stevestein: BySly!
TehAmelie: what happened to Fallout 6-75? inquiring minds crave knowing
Zebunisher: slytqHi
Dread_Pirate_Westley: #TeamOrder
Dryhad: Bye TQ
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Serpens77: uhhhhh.... 5 more (months)?
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TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
xantos69: BYE!
xythrogar: joined the stream at the end of it, rip me
Juliamon: I still don't know how to log into my Instagram. I don't know what my username is, it won't accept my email address OR phone number for a password reset
Juliamon: It won't let me make an account with my email address
Juliamon: I don't know what it wants from me
TheWanderingNomad: Your ever living SOUL
TehAmelie: at least this year i managed to create an instagram account without tying it to my phone number
kitthethird: Wait, instagraham is a real thing? I thought it was just a LRR in-joke...
rasterscan: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at some of their favourite video games. Game: Cultist Simulator) at Tue 06:00 PM PST (13m from now).
TheWanderingNomad: Cultist Simulator? They really have a Simulator game for everything don't they?
Juliamon: The !next info is inaccurate
Juliamon: There is no TS tonight
Thane1607: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at some of their favourite video games. Game: Cultist Simulator) at Tue 06:00 PM PST (13m from now).
Juliamon: please ignore it
Thane1607: :(
Rockario: Instead we are getting Alex playing "Dusk"
wildpeaks: I was so looking forward to culstist sim, even changed my sleep schedule to make sure to see it live
wildpeaks: aw
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> We’re about to spoil our #MTGUMA card over on our Instagram account (@LoadingReadyRun) via a live stream. | Come watch! It’s sure to be something :) ||
TehAmelie: i'm sure we'll get to cult it up eventually
TehAmelie: !findquote cult
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
TehAmelie: huh
wildpeaks: more likely than new vegas, sure
Juliamon: so basically I'm not allowed to use Instagram, so I'm not allowed to see any of the great streaming content
teavian: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at some of their favourite video games. Game: Cultist Simulator) at Tue 06:00 PM PST (9m from now).
TehAmelie: i'm not watching it until it's on youtube either but that's mainly cause i don't trust my smartphone with anything
ChiefEngineerMichael: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at some of their favourite video games. Game: Cultist Simulator) at Tue 06:00 PM PST (8m from now).
r10pez10: # not a cult
Juliamon: Sure is great being completely locked out of something
asddsa28: well that was fun
Juliamon: I didn't even WANT an insta account...
Bobtheninjagoldfish: yeah. I've never gotten on the instagram wagon..
freshtoastlord: It was just tweeted out!
TehAmelie: it's fairly useless if you have a desktop computer
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Somebody left the twitter open so I could tweet about me playing DUSK. | I'm gonna do that but also post a butt. | 📷 ||
Juliamon: nice butt
rasterscan: Alex is best at tweets.
ChiefEngineerMichael: BEEP
wildpeaks: welp, that was a record short time-to-butt
ExitPursuedByABear: lrrSIGNAL
Master_Gunner: that's a good butt
ExitPursuedByABear: I'm probably late to realize it's live, but hey
kitthethird: x.x I thought the computer I was surgering started beeping...
ExitPursuedByABear: that just means something's gonna happen?
F1SHOR: i was so cconfused where the music started coming from lol
rrtycoon2: So, when do we start shouting "Zeta"?
Gekyouryuu: no Talking Sim?
wildpeaks: sadly nope
Bobtheninjagoldfish: @Gekyouryuu nope, but we get an Alex bonus strim.
tim19862: darn
Jelkimantis: @F1SHOR Me too. I was a way bit creeped.
tim19862: Alex? cool
Gekyouryuu: oh, that's cool
kitthethird: AH
Gekyouryuu: I'm 100% ok with an Alex stream, but does anyone know why no TS?
TehAmelie: hiya
SachielOne: Deploy the emergency backup Alex!
