hello HavenJunde welcome
wujo444: 20% battery :>
Foxmar320: I do
HavenJunde: @TXC2 how goes?
SenseAmidstMadness: Charge Your Phone!
FurthestChunk55: so are we continuing with Ben's save?
PhoenixMelior: wujo444 it's charging, thankfully
TXC2: HavenJunde it goes
PhoenixMelior: cheetoJack YES
Earthenone: co op?!
mtvcdm: This is Heather's copy.
PhoenixMelior: you can play with kiddies!
wafflesoup: oh man. Co-op mode makes thing so easy
mikialice: Coop sounds fun!
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TheGamesBlog: Let's Go Laharl and Etna versions?
PhoenixMelior: second player basically just helps you out
wujo444: NUZLOK PogChamp
wafflesoup: Sleep-locke
Foxmar320: There are so many battles its not a joke
BloodnBullets: ben, consider moving where you are on the screen?
PhoenixMelior: how about a friendlocke
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: One More... Pokemon?
PhoenixMelior: that way you can still catch everything
Umandsf: First Pokémon you see?
TheAwkes: I played he co-op mode on Sunday. You get to control a pokkerm'n in fights, and throw pokkerballs to capture the m'ns. The end.
wujo444: "will not take long" lies
mtvcdm: Pokemon is a cultist simulator right? We indoctrinate Pokemon into our cult.
Asimech: If it's the one I got today it didn't take long. It was creepily quick, tbh.
PhoenixMelior: it's like a nuzlocke but you can catch everything but you only use the first one you see (I made up the word because I thought Ben called it that in the past)
cheetoJack: LRR in general could be a cultist simulator, so anything they do fits
TXC2: come on OG music!
Noy2222: Suddenly, 3PS3s
thirsty_kitteh: Did you not learn from the Ballard of Paul?
Izhuark: :3
PhoenixMelior: AHH
cheetoJack: GIVE IT PETS
FurthestChunk55: so what even is Game Freak's logo?
Izhuark: too cute
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: Oh i just realized that room is the room you start the game in
KV1NN4: too cute too cuuute too cute!
TheGamesBlog: Aww, such sweetness
mikialice: Ohhhh I want it
pyalamode: Need to get into the 8th wall
Piratical_tendancies: lrrAWESOME
cuttlefishman: Italian
cuttlefishman: play in Italian
Noy2222: Dude, spoilers
GrandLlamaQ: Seriously, I will trade my soul for this game. Any takers?
Foxmar320: Are you positive?
CrazymattCaptain: will we die of cuteness?
Laogeodritt: huh, they wrote にほんご in hiragana. Very obviously aimed to young kids. XD
TXC2: HI Oak
PhoenixMelior: Oak looks real weird
cuttlefishman: Dr. Oak is so cute
BloodnBullets: headphone users beware, squeals of cuteness incoming!
Theycallmejokke: Oak!
TheGamesBlog: @PhoenixMelior Has your heart melted yet?
Izhuark: cool pokémonolodgy !
LetsConsider: @GrandLlamaQ how much is your soul worth?
cuttlefishman: Is Dr. Oak a timelord
404HopeNotFound: We're in the TV world now.
PhoenixMelior: TheGamesBlog not yet
pyalamode: It's mochi!
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Animekitty93: A cute game with cute people! Long live Mochi! lrrHEART
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Earthenone: and a hairy psyduck
Theycallmejokke: Oak is a Hollywood vampire, confirmed
Foxmar320: I love hit Not iPad
TXC2: weird flex, but OK Kappa
PhoenixMelior: HODOR
Scarbble: hi ben! hi heather!
cheetoJack: I'm Prof. Oak! I eat the souls of Pokemon to extend my own lifespan!
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Earthenone: pride69 storm count Nice.
FurthestChunk55: ben are you going to tell heather about onix
Robot_Bones: Kevin
mtvcdm: GLOB!!!!
Theycallmejokke: Turnip
wujo444: that Nintendo customisation options OpieOP
Elenodul: Turnip
Piratical_tendancies: Turnip
Earthenone: Hodor!!!!!!!
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: Beather?
Jondare: Oh ben, remember to move the facecams if possible, so we can see the moves in battle @LoadingReadyRun
Izhuark: #blamejames
Barb4rian: Turnip
Lizardon28: Turnip
TXC2: Turnip
TheElrad: Hodorgeneering?
TheGamesBlog: Turnip
cuttlefishman: Turnip
TrueThorn: Tulip?
OmnipotentTrevor: Hen
Dared00: GOAAAAT
Psychic_Ketchup: GOAT!!!!!
KV1NN4: Goat!!!!!!!!!!
drcanonball: Bendor
KirbySliver: Turnip
Dared00: GOAT!!!!!!
PhoenixMelior: lrrGOAT
Thandres: just popping in: the game is soooooo cute :D
StrawberryUtopia: Goat
caffeinated_kitty: benginHey
strgrv: can we name the starter "Chat"?
wafflesoup: James Turner works at Pokemon Co
WarIocktopus: is that all character custumization?
Piratical_tendancies: friend goat
asddsa28: yay goat!!!!!!
Animekitty93: lrrGOAT lrrGOAT
noSmokeFire: Greatest of all time!
PhoenixMelior: GOAT!!!!!!!!
thirsty_kitteh: Wooo, the return of GOAT!!!!!!
cuttlefishman: Ben, levels
Dared00: GOAT!!!!!! is back, everyone!
mtvcdm: GOAT!!!!!!!!!
underhill33: lrrGOAT lrrGOAT lrrGOAT
devil_dan: Hello, I am professor Oak. Are you a boy or a girl? I can't tell.
Laogeodritt: Hahaha
SenseAmidstMadness: goat!
Izhuark: so edgy
TXC2: the GOAT!!!! of all time
Animekitty93: I'm so here for this :D
noSmokeFire: Gory
Rhynerd: Your name is GOAT!!!!!!?
wujo444: Sheep :>
FurthestChunk55: name the rival JamesTurner
Lizardon28: Can he be Turnip?
cheetoJack: Pual?
RatekStormcrow: Not Gary
BITs19_: turnip
Earthenone: BEEJ
cuttlefishman: DEER??????
underhill33: Dennis
Barb4rian: Turnip?
SenseAmidstMadness: This is why he's paul
Dared00: SHEEP!!!!!
TrueThorn: "Not Gary"
TheElrad: James Turner?
mtvcdm: sheep......
TheGamesBlog: Buttface
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niivvy: pokemon....more like uhh...jokemon
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thirsty_kitteh: Don't you mean "PAUL!!!!!!" ?
KV1NN4: !!!!!!!!!!!PAUL
Laogeodritt: A name that demands being shielded from the mic, lest headphone users suffer
devil_dan: Jerkface
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: "I'll fight Paul" - Bengineering
mikialice: Our frienemy
kumatsu: Put Paul in Smash, you cowards
cuttlefishman: PAUL???????
BloodnBullets: first serge, now paul
BITs19_: what about "..."
OmnipotentTrevor: I am uncomfortable with the amount of sparkles behind this rival on screen
Rhynerd: How about Pual?
NarishmaReborn: Paul too strong must be nerfed
Jondare: At least it's not his grandson this time, so its a little more fair that he can't remember the name
OmnipotentTrevor: All caps Paul
Brasspots: !!!!!!!!TAOG
Robot_Bones: rival in this game is also thirsty on main
TheWarbo: !paul
Morendur: @LoadingReadyRun If you click on the capslock twice, won't it lock? it looks like it has a dot there to indicate as such
ExachixKitsune: GOAT!!!!!! vs PAUL!!!!!!
TXC2: not just Paul, it;s PAUL!!!!!!
cuttlefishman: Is anyone else in the moonbase right now?
wujo444: paul
PhoenixMelior: wow he looks NOTHING like Gary
cuttlefishman: Are you okay to be yelling?
GrandLlamaQ: @LetsConsider $59.99 plus tax?
Animekitty93: This is so cute and it hurts
PhoenixMelior: cuttlefishman just James
Jondare: Oh god, will Paul come running at some point because he thinks you're yelling fo him? xD
Izhuark: We go through a tevee
noSmokeFire: he's not wrong
VoidByAnyOtherName: omg this really is too cute
DarkMorford: We Persona 4 now?
cuttlefishman: Nobody important then @PhoenixMelior
jacey0002: Pokeception
Robot_Bones: its Persona!
OmnipotentTrevor: Eevee can't let the attention stray from it too long. Like a cat
LetsConsider: @GrandLlamaQ Retail, or second hand?
Barb4rian: Consider you hands!
TheWarbo: a system of cathode ray tubes?
TXC2: huh we have a swich in universe
GrandLlamaQ: Well, it IS slightly used so...
TheGamesBlog: Why are the walls melting?
StrawberryUtopia: Just a system of tubes. Cathode ray tubes.
SenseAmidstMadness: Bengineering can yell GOAT if he wants to
Earthenone: that is such a bad place for the tv
Asimech: "These are like tentacles, but with *bones* in them."
Rytel: I don’t even care how many exclamation points there are I just want to hug the Eevee
GrandLlamaQ: @LetsConsider Slightly used, so second-hand
PhoenixMelior: txc2 yeah that's a common trope in pokemon games
Laurreth: "My hands are huuuuuge, and they can touch everything except themselves. ... oooooooh."
laskotheking: Greetings to Hodor and Traitor!
silenceaux: I'm so bussed up...
Armstrong11139: (Eevee appears on screen) GOAT!!!!!, you must remember your calling
CrazymattCaptain: poke all the things!!
Animekitty93: That nostalgia hurts
FurthestChunk55: the decor in every house is incredible
BloodnBullets: its a weird place to have your TV
mtvcdm: Once again we send a 10-ish-year-old out to battle creatures that are as gods.
cuttlefishman: I think that's a cubone on the calendar?
NarishmaReborn: Well, except the TV facing a wall with no seat
InkyGhoast: Are we going to pet more eevees!?
FurthestChunk55: that's NOT how paul sounds, ben
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PhoenixMelior: lrrSLOTH
frozenphoenix7: The calendar has one of those OG Gen 1 party member sprites.
noSmokeFire: just like paul!
rendelnep: I think the calendar had a missingno.
wicker_knight: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 15:16.
Animekitty93: Best Paul impression ever
Robot_Bones: this is why hes paul!!!!!!!!!!!
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Piratical_tendancies: CUTIE EEVEES!!
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frozenphoenix7: The ones that like nidoking and Kangkaskhan had.
OmnipotentTrevor: That's such a Paul move
PhoenixMelior: pillow fort?
TXC2: yea thats an OG cubone pic on the calander
PendelSteven: 'Ello
TheWarbo: #blamepaul
TheAinMAP: I can see a Desert Bus challenge next year that has Ben singing a song in his "Paul" voice.
Psychic_Ketchup: lrrSLOTH indeed
PendelSteven: Ey, that poster is from the opening of orignal Gen I
TXC2: #ThanksPaul
Animekitty93: Holy crap TXC2 it is :)
Izhuark: si slick
rendelnep: they all look like missingno. from a oblique angle lrrBEEJ
frozenphoenix7: Do you need to know how to catch pokemon? You already know? Well, let me show you anyway.
noSmokeFire: giovanni's a square boi
PendelSteven: Brock, Misty...
Animekitty93: This is so great, gods I miss OG pokemon
TXC2: lets go eeve us blue, not red
jacey0002: Who's that Pokemon trainer?
TXC2: *is
Lex_Peacekeeper: whats the Eevee's name is going to be?
Earthenone: thats the sign of a good anime, you can tell the characters by their silhouettes
PhoenixMelior: Eevee = Turnip
DemonicUrge: isn't the 3th gymleader called surge? OpieOP
Animekitty93: TXC2 What's the difference?
Kitsune241: Looks like they're using Sabrina's classic design, so much better than the yoga instructor new one.
TXC2: Animekitty93 theres version exculsives
FreshPrinceOfBeleren: Ben I love your voices. katesLol
GrandLlamaQ: My dream: A pokemon game where I get to open my own gym.
GrandLlamaQ: Oh!
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SchalaKitty: More Cute Pokemon Times with Good, Good People lrrHEART
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PendelSteven: Oh, Pallet Town
mikialice: Ben voices are the best
thirsty_kitteh: @Animekitty93 katesHug2
TXC2: dont forget to get the town map Kappa
thirsty_kitteh: Miki! katesHug2
Animekitty93: thirsty_kitteh sergeHeart
mtvcdm: We live literally just behind the lab.
PhoenixMelior: that makes perfect sense, Ben
Psychic_Ketchup: HAhahaha
TXC2: "if"
InkyGhoast: quick call beej
FurthestChunk55: that aide is staring at a gosh dang potted plant
Animekitty93: Suuuuure Japanese
GrandLlamaQ: Dear Drs. Heather & Ben: If you could open your own Pokemon Gym, what would your gym type be?
Laogeodritt squint
HavenJunde: thats not japanese...
mtvcdm: Casual Pokemon theft
PendelSteven: It looks like Japanese, but I wonder if it is real Japanese
Armstrong11139: Nah, I tried. The characters *look* a lot like kana, but they don't actually read as anything
Laogeodritt: I mean, some of those kinda look vaguely like kana?
chi7891: lol Ben’s friend is Serge lol
Zyme86: This is just pokemon yellow
LonelyTex: benginOmg
FurthestChunk55: like seriously, there's an aide staring at the wall, and there's an aide staring at a potted plant
noSmokeFire: "my good pidgeys"
TheGamesBlog: I can walk through grass with no pokemon. No pokemon. No pokemon.
PendelSteven: Simultious flapping their wings
FurthestChunk55: at least there's one person looking at the books
Animekitty93: yes!
InkyGhoast: eat your hamburgers apollo
PendelSteven: 🥇 for the birds
frozenphoenix7: Drying Pan
FurthestChunk55: i'll use this frying pan... as a DRYING PAN!
LonelyTex: LUL
Mowdownjoe: Damn you 4kids
Armstrong11139: Volcano Bakemeat is the one true Pokemon delicacy
Ukon_vasara: who else could think to turn a trusty frying pan into a drying pan
tyrew0rm: 3-d kanto is amazing, I still want a poke-mmo
Animekitty93: Ahhhhh!
FreshPrinceOfBeleren: I'm dying of laughter! slytqLOL
FurthestChunk55: BUI BUI BUIIII
noSmokeFire: it's so smoll
underhill33: :3
splatty1: eeeeeeeeeee
VoidByAnyOtherName: did ben get eevee version too?
rendelnep: Does the kitchen have a Drying pan?
cheetoJack: did it just say hello?!
OmnipotentTrevor: Punch the Eevee
TXC2: life has new meaning to me!
PhoenixMelior: Buii!
Izhuark: nah eevee is pretty rare iirc
Animekitty93: Soooo many Rattata
SenseAmidstMadness: BEST JAMES
NimrodXIV: lrrHEART James
NarishmaReborn: based James
Izhuark: #thanksjames
mtvcdm: Thank you James!
PhoenixMelior: Eevee is James!
Animekitty93: lrrHEART James
Psychic_Ketchup: James is best James
Rhynerd: Thanks, James!
wicker_knight: I mean, this is now Jamesee
BITs19_: right, that's our eevee names
FurthestChunk55: oh no
NexusVoxx: james for ever
caffeinated_kitty: I'm going to be cracking up everytime Ben reads GOAT!!! or PAUL!!! :D
Morendur: oh no...... lol
Piratical_tendancies: Best James
ZakAmetyst: Thank you, James!
Zyme86: #blamejames?
Armstrong11139: Pokemon Let's Go Jameslocke
Laogeodritt: Jaaaaames, where's chat's hot chocolate? =(
r_craddz: Im suprised no Paul appearance since they keep shouting Paul
Theycallmejokke: Jamse-a-mon
KirbySliver: lrrHEART lrrHEART
TheGamesBlog: What a sweet boy, that James
noSmokeFire: this is furryjames, this is birdjames, this is burntjames...
FreshPrinceOfBeleren: Hey Kathleen!
ZakAmetyst: Hi Kathleen!
NexusVoxx: what does kathleen have to name after james?
Rhynerd: James the Eevee,James the Pidgey
TXC2: it's an eating Coffee Ben Kappa
CptMurphey: james is such a good boy
TheAinMAP: 1 James, 2 James, Red James, Blue James.
Asimech: So is Eevee "Veejames" or just "James"?
VoidByAnyOtherName: james is actually 3 pokemons in a trenchcoat Kappa
Rhynerd: Live Jameserously?
SchalaKitty: Will it be stuff like Fluffy James and Flappy Jame?
Lex_Peacekeeper: so all pokemon will be called "nightbook"?
coopdawg_22: Pokémon let’s go James
Earthenone: tepid chocolate
Asimech: Or "Actually James"?
cuttlefishman: Ben, confirmed monster
InkyGhoast: chocolate milk?
noSmokeFire: Jimothy
Animekitty93: No Serge is a monster :D
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: I like your nails Ben~
PhoenixMelior: yay we got a James!
malfunct: Does Serge's no microwave coffee rule apply to hot coco?
SenseAmidstMadness: Kathleen, when things are cold, you can make them hot again with a magical box called a microwave
noSmokeFire: *james ball
TheElrad: Nightbook
Animekitty93: Wut?!
cheetoJack: PhoenixMelior I think it'll be a JAMES!!!!!!!
TheAinMAP: Meep Meep.
Animekitty93: Yes! Nightbook!
cuttlefishman: Did we capture Sonic
wujo444: aaaand it's gone
Theycallmejokke: And James the Eevee was born
Earthenone: we caught Sanic?
Dezufnocosem: we got a live one bois!
noSmokeFire: it's Hammond
wicker_knight: It is suffering. Trying to escape lrrSPOOP
BloodnBullets: damn it james!
Laogeodritt: This game. So cute.
Rhynerd: Sonic the James
Noy2222: I'd like to introduce you to this year's Pokeball. We made some changes...
PandasAndPancakes: This is very OG cartoon Pikachu
sir_jack_DB: that dead-eyed stare
PhoenixMelior: hang on a moment, there was only two pokeballs before
Barb4rian: Soo @LoadingReadyRun Is this actually just Pokemon Red with switch graphics upgrades? Cause if so, I need it...
coelopteryx: "now it's a voltorb" that's exactly what ben's reaction to it was yesterday heheh
Animekitty93: :D
Rhynerd: Wait, would we allowed to named one of the Pokemon Normalcy?
rendelnep: james, jim j4ames jam3s jame5 j@mes
PhoenixMelior: so wait, one's Eevee, one's Pikachu, what's the third one?
TXC2: Barb4rian yes and no
malfunct: Oak doesn't catch pokemon, he sends the village children out to do that work for him.
Krimarie: Why is everyone naming their character goat?
PendelSteven: It's a Mewtwo :P
wujo444: are we 100% sure that Eevee didn't have rabbies?
PandasAndPancakes: Barb4rian Closer to Yellow, but no random battles and some other changes.
Barb4rian: @TXC2 Cryptic. Whats different?
Animekitty93: Who's that Pokemon?! It's Eevee!!
Kitsune241: Fun Fact: Eevee is voiced by Aoi Yuuki, who anime watchers might know as Froppy and/or Madoka.
Rhynerd: @Krimarie did somebody other than Hodor name their character Goat this week?
mtvcdm: There!
Gallium71: lrrGOAT
TXC2: Barb4rian theres no wild battles
BloodnBullets: swiper no swiping!
Barb4rian: Oh ok. Well I liked Yellow alot, still have a copy
CrazymattCaptain: it's one of the ones in the machine on the left
WizardZedd: Wait...I always thought the Pokemon were kind of de-materialized while in the ball. But if the ball is jumping and rolling around...does that mean the Eevee is actually...physically smushed inside in the ball? ;x
Animekitty93: Oh gods it's so CUTE!
Jondare: IT'S SO CUTE
KV1NN4: aaaaaaaaaaaaa
PhoenixMelior: OH NOOOOO
PendelSteven: Who or who? No, I don't know either, @Rhynerd
MadWaltz: Get Charmander, the game rolls the credits
Animekitty93: I'm going to cry!!!!
InkyGhoast: teh paw waves!
mtvcdm: Hi, James!
VoidByAnyOtherName: ohhhhhhmaiiiiiiiiiigawwwwwwwww
Yondaime233: go grab that firestone now Kappa
noSmokeFire: the MC in this is much less of a distressing mannequin than the one in S&M, huh
GrandLlamaQ: Thanks. Thanks. Now I have Diabetes. SEE WHAT YOU DID?
VoidByAnyOtherName: it's so cute
Rhynerd: @PendelSteven I can't think of anyone either.
wicker_knight: @WizardZedd don't...don't think about it. It's best not to think about. lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR only dreams now
VoidByAnyOtherName: i'm going to die
Toshar: I WANT 12!!!!!!
Jondare: PhoenixMelior Is your heart sufficiently melted yet? Cause this is just getting started xD
UlranQentba: Foxes are better
PendelSteven: electric mouse more though
cheetoJack: ok how long until we get to give Eevee some pats
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Schedule change for this evening. | Talking Simulator is no longer happening, will update if anything is added in its place. ||
PhoenixMelior: Jondare I'm barely holding out
PendelSteven: nope, you can't evolve your partner
dreaving: "fox"
MadWaltz: Your cool fox thing can turn into an electric fox thing even
Asimech: For me it's floof v. orb, and Pikachu's no Rowlet.
Gen2Gengar: Eevee isn't a fox though, Vulpix is a fox
Animekitty93: That's why Silver was my Jam!
LonelyTex: lrrGOAT
TheElrad: Nightbook
Animekitty93: Nightbook!
noSmokeFire: Jimothy!
Izhuark: #thanksjames
TXC2: ah poo, no talking sim
Theycallmejokke: James one
PhoenixMelior: JAMES!!!!!!!
wujo444: how is a furball better than something that can fry you with thunderbolt?
tyrew0rm: FluffyJames
BITs19_: nono, JAMES!!!!!
LonelyTex: hahahaha
Forgebold: I'm honestly so glad they're actually paying attention to facial expressions this time, I hated my trainer's nightmare smile in Moon
ReydienOnline: xXxJamesxXx
WizardZedd: James + Eevee = Jeeves?
TheWarbo: Name it "Turner"
wicker_knight: James Fluffer
PhoenixMelior: oh even better
TXC2: and it wasn't weird before Ben?
PhoenixMelior: James???????
Rhynerd: How about Nighbook?
Rytel: Alolan Raichu is wonderful, but we ain’t in Alola so Eevee it is
RatekStormcrow: Hodor never backs down ...
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: ohhhhh man it's Pokemon times!
InkyGhoast: Name him Meep Meep
FaultyMidget: Flawless!
VoodontWoW: Pet me and you get ice cream.
Psychic_Ketchup: We're gonna feed James so many razz berries
PhoenixMelior: what's the third one!
chi7891: Call it BEEJ!
Animekitty93: It's totally a Mew
wicker_knight: @Rytel you can get some Alolan versions of these pokemon
CrazymattCaptain: just a ditto
Barb4rian: Articuno
wicker_knight: in-game I mean
Rhynerd: The adventure of GOAT!!!!!! and James??????
MadWaltz: The third one is a pokeball shaped rock
Riandisa: Missingno
Brasspots: Blue eyes white dragon?
PendelSteven: James?????? is a normal type pokémon, so its normal attacks do 1.5 x the damage
Dared00: It's a Mewthree, a brand new Pokemon
CaphalorTV: @PhoenixMelior Bulbasaur
malfunct: How do you get the Mew out of your pokeball?
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: good afternoon guys!
silenceaux: Hello Uncle from Jackie Chan?
Gallium71: Columbo'ed
Kerrisis: =P
TXC2: hello ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews welcome
noSmokeFire: "I'm too old." period
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: take this Lifecrafter's Bestiary :3
PhoenixMelior: Kerrisis gaming is serious business
Animekitty93: Don't shuck your responsibilities on us!!
InkyGhoast: oh wow oak has a tea pot on his desk
mtvcdm: Here, young child do my paperwork
InkyGhoast: that's a cute detail
DarkMorford: Big Dex Energy!
Erudite_Cynic: Here is your Pipboy and a 10mm pistol!
Animekitty93: DarkMorford lrrWOW
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: "you're a grad student now, go collect me some field data"
PendelSteven: It's theatre, go with it
wicker_knight: @mtvcdm congratulations on your new research internships
coelopteryx: this protag, more than any other pokemon protagonist before, is like The Most Prodigy Savant at being a pokemon trainer
mtvcdm: You received The cloud!
PhoenixMelior: Ben that would ruin the very spirit of JRPGs lrrBEEJ
OmnipotentTrevor: At this point the pokedex should be a high tech contact lens or something
noSmokeFire: what if I dream of conquest?
Robot_Bones: Ben really pulling out the mermaid man voice for professor Oak
silenceaux: Oak trying his darnest to live vicariously through the local youth
ritchards: Now Kiss!!!!
Theycallmejokke: The Pokédex have cloaking caperblilties
Izhuark: i want magic pocket of holdings :o
PhoenixMelior: now it's time to battle right?
CrazymattCaptain: that bag on one shoulder looks annoying
Earthenone: @noSmokeFire there is a pokemon nobunaga game for you!
PhoenixMelior: smell ya later!
Lizardon28: At this point he should just tell you to download a pokedex app
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: I adore the Rotomdex in Sun/Moon. I want more than anything to be best friends with Rotom and so a Rotom Pokedex is a dream come true.
TXC2: No battle? Booo!
Animekitty93: So I'm assuming this only has the original 150 Pokemon?
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parliament27: hi friends!
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InkyGhoast: just name every pokemone y ou send to the profesor James and we keep all the not-James
NarishmaReborn: James???? James!!!! James@@@@ and Nightbook
TXC2: Animekitty93 yeap
jacey0002: The prof deserves to be disappointed, making children collect data from forcing animals to fight.
Ukon_vasara: swiper no swiping BabyRage
PhoenixMelior: Eevee follows you!
Animekitty93: Sweeeet
ReydienOnline: start a binary numbering system with the punctuation marks? JAMES???????, JAMES??????!, JAMES?????!?
LambMower: If you put a bucket on Oak's head he will lose sightline and you can steal anything in the room without him seeing
silenceaux: Is there another iconic 1st gen pokemon that's not a starter...?
mtvcdm: Now off to gather James and the Stubbletones.
Rhynerd: And xxJamesXX
Theycallmejokke: How do we put it on our head
silenceaux: Maybe it's just a rattata
Earthenone: 150 and nutto right?
OmnipotentTrevor: Name the next one Jayms
VoidByAnyOtherName: JamesBabyRage
PhoenixMelior: oh we're going to get underlevelled
LonelyTex: Yeah...
PandasAndPancakes: Does Nuzlocke work with this?
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: are we going to spend the entire time testing out the different running animations for the different Pokemon, right? because that is the correct option
InkyGhoast: Oh we nuzlocking?
PhoenixMelior: ah well, that's half the challenge
LonelyTex: You can solo it with your starter
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TrueTransSoulAlesha: is it nuzlocke time?
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Animekitty93: Please don't nuzlock!
wafflesoup: and co-op makes it even easier
Earthenone: your rival is a lieutentant now?!
Laogeodritt: Is this basically just a cute, cel-shaded 3D version of Pokémon Yellow?
Animekitty93: Noooo
Umandsf: Like...every Pokémon game?
dreaving: can't exp w/o catching
VoodontWoW: Don't kill James!
PendelSteven: @Laogeodritt with modern sensibilites and more catch-focus
PendelSteven: but yeah
Rhynerd: Would calling one (inter)Net Celeb(rity) count as naming a pokemon after James?
Laogeodritt: ahh, okay.
silenceaux: Well it's a map of other towns
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: we need to evolve an Electrode just to get the giant Electrode rolling along the path behind you.
Animekitty93: :D
LonelyTex: LOL
wujo444: LUL
FreshPrinceOfBeleren: katesLol
Animekitty93: LOL
NimrodXIV: LOL
PhoenixMelior: clip it
Theycallmejokke: :D
wafflesoup: LUL
mtvcdm: !clip
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at
TXC2: !clips
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at
Psychic_Ketchup: Hahaha
Laogeodritt: Well, this is still awesome for kids. I loved having Pikachu as an overworld companion in Yellow at the time.
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Vivid_Soul: lrrAWESOME
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Zu_o: A Bensprout you mean?
PhoenixMelior: you can catch Bellsprout on Route 1?!
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: oh my god have we finally reached the point in our society where media creators believe American children can handle Japanese text??
TXC2: Bellspurt on route 1?
chi7891: Bensprout
coelopteryx: the ol' "too much mustard"
FreshPrinceOfBeleren: This is how I started out in PokeGo, lol.
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: that children's fragile minds will not be shattered by seeing WEIRD LETTERS
PendelSteven: All right!
Izhuark: can't you catch in co-op too ?
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: now you're making me want to play PoGO and I'm not allowed to have my phone in here!
MadWaltz: 420 James
KV1NN4: James Turnip!
Laogeodritt: Ooh, overworld enemies instead of random encounters, I like.
silenceaux: Long wiggly boi
cheetoJack: Bellsprout is #69
FreshPrinceOfBeleren: FamousYoutuberJamesBellsprout
Ukon_vasara: i can start with a bellsprout PogChamp man i need to get one this game
Zyme86: 420 James it
FurthestChunk55: 1'10" bellsprout
TXC2: so does ctaching mons level ALL our pokemons?
PendelSteven: Looks so much better than on the Game Boy OG lol
PhoenixMelior: oh that's kinda lame
Lizardon28: JameSprout
wicker_knight: @TXC2 all of the ones currently in your party
Jondare: TXC2 All the mos in your party, yes
Toshar: Jamessprout is perfect
samu_btdp1985: craig
KV1NN4: JamesTurnip XD
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: possibly the biggest annoyance for me in PoGO is the lack of EXP to level your Pokemon. I might need to pick this up...though first I have to buy a Switch too.
TheInnsanity: am I the 300th person to ask if you guys are going to do co-op?
PendelSteven: Things they should implement in the next version of the real game
Robot_Bones: NightBook
noSmokeFire: Jeams!
PhoenixMelior: so what happens if you want to mulch a Bellsprout?
Dared00: Nightbook!
TXC2: wicker_knight Jondare OK cool
wujo444: Jamesprout!
Theycallmejokke: Nightbook
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: BellJames>
Jondare: TXC2 same with fights, there's a permanent XP share on everythig all the time
mercano82: xXJamesXx
CrazymattCaptain: xXxJamesxXx
TheElrad: it's xXJamesXx
ReydienOnline: xXxJamesxXx
Animekitty93: LOL
Laurreth: xXxJames[KD]xXx
wujo444: Switch doesn't have "caps lock"?
Umandsf: Can you? I thought I saw someone not able to rename a trader Pokémon.
Toshar: chaosreigns
Kerrisis: So, is this just a retread of Red/Blue/Yellow? Is our hero gonna be pursued by Team Bocket?
PhoenixMelior: Kerrisis I believe so
Animekitty93: This is the best stream :D
FurthestChunk55: this is a remake of Yellow, yes
wicker_knight: It's a semi-modified Yellow. Proper Team Rocket is in it
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: I seriously just want to watch all the different running animations for the different types of Pokemon
PendelSteven: ah, now your little brother can play with you, Heather! So exciting!
sopranocat: There's a really good typing game called Epistory, but it's for PC
TheInnsanity: @ben walk into a pokemon, they jump over you
Jondare: wait, you're trying to nuzlocke it?
Armstrong11139: I mean, Ben can touch all the Pokemon he wants, 2P doesn't start battles
laskotheking: @LoadingReadyRun Can I make a suggestion for a modified Nuzlocke rule?
VoodontWoW: Gotta Avoid Em All!
TheAwkes: Ben, you don't need to avoid them, and can run interference to stun them a little. Only P1 triggers fights.
Armstrong11139: Trust me, that was the first thing I tried when I played with a friend over the weekend
Rockario: Do you "process" pokemon in this game like in PoGo?
HavenJunde: just put them out of the party after you catch them...
SchalaKitty: People are already speedrunning this game.
AbnormAnomaly: You need to name one nightbook
ancientspark: If this were a Pokemon speed run, you'd be running through walls and destroynig the world with corrupted graphics
arcaneemperor: Ben, you can't interact with the wild pokemon btw, only she has to avoid them
PendelSteven: Hint, you dont need a bird anymore to know Fly
laskotheking: @LoadingReadyRun You can catch them just not use them?
Rhynerd: Catch the Pidgey! Name it nightbook!
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: ahhhhh that adorable noise!
Asimech: 'Jam "Nightbook" Es'
PendelSteven: Horay
AbnormAnomaly: @rhynerd yes nightbook
ReydienOnline: current 2-controller record on is 3h58m
TXC2: put them on the train
Erudite_Cynic: Put it on the Train!
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: hahahaha now it sounds like you're astonished you found a Razz Berry
Robot_Bones: They are RazzBerries Put them on the train
CraziestOwl: Hi everyone
TheInnsanity: LOL
wicker_knight: There's only one man who would dare give us the Razz Berry
FurthestChunk55: honestly i'd just play the game and actually catch things
PandasAndPancakes: That stance!
Theycallmejokke: Team Rocket!
TXC2: hello CraziestOwl welcome
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: Team Rocket!
Rhynerd: oh hey, it's team rocket
noSmokeFire: Ben's a ghost again
aesir_blade: Hey, so I'm here to introduce the Button for Desert Bus 2018...
PhoenixMelior: Truth and Love!
Psychic_Ketchup: The Bones of trees and the skins of pokemon
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: James is like the best Pokemon trainer in the entire series, no lie
Earthenone: so jessee took up smoking?
sopranocat: That's Meowth's voice, Ben.....
Animekitty93: Wow your hair is impractical
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: BYE
silenceaux: Back to your home planet
PandasAndPancakes: I must go!
Theycallmejokke: Woah!
Animekitty93: WUT?
dreaving: Ninja
NarishmaReborn: back to SPACE
TheAinMAP: Whelp.
KingKuPaa: bubye
TXC2: woah we went to our home planet
CrazymattCaptain: Ben got pokeballed
Erudite_Cynic: DED
TheInnsanity: this stream is going exactly how I expected and it's great
FurthestChunk55: the Bones of Sudowoodo and the Skins of Snorlax
noSmokeFire: Ben used Fly!
wicker_knight: BEN = TOOTHY confirmed?
Laogeodritt: Imaginary Ben!
FreshPrinceOfBeleren: Ben is Tyler Durden
tyrew0rm: ben is a pokemon
SAJewers: someone clip that
Robot_Bones: omg ben is a ditto and he went back to his ball
CraziestOwl: What the fuck
vbanej: Ben is blasting off again!
ritchards: is your name Kiki?>
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: y'know, you're going to fight Team Rocket and Team Rocket James is going to think you named all your Pokemon after him. You're his biggest fan!
DiceHard: Wait a minute. I know that voice. Was Ben the original Jessie voice actor?! Kappa
splatty1: so ben just titan falls when no one is talking
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: YES
Animekitty93: THE CUTE!
Theycallmejokke: Head pokemon get
FreshPrinceOfBeleren: YES
Asimech: Pikachu sits on your shoulder, Eevee on your head.
Zu_o: "Sit on my head" - Heather! Oh My!
TXC2: yeap this isn't bad for our neck AT ALL Kappa
PendelSteven: That's how animals are
PendelSteven: yes, a parcel
CraziestOwl: Go old professor oak
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ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: Eevee, true to its sort-of-cat sort-of-dog nature, bonds immediately like a dog
jacey0002: The whole economy runs on child labor
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: "you took me for a walk NOW I LOVE YOU FOREVER"
PendelSteven: No, Pelippers werent in Gen 1
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: Oak
noSmokeFire: it's his co-op delivery
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: Oak's weekly weed shipment came in
wicker_knight: Blue Apron
PandasAndPancakes: Eevee weighs 6.5 kg - your neck should be as thick as a wastepaper basket
Theycallmejokke: :D
Animekitty93: lrrWOW
Asimech: Best thing about your Eevee is that this one can learn Pay Day which is usually a cat-only move.
CraziestOwl: How is your rival
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: "bribe animals with food" not sure we needed a professor to tell us that, my dude
Psychic_Ketchup: MeUndies made from real Mareep wool
FreshPrinceOfBeleren: Do not look into the rival's hair vortex
Dared00: It's like clouds and bushes in Mario
CraziestOwl: Stupid iPad
PendelSteven: HOORAY!
PendelSteven: Gotta battle 'em all!
MadWaltz: That's a cool battle transition
FurthestChunk55: oh he's gonna be so dead
oakentree: 2v1? hardly fair :p
PendelSteven: OH NOES! It's a Pikachu!
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: you just frigging hurled Eevee like a fastball special! WTF!?
Pangogie: Chonkichu.
dreaving: #fairFightForKid
Laogeodritt: Man, this camera is bringing back memories of Pokémon Stadium
Animekitty93: I like that your rival doesn't have a type advantage this time around
ritchards: Now, little animals, fight for our amusement!
mtvcdm: You get to mug Pokemon.
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: yeah, at last your rival doesn't type-cheese you like a jerk
Phosphatide: wow a handicap match on paul? rude
SchalaKitty: Heather already figured out the speedrun tech
jacey0002: Gonna Pika-chew him up
Izhuark: i guess so
KirbySliver: "The Pokemon Leage rules say only one at a time."
matrixknight88: Let's Go Eevee speed run strats, with LRR
wafflesoup: Yep, I was grinding the Elite 4 using both Joy-cons by myself
HisEvilDomain: It also explains how couple teams get to a lv 40 area with like.... two luvdisk
mercano82: You killed Ryan Reynolds!
CraziestOwl: I don’t know . I still miss firered
Animekitty93: :D
ChiefEngineerMichael: It's the P'kem'ns!
Questhere: 2 on 1? are.. are we team rocket?
wafflesoup: CP is just the total of all the stats
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: "I lost? Aw well here's a dollar I guess"
PendelSteven: more like $ 1,20 but okay
TheInnsanity: it's like ante from early magic
ancientspark: Group Muggings the Game?
cheetoJack: Pokebattles are gambling
tyrew0rm: did xXJAMESXx get xp?
TXC2: we play Pokemon for Ante Kappa
HisEvilDomain: Now, you not only mug people, you rob them too!
noSmokeFire: "eevee craves battle"
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: your rival is not that much of a jerk in this one. huh.
Animekitty93: Oh no!
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: "eevee has tasted blood. eevee wants more."
underhill33: "Do you like violence young lady?"
NexVesica: I feel like our trainer is that kid that keeps making up rules during a game. "Oh no, I totally get to use 2 pokemon but you only get one. Oh, and when you lose, you have to give me your money too"
oakentree: yeah, previous games literally have the bad guys try to 2vs1 you, as a 'look how evil they are! they wana fight unfair!'
TXC2: does that make us the Rival?
TheInnsanity: except for HGSS
Asimech: The rival's kinda of a goofball.
Theycallmejokke: Hau was a sweal guy
PendelSteven: Thanks
Angreed66: They stopped having the jerk rival after gen 2.
oakentree: yeah, hau was aggressively nice
TheInnsanity: HGSS rival was an actual criminal
matrixknight88: no, your character is basically still a spoiled single child
Rockario: Not like the rival from Crystal, who got their pokemon through smash-and-grab
LonelyTex: Ben can you be my rival
Izhuark: yeah gen 1 and 2 were relatively jerks. 3 was normal and after then they were mostly friendly.
LonelyTex: Kappa
Animekitty93: Awwww
FreshPrinceOfBeleren: YES
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: YES
Animekitty93: PHRASING
wicker_knight: eww
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: this is the primo tech right here
Rhynerd: Play with James??????!
FurthestChunk55: can ben also pet the james
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: Eevee is NOT IMPRESSED
Armstrong11139: The friendly rival is nice, though I feel the Gen II rival probably has the most satisfying character arc
ChiefEngineerMichael: GAH! MY BROVARIES!
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: Eevee loves headscritches!
Psychic_Ketchup: Now we know James likes headrubs
Rockario: @Armstrong11139 Very agree
oakentree: yeah, cause they have also done stuff like having your rival pick the starter that's weak against yours right?
hella_qh: does real life james sparkle if you rub his head as well?
Asimech: If the Eevee starts making a face it means the petting location is "locked" until you stop moving the cursor.
TXC2: hella_qh only one way to find out!
Asimech: Chest-scritches are easier to target.
thirsty_kitteh: Hey, proper head scritching is important
Animekitty93: oakentree No it was usually yours was weak to their's, kind of annoying
Izhuark: @Armstrong11139 agreed even though most of it is not explicit.
cheetoJack: I am ok with this.
Asimech: A dog-cat.
Animekitty93: Fox
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: Let's Pet Eevee
Questhere: TIL children don't have hands
TheInnsanity: fox?
MadWaltz: a dog-cat-fox
Zu_o: we watch heather pet a james
TXC2: the dog-cat-fox thing
Lirelent: russian domesticated fox
wicker_knight: Okay, new Desert Bus idea
ChroniclerC: Dog-cat-fox.
Nightvalien28: that is what we signed for
TragicMtG: the kind of #quality #content i can support
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: pet the Generic Quadruped With A Highly Flexible Genome
Animekitty93: I need a Switch now!
wicker_knight: same donating process, but instead of Desert Bus you just play the petting minigame from this
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: this is hashtag Quality Content
PendelSteven: o_O
Rhynerd: Dog-Cat-Fox, a Dax?
Asimech: I'm still a bit disappointed Eevee's fluff comes out of its neck instead of it's chest like on a Maine Coon.
TXC2: play with JAMES????? WutFace
TXC2: Kappa
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playmaster500: I got the pokeball with the Pikachu version and 14 mouths also will you guys be playing betrayal Legacy on afk in the future
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oakentree: @animekitty93 yeah, i know that's the norm, but i could swear in recent gens they've gone for the weaker right?
PendelSteven: You were born in a sportsoutfit
r_craddz: Cat Dog Fox - Cox ?
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acuilador: Ben, you say that like watching Hodor pet Pokemon isn't too cute for words.
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TXC2: CraftyCatQueen Heather is
TheStarchStream: PLAY WITH JAMES??????
ChiefEngineerMichael: THE EEVEE HAS A HAT
VoodontWoW: Play with James??? sounds like an episode of the LRR anime.
Animekitty93: oakentree Oh sorry, I don't remember that being a thing but it's been a bit
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: the PokeMart makes a lot more sense now that I know what Japanese convenience stores are like
Izhuark: yeah a torneko mini game !
noSmokeFire: Pokemon Reccetear
Rockario: It's hard to see, but James???? also has a little shirt
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: Now can we get a smaller eevee to ride our Eevee's hat?
Mazrae: officer jenny?
PendelSteven: Pokécentre Simulator
SchalaKitty: Pokemon Trauma Center?
lord_of_the_ramp: Didn't they make a game called Pokemon Ranch for Gen 4?
ChiefEngineerMichael: We gonna beat the stuffing out of this kiddy!
FurthestChunk55: youngster ronny is about to die
oakentree: @animekitty93 that's fair. i skipped x/y and black/white so yeah, my memories a bit rusty
wicker_knight: @ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat there's a little trainer plushie with it's own hat and eevee (this is not true)
keaeth: Diamond Pearl remakes in 2019?
FurthestChunk55: you're gonna send his pet rattata to Pokemon Tower
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: I bought the Drifloon hat in PoGO for Halloween and it is the best purchasing decision I've ever made.
EvilBadman: Like your shirt. Damn shame you'll die in it
ChroniclerC: So... We just need to walk around with our eyes closed to avoid trainer battles?
cuttlefishman: Drifloon hat?
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: wicker_knight Why must you play with my heart like this?
Mazrae: is this joey?
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: yES there is a Drifloon hat!!
Angreed66: Is there friendly fire possible in the co-op?
Lirelent: i mean this is ACTUALLY an easy game for babies
Animekitty93: oakentree X/Y was surprisingly good, it got me back on the boat after B/W was soo disappointing
Zyme86: Ez game for babbies, wait it actually is
TXC2: Angreed66 probably
PendelSteven: Co-op to make the game even simpler
ChroniclerC: Wouldn't a Drifloon hat just carry you away?
TXC2: depends on the move
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: the Drifloon hat is so cute in PoGO that I am literally pricing out yarn to knit myself a real one.
Logue_Yne: 2v1 ? that is a bit unfair
PendelSteven: more like 60 cents
Izhuark: we are still 10 in this game ?
Izhuark: this trope is getting old
MadWaltz: Makes sense that tail whip is multi-hit, since it's supposed to be the pokemon wagging their tail cutely, presumably sapping the enemy pokemon's will to attack
RassilonDND: 60 bucks from a 6 year old. this is a shakedown!
Lirelent: school yard bully, pokemon edition
Angreed66: @TXC2 I want to see James hit James.
KingKuPaa: moar bellsprouts!
wafflesoup: If Ben shakes the joycon that toggles co-op
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: no the rarest card was a different tournament
Nightvalien28: yugioh doesn't make sense, ben
Robot_Bones: rarest card was battle city
TheInnsanity: $70 microtransaction
Phosphatide: wooo universal healthcare
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: I hate that I know this, but Duelist Island and Battle City are different, and Battle City is the one where you had to cough up your rarest card. Kaiba set it up that way because he wanted to get the God Cards.
Animekitty93: You really don't need to but that attachment
TXC2: oh hay a chansy
cuttlefishman: Chansey looks so happy
PendelSteven: I do like the Chansey there
Umandsf: The ball makes many noises.
TheStarchStream: What is with this guy space jumping to you all the time LUL
oakentree: @animekitty93 yeah? that's fair. i've been considering going back and trying them out. but with stuff like how there's now b/w and b2/w2 it's... i dunno, daunting :p
Theycallmejokke: A pokymanz die on your watch
strgrv: are you really sure you should buy a pokeball after buying 10 capture cards Ben?
Earthenone: its like theme hospitol
Robot_Bones: they die ben jeez
PandasAndPancakes: All your patients get pokerus
Mazrae: taking to long to heal a pokemon?
ancientspark: Oh god, no, Trauma Center is so hard, it is trauma incarnate
TheElrad: the cutest surgery
ancientspark: I don't want to see all the Pokemon dying by my hand
Frostwriter111: I will save this Pokemon!
Rhynerd: I don't think I'd want to do surgery on a pokemon either.
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: I don't know about you but I do NOT want to see what's inside a Beedrill
Angreed66: But pokerus is good for your pokemon.
joinedtwitchfordesertbus: How DO you do surgery on a Muk?
Animekitty93: oakentree I'd just play X/Y, the switch to semi 3D is really cool
Erudite_Cynic: no no no you train POKEMON to do surgery
Earthenone: chancy stop the bleeding!
silenceaux: Yeah maybe don't examine the internal biological mechanisms of pokemon
wicker_knight: You get to see all the damage your pokemon's attacks do lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Rockario: Nurse Joy simulator sounds like either Trauma Center or just ddealing with trainers as they come and go (the healing part could just be abstracted)
Phosphatide: i miss trauma center on the DS, using the stylus was way better than the dumb wiimote
TXC2: Route 34 time?
Izhuark: let's go to the league !
Lizardon28: Wasn't there an anime episode where a human doctor had to treat Pokemon?
pharaun_2421: help, my Ditto has multiple fractured ribs
RassilonDND: in the kindest manner possible, could we get better sound balance. ben is a loud boi and i can barely hear heather.
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Robot_Bones: oddishes are chonks
FreshPrinceOfBeleren: Imagine giving Eevee a bath
Rockario: @pharaun_2421 Well then tell it to not
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: PLEASE can we look at all the different Pokemon running animations. I need to know.
CraftyCatQueen: Oddish is essentially a massive blueberry
Animekitty93: @LoadingReadyRun Oddish weighs 12lbs according to the internet
wicker_knight: you can treat contact burns from an Ember. Soul damage from a Bite or Feint attack. Remove debris from a Rock Throw
TXC2: you're like Tails Ben Kappa
Rhynerd: @pharaun_2421 That's one reason I don't want to do surgery on a pokemon. If dittos have ribs I don't want to know how.
FickleMuse: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 48:29.
PendelSteven: Like the existince of a little brother is
PandasAndPancakes: Eevee weighs 6.5kg. Oddish weighs 11.9
oakentree: @animekitty93 fair enough. thanks for the recommendation :) gotta get round to finishimg soul silver first i think :p
Mazrae: what if the pokemon the pokemon has a status what would you have to do then?
LonelyTex: ^
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: yeah like how would you do surgery on a Ditto...or a Muk...or a Voltorb...Voltorb would just self-destruct right in your face.
ChiefEngineerMichael: BIRB
MadWaltz: Bellsprout's leaf flapping as it runs is adorable
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: maybe Voltorb just...unscrews? like a sphere? around the middle?
Animekitty93: oakentree Good choice, Silver was my Jam as a kid
silenceaux: Maybe she's just praising your neck strength?
oakentree: oh are we nuzlocking??
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: please catch the Caterpie because I need to know if Caterpie still can't run as fast as its trainer and you have to wait for it to catch up
CrazymattCaptain: NightBook
Zyme86: J A M E S
Theycallmejokke: Nightbook
ChiefEngineerMichael: #BlameJames
Lizardon28: Jamie?
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DapperGentlemancer: Pokemans! Yus! #NameJames
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CraftyCatQueen: James2001
Armstrong11139: james.
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noSmokeFire: Butterjames
Erudite_Cynic: Yames
silenceaux: ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews Voltorb is suddenly "Keep talking and nobody explodes" mode
wicker_knight: @ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews they would probably use it to teach you the anesthesia mechanics. I like the "unscrew" theory
FurthestChunk55: the heck is nightbook
Rhynerd: Treating Pokemo wounds would probably just have to be finding said wounds, applying matching substances to said wounds, and Pokemon amie.
TheInnsanity: if you both throw pokeballs there's a synchronization bonus
Scarbble: nightbook needs to be like, a gastly or something
Izhuark: this one is a girl
NexVesica: Classic Nightbook
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ralphthellama: hello friends! happy catching!
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oakentree: @animekitty93 yeah crystal version was my first gen, and actually my first ever video game
TheElrad: #BlameJames?
drcanonball: 123james321
sopranocat: @noSmokeFire yeah Butterjames sounds good
Elenodul: FmsYTbRJamesTurner
TXC2: Adam is going
CraziestOwl: Muffin
Animekitty93: FurthestChunk55 A reference to a Sea of Thieves stream
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: treating Pokemon would probably be like the medical patch-up mechanic in MGS3, where you just have to match the dressing to the injury
wicker_knight: JamesFree
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Admiralmatt: sorry what?
MadWaltz: Pie James
Phosphatide: Jim
Admiralmatt: whos coing?
noSmokeFire: mochi is an extremely good eevee name
Admiralmatt: who is going to pax unplugged?
wicker_knight: Jiminy Cricket
Umandsf: Ooh, now I’m more incentivized to go.
MadWaltz: Classic James nightbo
TXC2: Admiralmatt Beej cori Adam and someone else
Rhynerd: Jams Nightbo is my new Star Wars OC.
Admiralmatt: cool
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e_bloc: cheer148 nice game
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: @Rhynerd oh crap that name actually works
Phosphatide: check out my sweet nightbo staff
SachielOne: I believe Cam said Alex was going, though I'd wait for him to confirm it.
Vivid_Soul: what is the origin of nightbook?
TXC2 jams to nightbo
TheManaLeek: Betrayal Legacy looks so good, unboxed it the other day
TXC2: Vivid_Soul it's from the sea of theives Stream
ralphthellama: who all from LRR is going to PAX South?
kumatsu: the first round of Betrayal Legacy is EXCELLENT
rendelnep: Rodriguez was James police charactor
3schr: Hey everybody!!!
TXC2: hello 3schr welcome
silenceaux: Honestly, classic Nightbo
sopranocat: comcast please
RassilonDND: any chance we will get betrayal in the house on the hill legacy?
CrazymattCaptain: all the pokemon in this run are some kink of James
noSmokeFire: some kink?
Phosphatide: #RubJames
3schr: First time in here, but I've watched LRR for a long time
DapperGentlemancer: Low character limit? #BlameJames
Barb4rian: lol there is going to be a swarm by the end of this stream
Animekitty93: lrrWOW
Izandai: Can't check the trash? 0/10
noSmokeFire: :O
Izandai: Worst pokémon game.
TXC2: so can we take eevve out of our team
PhoenixMelior: ooh a Bulbasaur
RassilonDND: what did we name this eevee?
Animekitty93: I'll always take Pikachu over Bulbasaur
Izandai: Wait, co-op? what
arcaneemperor: @LoadingReadyRun after you buy the pokeball you should be able to do trio battles XD
ralphthellama: yiss
Rhynerd: We names the Eevee James??????
DapperGentlemancer: Look at this nerd with his adorable Caterpies. Time for some tonally dissonant cockfights!
TXC2: RassilonDND JAMES?????
Animekitty93: RassilonDND James???????
TheInnsanity: bellbottoms?
RassilonDND: ah thanks
wicker_knight: @RassilonDND Who is on First
silenceaux: Roll up with your posse like what
F1SHOR: Aww he has a little hat!!!
Mazrae: only six trainers since only 6 pokemon in a party
mtvcdm: We took his Poke Balls too!
F1SHOR: ok this is adorable!
sopranocat: there's a Pokeball over there
Animekitty93: Aww that's adorable
Asimech: The funny thing about the Poke Ball Plus is that the way it's set up it seems you could get ten of those things and put a different pokemon in each and then go for a walk to level them.
caffeinated_kitty: Eevee has a little jacket too
DapperGentlemancer: Razz my berries, lay a patch
kumatsu: Put them on the train!
Rytel: Okay money I can accept, but why are we stealing their Pokeballs now?
Animekitty93: Cuuuuuute!
Laserbeaks_Fury: The Snozz Berries taste like Snozz Berries!
HavenJunde: name this pikachu Jamie
HisEvilDomain: Jamesette?
Zyme86: bury this pikachu
RassilonDND: now grind that jolty boi into candy
DapperGentlemancer: This Pikachu is gonna be real big
Laserbeaks_Fury: Why is it's tail round?
F1SHOR: wait so you dont fight the pokemon?
Animekitty93: Laserbeaks_Fury It's Female
Rhynerd: it's female
FurthestChunk55: @Laserbeaks_Fury it means it's a girl
KV1NN4: @Laserbeaks_Fury Sexual dimorphism
DapperGentlemancer: Go on three?
Rhynerd: Female Pikachus have heart-ended tails
EvilBadman: The RDP buttons didn't train you, Ben?!
drcanonball: i dont think that the berries stack
FurthestChunk55: yeah the berries aren't stacking
F1SHOR: are you spamming A to ensure the catch
ritchards: You need to sing Razz Berry Beret when you use one.
Asimech: Do a practice wave a few times?
TXC2: why do we have to berry it?
sopranocat: Wait, you have to catch it together??
wicker_knight: replacement for weakening it in combat
Animekitty93: lrrGOAT lrrGOAT lrrGOAT
FreshPrinceOfBeleren: katesNice
DapperGentlemancer: @sopranocat Using two balls in co-op raises your chances.
LonelyTex: JAEMS
HisEvilDomain: you get a bonus for sychronisuing
Abavus: First try lrrGOAT
sopranocat: Ah
wicker_knight: Jamie?
mercano82: ElectroJames
TXC2: teamwork makes the Dream work
drcanonball: jamesemaj
HisEvilDomain: Jamesette!
wicker_knight: Jamie Scaldaferri
Izandai: So this is basically gen 1, but catching wild pokémon uses the Pokémon Go mechanics?
mercano82: ElectroJim
Laserbeaks_Fury: Classic nightbo
coelopteryx: ok that is Sweet
DapperGentlemancer: Jamie
drcanonball: miss jame
drcanonball: s
MadWaltz: James 2, Electric Boogaloo
ChiefEngineerMichael: You got more Experience Points for that catch than you got for beating up that kid!
Izandai: And other than that it's just normal Pokémon?
F1SHOR: your pokemon didnt even battle lol they dont deserve exp
ExachixKitsune: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
noSmokeFire: Jam
Phosphatide: Jamies
Erudite_Cynic: Yames
mtvcdm: Jamie
Asimech: Electro-Jams?
Zyme86: Jamie
Animekitty93: What??! That's so convenient!
wicker_knight: Jamesrat
CranberryJeus: jamesette!
sopranocat: TingleJamie
ralphthellama: sparkyjams?
Animekitty93: Jamie seems fun
Rhynerd: Would Electro-James make this Pikachu BNF compatible?
Zyme86: Babies first pokemon game, thats a good thing
Animekitty93: Izandai I don't imagine you can switch mid battle though
DapperGentlemancer: Yeah, naming on the go and having your PC available all the time are QoL improvements I wouldn't mind for the mainline game. Along with catch streak bonuses, easier IV appraisal, and visible Pokemon instead of random battles
wafflesoup: Play with James?????
TXC2: I mean I never put down Red so :P
caffeinated_kitty: This might be a game I would get if I ever buy a switch
Kramburger: Morning all
Phosphatide: so far James is a male name and Jams is female
TXC2: hello Kramburger welcome
CraziestOwl: Red was the best
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: ohai folks
Animekitty93: This and the new Animal Crossing are convincing me I need a Switch now
TXC2: hello WhaDidBeejPutInDPie welcome
Izandai: @Animekitty93 Still though. It eliminates the attrition aspect of going through routes.
F1SHOR: when i have kids they are playing pokemon in order - no skipping to this
Phosphatide: don’t forget to get pikachu to follow you around
Rhynerd: @Phosphatide I wonder if that pattern will continue
anetfullofjello: Nuzlocke in this actually seems pretty hard since you get candy from catching and sending pokemon to Oak
Izandai: @F1SHOR *calls child services*
GloriousMost: Eevee > Pikachu
TXC2: I had a level 96 Kadabra, it was the best
Kramburger: I caught them all once. Then they brought out Mew *shakes fist*
anetfullofjello: and there's less fighting overall
Mazrae: who here used the crap out of the missing no item glitch
WizardZedd: So, is it possible to complete your pokedex in this one? Is there trading you have to do, somehow?
DapperGentlemancer: Not really different? Fire that employee!
auxv: MissingNo glitches were great.
ExachixKitsune: Pokemon Crystal was my favourite game.
TXC2: Everyone, EVERYONE round my way had Red
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: @F1SHOR "you will have a similar experience to mine and LIKE IT"
ralphthellama: Crystal was amazing
Mazrae: i had all three
DapperGentlemancer: Thankfully, I have a twin brother so we always have two versions.
Animekitty93: Silver was my Favorite
AbnormAnomaly: Level 100 Alakazam and steam roll everything.
DapperGentlemancer: All the way back to Red and Blue
strgrv: Ben no way that's where I got most of my pokemon as well as a kid!
Phosphatide: i liked gen 2 so much i owned all three of GSC
FickleMuse: ^_^
ReynardWrecca: Good evening you lovely people, and good evening lovely chat. Hope we're all well.
Izandai: Me and my brother always got different versions, so I have Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Ruby, and Sapphire... Somewhere.
TXC2: hello ReynardWrecca welcome
TheManaLeek: These youngins talking about Pokemon while in daycare...time for me to go break a hip or something
malfunct: I would have loved playing pokemon much earlier in my life but I didn't own a gameboy and had no idea it was a thing
Animekitty93: I'm kind of sad I never go to experience Ruby and Saphire
malfunct: I didn't start until Leaf Green
brainbosh: Damn Ben, make me feel old when you played pokemon in daycare.
KirbySliver: What are the rules for Nuzlock?
Izandai: Oh and Pearl. And now X and Moon.
Asimech: The only person I knew while growing up with a Gameboy was my cousin. Who lived a 5+ hour drive away (if you ignore speed limits).
wicker_knight: @KirbySliver only one pokemon per route. Pokemon that faint are lost forever
TXC2: KirbySliver only one pokemon catch per area
mtvcdm: We're gonna take your Pokeballs. Not even gonna use them. Gonna catch a Pokemon and throw the ball in the sea.
Izandai: My brother stopped playing after gen 3.
Mazrae: i had most of them just not the 3rd game of the sets
Tasuki201: you should have electro-jams follow Ben
KirbySliver: Thanks
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CraziestOwl: Fire red and leaf green were go to
ralphthellama: big mood though, I had friends who played video games, but not really Pokémon, so if my brother didn't feel like playing then I didn't have anyone to play with
DapperGentlemancer: lrrBEEJ Lord of D
TXC2: Ben "the lord of D" Ulmer
Rhynerd: PSA: Do not throw captured pokemon into the sea
LonelyTex: My first video game EVER was Pokemon Leaf Green
F1SHOR: man i just recently found my yugioh cards they are all so wierd to look at 15 years later
Phosphatide: my kakuna is hardening Kappa
Animekitty93: It wasn't until YEARS later that I learned Yugioh and the Pokemon were heavily inspired by MTG
FickleMuse: I didn't own a pokemon game until I was older. But I played a friend's copy of red.
DarkMorford: Oh, blue players
HailtheRNG: good lord, am I that much older than you guys?
drcanonball: draw and go
ralphthellama: for that reason I ended up getting a second DS just so I could trade with myself from Gen 4 on
TXC2: I dont care much for this cinematic camera
Armstrong11139: I played Yu-Gi-Oh, but I didn't really understand strategy at the time, so I just did dumb stuff like jam 4* every monster I owned with 1800+ power and call it a day
Izandai: I had Yu-Gi-Oh cards as a kid. I never really played though.
Phosphatide: @animekitty93 to be fair, wotc made the pokemon tcg
CraziestOwl: Terrible people
ralphthellama: Raigeki is banned in tournament play
anetfullofjello: raigeki is banned iirc. it's been a long time since i've played
HailtheRNG: Oh. blue players.
Izhuark: ah yeah spirits monsters one of few super type of yugioh (though they are a lot of supertype now)
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Izandai: @Armstrong11139 I thought playsets in Yu-Gi-Oh were 3.
strgrv: that starter deck kaiba is worth bank now tho
F1SHOR: you traded a mox for a burn deck :P
Animekitty93: Phosphatide What! That's crazy! You learn something new everyday
Kamotetop: @anetfullofjello I believe it's just limited now
ralphthellama: I also got a Raigeki from a booster pack
kumatsu: @Phosphatide No, they distributed it, as part of a lawsuit resolution
RassilonDND: jokes on him raigeki was banned
samu_btdp1985: have they fought the rival yet
LonelyTex: it is SO GOOD in caves
LonelyTex: SO GOOD
TXC2: samu_btdp1985 yeap
Syntheticuh: My first magic pack had an undermine in it which was the chase rare of the set. Some guy at the store traded me some giant 10 cent dragon for it gabyThump
drcanonball: why was that metapod glowing? and not in a shiny way
Animekitty93: Ok now I have to google this pokemon wotc thing
malfunct: Needing pokemon to grind experience seems like a pain
DontpingmePlayz: @LoadingReadyRun hello now i get to experience double cuteness
Nightvalien28: the zubat cave no longer haunt us
coelopteryx: i grew up in a place with very few people let alone kids, but for a few months there were kids who played pokemon. lived too far apart to trade with them regularly, but was able to discuss pokemon with them when they were around
Armstrong11139: @Izandai Yeah, by 4* I meant "four stars", which IIRC means you don't have to sac another monster to play it
malfunct: pokeballs not pokemon
Asimech: Oh yeah, no more fighting five million Zubats.
Izandai: @Armstrong11139 Oh, right. I forgot about the star system.
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Zyme86: Rageki is worth 190.77 on TCGplayer right now
Phosphatide: oh distribution rights, that’s fair
Izhuark: well there is a blue white in the kaiba starter deck reprinted a lot but the first ones it always have collector value.
anetfullofjello: @Kamotetop Odd. You'd think that 0-mana boardwipes are overpowered and should just be plain banned
FickleMuse: The choice seems great
Izhuark: it was reprinted*
EonChao: Plus shiny hunting is easier now they appear in the overworld as shiny
CrazymattCaptain: is there still rare spans in each path?
Izandai: @anetfullofjello Yu-Gi-Oh is a terrible, broken game.
Izandai: The power creep is insane.
coelopteryx: then moved here to a place with lots of folks & at high school here i had 2 Pokemon Friends and it was Incredible. we all got diamond & pearl and each chose a different starter, and named our rivals after each other based on our starters
ralphthellama: huh, I should see if I can find my old yugioh decks and sell that Raigeki
F1SHOR: i want them to make it just like the monster hunter games lol
Admiralmatt: sorry enforce what?
noSmokeFire: why was that pikachu glowing?
Izandai: Why did that Pikachu have energy lines around it?
TXC2: Admiralmatt nuzlock rues
TXC2: *rules
DontpingmePlayz: you can nuzlocke this game in a dumb way you can close your eyes and walk around
Animekitty93: EonChao They didn't appear shiny originally?
Rhynerd: why was that pikachu glowing?
LonelyTex: Red energy lines means the pikachu is larger
LonelyTex: blue energy lines means the pikachu is smaller
wicker_knight: The energy lines mean that pokemon is unusually large (there's a separate blue one for small)
ralphthellama: @Izandai it means it was a large specimen
kitsunestudios: I NEED ONE
Admiralmatt: i have no idea what that means
Phosphatide: in case people are unfamiliar with “nuzlocke”
LonelyTex: Pokemon size varies in this game. It's actually super cool.
Laogeodritt: Apparently Raigeki is limited to 1 in the OCG (Asia) but banned in the TCG (elsewhere)
kitsunestudios: Mew and I have... a history
Rhynerd: Can we catch the bigachu?
anetfullofjello: @noSmokeFire Blue glowy bits means it's a particularly small version and red glowy bits means it's a particularly big version
noSmokeFire: I can't believe we missed out on a chonky pikachu!
Izandai: @ralphthellama What does that mean?
Admiralmatt: OH THAT
DontpingmePlayz: @LoadingReadyRun ben is mew under the truck
EonChao: @Animekitty93 if a shiny appears in this game it looks shiny whilst it's walking around the route
PhoenixMelior: do Tiny and Big to make a difference?
TXC2: is it better to get smaller or bigger?
Animekitty93: Coooool!
EonChao: So you can spot them immediately
Rhynerd: Can we name the bigger pikachu Nightbig?
Izandai: Huh. Neat.
Garrub: @DontpingmePlayz mew is under the truck if you first roll your pokeball plus under a truck
FickleMuse: I kind of want a bunch of tiny pokemon
Asimech: Exceptionally large/small pokemon give more xp when you catch them, if I remember the tutorial correctly.
Telnaior: @TXC2 the pokedex tracks "personal records" for size and weight in both directions
TheNideon: HEEEYO Heather and Ben
DontpingmePlayz: @Garrub i knew it
Telnaior: I think it's mostly just to add variety
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Izandai: Use strength on the truck 100 times.
TXC2: Telnaior I see
F1SHOR: they just add all the myths to the game
Izandai: ^
Animekitty93: Truck??
Izandai: I would LOVE that.
Scarbble: man i would love if they put some of the old urban legend memes in the game
F1SHOR: yer i really want it now lol
noSmokeFire: disregard NPCs, acquire trash
RassilonDND: i feel like i really like some of these lets go features. I hope the next hardcore version of pokemon includes some of these features
Tasuki201: electro-jams should follow ben
Garrub: Wow, I messsssssssssssed up. Lets Go Pikachu is great and all... but EEVEE RIDES ON YOUR HEAD?!
Namboto: you can't check all of the trash cans and that makes me sad
EonChao: This is still route 2
strgrv: make missingno an event pokemon you cowards
Poytin: Yeah. This is still route 2.
drcanonball: its not new
HailtheRNG: omg the eevee on the hat is so cute
RassilonDND: coop pokemon, being able to ride pokemon, being able to see pokemon walking around,
drcanonball: ITS NOT NEW
Mazrae: <message deleted>not a new route
Psychic_Ketchup: The return of Cawp James!
TXC2: whats the diff with Alona?
F1SHOR: the fact you can choose your battles makes this great for nuzlocks
Scarbble: it'll be ok chat, i promise
Nightvalien28: TXC2 it has a mustache
EonChao: You can use cut and walk round the forest
Scarbble: benginHeart
Asimech: It's not even the only route they do that with.
drcanonball: its not split
ralphthellama: @TXC2 it is normal/dark and looks different
Izandai: um
jacey0002: You're the side guy
Mazrae: <message deleted>i think it stays one route when you go down the side
SachielOne: Possibly to hide an area load
TXC2: ralphthellama thanks
rybackgaming: because there's a side path on the right that goes around the forest. it's all in one piece.
drcanonball: there is a path on the rigth side
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: #jilted
MadWaltz: xXJamesXx will rock Brock
TheElrad: she doesn't want to ruin her chances with Paul!!!!!!!!!, Ben
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Poytin: Pokemon is always a good thing. It's a good Pokemon Benther
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Phosphatide: for all the weebs in chat: eevee is voiced by aoi yuuki, if that helps with choosing a version
CraziestOwl: What a good guy
Izandai: @Phosphatide Who?
Himyul: did the standard plague go through the Desert Bus crew, or did everyone stay healthy?
Scarbble: i would only pick the pikachu version so that i could evolve eevee
Garrub: You can evolve eevee in either version. just not Partner Eevee
TXC2: give us a chance, see Kappa
coelopteryx: what does the chansey have to say about this arrangement
Garrub: same with pikachu
RassilonDND: is it becaude paul is higher on the beard scale then ben?
Izhuark: you need to be lucky to have a chancey ;)
EonChao: @Scarbble You can catch Eevee later in the game as well in Eevee version
Animekitty93: Erudite_Cynic Nooo I forgot about that
RassilonDND: *than
korvys: Sushis and Sashimis
Mazrae: <message deleted>i feel like doing a nuzlocke of this game of how you cant train makes it seem like it would make it more difficult
FickleMuse: Who are you? Team Rocket? Wanting people's pokemon. :P
DeviantHS: I would pick pikachu version because of cooler pokemon :p
F1SHOR: this is essentually what i wanted Colosseum to be
ExachixKitsune: Inb4 Ben's wearing a Team Rocket Shirt
ShadeofHades: Petition to start calling Team Rocket "Rocket Squad"
Erudite_Cynic: @Animekitty93 I'm sorry/you're welcome
Animekitty93: :D
Nightvalien28: wait for caterpie you coward
Izandai: How is your imaginary friend able to help out in battle though?
Garrub: Also Ben cant interact with the world. he's basically a ghost
RassilonDND: if this version had regular pokemon battling id have bought it.
TXC2: can we go into other people's houses?
Mazrae: <message deleted>he bacame a plany
F1SHOR: aww he was so happy to find it too
DeviantHS: Also i picked the pikachu switch bundle, because its 100 € less than the eevee bundle <<
Robot_Bones: FROOT FROOT
Mazrae: <message deleted>plant*
Rhynerd: Does Ben have to jump through the golden TV every time he spawns and despawns?
Psychic_Ketchup: Razz berries PogChamp
Animekitty93: Oh gods this looks so good!
CraftyCatQueen: lmao this is gold
auxv: the long forgotten history of...Science...
Noy2222: WATCHING!
Asimech: This is a daily, by the way.
F1SHOR: please be a speedy slowpoke
cuttlefishman: Were we... ditched with a slowpoke?
HailtheRNG: My wife has only ever played pokemon go, i might need to get her this.
mtvcdm: Hallo
richard_ermen: This seems like a bad pose xD
Scarbble: O_O
Telnaior: Hey we just reached $170k! Kappa
Asimech: You can repeat this every real-world day.
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: "Hey guys we hit 170k!"
RoeDent89: Evening all!
wicker_knight: probably more like a pig
Gen2Gengar: like a pig
Nightvalien28: its probably furry
Robot_Bones: or a seal
noSmokeFire: it'd be a salamander mixed with
RassilonDND: why are we staring into it rear?
TXC2: Mazrae too far
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: I¨ve always assumed it's like a seal
Izhuark: no it's furry
TheMerricat: I'm kinda weirded out about where you seem to have been staring on that slowpoke
Animekitty93: lrrHEART Mods
Garrub: No pokemon look as furry as they should
Mazrae: okay sorry about that
mynameisfourteen: wooo kim possible
TXC2: hello RoeDent89 welcome
Rhynerd: I imagine Slowpoke has a thin layer of fur.
CraftyCatQueen: @RassilonDND dat ass tho
Animekitty93: Kim Possible was SUCH a good show!
DeviantHS: i bet slowpoke is as hairy as Jigglypuff
FickleMuse: That's my text sound. xD
MadWaltz: I would not imagine slowpoke's tail to be up like that -- usually when an animal's tail is in that position, it means they are angry/agitated
CraziestOwl: Wooo
Anubis169: Mazrae play nice please :)
TehWERR: it was a big pearl
NexVesica: That's his secret, he's always angry
coelopteryx: call me beep me if ya wanna reach me and such
Phosphatide: i still know at least three people with the kim possible jingle as a text alert
Scarbble: i have decided that slowpoke has a very fine layer of hair similar to like an otter or something
DapperGentlemancer: "I LiKe tO wAtCh!"
CraftyCatQueen: lmao @Animekitty93
drcanonball: well thats dump
noSmokeFire: is it even possible to get a water type this early?
ChiefEngineerMichael: Show him POTATO SALAD!
F1SHOR: ohh wow so we could get locked in a nuzlock
Animekitty93: I'm getting better at clipping :P
RassilonDND: show him pikachu :)
DapperGentlemancer: This dude is creepy. He "likes to watch" and wants to "see your Bellsprout"
TXC2: so this Gym isn't even trying then?
FickleMuse: Yeah that hard lock
TehWERR: I like the non-descript ground breeding group statues from gen 1
DevInsanity: My oddish one-shotted everything in this gym. It was actually rather embarrassing
Izandai: That's why the Nuzlock strat is to pick Bulbasaur.
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: convenience!
Animekitty93: That sounds so weird
Izhuark: @Scarbble that's my take on it too, i think they are some canon representation of his tail that show some fur.
ShadeofHades: This isn't how I played OG Red Version. Over-level a Charmander and burn your way through Brock :D
CraftyCatQueen: new motivation to get a switch - i can eat a sandiwch!
FickleMuse: I mean, I like the idea for new players, but it would be bad if that case.
RaemonDamon: I mean Ben... you are a small child at heart though
Phosphatide: what if i wanted to play hard mode and use all fire types
Iraeda: but Ben you are 10 and jsut got your first pokemon you ARE a small child!
Animekitty93: Now I'm wondering how tall Ben is Hmm
mtvcdm: I believe some Nuzlocke variants permit a fudge factor of 'if you actually need a particular Pokemon to get past this point and have not found one, you're allowed to go get it'.
Telnaior: @TehWERR ground breeding group? but in Gen1 they didn't even have breeding groups...?
DontpingmePlayz: @LoadingReadyRun and then ben almost threw up that sanwhich on the ssanne you will see lrrSPOOP
korvys: The future envisioned by the Earl of Sandwich in 1660
RoeDent89: Boom!
Erudite_Cynic: DED
wicker_knight: sure it is ben
Izandai: @ShadeofHades I leveled a Nidoran until it could Double Kick.
RoeDent89: W A S T E D
DapperGentlemancer: Holy forking shirtballs
Garrub: You just need a grass or water type to enter. You dont actually need to use it in the gym
Animekitty93: lrrWOW
F1SHOR: i love that yous are just tag teaming these people like 2v1s all day
Phosphatide: geodude is real and he is our friend
FurthestChunk55: it went to gosh dang Pokemon Tower
kitsunestudios: Not anymore
CraziestOwl: Op
TXC2: something somethng double weakness to grass
DapperGentlemancer: Geodude without Sturdy is basically useless.
ChiefEngineerMichael: "It's gonna be a tough one!" *Bitchslaps Geodude into submission*
Telnaior: hehe
Garrub: Thats not how light years work!
ampharos15: So theres coop if you have two switches??
Telnaior: how do you even do a nuzlocke where you can see the wild encounters in the overworld though?
DontpingmePlayz: @LoadingReadyRun he has to go all the way to mt moon
mtvcdm: We're 12 parsecs from facing Brock!
Garrub: @ampharos15 1 switch, 2 joycon
VoidByAnyOtherName: now i want a pokemon called geofam
Rhynerd: That is how the one nuzlocke comic I read worked.
Erudite_Cynic: Brock hase a crate full of geodudes
wicker_knight: @ampharos15 no, it's local co-op
PhoenixMelior: Chat, I heard a rumour that you can get your starter pokemon fancy move?
drcanonball: ryhorns in moon cave
EonChao: You beat brock then meet him in Mount Moon a few minutes later
ampharos15: NO WAY
Telnaior: I saw one person running around a route blindolded, it was a little silly
ShadeofHades: @Izandai I was stubborn. My starter had to be the strongest pokemon in the party. Also a lot of the early area pokemon aren't great, so I did similar with Misty. Charizard learns Slash eventually :/
ampharos15: I neeeeed thi snow
DapperGentlemancer: Hey, that's on him. He choose to be a Rock gym leader near a place with no Rock Pokemon and a bunch of Grass Pokemon
F1SHOR: poor brock? think about the poor psychic gym
Rhynerd: I think in some cases the trainer was killed too when the party is wiped out.
Telnaior: @PhoenixMelior is true
Psychic_Ketchup: PhoenixMelior Yep, fancy very powerful moves
noSmokeFire: you're some tiny fraction of a lightyear from brock, so technically you're that far away from beating him?
PhoenixMelior: Psychic_Ketchup how late in the game do you get them?
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Vivid_Soul: i really like the animation for slinging eevee into battle
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DapperGentlemancer: And he almost exclusively uses Pokemon with x4 weakness to Grass types
DontpingmePlayz: @LoadingReadyRun so i did my research and yea like i said everyone stream eevee and records pickachu
CraftyCatQueen: Can ghastly die?
TXC2: also Ghosts can't hurt pyscis in gen 1
DapperGentlemancer: You can't kill Ghosts, being the Ghost type leader is an advantage
F1SHOR: i mean marrowak is honorary ghost
GloriousMost: Look right into his special eyes
Animekitty93: ShadeofHades I get that, if someone was stronger than my started I got salty
Nightvalien28: he did the pose
Earthenone: ghastly died,,,, time to make annother one
Psychic_Ketchup: PhoenixMelior Cerulean city, so the next town
TehWERR: wakanda forever
strgrv: x gon give it to ya
Robot_Bones: Wakanda Forever
PhoenixMelior: Psychic_Ketchup ooh! Okay
Izandai: @ShadeofHades I always like to level my party evenly, but I made an exception.
thirsty_kitteh: Wakanda Forever!
Nightvalien28: wakanda forever
TheMerricat: Wakanda!
PhoenixMelior: so the first gym is hard
Erudite_Cynic: thats his pose from the old games
FickleMuse: Z moves in gen 1? :P
drcanonball: are there no dark types in this game?
TXC2: wakanda Forever
Phosphatide: “hey brock, i broke your shit”
Earthenone: dark was a gen 2 thing
jacey0002: I think the guy vetting challengers actually hates Brock, and always sends people who will roll his Pokemon
TheMerricat: @drcanonball they were talking about gen 1 game
FurthestChunk55: there are dark types! they're all alolan forms though
Garrub: @drcanonball alolan ratatta line. Alolan grimer line
wicker_knight: @drcanonball only Alolan version of some pokemon
sopranocat: I JUST saw Black Panther so I was thinking Wakanda too
MikeyM133: Vampires and Wakandans
coelopteryx: i love that the trainers do their poses from the old games, especially gym leaders
ShadeofHades: @Izandai Yeah, After a few gyms I started to even out the levels. But I was a solo-starter.
FurthestChunk55: this game runs on gen 7 mechanics
RoeDent89: Did the others not tell Brock that their Geodudes got utterly tonked by a Bellsprout?
TXC2: sopranocat good film right?
RassilonDND: wait is wankanda the decendants of brick?
GloriousMost: don't double team him thats rude
Izandai: It just fucking punched you!
brainbosh: The ship name is OBVIOUSLY Heathen
TallBlondePillager: Does Eevee get a really OP move like Pikachu does?
sopranocat: @TXC2 Yeah, I just didn't get to see it until three days ago
Garrub: @RoeDent89 they couldnt1 that last trainer let us know we were 10000 light years away from brock. communication over that distance is pretty slow
quietcat: slytqBweh
Animekitty93: Oh crap I don't have TQs emotes anymomre, I can't BWEH
FurthestChunk55: Eevee gets a LOT of really OP moves
Asimech: Wait. If we're combining names wouldn't one option (from Hodor-Ben) be "Hoen"? Wait. Wrong gen.
acuilador: Dear Dr. Ben, what's xXJamesXx new move?
RoeDent89: Good point Garrub
RoeDent89: Giant Geodude
Animekitty93: That's amazing
CraziestOwl: There are no animals in the Pokémon world so do they eat Pokémons?
DontpingmePlayz: @LoadingReadyRun charmander can throw an onix
sopranocat: @TXC2 It's a great example of a story where the basic storyline is classic and obvious, but because the writing and characters are good it's still very good and entertaining
Garrub: size differences are one of my favorite parts of this game
TXC2: "you call that an Oynx? this is and onyx!"
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: !findbutts
LRRbot: Behind you.
FurthestChunk55: BEEP
Asimech: It actually kinda sucks when you're riding the Onix. Its kinda a hard to see around you.
F1SHOR: ok but pokemon knows theres no goinvg back from this right... lol
Izandai: How big is Charizard, though? Because according to the Pokédex, it's not that big.
Nightvalien28: they show the size difference but you still carrying a 6kg fox on your head
El_Funko: Good morning Heather and Ben! How are the Pokemon this morning? Moist and delicious?
TXC2: sopranocat indeed
brainbosh: BDSM Onix
TXC2: hello El_Funko welcome
mtvcdm: Hey El_Funko
Animekitty93: Hey Funko sergeHi
DapperGentlemancer: Onix is a big boi. Reminds me of Little John's intro scene in Robin Hood: Men in Tights. "Don't let the name fool you, in real life I'm actually really big."
FreshPrinceOfBeleren: elfunkChunk
sopranocat: aw, poor Onix
Garrub: Easy baby for gamers
El_Funko: Oh hey
FurthestChunk55: And now Brock's crying because his Pokemon died
El_Funko: look at that
F1SHOR: that VIP badge is rad
thatladyinplaid: Hi friends!
FickleMuse: F1SHOR I certainly hope that the new full game is in this style. xD
Phosphatide: wow we’re really gone downhill in these games, only enough budget for one rock out of rock throw
RoeDent89: Raar
TXC2: sopranocat It's like Ive seen this story before, but not this version, and its great!
Animekitty93: I like that VIP badge, so fancy
Psychic_Ketchup: Now James, don't use that move around the office
kenohki2: Crazy early morning, wait why am I up this early
MikeyM133: Do you plan on Evolving that Eevee Ben?
Animekitty93: Hey kenohki2 sergeHi
Garrub: @MikeyM133 cant
FurthestChunk55: the starter can't be evolved
TXC2: leach seed + toxic
CraziestOwl: Night guys
kenohki2: hi Animekitty93
TXC2: so long CraziestOwl
MikeyM133: bummer
Foxmar320: Most broken move Eevee learns heals and hurts. Bouncy Bubble
DontpingmePlayz: @LoadingReadyRun I CANT WATCH ANYMORE TOO CUTE
TXC2: hello kenohki2 welcome
kenohki2: Hey TXC2
sopranocat: @TXC2 exactly. Though I did have that moment where I scolded his dad and went "See, this is why you read, because every story where people do this ends up like this"
brainbosh: Seriously what move is more worthless than Growl, other than Splash.
ralphthellama: leach seed + toxic + protect
thirsty_kitteh: I know the starter can't be evolved, but what Eeveelution would James be?
RinaNightshade: eevee is a fennec fox..
Earthenone: we can teach evee headbutt!
offbeatwitch: it's BEN AND HEATHER the POWER combo
DontpingmePlayz: @LoadingReadyRun ive seen that animation 4 times
MadWaltz: Are the TM's in this game reusable?
Garrub: yes @MadWaltz
Animekitty93: Awwwwwwww
Kamotetop: @ralphthellama I like the cute of your jib
Kamotetop: cut
MadWaltz: Garrub Cool, thanks!
RoeDent89: Aww!
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie 's head asplodes
Nightvalien28: high five
Izandai: @sopranocat I kept thinking "Yeah, this is why we don't have monarchies anymore."
quietcat: I hadn't even got out of the starting area yet and I took my eevee grocery shopping and now she's like level 18
Phosphatide: my coworker had his ball at work and the battery died and we had a moment
Dezufnocosem: even though in pokemon go you have to walk 100s of miles to power something up
Animekitty93: I can't...the hurts lrrHEART
wicker_knight: @thirsty_kitteh Jolteon, because spikes and thunderous lightning
Rhynerd: How do we high-five the Eevee?
Nightvalien28: GASP
El_Funko: Does Ben get to pet that weird green worm that's following him?
Nightvalien28: it him
offbeatwitch: heather did you really name your character "GOAT!!!!!!" after last night's mess
Izandai: No you're not, you're Gary.
korvys: Nice Mic discipline, Ben :D
RassilonDND: JAMES!!!
Psychic_Ketchup: Dabudee dabuda
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TheGeekyQuilter: Woooo - Pokemon love this game but cant wait for CTS tomorrow have already put 40+ Hours into 76 with my partner
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TXC2: there HAS to be Nindogs, but it's pokemon right?
RoeDent89: Da ba dee
WarIocktopus: dabedie dabedai?
PhoenixMelior: THIS FUPPIN GUY
Ukon_vasara: im Blue, da bu dee da boo di
Mazrae: hes blue da ba bee
Elenodul: Gary F-ing Oak!
DreadPirateSunshine: dabadeedabadie
Nightvalien28: who named you child? who did that to you?
Izandai: katesLewd
SlyTQ: Funko you're supposed to be doing chores
LavenderCreations: oh yes... today has been seriously rough, but now I can play Let's Go Eevee while watching you guys play it too? Maximum cute!!
Animekitty93: Sorry your name will always be Gary punk
Animekitty93: Hey TQ sergeHi
noSmokeFire: his hair is way more complicated than PAUL!!!!!'s
Izandai: katesLewd katesLewd
Elenodul: You can't handle his girth!
cheetoJack: so does that mean that Blue is 32 now?
El_Funko: @SlyTQ You're not my real mom
SlyTQ: hey @Animekitty93
WarIocktopus: lol everyone made the same joke
Mazrae: great balls of poke
TheElrad: Hey TQ
Garrub: something something blue has great balls?
SlyTQ: hey Elrad
FreshPrinceOfBeleren: Hi TQ slytqHi
Garrub: hm
ChiefEngineerMichael: Ben! Did you say you have some... Great Balls?
SlyTQ: oh jeex hi everyone
Animekitty93: This game is so damn cute!
mtvcdm: Hi TQ, also vipped!
TXC2: hello SlyTQ welcome
sopranocat: Have to put a Fire type in those so they're Great Balls of Fire
Nightvalien28: smell you later nerd
Izandai: TOS
Phosphatide: blue’s balls Kappa
FickleMuse: slytqHi
Psychic_Ketchup: Whoa lewd
PhoenixMelior: can we fight that man
Izhuark: wait he seem small. is he supposed to be red/blue blue or gold/silver blue ?
Ard_Rhys: I prefer it when Blue was a cocky jerk
Izandai: I like how Ben does a superhero landing when he comes back.
CrazymattCaptain: is your pokedex hanging out like those phones that clip onto the belt? HOW DO THEY KNOW?!?!!
Juliamon: Izhuark in between
Armstrong11139: So let me get this straight, Blue just walked up to "check you out", gave you some balls, and told you he'd smell you? katesLewd
Ard_Rhys: It feels weird to have him give you free stuff
Animekitty93: lrrWOW
Izandai: @Armstrong11139 I KNOW RIGHT
F1SHOR: i like to think ben is just extremely shy and runs away whenever anyone shows up
Asimech: Doors are for people without teleporters.
ralphthellama: PRAISE HELIX
sopranocat: What the?! They have the Alien in there?
Izhuark: @Juliamon ok thanks for the info :)
offbeatwitch: 0/10 GAME RUINED
Garrub: nah, they cut sitting from this game
WhoseGameisitZ: whosegLurv
offbeatwitch: immersion: ruined
TXC2: pokemon: dig even a little bit and it's gets REAL DARK REAL FAST
Clockwork_Penguin: I like to imagine that Ben is actually the eevee and this is a detective pikachu situation.
Psychic_Ketchup: Pokemars
offbeatwitch: everything about pokemon is dark
Sannindi: Next pokemon game set on Mars confirmed.
offbeatwitch: it's like DDLC
TheElrad: Ben, it's Planet Milky Way, duh
Animekitty93: TXC2 Yeah don't read some of the pokemon dex descriptions O.o
sopranocat: They're pretty nutty there
Riandisa: Whatchamacallit
Izhuark: can we go to mars planet ?
TheNideon: Elon Musk is canon?
MadWaltz: They can't name it, because they can neither confirm nor deny that pokemon takes place on Earth
offbeatwitch: it's cute on the surface but then you quickly realise many things aren't right
Armstrong11139: Pokemon: Iron Blooded Orphans
Kamotetop: Does Ben have to shake his controller for each door?
noSmokeFire: catch /and eat/ the potato pokemon
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Umandsf: Aw, I wish we could go back to the moon with the technology we have now.
ralphthellama: tbh it would be a great setting for Deoxys
Garrub: Pokemon game set in the future, each gym is on a different planet in the solar system
KV1NN4: Is that Hodor's next countdown? The Countdown to Snickers?
TXC2: yeah how was the maritan not a game?
LbxAni: pokemon with the DuckTalkes Moon theme :)
F1SHOR: omg a pokemon game set on the moon and your a clefairy
DontpingmePlayz: @LoadingReadyRun quick you battle ill take his posters
Izhuark: @Armstrong11139 Now YOU are the team rocket !
offbeatwitch: isn't that a tactic that team rocket uses
Izandai: @TXC2 Because the people who create movie tie-in games are uncreative and The Martian doesn't have many action squences.
PhoenixMelior: Heather I don't mean to alarm you but there's an Eevee on your hat
Izandai: *sequences
EonChao: I love how excited Bellsprout is running ahead of you
Garrub: man that bellsprout looks so excited
CrazymattCaptain: new route!
Animekitty93: I'm so glad they changed that!
PhoenixMelior: ooh you caught a Pikachu!
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wheeleigh: Hope you guys are having fun catchin' them all!
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TXC2: Izandai just make stardew vally, but on mars
noSmokeFire: give 'em the STABs
TheNideon: Electro-jams is a great name
noSmokeFire: 6th
ralphthellama: no
MadWaltz: Gen 5 I think
TheNideon: 4th
PhoenixMelior: X and Y they were re-usable
Izandai: Nonono, 6th
Psychic_Ketchup: Gen V
EonChao: 5th Gen I think
drcanonball: 5 th
Animekitty93: I never used TMs as a kid because of that
Garrub: Gen Five
Telnaior: no, 5th deneration
FurthestChunk55: fifth gen
Ukon_vasara: 5th gen maybe?
Elenodul: 6th
DontpingmePlayz: @LoadingReadyRun might of been 5
FickleMuse: It was later. 5 or 6
drcanonball: 6*
rybackgaming: 5th
RassilonDND: 5th
Izhuark: 5th i think
rantachi: 5th gen! black and white.
Ard_Rhys: way later than 3rd
wicker_knight: 2nd they were definitely single use
ralphthellama: 5th
Shidela: 5th yeha
Animekitty93: Way more recent that gen 3
demondrinkingtea: 4th was still single use at least
coppersandles: 5th gen
TXC2: this game has no abiltys or natures
FurthestChunk55: no, we have natures
FurthestChunk55: i think
rantachi: i can't replay diamond and pearl because no reusable tms =p
Earthenone: 5th gen, in 4th you could buy copies of the cool ones i think
Izandai: @TXC2 Yeah, but that's not the kind of game that people who make movie tie-ins make.
offbeatwitch: Prior to Generation V, TMs were single-use items, according to bulbapedia
Shidela: There is a daycare
PhoenixMelior: Ben, it took them until like, Sun and Moon to realise Surf was broken and it shouldn't be an HM
Juliamon: TMs were single-use for a looong time
Foxmar320: Yeah there is a daycare in this one
TXC2: Izandai I know, it sucks
Animekitty93: I never use Breeding so it not a loss for me
ralphthellama: yeah, 4th I still had to do a bunch of trading to get enough for multiple TM uses
offbeatwitch: gen 3 were definitely single use
Kamotetop: You can Daycare breed?
Garrub: Abilities are actually in the game's code, as per the datamine. They are just not enabled. Which indicates that Gen 8 might use this same or similar engine
offbeatwitch: gen 3 still best gen
mtvcdm: Pokemon after all these years still only know how to do four things.
PhoenixMelior: Crystal > all
DontpingmePlayz: @LoadingReadyRun evee learns it
offbeatwitch: counterpoint: gen 3 > all
Shidela: I'm not sure, but there is a daycare, and the grandpa asks you to come back after E4
ralphthellama: HM slave
ralphthellama: good times
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: I super appreaciate that Pokemon has been good at trying to add new things while improving old ones without ending up bloated with mechanics from previous games
FurthestChunk55: gen 3 is bad, don't @ me
Shidela: Grandma takes a poke tho
MadWaltz: Gen 5 is actually my favorite gen
Animekitty93: Gods HM slave was such a pain
TXC2: HM slave = Far'fethced
Armstrong11139: I didn't realize that's how HMs worked in this game, but that is exactly how I've always thought it should be done
PhoenixMelior: offbeatwitch Emerald is a very good game, but it's still no double-region like Crystal
Laogeodritt: Man, so much nostalgia for this music.
wicker_knight: So, Dear Dr Ben, I'm curious if this game reminds you of World of Final Fantasy, and whether you think it's close enough that there might have been an influence?
TheNideon: @FurthestChunk55 haha @'ed you
DontpingmePlayz: @LoadingReadyRun you gotta shake controler mid combat at some point
Valdor19: 2v1, you cheaters
Taichanie: 2 v 1 seems unfair.
PhoenixMelior: wow level 10 already
FurthestChunk55: also: if you like crystal, find the rom hack crystal clear, it's very good
RoeDent89: My name is Bellsprout and I'm here to say...
Telnaior: @PhoenixMelior FRLG with sevii islands?
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PhoenixMelior: Telnaior I really didn't like FRLG lol
ChiefEngineerMichael: What's on CtS tomorrow!?
ralphthellama: real talk: I couldn't really get into Gen 3 when it came out, but I loved ORAS
TheMerricat: What's on CTS tomorrow?
RoeDent89: And what's happening tomorrow?
Izandai: Girl why are you wearing a shirt with a bow decal on it instead of an actual bow?
FurthestChunk55: yo dontpingme you don't have to @ the streamer literally every message
TXC2: ChiefEngineerMichael fallout 76
Armstrong11139: Gotta Catch Several!
PhoenixMelior: TheMerricat Fallout 76
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DevInsanity: Gotta catch some of 'em
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Asimech: Remember: Caves don't change the routes.
Animekitty93: Awesome!!
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Shidela: Definitely catch all the James' at least
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TheMerricat: Ah good luck, hope you enjoy it more than all the haters
Shidela: lrrHEART
niivvy: 100 sub mangoSellout mangoSellout mangoSellout mangoSellout
GreenMittenz: Hi people
Izandai: @Asimech Yeah they do. A cave is distinct from the route you just came from.
Kramburger: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
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TXC2: hello GreenMittenz welcome
madmanoreo: also feed dump but for games
Foxmar320: Fallout 76 has proven to be a pain teaming with friends
Animekitty93: Are caves just as annoying as they they used to be?
ReydienOnline: Watch & Read Subscriptions
Asimech: @Izandai I mean you come out to the same route you entered from.
FurthestChunk55: BULBA
Izandai: They might need to do subs at the end tomorrow.
F1SHOR: i still havent been paid since DB - yet it feels like its been forever
Juliamon: Animekitty93 not even remotely. It's wonderful.
ShadeofHades: Double stream tomorrow. One is just for the sub-train.
Asimech: @Izandai Usually, haven't double-checked the map if that's how it is around every cave.
TXC2: would bug work on grass/poison ?
wicker_knight: well, we keep asking when the "Thanking Subs" stream will be...
Roughly21Smurfs: Wait are they all James? :o
Izandai: @Asimech I don't think that's the case. At least, not always.
Animekitty93: Juliamon Oh thank goodness, battling every 2 steps was the worst
Elenodul: Mine-O-Clock is also prime european time, so alot of europeans resub there
DapperGentlemancer: "Gang up on 'em!"
Animekitty93: Roughly21Smurfs Yes :D
wicker_knight: @Roughly21Smurfs yes. To thank him for bringing hot cocoa at the start of stream
MadWaltz: Bug is bad against poison
TXC2: to the type chart!
HistorysGr8estMonster: You'd think they'd give the NPC trainer a second pokemon.
RassilonDND: gotta catch only enough to not endanger the local pokemon population
wicker_knight: in Gen2 it was neutral
Robot_Bones: it would be nuetral
HistorysGr8estMonster: Or make them one of those dual-trainer encounters.
PhoenixMelior: Bug is NOT bad against poison
TheNideon: what does poison resist actually?
Earthenone: eevee lears "Gang Up" pretty early in this game it seems Kappa
Kramburger: In Gen 1 Bug was 4x effective against Grass. They toned it down later
drcanonball: bug is neutral towards gra poison
TheMerricat: I'm amused that the game doesn't 'handicap' two player fights to lessen the OPnesshere.
Izandai: @Animekitty93 Fun fact: The encounter rate in Mt. Moon is lower than a lot of other places.
PhoenixMelior: or oh wait
DapperGentlemancer: "You're so...NEUTRAL"
PhoenixMelior: sorry, I'm tired.
Roughly21Smurfs: @animekitty93 @wicker_knight thanks! :) James is a good boy :)
e_bloc: thanks I hate it
wicker_knight: @TheMerricat It's set up so another player can basically guide a younger kid through
PhoenixMelior: ask me about Fairy type interactions Kappa
Asimech: According to the in-game map Route 4 starts west of Mt Moon, continues east after you get out of it.
PhoenixMelior: because Fairy Type Pokemon are in this game!
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MadWaltz: PhoenixMelior To be fair, it's confusing, and it was actually different in Gen 1
FickleMuse: I love the Coach Trainer's jackets. They're so great.
offbeatwitch: EAT PANT
TXC2: bug does half damage to posion
Earthenone: is this kid betting his shorts on a pokemon match?
PhoenixMelior: MadWaltz yeah the changes in X/Y also messed with me really hard.
Scarbble: they're comfy and easy to wear
Rhynerd: Think this game will allow Eevee to evolve without a certain stone?
sopranocat: Look at my shorts. Arent' they neat? Wouldn't you think my outfit's complete?
Izhuark: Now you cannot unlook the short !
CrazymattCaptain: don't we all need short shorts?
drcanonball: um
Roughly21Smurfs: @phoenixmelior tell me about your interactions with fairies lrrBEEJ
PhoenixMelior: Roughly21Smurfs as a fire type, it's pretty okay lrrBEEJ
Animekitty93: Maybe they got them from Fangamer lrrBEEJ
Sannindi: Wretweaaaat!
Asimech: Hmm... I'll have to check this route business. I don't usually pay attention to those pop-ups.
HistorysGr8estMonster: If you look at the shorts for too long, Officer Jenny is alerted...
drcanonball: perhaps bellsprout should have swapped
Veishaunaea: OH my goodness! The cuteness overload!
Shidela: Is this just another save file on Ben's copy/Switch?
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: I'm back, what's p?
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: we got a pikachu?
wicker_knight: yep
MadWaltz: Gotta James a few
Animekitty93: TXC2 I'm now going keep that forever
Foxmar320: I did
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: yes! that was adorable!
Roughly21Smurfs: @phoenixmelior that’s good to hear! lrrBEEJ
TXC2: Animekitty93 right? it's the best one I've found
Jondare: It was so goood
rocketjohn: You have a hat Evie?
Foxmar320: Was April Fools
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: honestly the retro sprites made certain pokemon really hard to distinguish, but it was a fun goof
Rhynerd: If I ever get a pokemon game again I might do a modified nuzlocke that uses a wound chart from a skirmish game.
Jondare: I kinda wish you could turn that on, it also helped a lot with dex performance on my crappy old phone :P
Telnaior: @Rhynerd oh?
TXC2: used to get a Jigglepuff on this route
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: yeah I wouldn't mind a switch that turns on retro sprite mode
RatekStormcrow: @LoadingReadyRun So is there only a finite number of NPC battles in this Game ?
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11Dot: Welcome back from DB!
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Shidela: I really do wish they had made it half damage done by each at least
Robot_Bones: rap battle
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withr: 2v1 doesn't seem fair
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Animekitty93: Is your name now Parapa the Rapper?
RassilonDND: some trainers you can fight infinitely
Dezufnocosem: there are daily repeatable trainers
F1SHOR: aslong as you dont get a call every 10min saying hey come fight me
TXC2: ooh Great balls
Telnaior: @RatekStormcrow there is definitely infinite money, don't worry
wicker_knight: Gen2
wicker_knight: Gold/Silver
Animekitty93: Silver yes
MadWaltz: Yeah, it was gen 2
ralphthellama: yeah, Gen 2 had the phone
Roughly21Smurfs: Approach to spoilers for this stream chat? :)
FarleyF: You know for a laugh you could have called yourselves Jesse and James and passed yourselves off as Faux Team Rocket lrrAWESOME
Animekitty93: It was nice, they leveled themselves a bit too
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: I don't think this game is supposed to be particularly difficult, especially with the PoGO component - you already have effort in the form of walking that you have to put in
mtvcdm: !spoilers
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TXC2: Roughly21Smurfs No spoilers please
TheMerricat: Hey! You beat me so good last time, would you mind coming by and beating me up again? I have money!
DontpingmePlayz: @LoadingReadyRun i see 2 year olds with a phone rigged
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: Eevee wants to play Fortnite
Dezufnocosem: pokemon battle royale?
PhoenixMelior: at this point the Pokedex should be a phone app
Izandai: Don't put Fortnite in Smash.
Rhynerd: @Telnaior Yeah, that way instead of just dying straight out after fainting I could roll a die to determine if it does something like end up alright (can accept a revive), have a serious injury (stays out of the party for an amount of time), or straight out dies.
DapperGentlemancer: Yeah Gen 2. Fuckin' Joey with his dumb Rattata would call me up at like 10 PM to talk about his idiot rat. Like, kid, why they hell are you waiting outside in the middle of the night to attack some other kid with your weird, giant rat.
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: Eevee's just hanging out on your head with its own switch playing Fortnite
GreenMittenz: I guess the trainers in this game have such bad vision because they are all jsut looking at their phones all the time.
RassilonDND: joey, yes i understand you have a 1% ratata. now please stop calling me
noSmokeFire: isn't Snake just Fortnite in smash?
FickleMuse: FarleyF slytqHi
wicker_knight: @PhoenixMelior that's dangerously close to the Pokedex becoming the Demon Summoning Program :P
VoidByAnyOtherName: what do you put in a nidoran wrap (besides nidoran)
Telnaior: @Rhynerd fair enough, that sounds pretty cool
Carbonylcookie: Put Pokemon Snap in Smash, you cowards, tbh
Roughly21Smurfs: @txc2 sure thing friend lrrHEART
ralphthellama: or in Gen 4 where you had all the extra apps, like the type effectivity calculator
MadWaltz: Rhynerd Huh, that's cool
lithuasil: Put the Pokephone in Smash you cowards?
PhoenixMelior: wicker_knight I mean, MegaTen is already Demonic Pokemon Kappa
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: Make Pokemon Snap 2 already you cowards!!
Earthenone: also that means skyrim exists in this universe now
PhoenixMelior: ooh! Soon Shin Megami Tensei will be canon in the Pokemon Universe!
laskotheking: Switches being canon means this game is canon in this game...
offbeatwitch: I mean the Switch has a web browser, which makes the Internet canon, which makes all the Pokemon rule34 canon
officedge: If switch is canon, Dark
Dared00: Get Pokedex from Prof Oak. Open Pokedex. Game launches. You wake up on a cart with your hands bound. "Skyrim" logo shows. Todd Howard did it again.
MadWaltz: A pokemon/SMT crossover would be amazing
Telnaior: @Rhynerd which game are you doing it on? depending on how far you go you could potentially use a hacking program to reduce their level on a wound
Asimech: So. Route 4 starts before Mt Moon, but I don't think there's grass in that specific part of the route.
EonChao: I mean Fatal Frame is in the new one
PhoenixMelior: Put James Turner in Smash you coward!
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: I can't even begin to explain how fast I would buy a Switch if Pokemon Snap 2 were announced
PandasAndPancakes: Wait, does Pokemon Pikachu know about Smash Pikachu?
wicker_knight: A Pokemon SMT crossover would be terrifying
officedge: If Switch is canon, then Dark Souls is canon?
FurthestChunk55: nightbo!!!
Ard_Rhys: Put Prof. Oak in Smash
ralphthellama: what would James' Smash moveset be?
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: how does metapod follow you, I need to know
Animekitty93: Oh that's so lovely!
FarleyF: OMG a battle royale Pokemon game where 100 player controlled Pokemon are dropped into an arena
ancientspark: Clearly it waddles
Tasuki201: you should get electro-jams to foloow ben
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: battle royale pokemon game would just be 100 Rayquazas squaring off
HailtheRNG: harden!
PhoenixMelior: 24.9 lbs
MadWaltz: I want Metapod to roll horizontally to move
F1SHOR: if they continue with this look they should include snap to the game - like you need to snap and scan the pokemon to have then in the dex or something
Animekitty93: It's 2ft tall?!
PhoenixMelior: it's basically a small child
Rhynerd: @Telnaior I never did finish Pokemon Omega Ruby, so I could try that, but using a hackable program could work in my favor if I learn scripting again...
FurthestChunk55: i want a pokemon game that's just a platinum games action fighter
RassilonDND: imagining carrying 6 snorlaxes
sopranocat: Ekins!!!
wicker_knight: So, somebody ask what move was worse than growl, other than splash. Does Harden count?
EonChao: I mean it's faster than the caterpie was
Animekitty93: Snek Frind!
MadWaltz: It looks like the metapod is being dragged by an invisible string
ShadeofHades: No step on snek
TXC2: is the metapod faster theb the catapie?
FreshPrinceOfBeleren: gabyViper
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: I mean technically Cosmoem weighs 1000 kg and Lillie just friggin carries it around in a duffel bag so like...either that's a magic duffel bag or Lillie is JACKED.
Earthenone: theres an EKANS in your EUNNING SHOES
TXC2: Ekens better know Wrap Kappa
PandasAndPancakes: wicker_knight Gen 1 Focus energy?
ShifuDaxiongmao: First try every try?
Rhynerd: @Telnaior another question would be which wound chart to use
demondrinkingtea: benginTry benginTry benginTry
drcanonball: she will abliously be semaj
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MadWaltz: Samej? (James backwards?)
BulkRare: Call it Jamessssssss
wicker_knight: Re: EKANS. Look guys, sometimes it's Friday right before Happy Hour and you just want to get out of the office :P
drcanonball: Semaj
SajuukSjet: Harden at least raised Defense score, you could have amusing things where oppenents attacks only did 1 damage
wicker_knight: @PandasAndPancakes also fair
Roughly21Smurfs: Do trading evolutions still apply in these games? :)
acuilador: This should be BlameJames
solahwin_tampramain: are all of them named james?
Animekitty93: I miss Ben's emotes, they're really good
Erudite_Cynic: Jamesssssssssssss
Ard_Rhys: Call it Long James
mtvcdm: This one has to be Semaj.
TheElrad: Snek Turner?
Earthenone: snek james
F1SHOR: name it semaj
drcanonball: semaj
sopranocat: Seltzer
FreshPrinceOfBeleren: semaJ
noSmokeFire: semaj
TXC2: Semaj
BigWalkingCarpet: Jamesssss
EonChao: Semaj
MadWaltz: Err, yeah, I spelled that wrong yeah
Animekitty93: Skek James
Laurence72: s someone who just joined the stream, I can confirm that Hodor and Ben are perfect doing that thing
Robot_Bones: BlameJames
ritchards: Semaj
Questhere: Jamessssssss
ralphthellama: semaj
ChiefEngineerMichael: Sejam!
Blade_Tiger: Jamesger
suddenly_pandas: JamesDean
WarIocktopus: semaj
noSmokeFire: Renrut
RassilonDND: semaj
wicker_knight: Runret
ChiefEngineerMichael: Semaj!
DerPilsner: Semaj
FickleMuse: Jamesssssss is really good though
acuilador: Semaj!
Charlemandias: noehs, semaj!
Animekitty93: Too cool for James
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: chat seems to be a fan of "James" backwards
Rhynerd: Snakebook
ShifuDaxiongmao: You need a Jim version :D
arcaneemperor: if not, Danja James
sleitermann: @LoadingReadyRun Long James Silver!!!
sithenin: VideoJames
drcanonball: Semaj plz
DapperGentlemancer: RattleJames
Earthenone: SEMAJ also strong
Animekitty93: Snek James
Charlemandias: Must be james backwards
Jelkimantis: wow! that's legit co-op! what's the maximum number of players?
sithenin: Ohh backwards james is really good
wicker_knight: @Jelkimantis 2
ogundiety: Why are all the pokemons James, btw? Does he even dig pokemon?
FarleyF: If there ever was a James Pokemon it needs to be Vanillish - it's literally James avatar
Animekitty93: Oh no backwards James is really good
MadWaltz: Maybe when dangar james evolves he can be upgraded to DANGAR JAMES
Dared00: Ooooh, just got an e-mail: Pokemon Rewatch is returning to Twitch on November 22th
thirsty_kitteh: Naming things is the best? What about _dressing things up_, Heather?
Jelkimantis: Well poo
wicker_knight: @ogundiety he brought hot cocoa to the stream at the start, so this is to thank him
offbeatwitch: looor
ShifuDaxiongmao: Goth James -> turn into an Umbreon later?
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: I've always pronounced it loor
RassilonDND: chat was in unison on that name and we were ignored :(
ogundiety: Ah
DreadPirateSunshine: I say lrrrrrrr too.
aesir_blade: Ben is just saying "LRR"
brainbosh: LRR is where you work
TheNideon: l' ouer
DapperGentlemancer: I'm from NYC and I pronounce it the same as you guys do
MadWaltz: I've heard both prononciations of lure
Laogeodritt: I want a metapod + metapod vs. metapod fight!
noSmokeFire: one who loos
Shidela: I definitely think that is Canadian accent because my canadian husband does the same thing
Pteraspidomorphi: Oh, chat was off for some reason
Animekitty93: I pronounce it Louer so eh
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: yeah Loor brings Pokemon, Lurr is your channel
VoidByAnyOtherName: kakuna ratata, what a wonderful phrase
Jelkimantis: It would have been awesome if i could play with both of my kids at one time...
TXC2: no one says their Vowels properly anyway :P
F1SHOR: would a metapod + metapod vs metapod fight just be a tripod
ExachixKitsune: TXC2 : OH U
DapperGentlemancer: I thought you did get XP from catching Pokemon
acuilador: @Shidela I come from Cali and it's Lur, not loor.
Robot_Bones: Put it in the train
Izhuark: well when i use the verb i definitively say Loore. like when i say "luring out".
sopranocat: Funny story, for years whenever people have gone to get coffee I've gone "COFFEE" in a wierd voice, and I finally realized it was the Coughin voice from Pokemon TV, and then I started saying "Seltzer" in the Ekans voice whenever my Mom needed seltzer just to complete the Teaml Rocket set.
kitsunestudios: kakuna ratata, ain't no passing phase
TheNideon: I wish I could just call everyone around me 'James'. That would be so much easier
sithenin: They say is closer to British English
Animekitty93: sopranocat That's adorable!
noSmokeFire: and a new route
F1SHOR: Trainers should earn HM's like "sit"
Tuxbeej: Twitch playback working good in the Kodi add-on.
KingKuPaa: new route,new pokemahn?
Earthenone: Kitty!
TXC2: Hi beej
DapperGentlemancer: Kinky
Animekitty93: Hey Beej sergeHi
Tuxbeej: I wish I could get chat on-screen, but that’s fine.
FreshPrinceOfBeleren: katesLewd
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: why would you trust someone named "Oberon" that's just asking for trouble
Tuxbeej: WHOA
sopranocat: It just shows you how TV can work into your brain even when you don't mean it to
FickleMuse: slytqShock
ChiefEngineerMichael: Can we capture his Meowth!?
F1SHOR: wow just throw money away
sithenin: If you are doing coop the trainers should be able to call in backup so its 2 on 2
wicker_knight: @Tuxbeej We can see you, hopefully you'll figure out how to see us
Asimech: So. Both Mt Moon nor Rock Tunnel connect the same Route. But both Routes only have grass on one end of the caves so there's no risk of double-catching the same area.
TXC2: remember when Wrap was SUPER OP ?
TheGamesBlog: Aww poor Beej
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: friggin Wrap
Animekitty93: lrrHEART Beej
Tuxbeej: I’ve got chat open on my phone, which is fine.
Tuxbeej: Thanks.
Izhuark: hello beej !
Asimech: Though with Rock Tunnel it's *before* the cave, so you need to remember to catch one there.
MadWaltz: jams nightbo?
Earthenone: much better to lose james than to lose james
TXC2: get well soon Beej
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: I think you should send out James Kappa
Animekitty93: Feel better Beej
ShifuDaxiongmao: You need to level your James some more
FarleyF: OK that's a quote and a slogan for Viagra - get harden for days
TheNideon: What was 'nightbo' supposed to be
HailtheRNG: dbpox
sopranocat: Pikachu always seems to do well against Meowth in the TV show????
Robot_Bones: NightBook
Animekitty93: TheNideon Nightbook
F1SHOR: i mean metapod was always made to tank
sopranocat: LIterally all I know of Pokemon is what I remember from watching the show with my lil sister
TheNideon: animekitty93 hey though?
TheNideon: why though*
Tuxbeej: IRON
Asimech: Eevee *can* learn Pay Day.
rantachi: pay day is a tm now?! 0_0
MadWaltz: James???? making it rain
Bladinus: Man, I would have named the Ekans Semaj but I'm unimaginative
Shidela: JAMES???? can indeed throw money at folks
TheElrad: James making it rain
Animekitty93: TheNideon It's a reference from their Sea of Thieves stream a few months ago
TXC2: did we get TMs this early in Red?
DapperGentlemancer: James has CASH. MONEY
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: metapod is a lot more mobile than I thought it would be
GreenMittenz: Pay Day should be renamed Make it Rain
TheNideon: @Animekitty93 ok thanks
drcanonball: 40
Shidela: Y
ExachixKitsune: TXC2 Yeah, you'll have gotten one from brock/
rs_ls: On the learn screen it's just A
Alness49: Wait, you have a Pikachu AND an Eevee? I thought this was a choice!
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: I have an unexpected break today and can't play Let's Go lrrAWW
Asimech: Yeah, it's what you use when you're overpowered and want cash.
Animekitty93: Alness49 They caught the Pikachu
TXC2: The_Ocean_who_Subbed lrrAWW
MalBeam: james making it rain
Animekitty93: Hey The_Ocean_who_Subbed sergeHi
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: how exactly do you use the CD? Do you feed it to the Pokemon?
ancientspark: James is letting you get paid? This is canonically inaccurate
F1SHOR: yer give payday to pokemons cashcow
Foxmar320: You can get more Eevee later
Blade_Tiger: Won't evolve? What?
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: hey Animekitty93 :)
Scarbble: play with james?????????????????????????
Animekitty93: The_Ocean_who_Subbed It's ok, I can't either. I don't have a switch
Asimech: @ancientspark You have to pick the cash off the ground yourself though.
sopranocat: Wait, you can't evolve Evee? But what does Evee evolve into?
wicker_knight: get up close to the mike and say that again gen >(
ShifuDaxiongmao: Can Pikachu evolve into something cool? NO! :D
Alness49: Awww, no evolving? But a Sylveon would look so cute on your hat!
TXC2: can you take Eevee out of the team?
DapperGentlemancer: Also, your partner Pokemon has a list of powerful new moves they can learn, so you can choose based off that as well.
drcanonball: but i want to have onix on my shoulder
Izhuark: your eevee can't evolve ? oh too bad... I guess it's logical to be in the same line than pokemon yellow.
Zyme86: Team helix4life
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: my switch is at home 6 minutes up the road but I only have 25 minutes.
drcanonball: ryhonrn
F1SHOR: catch a zubat!
HavenJunde: get magikarp
Kikazi: benginHey sergeFriend
brainbosh: Get a chansey
GreenMittenz: Zubat is my favorite pokemon :p
solahwin_tampramain: why is there a dude following you?
GreenMittenz: its so cute
MadWaltz: Pokemon yellow you actually could evolve your pikachu, but then it just stopped following you around
Tasuki201: Or a zobat
ShifuDaxiongmao falls asleep...
NivzZ_: buy the magikarp
Animekitty93: LOVE IT
TheGamesBlog: Helix James or Dome James?
Scarbble: you can get helix james or shield james if i remember correctly
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: now I'm imagining a giant Vaporeon balanced precariously on your hat, with the tail hanging down your back, like those giant dogs that don't realize they're giant now and try to sit on people's laps like a puppy.
ritchards: ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz
JudgeKyle: Was James 5 just Jame5?
Scarbble: no, it is dome james
crazy_coug91: so many zubats
F1SHOR: i cant see jiggly without seeing the hairs now
Animekitty93: AWWW
sopranocat: ~singing~ Jig-a-leeee-ee-ee-puuuuuff
jakale: nice
PhoenixMelior: can you wake it up?
snowewolf: name your fosil pokymon "OldMan James"
FreshPrinceOfBeleren: THE LITTLE PAWS
Tuxbeej: OH WHAT
MatthewDennisMTG: it's James post-Desert Bus!
ogundiety: OH god, I remember Cam -freaking out- about Jigglypuff in the new trailer during desert bus
PhoenixMelior: the little paws are very cuke
ogundiety: He was..not okay with it.
Tuxbeej: This is amazing
PhoenixMelior: cuke? Cute
Alness49: So when do we get Adam James?
sopranocat: That's not a cat, it's like a fennec fox or something
Kikazi: PokPikachu
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: sleepy kitty
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: Cam was super not okay with Jigglypuff
TXC2: Tuxbeej right?
russerbutter: magikarp
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: no, Fennekin is the fennic fox
GreenMittenz: No befriend the zubats D:
Shenandygains: This is co op?
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: @tuxbeej it's wonderful and amazing
Invitare: Prepare for trouble
noSmokeFire: zubat spooked ben so hard he went to space
Alness49: And make it double
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: holy crap you cn see the zubats!!
pyrelight: And make it double!
Animekitty93: LoadingReadyRun You shoulds how Beej the cute petting of Eevee lrrAWESOME
Kamotetop: @LoadingReadyRun Does Ben have to shake his controller for each door?
DapperGentlemancer: Meowth: "Excuse me, did you just assume my moral alignment?"
jakale: I guess the meowth was an encounter hint
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: Team Rocket James is gonna be real confused by your Pokemon James
TXC2: "I just dont want to get rejected" Big mood
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: "I just wanna ease into the rejection"
noSmokeFire: @DapperGentlemancer so I know you mean that as a goof, but that's at its root a transphobic meme
Animekitty93: Huh meowth doesn't talk
CrazymattCaptain: does Meowth not talk for Team Rocket now?
CraftyCatQueen: @Animekitty93 literally the first thing I noticed! That was his whole shtick!
DapperGentlemancer: @noSmokeFire Sorry, I had no idea
mtvcdm: I know nothing about that game other than that you can buy things for it.
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: yeah there was a lot of Bendy stuff at RTX earlier this year
TXC2: merch for what sorry?
jakale: bendy and the ink machine
sleitermann: Meowth doesn't talk and I'm sad
thatladyinplaid: My daughter LOVES Bendy... all because you guys played it!
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: Bendy has a great soundtrack
Foxmar320: Bendy is super popular. Apparently the dev went back in and remade the first few episodes.
TXC2: oh OK
sleitermann: Do you have 420BlazeitJames yet?
ReynardWrecca: Does this game all take place in the quarry where they film Doctor Who? :)
sleitermann: Can that be Vulpix?
Alness49: What if he was "talking" like Garfield and Team Rocket couldn't actually hear him
jakale: I know that one of the fan music makers redid his first song for bendy cause its apparently going into the game
Jelkimantis: why does rooster teeth matter? in missing something.
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: yeah the game was like really lame Bioshock.
TXC2: "got you the flinch for xmas" HOLY MOLY Heather
SachielOne: If I recall correctly, Bendy had a great concept and art style married to bog stanfard horror mechanics
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: it seemed kinda tedious to play
Foxmar320: All the episodes are out now as well
cheetoJack: James can do Acid now? neat
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: Jelkimantis they're a decent-sized company as opposed to like one dev, o tehy can produce actual merch
GreenMittenz: James dont do drugs!
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F1SHOR: noo james nooo
Animekitty93: Cool are we going to Burning Man now?
DapperGentlemancer: Why is James walking around with Acid? Is it the psychotropic kind or is he literally melting faces?
jakale: jelkmantis, they're just a big name, so lots of fans and money and merch expoiting
sleitermann: James loves tripping and flinshing
DevInsanity: How many points of acid damage does that do?
Psychic_Ketchup: We can all do acid Ben
Earthenone: James you can do PAY DAY
Tempest2097: Hallo Ben, Hallo Heather, Hallo Chat!
Animekitty93: Hey Tempest2097 sergeHi
TXC2: hello Tempest2097 welcome
Alness49: Are they good balls?
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: @Tempest2097 Hallo!
Jelkimantis: oic. thanks. that's what i was worried about.
drcanonball: JAMES
SachielOne: Huh. Pokemon season 1-5 is coming back to streaming on Twitch
Animekitty93: WhaDidBeejPutInDPie You have a very unique name and I approve :D
FarleyF: Coming up on one more watch James Trip Pokeballs on Acid Kappa lrrBEEJ
Tempest2097: I hope everyone's having a good leadup to American Thanksgiving if you're in America.
TXC2: I do that with Dark souls monsters
Erudite_Cynic: wait.....if you catch it James?
Tempest2097: If you're not in America, come on by and get invited to dinner.
noSmokeFire: acid will be neutral
GreenMittenz: So is the 2nd trainer jsut like your fairy god brother or something as they seem to be invisible
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: @Animekitty93 thanks! I just changed it yesterday. For teh lulz. I was previously CarsmushPromthenSpupplins
MadWaltz: That acid looks a lot like a fireball
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: I have nicknames for all my guns in Destiny and have thoroughly confused other people on my raid teams by unironically asking them questions like "should I use Happy Fun Ball?"
Robot_Bones: Who was mercilessly slain by Beej
PhoenixMelior: Totodile is my favourite Pokemon
Psychic_Ketchup: Didn't Beej kill that totodile?
PhoenixMelior: followed closely by amazon
Asimech: ~Friends Forever*~ *Except around other friends, acquintances or strangers.
F1SHOR: james isnt allowed to forget acid until right as he is about to evolve into victorybell
PhoenixMelior: amazon? Espeon. Why did I write amazon?
Tempest2097: Tomorrow I'm gonna spend most of the day cooking
sleitermann: redhead james is annoying
Earthenone: !prime
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Animekitty93: Wow Ben is totally a Totatile
wicker_knight: @PhoenixMelior The text replacement begins lrrSPOOP
wicker_knight: lrrFINE
DapperGentlemancer: Beej confirmed murderer
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: super nerd!
Ravynn: Beej is here to defend his honor
sleitermann: We all know that Ben is the best at naming things. DB has shown us this.
TXC2: Tuxbeej it was on the soul silver nuzlock
TheOtherTrevor: I think there are too many Kevins now. Kevin took over the bone zone and that can't be forgiven
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: I like that you Fastball Special Eevee into battle
JudgeKyle: I have every intention of going back to PoGo for Totadile community day
Shenandygains: Joven? Like the MTG card?
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: how exactly do you Wrap a Grimer...
GreenMittenz: If you clean a grimer what's left?
Lysander_Gustav: Hello folks!
ShifuDaxiongmao: Have you guys recovered from Jamesbus yet? :P
Animekitty93: Noooo
sleitermann: Kevin does the boning now.
TXC2: hello Lysander_Gustav welcome
Scarbble: kevin's corner for life
Tempest2097: I was gonna ask why Evee had a hat
Erudite_Cynic: so why did the bonezone die?
Tempest2097: But then I realized
EvilBadman: Long live Kevin's Korner!
Tempest2097: Why don't ALL pokemon have hats?
ArcOfTheConclave: a murder
Psychic_Ketchup: Eyes and a tongue?
Earthenone: was kevins space(y) a consideration for the name?
rocketjohn: I much prefer Kevin's Korner.
Animekitty93: I know I'm sorry THE_BONE_GNOME
Alness49: Boneathan has been signed on for Desert Bus South
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: #BoneZoneLives
rocketjohn: Seems much more PG
Animekitty93: No*
PhoenixMelior: #BoneZone4Ever
mercano82: Kevin is an alien space probe that DB put to work.
TXC2: so.....why are these people hanging out in this cave?
Laurence72: So Bone Zone = Feed Dump, and Kevin Korner = Panalysts?
Animekitty93: Tempest2097 Right! It's so cute
EvilBadman: @Earthenone abso-fucking-lutely not
MadWaltz: "My true form is so horrifying that I covered myself in toxic sludge to make myself more appealing"
sleitermann: You've never gone to be a cave dweller for a little bit?
MTGColorPie: Hey, that's me!
Tempest2097: Quickly, if people want to I give you permission to DM me pictures of mimikyu in cute costumes
Traion: So is every mon named James?
sorinplaneswalker: Have you guys seen the cartoon about "Player vs NPC in Pokemon"?
DapperGentlemancer: Who gave this small child an Angry Fight Monkey as a pet?!
Tempest2097: YESSSS
Tempest2097: 10/10 idea
ritchards: Hey, Heather, your Eevee is a Ditto... prove me wrong!
Izhuark: @Traion of course don't you name every pokémon james ? ;)
TXC2: put mimcu in smash you cowards!
wafflesoup: Murdered with a headbutt? That Eevee is an unsafe worker
DapperGentlemancer: What about the fossil?
Tempest2097: Why is that annoyancebat on fire?
F1SHOR: wait can you get a golem?
Earthenone: mimikyu evvee costume for the game tie in?
Izhuark: @TXC2 Nah he's already an assist trophy :p
TXC2: Tempest2097 it means it's bigger
sleitermann: Onix is good because you can ride on it
PhoenixMelior: huh, apparently Graham is running out of garbage games for Alex
Tempest2097: @TXC2 meaning?
Lex_Peacekeeper: would it still be KEvin Ben? wont it be james?
TXC2: Tempest2097 meaning its bigger :P
Tempest2097: @TXC2 Pokemon have sizes now?
Foxmar320: There are a lot of battles lol
wicker_knight: @Lex_Peacekeeper Scariest Timeline, It's Kevin James
PhoenixMelior: you heard it here first folks
rocketjohn: I mean literally yes.
Charlemandias: It would be James, james, james and Kevin
Mystaira: Jamesin
Alness49: It's Seabats James
PhoenixMelior: wait that pokemon isn't called James?!
TXC2: PhoenixMelior I find that hard to believe
Animekitty93: Oh that's an actor I'm not fond of
PhoenixMelior: txc2 check twitter
ogundiety: I love that Ben keeps teleporting away
TXC2: Tempest2097 I guess
drcanonball: yea james
Juliamon: Tempest2097 it's based on Pokemon Go, which makes sizes relevant
Psychic_Ketchup: Kevin James. Just in time for the new DeathBlart
Invitare: name one of them Jessie?
sleitermann: Catch a Mr. Mime and then have SilentJamesCrouchingTurner
offbeatwitch: anything post about... gen 4 is easy
DapperGentlemancer: It's pronounced "Dah-gehr" It's Danish for in finacial matters
drcanonball: also repel
CrazymattCaptain: you ignored the other ladder earlier
PhoenixMelior: also chat, after telling my partner about the switch he has fully encouraged me to get a Switch so I can play this game (and other games)
EvilBadman: Switch is awesome PhoenixMelior
PhoenixMelior: hahahaha
Animekitty93: lrrWOW
ancientspark: Pfffffft
PhoenixMelior: there HAS to be a better way
sleitermann: awkward...
FreshPrinceOfBeleren: katesTry
Foxmar320: Time to throw all those balls away you stole from small kids
russerbutter: can also catch a Clefable down there
rocketjohn: isn't there a pokemon that looks like a pokeball?
Animekitty93: lrrGOAT
wicker_knight: So what does this duplication do?
Tempest2097: Nice nie.
Tempest2097: Nice
GreenMittenz: Did those pokeballs jsut fusion dance?
r10pez10: timeshare a switch
PhoenixMelior: Rockario correct, voltorb
TXC2: watch out using up great balls
ZachtlyAsIntended: Moon James?
Mystaira: Fairy jams
mercano82: Clefjamie
MadWaltz: rocketjohn voltorb
sleitermann: James Armstrong
ancientspark: Alright, it is time for MetroJames
wicker_knight: what's the bonus from sending both pokeballs at the same time?
F1SHOR: moon james
Lex_Peacekeeper: Rainbow James
PhoenixMelior: wow these pokemon learn really cool moves
Animekitty93: YES
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: HA
F1SHOR: ok thats great
mtvcdm: YES
PhoenixMelior: LunarJames?! YES
FreshPrinceOfBeleren: katesNice
offbeatwitch: metronome + give it Soundproof
Zyme86: That smile was so wide love it
Tempest2097: Damnit now I want this game
Rhynerd: I'm back from doing a quick PoGo raid, should I try and discuss my Nuzlocke modification further or no?
Tempest2097: Good job
kitsunestudios: The orbiting underground moon james
offbeatwitch: perish song/soundproof Kappa
TheOtherTrevor: Kevin James
Psychic_Ketchup: This is also actually the fiscal irresponsibility fairy (from that sketch starring James)
Telnaior: @Rhynerd sure
Kerrisis: Clejamesy?
Animekitty93: Get that money!
TXC2: nugget? that $5000 right there!
Erudite_Cynic: repel?
TXC2: Erudite_Cynic no need
RassilonDND: can lunar james use space jump?
ChiefEngineerMichael: Is part of the Nuzlocke challenge that you can't beat up any wolf pokemon?
ChiefEngineerMichael: wild*
Izhuark: nice remix of the theme
Lex_Peacekeeper: Ben did you catch a Geodude and named it stoned james?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Is this the same layout as the original Red/Blue?
FreshPrinceOfBeleren: Nolan BatBen voice
Rhynerd: @Telnaior can you think of any games that would be good to base my wound chart off of? maybe a skirmish game of some sort?
TXC2: ChiefEngineerMichael for us yes
sleitermann: rockettricks mcedgelord
Animekitty93: I don't remember that at all
TXC2: Laserbeaks_Fury mostly yes
Erudite_Cynic: GTP Kanto
TXC2: 16?
wicker_knight: I believe 22
PhoenixMelior: 25 I think, Ben
rantachi: this seems so hard to nuzlocke with wild battles not existing?
PhoenixMelior: 22 or 25
sleitermann: 21
PhoenixMelior: somewhere in there
MadWaltz: I think it's around 20. Want to say 22
Izhuark: yeah around 20
TheNideon: I'll bet on 23
Thandres: i really like the lack of random wild battles, the overworld travel feels sooo much nicer
Poytin: Level 21
phenexian: Ben, that game was basically pokemon colluseum
PhoenixMelior: early to mid 20s
DigitalSeahorse: kenohki2 is hosting you apparently kenohkBubble lrrSLOTH
phenexian: you only could get pokemon by stealing them
Psychic_Ketchup: I love it when chat just throws out numbers
NarishmaReborn: pokemondb says 21
offbeatwitch: 21
Telnaior: @Rhynerd I feel like you should make your own that reflects what you can actually do with it (and probably have wounds gradually get more desere the more a single mon gets it)
JudgeKyle: I want a pokemon game that I can beat without fighting
HisEvilDomain: well... you are going around taking money and pokeballs off children after you 2v1 them.... you're pretty close
Animekitty93: Has it really been 2hrs???
F1SHOR: plz no more shadow
Tempest2097: Hi Kevin!
PhoenixMelior: Pokemon Coloseum was amazing, I will fight you
TXC2: Animekitty93 it really has
Robot_Bones: Are you not just playing this for One More?
wicker_knight: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:04:06.
GreenMittenz: Yay Kevin <3 its so cute
Tempest2097: Wait we can't actually battle random pokemans?
GreenMittenz: Ill take all the kevins
phenexian: they had to make the pokemon thief a good guy some how!
Telnaior: @Rhynerd like if you were willing to hack to reduce mon levels/stats on an injury that'd make it very different to if you couldn't do that
PhoenixMelior: you streamed this game for 8 hours yesterday?!
EvilBadman: there's no random battles, no.
Tempest2097: AW
Tempest2097: MAN
Telnaior: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: ... One More? (James is a certified PUBG partner now and that means custom games! Game: PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS) at Tue 03:00 PM PST (48m from now).
Animekitty93: I really should be an adult after this :D
cyplix8: Clefairy the "rare" pokemon
BloodnBullets: ok im back, hows co-op going?
DevInsanity: How many of those 8 hours were spent absorbed in cute overload
Psychic_Ketchup: Yeah I still haven't finished your last vod Ben :D
Telnaior: well, James will come in and yell at you I guess
Tempest2097: How am I supposed to level my pokemans to world destroying awesomeness?
offbeatwitch: I tried to tell you but you weren't looking at chat enough :P
ChiefEngineerMichael: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: ... One More? (James is a certified PUBG partner now and that means custom games! Game: PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS) at Tue 03:00 PM PST (48m from now).
Telnaior: either that or it turns into cH
KirbySliver: Ben, Wake up! Your driver shift starts in 10 minutes!
wicker_knight: @PhoenixMelior in fairness, take out all the petting eevee portions and it was a reasonable-length stream :P
ChiefEngineerMichael: Yup, PUBG
PhoenixMelior: wicker_knight mmm, I believe it
r10pez10: guys we hit 170k
Tempest2097: Ben, Pick up your tokens
DigitalSeahorse: sergeSqueak ^o^ Kevin
Rhynerd: @Telnaior If not, I'd probably do something using held items instead or messing up a training session.
Robot_Bones: lets go pokemon Pikachu, common James
Dared00: One More is now a Fortnite stream
Animekitty93: r10pez10 lrrWOW
EvilBadman: time to boot up Fortnite
Invitare: depends on the timezone they're in
Gen2Gengar: Isn't Blue Note a Korean studio?
PhoenixMelior: is middle of the day before people get home from work?
offbeatwitch: we gonna get James that Fortnite sponsorship
El_Funko: They do it early morning Korea time yeah
Shidela: Could also be when they want to have their folks in office
EvilBadman: PUBG team is not in US
ChiefEngineerMichael: Middle of the day, people are at work
BloodnBullets: its always middle of the day somewhere
TXC2: it's late at night in Europe
Tempest2097: But seriously, how am I supposed to make my pokemans the best.
El_Funko: So it makes sense for them, even tho it's prime time US
DigitalSeahorse: DST can burn in a hellfire
WizardZedd: Or maybe the employees don't want to be at work late at night every week >_>
Jelkimantis: Im not sure about that. I would imagine that team rocket would eventually just fall into despair, as they can not beat Ash
Charlemandias: 2 against 1 seems overpowered
Telnaior: @Rhynerd yeah?
mercano82: Korean Developers, too, so it may be a good time in Seoul.
offbeatwitch: time to boot up Totally Accurate Battlegrounds
DigitalSeahorse: I'm plunged into darkness during my most awake hours
F1SHOR: comeon minecraft
PhoenixMelior: maybe plants vs zombies
sleitermann: James is gonna be a fortnite master
sleitermann: gonna learn to floss
Animekitty93: !pubg
LRRbot: Skin Collection Map Selection
ritchards: Time to return to Overwatch!
El_Funko: Yeah I think the plan is to get a little Ring of Elysium in after the servers go down to finish the stream
mercano82: He could play Overwatch; Ashe just got introduced recently.
FarleyF: I wonder if James will consider the Battle Royale hour of power
Tempest2097: What a speedy boi
TXC2: right chat I'm off
Tempest2097: Yes he is yes he is.
MadWaltz: Bye TXC2
Animekitty93: Later TXC2 sergeHi
sleitermann: Peace
Rhynerd: @Telnaior like a chance of the pokemon being alright, but needed to be taken to a Pokecenter and their held item having to be discarded (it broke)
F1SHOR: seya TXC2
mtvcdm: Worst case scenario, One More? isn't a one-game stream anyway. It's whatever the streamer wants to play.
Bobtheninjagoldfish: later TXC2
TXC2: Goodnight Everybody, and thanks for streaming Heather and Ben
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> It’s a new Crapshot, soldier! Get in there!! | ||
FarleyF: Woo-hoo no mods no pants lrrBEEJ later Txc2
Bladinus: night TXC2
DigitalSeahorse: Trudeau didn't do electoral reform AND didn't get rid of DST *shakes fist*
Anubis169 coughs
Animekitty93: Hahahahaha
PhoenixMelior: I read that as Hiker Macross
DigitalSeahorse: lrrFRUMP
FarleyF: *slowly puts pants back on*
Animekitty93: LOL
DigitalSeahorse: lol Anubis169
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: lol
CrazymattCaptain: just ignoring the dude in the corner
ChiefEngineerMichael: BUTTS BUTTS BUTTS!
mercano82: Now you just need a Garnet and and Amythist.
Animekitty93: That's disappointing :/
Earthenone: cats got his tounge
SileeOneNow: !advice
LRRbot: You passed it.
ancientspark: It's a Meowth! Kick its butt and mug it!
sleitermann: That new crapshot is hilarious
Rhynerd: @Telnaior now I just remembered an idea I had last time I thought of this where I had an idea of the pokemon possibly "bleeding out," forcing me to rush to a pokecenter in a certain amount of time or delcaring the pokemon dead.
DigitalSeahorse: benginButt benginButt benginButt
Umandsf: Oh, man. I didn’t know MT Chair was a guest here.
mrMorphius: Brothers: a tale of two Pokemon
Earthenone: !chair
SchalaKitty: Maybe it is like Detective Pikachu and only Jesse and James can understand Meowtth?
Rhynerd: I just noticed I used idea twice in that sentence
Charlemandias: Do they do a song and dance when you fight Jesse and James?
F1SHOR: look at his lil fingers go
Earthenone: i hope they do the song and dance and have awkwardsilence for mewoths lines
Charlemandias: Or the speech I guess, it's not really a song
sleitermann: nap james
Animekitty93: Oh wow that crapshot :D
Alness49: Sleepee
Izhuark: @Rhynerd In hold version nuzlocke this is basically what poison without and antidote is.
Izhuark: an antidote*
DigitalSeahorse: I need to catch up on crapshots now
Animekitty93: I never bother with them
Izhuark: old version*
KirbySliver: That crapshot was great
sleitermann: Hammer man is my favorite. SEconded by crabby Kathleen Aurelia.
Laurence72: Let Meowth talk, you cowards!
Rhynerd: @Izhuark Not sure how I could implement that system after the pokemon fainted without just using a stopwatch instead.
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: Let me show you my pokejams!
sleitermann: Eeevee joined us on stream!
Animekitty93: Pet James??????
DigitalSeahorse: I'm gonna go watch it, brb
SchalaKitty: Show James playing with James?????
Earthenone: pet james
Rhynerd: Again, Jams Nightbo is a good Star Wars OC name
Izhuark: @Rhynerd if you have a long hourglass it could be a little more fun than having a stopwatch
AGiantRoach: Hey chat! How is this?
Animekitty93: AGiantRoach So! Cute!
Earthenone: @AGiantRoach Super Cute!
solahwin_tampramain: no you need to kiss the james
Arikell: Isn't that just an air-horn?
mrMorphius: Omg the sleeping Eevee noises slay me with cuteness
Rhynerd: @Izhuark maybe if I grab an hour glass from a copy of Cranium?
F1SHOR: honestly i dont know if i want to buy this game. its cute and seems just fine for a game to watch and not spend on
Dared00: Can you make him sneeze by skritching his nose?
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie 's head asplodes
Bladinus: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
wafflesoup: Poke the cheeks
Animekitty93: F1SHOR If you like Pokemon it's seems solid either way
sleitermann: @F1SHOR its super fun to play, and I say that as someone whos a hardcore pokemon player who did all sorts of IV training and such in earlier game.
DigitalSeahorse: *clicks link*
dougma: In the OG TV show, wasn't there a Team Rocket SlowPoke named James? I remember a bunch of jokes about that (but could be mis-remembering)
Telnaior: definitely
Earthenone: needs more belts to be a proper JRPG attire
Telnaior: I would go team rocket for that outfit BibleThump
Tempest2097: What a good boi!
ChiefEngineerMichael: Fucking BODIED
F1SHOR: unn what
Animekitty93: lrrAWESOME lrrAWESOME
ChroniclerC: OPOP
wicker_knight: what happened?
ChroniclerC: OP OP
ancientspark: OP
HisEvilDomain: it's more dramatic in solo
vidStrickland: @Telnaior for real! I wish my trainer looked as cool as that Rocket member!
TheElrad: seabatHITBOX seabatHITBOX seabatHITBOX
Izhuark: @Rhynerd I didn't played that game in particular so i don't know how long the hourglass is but what is nice whit an hourglass is that it's harder to grasp time than with a stopwatch and there is no notification when it stops. Can be a little feel bad though, but nuzlocke type challenge are in general.
Animekitty93: Can you change your outfit in this game?
Telnaior: @vidStrickland that said, you can customise your character in this game so maybe??
DigitalSeahorse: benginNail benginNail benginNail new crap shot nails it
Telnaior: PraiseIt
GreenMittenz: Get an old james
Zyme86: always helix
HavenJunde: Helix!
Tempest2097: Dome fossilllllll
Earthenone: Dome em out
Blade_Tiger: #TeamDome
TheMetalupis: Praise Helix
Vivid_Soul: praise helix
Alness49: Lord Helix!
PhoenixMelior: PraiseIt
Tempest2097: Kabutops!
Izhuark: dome !
ChroniclerC: Domerpile
Mindfire13: Dome
Temporal_Wolf333: Praise Dome!
sleitermann: Lord Helix
Scarbble: helix james or dome james?
Thandres: dome!
sleitermann: Praise Helix
Charlemandias: All Praise Helix!
TheGamesBlog: Praise Helix
rybackgaming: Praise Helix!
coppersandles: HELIX
matrixknight88: Lord Helix
ChroniclerC: DOME 'EM
DapperGentlemancer: Dome 'em out
Izhuark: #team order
Mivair: Helix!
anetfullofjello: Praise Helix
Animekitty93: Praise Helix!
PhoenixMelior: (I actually prefer Kabuto)
wicker_knight: I voted Dome on Ben's stream, so I'm voting Helix this time
CrazymattCaptain: strawpoll?
vidStrickland just subscribed with a Tier 1 sub. vidStrickland subscribed for 19 months in a row!
vidStrickland: Praise Helix!
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, vidStrickland! (Today's storm count: 107)
MTGColorPie: Praise Helix
Bladinus: PraiseIt
Mivair: Praise Memes!
Tempest2097: It's literally a trilobite!
MadWaltz: Kabutops is a way cooler pokemon imo. (it's also worse, but who cares)
Lysander_Gustav: Aww it has a cute hat
Trymantha: PraiseIt
Scarbble: dome just to spite the memes
Tempest2097: I love trilobites
Mivair: Praise dead memes!
sjcTheos: limesPoggers PraiseIt
Thandres: dome easily for awesome blade hands!
HailtheRNG: helix!!!!!
Foxmar320: I did Helix and transferred my shiny Kabuto from GO over. :P
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: PraiseIt
TheSoftestBunny: PraiseIt PraiseIt
sleitermann: You can actually get both later.
rantachi: PraiseIt
sleitermann: PraiseIt
MikeyM133: I mean the Anniversary of twitch plays pokemon just past soooooooo praise helix?
Animekitty93: How long ago was that Helix and Bird Jesus playthrough?
Questhere: GivePLZ PraiseIt TakeNRG
DigitalSeahorse: praise memes that didn't die via their own creators!
affinityforpie: calling it now - the MC goes to pick up a Pokeball, Pikachu yells 'Wait, kid!' then Voltorb
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: IIRC TPP was February 2014, if you want to feel old.
HailtheRNG: man, the original twitch plays pokemon was amazing
HailtheRNG: rip digrat
Animekitty93: Oh that movie is going to be cheesy as all hell and I love it
Anubis169 huggles Heather and Ben lrrAWESMOE
Mangledpixel: one thing I didn't see in the trailer was any Pokés going in or out of Pokéballs
TheOtherTrevor: that's almost 5
Anubis169: lrrAWESOME *
Mangledpixel: I wonder how the effect is going to look
PhoenixMelior: 2 against 1 doesn't seem all that fair
TimmayHS: @LoadingReadyRun So I loved pokemon as a young person. I played up until Gold/Silver and my favorite was Yellow Version. I have been having trouble justifying buying a Switch. Worth it? Is this game as amazing as it looks?
Animekitty93: It feel longer than that lrrWOW
Shidela: LRR Screening group? :P
Laogeodritt: Ben, I'm sorry to inform you that your name is now the name of an evil ghost/spirit character in a piece of flash fiction I'm writing
MTGColorPie: Ruined!
DigitalSeahorse: now beat the devil out of it!
TheGamesBlog: Saved!
sjcTheos: SAVED
ChroniclerC: DOME 'EM
DigitalSeahorse: RUINED...SAVED
sleitermann: @TimmayHS I already owned a switch so take this with a grain of salt, but I would buy a switch for this game. Plus zelda/mario/smash ultimate? Definitely.
PhoenixMelior: SAVED
Piratical_tendancies: PRAISE HELIX
Bladinus: Ruined!
Charlemandias: PRAISE HELIX!
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: PraiseIt
HavenJunde: Praise Lord Helix!
ArcOfTheConclave: Praise ! \[T]/
sleitermann: Are we sure that Ben isn't an evil ghost character already?
Lysander_Gustav: Hey, they're in this game?1
LarkSachrosis: vinejoelCop
HailtheRNG: PraiseIt
TimmayHS: Yea, I loved smash bros as well. I wish they would lower the price for black friday like Xbox and Playstation have.
PMAvers: OGJames
Lysander_Gustav: Jessie, James and Meowth are in this? Awesome
Izhuark: @TimmayHS if there are other thing that interest you on the switch like the great current line up or the animal crossing that will come out eventually yes. If it's just for this game not really.
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: James is gonna think you''re his biggest fan
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: i'm holding out for Jaaaaaaaaames
TimmayHS: Or do a Bundle deal for like 300$ for a switch and this game
Animekitty93: This is not the same without Meowth talking :(
Scarbble: lunarjames best james
GreenMittenz: If hes James.. does that mean he's your pokemon?
ancientspark: Ripoff
jakale: team rocket archeology society wants to battle
HavenJunde: btw Ben, the Oddish I named after you evolved, he's a Gloom now :D
Rhynerd: James on James Violence?
Lysander_Gustav: The rose really pulls together the look
TimmayHS: I could never really get into animal crossing tbh.
Invitare: James is Waluigi's #1 fan
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: oh yeah James has a rose in his Team Rocket motto intro
DigitalSeahorse: snek
kitsunestudios: Is it my imagination, or is there an old paint filter on the Team Rocket R?
phenexian: this is based on yellow version, not the Anime. Pokemon CAN'T TALK
PhoenixMelior: poison would be neutral but that's fair
Animekitty93: Hi Graham! sergeHi
PhoenixMelior: switch to ElectroJams!
Izhuark: @Invitare i'm pretty sure that's the opposite :p
FarleyF: He's famous YouTuber James Turner
OriginalGarwulf: Can't resist:
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: A G!
TheMerricat: you went to the void right before the fight, does that mean anything?
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: no joke, James is easily the best Pokemon trainer in the anime series. He's so nice to all his Pokemon.
Animekitty93: OriginalGarwulf lrrWOW
Invitare: Izhuark it goes both ways
Shidela: I love that Meowth not talking is like the #1 complaint I've heard so far
DigitalSeahorse: xD
CastleOtranto: Just got here and am immediately pleased with the James content.
Izhuark: @Invitare agreed
Laogeodritt: @sleitermann Maybe he died in the post-Desert Bus festivities and turned into an evil spirit D=
TimmayHS: Wait, how did you get both Evee AND pikachu? I thought they were exclusive to the different versions.
Invitare: co-op
UnknownGerm: so when is Better!James gonna show up?
Animekitty93: TimmayHS They caught the Pikachu
RebelliousUno: give them time
GreenMittenz: I just realized... I am sitting at home with a blanket eating a PB&J and watching pokemon... I feel like a kid again.
Animekitty93: GreenMittenz That sounds so delightful
Telnaior: @TimmayHS they're not exclusive, you just get that one as a starter
Earthenone: i miss PB&J
TimmayHS: Hmm.. is it true that you can import pokemon from Pokemon GO? Is it required? I dont really do pokemon go
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: @Earthenone it still exists!
RebelliousUno: Burn G
Foxmar320: Eevee is just broken
Earthenone: @WhoseGameisitZ i developed a peanut butter allergy :(
Animekitty93: WHAT!
Foxmar320: There is a dude in several cities
Shidela: @TimmayHS Not required at all, it's for folks who already play Go
Armstrong11139: @TimmayHS It's true you can. But not even is it not required, you actually can't until you get to Fuchsia City
Foxmar320: You can learn ALL elements with Eevee
Telnaior: @TimmayHS you can do it, and it isn't required except for if you want to complete the dex without trading
Animekitty93: Ok I'm getting a Switch ASAP
Invitare: Jesus
UnknownGerm: WUT
ChroniclerC: O_o
Vivid_Soul: i think ben just sold this game to me
Invitare: wat
Charlemandias: That sounds borked
affinityforpie: and these are all 100 acc because of course right
ChroniclerC: THAT'S BUSTED
Psychic_Ketchup: Yup Cerulean
Ravynn: WOW
Thandres: misty pokecenter
Foxmar320: The Grass move gives Eevee Leech Seed its bonkers
Barb4rian: That is broken AF
wicker_knight: Cerulean City Pokemon Center
BloodnBullets: from the circus looking guy
AGiantRoach: Did anyone buy pikachu?
wicker_knight: it's FREE
sleitermann: @LoadingReadyRun there is a busted pikachu move you learn called Zippy Zap where you hit for a crit every time, always hit first, and do 50% STAB damage.
Animekitty93: Ben you are the best advertiser for this game right now :D
BloodnBullets: @AGiantRoach i bought pikachu
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: kaffeen!
MTGColorPie: I bought Pikachu because my daughter loves her.
Animekitty93: sergeHi Kathleen
Lysander_Gustav: dangar?
sopranocat: This is making me wnt a Switch to play this, but I can't afford $300 bucks minimum for a new system. And my birthday/Christmas present for that much this year was a Kindle Oasis, which I'll get much more use out of
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: jesus the Warmind soundtrack just came up on shuffle and snapped me instantly back into that DLC and how much I adore it. I gotta go visit Rasputin tonight.
sleitermann: Its Aurelia!
JoeKim: oh jessie and james!
JoeKim: i love them
DigitalSeahorse: lrrDARK
TimmayHS: Okay, I also heard you cannot evolve Eevee. Seems like a missed opportunity. Thanks for answering my questions. I actually won a huge pokemon tournament here in Kansas City when I was a kid.. went to this big event at the mall and they were giving away free Mew's. They would have you put your game cartridge into this machine and then you would have Mew. It was awesome.
Animekitty93: Hey JoeKim sergeHi
Invitare: or you just kill it ˙͜>˙
Foxmar320: Check every Pokemon center cause those Eevee trainer guys are everywhere
JoeKim: hello friends
Cepsys: blast off again?
DevInsanity: He's not dead, he's just sleeping. Pining for the fjords
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: @TimmayHS I went to one of those events too!
TimmayHS: This was for Red/Blue of course.. so Mew wasn't in the base game
Invitare: TR are also FANTASTIC at anything that's not criminal
Animekitty93: They're just very bad bad guys
RebelliousUno: Shake your dealie is not the sort of thing you should tell your friends
Lysander_Gustav: :D
ChroniclerC: Accurate to source material.
Earthenone: james WAS recently hit by acid
Invitare: they once made enough money to build a rocket, that went to space, from legitimate business
wicker_knight: @TimmayHS the starter cannot evolve, but you can catch other eevee/pikachu in-game and those can evolve
DigitalSeahorse: lol
TheMerricat: So don't you feel bad about killing them?
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: Jessie and James are the best.
JoeKim: oh i completely forgot about twitch plays pokemon memes
RebelliousUno: IS that Burrito the Giant MEtapod?
JoeKim: Bird Jesus was the best
Earthenone: we can get Duck James?
Cepsys: i wish you could find Pike Bowls just lying about
TimmayHS: So cool. Is it a true port of Red/Blue would you guys say? Are there any additional towns or areas? Also, are they planning to have expansions adding more pokemon or just the original 151?
DigitalSeahorse: allenSmug allenHaha allenHug
ChroniclerC: Wak James.
Animekitty93: JoeKim It's like a blast from the past!
RebelliousUno: More like Yellow TimmayHS
Invitare: people always talk about Ash's Pidgeot and Butterfree, but that's nothing on TR's Arbok and Weezing episode
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: I was there for the battle when ATV the Venomoth took down Lance's Dragonite. Goddamn that was good.
sopranocat: Duck James! Woohoo!
Telnaior: hahaha
DigitalSeahorse: yes, Duck James!
RebelliousUno: It's so CUTE
PandasAndPancakes: TimmayHS It also has the Alohan forms of the gen 1 pokemon
BloodnBullets: shhhh kathleen, shhh. dont ask
offbeatwitch: it's cos it's the first one with some decent rendering power behind it
Lightningbro: Am I the only one hearing the music HORRIBLY off tune?
TimmayHS: Wait a second... is this CO-OP?! Mind BLOWN
TheMerricat: @Lightningbro ot
Laogeodritt: wait, *any* Pokémon can walk with you? my God, I've wanted that since I played Yellow as a child
wicker_knight: @TimmayHS yup
Zyme86: I always knew james was a snake in the grass
PhoenixMelior: TimmayHS yeah it's pretty awesome looking
Laogeodritt: also omg the Eevee!hat
Lightningbro: @TheMerricat Ot?
Tempest2097: YES
TimmayHS: are they on different TVs? Is it local co-op only?
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MDK_Marshal: Eevee is absolutely the best starter <3
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TheMerricat: @Lightningbro it sounds ok to me except just now it sorta did a "streachted cassette tape" sound
Laogeodritt: c'est trop cuuuuuute
PhoenixMelior: looks like local coop only
RebelliousUno: Just casually tossing in 500 thingies
Animekitty93: AWWW
Tempest2097: It's so cuuuute
PhoenixMelior: Eevee is actually voiced like this in the anime
TimmayHS: I think you guys just sold me a switch...
Tempest2097: Dangit
phenexian: I genuinely am a pokemon cry purist
offbeatwitch: VEE VEE VEE
TimmayHS: Take my money!
Lightningbro: Yeah yeah, that's the kind of things I'm hearing quite often.
TheMerricat: Your EVEE loves it when you waste money!
Tempest2097: I don't have the funds yet.
affinityforpie: oh man the cerulean theme sounds so good
KeiRaccoon: Kathleen "Deep Pokemon opinions" DeVere
Animekitty93: Same TimmayHS
Jorge4hg: a whip and a candy
Tempest2097: I'm probably gonna get it when I do
atsathaerillianavarasella: Hiiiiiiiiii
Cepsys: #TameJames?
ChroniclerC: Hodor's Handhelds? :P
jakale: sounds like the same person doing the eevee voice i nthe new show, the one with the mop top
Thandres: i mean disgaea 5 on switch was my argument kathleen^^
TheMerricat: The switch is zero backwards compatible for the WiiU/Wii, right?
TimmayHS: Honestly, I got burned by the Gamecube, which I bought day 1... since then I haven't owned any console from Nintendo
PhoenixMelior: oh this is broken
Animekitty93: lrrWOW
cyprod: I don't play consoles, computer purist, but I had to get a switch
RebelliousUno: so borkan
PhoenixMelior: you can learn all three?!
PhoenixMelior: ALL THREE?!
Robot_Bones: it should get surf
Invitare: the psychic one does 90 damage AND PUTS UP LIGHT SCREEN
Animekitty93: This is so broken and I love it!
PhoenixMelior: WHAT THE WHAT
TheSoftestBunny: aww the nurse has a Chansey
wicker_knight: @PhoenixMelior this is the "I just want to walk through the game" option
AntiCrepuscular: James????????? :D
Kramburger: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: ... One More? (James is a certified PUBG partner now and that means custom games! Game: PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS) at Tue 03:00 PM PST (25m from now).
Thandres: it doesnt matter really what pikachu gets, because its not as cute as evee :p
Aaamann: The first one Pikachu gets is Zippy Zap, which has base 50 power, but has priority and always crits
azureHaights: "using both feet" ummmm
Rhynerd: You can just give your Eevee all the Op moves?
Invitare: Ice is a Haze move
wicker_knight: Headbutt is good, Quick Attack is more reliable imo
PhoenixMelior: OpieOP
Rockario: @TheMerricat Now compatability, they switched physical media completely
Kramburger: I can't take a move called Zippy Zap seriously
Animekitty93: Is the move relearner in this game?
UnknownGerm: Are HMs a thing in this game?
Invitare: Fairy is Aromatherapy
offbeatwitch: quick attack is fast though
offbeatwitch: breaks speed ties
Rockario: *No comptatbility
SmoothAndOrSilky: What's his whip for?
Invitare: the dark one is called "Baddy Bad" ˙͜>˙
PendelSteven: I like to have always Damage Moves with STAB
matrixknight88: you didn't heal?
Invitare: also it does Reflect
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Thandres: Pet. That. James!
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TheMerricat: @Rockario thanks :-) Last console I had was a Wii and still use it for Fit, should probably upgrade to a U before they dissappear and get a switch for games
PendelSteven: Bikini Edition Gym
Lightningbro: If these OP moves end up in the main series, I'm going to be so sad that I evolved my Shiny Eevee.
RebelliousUno: This looks so much better than it did on the OG Gameboy lol
hippitybobbity: omg thas cute
Izhuark: wow the arena is an actual pool
MadWaltz: What? why do they gate it the gym that way, that's dumb
Animekitty93: That's a weird mechanic
sjcTheos: gating NotLikeThis
hippitybobbity: eevee is so cute aaaah
PMAvers: There's that gauntlet of trainers to the north?
Kamotetop: careful with the bridge
crazy_coug91: gotta go pick a fight
Earthenone: wow, gatekeeping the cerulean gym
PendelSteven: Bill the transporter dude
Animekitty93: I don't like the gating of gyms
TheSoftestBunny: i love how metapod walk
Kaorti: Man this gym was such a slog in Gen1 with a Charmander.
Rockario: @TheMerricat That's a good plan, you can transfer your Wii stuff to the WiiU and then you only needd the one
Kamotetop: All gyms have different gates
Kramburger: 'Dropped'
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AntiCrepuscular: lrrGOAT !
azureHaights: Jeaorb!
Psychic_Ketchup: Paul r u ok
DigitalSeahorse: allenMona allenMona allenDespair
ancientspark: Is Paul an orc berserker?
GreenMittenz: I jsut thought of this... Why did they build a bridge next to a strip of land when they could have just built some stairs or something to get up that ledge
Jorge4hg: He's trying to comunicate
offbeatwitch: heather why
UnknownGerm: Greatest of all Time?
Lightningbro: "Pretty Wing" is a feather. a single feather.
Animekitty93: DigitalSeahorse Where did you get those Morgana emotes?!?!
drcanonball: we killing raticate?
RebelliousUno: 2 on 1 seems unfair
wicker_knight: @Animekitty93 in fairness, the last one is from Danganronpa
tenthtechpriest: is this why he's paul?
Lightningbro: If you have a Team of James's, does PAUL!!! have a team of Grahams?
UnknownGerm: Rekt
affinityforpie: F
DigitalSeahorse: Animekitty93, it's Makaroll
ChroniclerC: katesRip
Animekitty93: @wicker_knight Yeah I know
Psychic_Ketchup: Dies to bolt
skilde: The game is 100% soloable.
PMAvers: No Gods No Kings Only Eevee
offbeatwitch: modern pokemon games aren't really difficicult
MadWaltz: I mean, you can solo most pokemon games with just your starter
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DigitalSeahorse: allenTen allenHeart allenStare emotes
PhoenixMelior: how much PP do those moves have?
offbeatwitch: m'90 base power
Ivannorr: Eevee has perfect IVs and broken moves, A very satisfying starter
drcanonball: ok that eevee is bs
PendelSteven: Yeah, you can also do crazy,... In Ultra Moon ... post game... with a Water Team
Animekitty93: DigitalSeahorse Damn that's a lot of emotes
PhoenixMelior: 15?! That's downright generous
Invitare: Consider that Eevee also has access to a Z-move that buffs all its stats
Izhuark: Eevee fire move is basically fox's up special x)
andrew: awww yeah pokemon what up
PhoenixMelior: Invitare no Z moves in this but yeah
PendelSteven: So my first Pokémon that comes out is now a level 80 Pelipper
Lightningbro: Y..yeah... Fifteen PP for those moves is BONKERS...
Animekitty93: Hey andrew sergeHi
Invitare: I could genuinly see Eevee, or at least these moves, banned in competitive
DigitalSeahorse: Animekitty93, he used to be twitch staff which is why he has so many allenWow
Invitare: they're nonsensically strong
hippitybobbity: I like the faint emotions too everything is cute
Rockario: Important question: Can you dress up your eevee in eevelution costumes?
offbeatwitch: the "Shedinja" technique
Animekitty93: DigitalSeahorse Damn, makes sense
HavenJunde: @andrew hey :D
PendelSteven: Yeah, well, postgame you can also give a low level pokémon 90 damage moves
wafflesoup: @Rockario Yes, much later in the game
TheSoftestBunny: omg LunarJames
PendelSteven: lvl 5 pokémon with moves like Thunberbolt are awesome lol
theghostwiththemost: hi everyone sergeHi
Rockario: @wafflesoup lrrAWESOME
Lucaan: LunarJames is such a good name
Animekitty93: YAS
azureHaights: LunarJames aka Tornor?
Earthenone: its a butterjames!
Lucaan: PogChamp
DigitalSeahorse: mister165Wave Andrew
Tempest2097: Man they made evolutions look good
PendelSteven: spoilers!
Psychic_Ketchup: Turnerfree!
GreenMittenz: James is so pretty!
Kramburger: Change it's name to James' True Form
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ThePerrBearr: so many james?
hippitybobbity: buttered james
TheOtherTrevor: ButterJames
PMAvers: And now James is coated in poison.
Animekitty93: James is so pretty!
Charlemandias: Butterjames
Rhynerd: Jams Nightbo is a pretty princess now
Jorge4hg: Betterjames
Kramburger: Hecking Choncker
Scarbble: pretty amused by TurnerFree Psychic_Ketchup
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: Jaaaaaaaaames
Alness49: Chawnky boy!
Animekitty93: Dammmmn
UnknownGerm: what an absolute unit
cuttlefishman: Oh Lawd
Rhynerd: He CHONK?
rocketjohn: thanks. i hate it.
ChroniclerC: That's a large bug.
El_Funko: Oh lawd he flappin'
MalBeam: chonkerfree
Invitare: Butterfree, emphasis on the butter.
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: Vivillion
hippitybobbity: awh lawhd
crazy_coug91: James got swol
tenthtechpriest: butterchonk
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deathlyplacebo: Everybody recovered from Desert Bus yet?
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Rockario: I love that butterfree has cute little hands but no arms
DigitalSeahorse: allenKeke viking64Friendo
CobaltShurikenReborn: seems pretty average for height to weight ratio
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: aw does Butterfree flutter after you
hippitybobbity: does butterfree have rayman hands
Lightningbro: Four foot tall butterfly... It's no WONDER Butterfly can carry you with Fly, you probably just use it as a backpack!
wicker_knight: @CobaltShurikenReborn for a walking creature, sure, but that's pretty heavy for a flying creature
UnknownGerm: so is EXP All just always on?
PendelSteven: Aaargh!
ArcOfTheConclave: Bill!
Jorge4hg: Goat there?
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: fun fact: the "Bill" whose PC you store your Pokemon on is a reference to Bill Gates
GreenMittenz: I just want to snuggle that eevee
drcanonball: Nugget bridge
Animekitty93: Oh wow Butterfree is huge
hippitybobbity: fuck her up!
theghostwiththemost: MISTY is my Warframe name
hippitybobbity: its weird to swear again
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: just a colossal poison butterfree following behind you
Kramburger: 9.5
cuttlefishman: 10
RebelliousUno: That is a massive butterfree
Lucaan: I feel like Ben's character is a mecha the way he just falls from the sky like that.
MadWaltz: Wow, that was a really nice dive
RebelliousUno: shame you're gonna do this 2 on 1
PendelSteven: 'Ello Beauty
Rhynerd: @theghostwiththemost I think I might have run into you in Warframe then
hippitybobbity: l-lewd..
CobaltShurikenReborn: 8.2
Animekitty93: hippitybobbity It really is, I get slightly annoyed still even if I don't need to
Jorge4hg: that fish ded
GrumblingMoblin: where was she keeping that?
PendelSteven: Fry the Fish
Alness49: Small fish gets battered, more at 11
RebelliousUno: it won't survive the eeviee
PMAvers: And now we have a fish fry.
ArcOfTheConclave: wait, what were Misty's sisters names?
kenohki2: Time for sashimi
Phothrism: oof
Animekitty93: sergeHolyMolly
drcanonball: buuzy nuke
TheNideon: shockyshook
TheMerricat: time for fish sticks!
AGiantRoach: RIP
Kamotetop: try the fire one
Kamotetop: '
Animekitty93: sergeHolyMoly sergeHolyMoly
Kamotetop: ?
KirbySliver: sergeHolyMoly
wicker_knight: #ThankYouForTheSushi
theghostwiththemost: @Rhynerd what's your warframe name on the switch
Charlemandias: 8.7
theghostwiththemost: ?
RebelliousUno: The intro and outro took longer than the fight did
CobaltShurikenReborn: 7.2
hippitybobbity: I love shelder
Earthenone: so in the yellow version you could name your starter pesertman and zippy zap into pesterman
AntiCrepuscular: :p
Izhuark: well if it's a fish type it's okay right ?
Kramburger: In the OG games, on of the trainers had a goldeen that knew Peck and Supsonic, which nearly killed my Bulbasaur
MalBeam: 7.9 too much water lrrBEEJ
TheGamesBlog: Blep
ArcOfTheConclave: these are misty's sisters!!
Animekitty93: I like that they kept the gym layout, you can totally avoid these fights if you want to
hippitybobbity: i used to have a little shelder toy that was also a watergun
Rhynerd: @theghostwiththemost okay, if it's on switch then I met a different MISTY. I'm just on PC as Rhynerd
MTGColorPie: grill that oyster
Armstrong11139: Yeah my evaluation of Shellder skyrocketed when I consciously realized it just has its tongue sticking out goofily all the time
arcaneemperor: should really bring out pikachu here to train it up since eevee is 1 shotting everything XD
Psychic_Ketchup: benginBurn
crazy_coug91: mmm roasted clam
wicker_knight: @arcaneemperor there's constant experience share
ancientspark: So what you're saying is that wall Eevee is now a thing
Jorge4hg: mmm delicious
theghostwiththemost: @Rhynerd i always play the xbox, the switch version just came out today
PhoenixMelior: the pokemon in waiting get way less experience it seems
offbeatwitch: l-lewd
Charlemandias: 7.8
Kamotetop: @Armstrong11139 what's your view of Tangela though
Izandai: 10/10
Rhynerd: ah
Invitare: ancientspark the Psychic and Dark ones put up Reflect and Light Screen, in addition to 90 power
CobaltShurikenReborn: mmm cloyster on the half shellder. delicious
PhoenixMelior: Hodor squad!
Lucaan: If anything we tried to dry her off
ArcOfTheConclave: Which James?
EonChao: I only just noticed the mural at the back. That's so cool
Armstrong11139: @Kamotetop No goofy tongue, no buy
Animekitty93: EonChao I didn't notice that, that's really cool
drcanonball: wait what
Izandai: I disagree with that Shellder model. I always interpreted the art as the Shellder's face being in shadow from the shell with only its tongue sticking out into the light, not that it has a round, solid black face.
136312: this game makes me want a Switch
Earthenone: i think it is .25 damage on seel
Animekitty93: 136312 Same
MadWaltz: Izandai Yeah, agreed
GrandLlamaQ: Dear Drs. Heather & Ben: If you could open your own Pokemon Gym, what would your gym type be?
UnknownGerm: seel isn't ice type, only Dewgong is
RebelliousUno: 1 shot each of misties pokemon
hippitybobbity: Izandai yah same
Izandai: Her clothes are wrong.
Lucaan: Gym monopoly PogChamp
PendelSteven: So is mine
Izandai: Her clothes are good but they're wrong.
hippitybobbity: she rolled up regular jeans extremely high
136312: 2v1 seems unfair
DigitalSeahorse: PsyJames! :O
mogling: You wear one outfit FOREVER
Daakku: wait i don't?!
phenexian: Misty never lost her Bike in the games, that was just a dumb anime thing
Kramburger: Are bikes still literally $1 million in this game?
Izandai: You got me there, Heather.
cuttlefishman: I mean... Ben how long have you been wearing Plaid?
drcanonball: still wrong compared to hgss
Armstrong11139: Hell, sometimes changed clothes are the only way you know there was a time skip!
Animekitty93: No
DigitalSeahorse: PsyDuck should be on OUR team!
Earthenone: wow
ChiefEngineerMichael: HOLY CRAPOLY
UnknownGerm: wooooooooow
136312: whoa good one Psyduck
Psychic_Ketchup: YEAH JAMES
AntiCrepuscular: lrrAWESOME
ancientspark: LOL
AGiantRoach: WAOW
Animekitty93: WOW
azureHaights: BAH GAWD
offbeatwitch: STURDY
Armstrong11139: WAO
Kramburger: OUR BOI
RebelliousUno: James loves you that much
SolarBlitz1: lrrWOW lrrWOW
PendelSteven: welcome to gen VII
Izhuark: #thankjames
KirbySliver: sergeHolyMoly
affinityforpie: LET'S GO BELLSPROUT LET'S GO clap clap
Kamotetop: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
MalBeam: lrrWOW
kitsunestudios: FEEL THE LOVE!
Jorge4hg: lrrWOW
PhoenixMelior: The one true James!
AntiCrepuscular: lrrHEART James lrrHEART
CobaltShurikenReborn: absolute unit
Riandisa: <3
Izandai: Ben have you never seen that before? That was from X and Y.
DigitalSeahorse: xD
Rhynerd: Thanks, Bellsprout!
136312: I missed it :'(
sopranocat: next he'll be buying you ice cream
Phosphatide: dang i had an entire lecture and the stream is still alive
Izandai: That's a thing that could happen once you get enough hearts in Pokémon-Amie.
Rhynerd: or, well, xXJAMESXx
hippitybobbity: I call bullshit, James Turner has never toughed out anything in his life
Izandai: Oh, yeah, fair.
PendelSteven: Mighty Starmie
PhoenixMelior: hippitybobbity he toughed out growing a beard
Izandai: Yeah, I guess I didn't know that was a thing in this game either.
136312: "Jams Nightbo" LUL
affinityforpie: !
RebelliousUno: Your "Support Trainer"
Ivannorr: If you walk your pokemon in this it can survive for you
Lucaan: I actually really enjoy a lot of the redesigns characters from older Pokemon games have been getting. May from ORAS is adorable.
ArcOfTheConclave: James come back! Go James!
Sarah_Serinde: Hello friends! We have a lot of Jameses, huh? :D
hippitybobbity: PhoenixMelior ok fair but that involves a lot of not doing something, which is right in his wheelhouse
jaric93: Is it just me or is this game obscenely easy?
Charlemandias: Do it you coward
HisEvilDomain: DO IT
AntiCrepuscular: lrrGREED
ZoBo_: so how horrendously late am I?
PhoenixMelior: hippitybobbity you make a good point sir
Dix: Sup everyone
Psychic_Ketchup: The stakes have never been lower
Animekitty93: Sarah_Serinde sergeHi It's so great
offbeatwitch: OH BOY
Izandai: What is tempting fate?
Dared00: @jaric93 they play 2v1
UnknownGerm: Goodbye, electrojams
Jorge4hg: lrrGREED
Animekitty93: sergeHi Dix
Earthenone: @Sarah_Serinde they promised to name all the pokemon hames if he got them hot chocolate
TheAinMAP: Uh oh.
Animekitty93: Noooooooo
Tempest2097: OH NO
PandasAndPancakes: RIP
Zyme86: lrrGREED
Earthenone: james*
Izandai: NOOOOO
AGiantRoach: Rip Electro
Tempest2097: RIP
BrindleBoar: F
RebelliousUno: dead
Armstrong11139: katesRip
wicker_knight: F
PhoenixMelior: F
Animekitty93: lrrGREED lrrGREED lrrGREED
Scarbble: F
Erudite_Cynic: DED
Lucaan: RIP
Izhuark: F
Mindfire13: F
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: F
Thandres: boiled alive!
tenthtechpriest: F
Sarah_Serinde: Animekitty93 sergeHi Awesome
hippitybobbity: ur in trouble now lads
Psychic_Ketchup: That was their last jam session
SolarBlitz1: F
Rhynerd: nooooooo
TheGamesBlog: RUINED
MadWaltz: electrojams was too good for this world
Bladinus: F
PendelSteven: Electric type beaten by Water type. Ha!
Izandai: I forgot this was Nuzlock.
MTGColorPie: Mmmm what whata say...
Traion: F
KirbySliver: F3
matrixknight88: f
jaric93: even without that
Riandisa: F
Psychic_Ketchup: benginRip benginRip
wafflesoup: F
sjcTheos: limesRIP
kenohki2: F
Mivair: F
136312: pudgy pink James
offbeatwitch: get that BEEF in here
Sarah_Serinde: Earthenone Sweet and also I'm jealous :D
Dix: Please tell me this isn't nuzlock
Earthenone: now james dosent know pay day anymore! how will lrr function
SolarBlitz1: Oh god I've just seen everyones names
Izandai: You never tempt fate in Nuzlocke.
offbeatwitch: clefairy is pure beef
PandasAndPancakes: James died as he lived - covered in fur and scalding hot water.
wicker_knight: "When you try so hard, but you don't succeed..."
Diabore: hi friends!
TheNideon: Hello darkness my old friend...
Jondare: Dix it is :(
Diabore: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: ... One More? (James is a certified PUBG partner now and that means custom games! Game: PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS) at Tue 03:00 PM PST (9m from now).
TheMerricat: ripcheer100 F for ElectoJams ripcheer100
Bobtheninjagoldfish: Ben's first feinted pokemon!
Lucaan: This was a Nuzlocke? Oh boy.
ShowingOff: F
Jorge4hg: Electrojames will remember that
Charlemandias: F
sopranocat: Don't you get to heal?
136312: aw that tail slap
Izandai: @Bobtheninjagoldfish This is Nuzlocke. It's fucking dead.
136312: that was cute
Rhynerd: F
Temporal_Wolf333: Badge? I'll show YOU a badge
Traion: That high five is obscenely cute
Erudite_Cynic: only one had to die
TheGamesBlog: The passing of Electro Jams only proves Eevee is the superior choice
Temporal_Wolf333: mphPolice mphBadge
AGiantRoach: That hi-5 is adorable
HisEvilDomain: It's fine, pikachu has terrible stats :P
Thandres: the rubbins :o
TheNideon: Electro-Jams was a good name too
Rhynerd: The TM used to kill Electro-Jams
136312: JAMES????!!!!!
Animekitty93: lrrWOW
hippitybobbity: wait are you playing Nuzlocke??
AntiCrepuscular: D:
Izandai: DO TI
Field94: D:
Alness49: Ben, NO!
Izandai: *IT
Lucaan: Eevee doesn't care about the dead James
Sarah_Serinde: lrrWOW
Psychic_Ketchup: Wow dark
Barb4rian: Woah dark
Juliamon: Do it.
Blade_Tiger: WOW, Ben
crazy_coug91: Jesus
sjcTheos: limesNani
sopranocat: wait, WHAT?!
PMAvers: You can get to the Box from the bag too.
Macheya: Finally, a new Mine O'Clock to watch.
TheMerricat: @136312 James brought them hot chocolate on the condition all their pokemon have to be named after him.
Bobtheninjagoldfish: @Izandai I';m well aware of that, but Ben was making a point that in his game he'snever had a pokemon feint.
Ivannorr: You can also do that from bag
thatchesterguy: Ben on newday tuesday! Yay!
136312: haha
VoidByAnyOtherName: soylent candy?
136312: 2dark4me
Izandai: ^
Rhynerd: Electro James never even got to leave the pokeball outside of combat :(
RebelliousUno: Minced into Candy
TheNideon: Hey Prof, here have this dead pokemon
MTGColorPie: Start the autopsy!
136312: wait
PMAvers: "Why do you keep taking pictures of dead birds?"
Sarah_Serinde: benginRip James
Rhynerd: Autopsy
RebelliousUno: What is it still wet~?
hippitybobbity: pikachu shepherds pie
136312: if candy are made from pokemon, and they make pokemon stronger...
Rhynerd: For science
ChiefEngineerMichael: Wait... This guy is grinding Pokémon into candy as well!
UnknownGerm: Take this dead rat
Izandai: Hey now Ben, autopsies are an important scientific tool.
Diabore: fire up the blender oak, its a ded one
Dix: Soylent Pokemon
136312: ^
cuttlefishman: Feed Candy to Eevee now
Lucaan: Just make the candy from the corpse, Old Man eogNani
phorrestgaze: donner-lok run
Jorge4hg: Candy for a corpse
Tempest2097: What do quick candy's do?
PhoenixMelior: Soylent is pokemon
thatchesterguy: oh i missed it....
HisEvilDomain: the cadaver was donated for scientific research :P
Sarah_Serinde: James died, game over
RebelliousUno: The corpse hadn't even cooled down yet
hippitybobbity: has someone done The Ballad of Sweeney Todd but with prof oak
Psychic_Ketchup: Oak: "I've made Pika-stew"
PendelSteven: James???????
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TheGamesBlog: Did someone say Eevee training?
Sarah_Serinde: lrrFINE
Earthenone: wait without Eevee training how do you level up your starter ben?
Izandai: Thank god. EV training is hell.
RebelliousUno: poke canabalism
Invitare: like Vitamins but without capacity?
Ashby497: I much enjoyed this stream
Lucaan: This kid's game is morbid
sopranocat: o_O
jakale: it's like viva pinata then?
Barb4rian: And this game is for the child people?! Nintendo! Shame!
UnknownGerm: have you done any meltan shenanigans yet?
Izandai: Even with the punching bags in gen 6 it's super slow.
Psychic_Ketchup: Feeding James to James. The circle of James.
Sarah_Serinde: I look forward to catching up on the VOD of this stream :D
Tempest2097: SO CUTE
PMAvers: After so many uses of candy, it eventually requires more candy in one go to get stat ups.
Animekitty93: Ugh this is so cute!
thirsty_kitteh: Pet The James!
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Gen2Gengar: That's how Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease happened
thirsty_kitteh: Pet The James?
Tempest2097: I'm actually gonna stop watching because it makes me sad I can't afford a switch
phenexian: As someone who loves pokemon to bits, but hates pokemon go, do you think I should get this game?
UnknownGerm: because any number of PoGo players can get stuff from a single copy of Let's Go
Tempest2097: =(
NarishmaReborn: You should get a cut of that
Sarah_Serinde: I am going to wait and hope it goes on sale :P
Animekitty93: sergeHeart Ben
theghostwiththemost: Warframe?
Tempest2097: You kids have fun!
RebelliousUno: If I hadn't just spent a bunch of money on PS4 I would be
Izandai: I want a Switch so baaaaad
PendelSteven: It's another reason to buy a Switch, yes
AGiantRoach: did anyone get the pokeball bundle in chat? I'm curious if that is worth it.
thatladyinplaid: Young one is getting a Switch for her bday. Going to have to add this to her game list
PendelSteven: not the sole reason though
Invitare: still harder than Gen 1 though
TehAmelie: self-denigratingly: i seem to have come here at the right time
Animekitty93: I wonder if there's any game stores selling a switch for Black Friday? Hmm
Izandai: Not for this, for BotW. But I would probably get this too.
Jondare: I have a switch, and this 100% goes to the top of my christmas wishlist
Lucaan: I really enjoy watching people play Let's Go, but I don't think I'll pick it up myself. It's just not for me, personally.
Izandai: It's down the list, though.
Markster981: OSFrog /
vermillion_rolo: your both playing pokémon
EonChao: Yeah this is going to be perfect for my niece to play.
RebelliousUno: it's a gateway mon
thatladyinplaid: @Animekitty93 the BF deals aren't that great for Switch this year
Jondare: Again, there's apparently a pretty brutal post game for those who want that
sopranocat: more Pokemon
Animekitty93: thatladyinplaid Damn
Earthenone: it could be ANYTHIG
Diabore: extended pubg it is
NarishmaReborn: One More Pokemon?
Dix: Play For Ever Clap clap clapclapclap
Rhynerd: we'll find out!
phorrestgaze: not talking sim, someone just sits on the stream and ignores us
RebelliousUno: He's candy now
Juliamon: Clearly you guys should just come back for more Pokemon
Animekitty93: More Pokemon!
TheNideon: Oh sweet
Lucaan: Non Electro James
Rhynerd: Maybe more PUBG, maybe more pokemon
Izandai: Eventually he'll get driven off by people giving him shit for getting Hank Green to make his driver intro.
Izhuark: Danger james is da best
DigitalSeahorse: benginHeart benginHeart benginHeart benginHeart benginDab benginDab benginDab benginDab
sopranocat: Bye!
ROU_FrankExchangeOfViews: bye guys!
PendelSteven: Bye bye! Thanks for streaming
Rhynerd: maybe more Murder Moths of Space
Animekitty93: Bye guys! Thansk for the Stream!
Riandisa: Thanks for the fun stream!
BrindleBoar: goodbye forever Kappa
TheGamesBlog: Bye y'all!
Izhuark: good bye !
Rhynerd: bye!
AllyDistrict: slytqHeart slytqHeart slytqHeart slytqHeart
Rhynerd: thanks for the stream
TheSoftestBunny: thanks for strem! lrrHEART
Animekitty93: sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart
Jondare: I mean, there is a pretty good chance that James will be snaking at some point during PUBG
Ipsen13: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
EdwardHaag: Well, we've got an hour and a half before the servers go down
Animekitty93: Damn now I have to go be an adult :(
chicken_mike: one more starts in 5 minutes right?
TehAmelie: so what was this game? i missed all of it
VoidByAnyOtherName: it's cute
Animekitty93: Let's Go Eevee
TehAmelie: was watching The Good Place with my friend though so not sorry i missed it
tux789: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: ... One More? (James is a certified PUBG partner now and that means custom games! Game: PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS) at Tue 03:00 PM PST (2m from now).
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: @TehAmelie pokemans
TehAmelie: i now hear written narration in Tom Danson's voice
TehAmelie: or Ted
TehAmelie: it's very soothing
r10pez10: ted danson still makes me think of Becker
TehAmelie: you can hear it in my text now too right?
r10pez10: which is distinctly not the same as Good Place ted danson
r10pez10: i haven't seen enough of the Good Place...
r10pez10: i've seen a couple blooper reels on the YouTubes
EvilBadman: highly recommend Good Place
TehAmelie: it did take some creative use of streaming services to watch past season 1
EvilBadman: S1 and 2 are on US Netflix now
r10pez10: from what i can tell, his assistant is the best character
TehAmelie: but not in Sweden
lord_of_the_ramp: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: ... One More? (James is a certified PUBG partner now and that means custom games! Game: PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS) at Tue 03:00 PM PST (1m ago).
El_Funko: The Good Place is fantastic
TehAmelie: Janet is the best character but Michael is my favorite
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... One More? Let's play some custom PUBG shall we? ||
r10pez10: hey nice VIP badge funko
Diabore: uno mas!
gualdhar: pokemon let's go into PUBG, I'm getting whiplash
kassy_13: oh am i early?
El_Funko: @r10pez10 Thank you! It's shiny
kassy_13: oh that is preeetty
OriginalGarwulf: Is Talking Simulator still happening tonight? It's been removed from the events page...
r10pez10: ~lasttweet simulator
LRRTwitter: [3h ago] @loadingreadyrun> Schedule change for this evening. | Talking Simulator is no longer happening, will update if anything is added in its place. ||
r10pez10: seems to be not on
mastershake29x: cam is ill i believe
TehAmelie: jeez, i got recommended a recent Talking SImulator episode on youtube BEFORE you mentioned it. the algorithms are getting scary
r10pez10: we're here to help
r10pez10: er, they are
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Dryhad: Woo! Pubbage!
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r10pez10: [sweats]
margieargie: I'd say the same thing, but I get recommended Talking Sim episodes all the time anyway so it doesn't mean much :p
ChiefEngineerMichael: PUBG!
Kamotetop: Overwatch?
phorrestgaze: dangit I checked my discord
aesir_blade: Does anyone else thing the Pubg menu theme sounds a lot like the avengers leitmotif?
delta__vee: [discord noises intensify]
Kamotetop: Actually, how does the hamster play?
RadicalJulia: @aesir_blade agree
TehAmelie: it is pretty superhero epic-like
TehAmelie: hi James
Dix: uhhhhhhhhhhh
TheAinMAP: katesAir
Foxmar320: Hello xXJamesXx
NathanJay_GA: o/
kenohki2: uhhhhh
LinaBanina: slytqHi
vulcurdi1: Hey everyone!
El_Funko: Who's excited for murrrrrrdaaaaaaaaaaaa?
kenohki2: morning James
AllyDistrict: katesWave katesWave katesWave
BethSouls: hello hello bethsoCUTE
mogling: James, yay you got turned back into a human from a pokemon!
ritchards: !time
LRRbot: Current moonbase time: 3:07 PM
El_Funko: Not the Training Mode, the maintenance timer
F1SHOR: slytqWha
EJGRgunner: Am I in time for the announcement?
LinaBanina: "lovely"
phorrestgaze: daylight was saved, but at what cost?
Unas84: already mentioned during Desert Bus, but I live not too far from Amsterdam, so i could go pay Brendan a visit .. deliver a 'message' from you .. if you want me to, James. @LoadingReadyRun
62MGcobra: i didnt
Taichanie: "Had a meeting with Graham. Turns out I'm fired."
Dix: W o o f
Mangledpixel: time is an illusion
phorrestgaze: *checks discord again*
masterfrog316: can i just apologise now, this will be my first time actually playing pubg
Jondare: Please don't move One More any later, it's already extremely late for us EU peeps, any later would just be prohibitive to us joining the fun :(
Keab42: Time to try RoH?
kassy_13: yeah, it
masterfrog316: so i assume im gonna die pretty fast
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KodeMage: only like 354 days until Desert Bus!
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kassy_13: it's 11pm to 2am here
JustNottDave: I would just change the game
phorrestgaze: switch to a random knockoff?
EJGRgunner: don't suppose you could swap with Newday?
Juliamon: 5-ish weeks
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Jondare: kassy_13 00 to 03 here :(
kassy_13: i'm so sorry @Jondare
F1SHOR: one more minecraft stream :P
Dix: For the life of me, I will never ever understand why they put server maintenance in the middle of the evening NA time
kassy_13: we wouldn't ask you to jame
Diabore: @EJGRgunner that screws a lot of na people who work late
kassy_13: s
Jondare: kassy_13 The joys of living in CET :(
kassy_13: @Jondare :(
Lithobraker: what did James do this time?
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Jondare: Dix it's early morning in korea where the studio is