JoTyler: @Gekyouryuu i think cam was feeling like poop
Gekyouryuu: that's fair
wildpeaks: at least Alex gets to advertise his new comic that way
coelopteryx: alex is graham now
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Surprise it's Alex! Hi Alex hi chat
rendelnep: f ANYWAY
emberBecky: hai Alex! o/
Admiralmatt: RIP
tim19862: Hey Alex! HeyGuys kaypikeHYPE
wildpeaks: spooky
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corsairwind: A wild Alex just appeared! Hi Alex! Great to see you tonight!
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rendelnep: *F anyway
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harvester369: yay more LRR and Alex!
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ExitPursuedByABear: katesRip
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JoTyler: *waves*
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xantos69: So, what game is this?
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Taveena: Hi, Cat Graham! Thanks for filling in.
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kitthethird: Hope you've had enough time to recover and do some things you enjoy! lrrHEART
Tempest2097: Oh wow those settings
Mendiloquence: Hey, Alex! I know this doesn't really mean much coming from a total lurker. But I'm super proud of you, dude. You're awesome.
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Admiralmatt: Bonus Alex!!
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Tempest2097: I love that they've nailed it down to time periods
Rockario: Plaid ddude with scythes made me think this was that skeleton pig-shooting game
BrindleBoar: is this a Quake simulator? what is happening
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awful_neutral: High fives
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vokayregrebniew: whats up
TheWanderingNomad: Evening Alex....what am I looking at and have we gone back to the 90s?
TehAmelie: calling yourself the wrong name can be weird, but i don't know if anyone can top me answering the house phone with "Aladdin"
Nightvalien28: head cheese?
ChiefEngineerMichael: MAH BITRATE
tim19862: ah, this one
Xafty: i have no idea what this game is, but it looks weird
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Senstaku: Something something 59 months something something DARKSIDE
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Nightvalien28: kinda jaggy
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reptileviking: Aw yeah, let's get 90s up in here
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tim19862: curvySS
SachielOne: Oh god not the view bob
vokayregrebniew: what is going on
Xafty: wow, twitch compression hates this
MadAran87: Good evening, Dr. Alex. Having fun in the pits?
TehAmelie: are we being Lautrec?
delta__vee: TheIlluminati ?
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Gekyouryuu: I'm happy to share my resub on a bonus stream with a one Alex S. Illustrator. out of curiosity, Alex, have you heard of the app game Girls' Frontline? it's one of them waifu games, but all the waifus are guns.
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RvLeshrac: You're all assuming the cigar is a weapon
RvLeshrac: But sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.
DoodlestheGreat: Sekrets!
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Caulkious: bonus stream, with a bonus Alex!
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Gekyouryuu: why does the stream keep muting itself on me?
wildpeaks: we live here now
ChiefEngineerMichael: BLAAHHHD!
TheWanderingNomad: Dual Pistolets!
Iperithon: Bluuuuud
auxv: Damn good compression, does this game fit on a floppy disk
Nigouki: Blyat? is this some russian doom mod?
TehAmelie: i guess when this game gives you crates in the second room it's probably irony
tim19862: this captures that 90s feel very well
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thymato: bonus good boy Alex stream
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wildpeaks: "Here, a tic"
Iperithon: Alex is my favorite Lrr
Iperithon: :D
reptileviking: Those guys are just saying the names of other shooters!
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Comeback323: Oooh Alex
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SachielOne: No, Heretic is a completely different game.
tim19862: "there, a tic" Kappa
Iperithon: No one plays monored burn like Alex...ston,
LaconicLad: I liked Heretic.
reptileviking: They also say Blood...
tim19862: me too
reptileviking: That was a good one
DoodlestheGreat: shortgun!
Tempest2097: Srotghun!
reptileviking: Best build engine game
wildpeaks: that room reminds me of the first Thief :D
justwhatever_idk: dear doctor alex what time of day would you say this game takes place in
TehAmelie: five bucks says we'll see someone say "Marathon" within the hour
Tempest2097: Oh nice Terminator reloads
Iperithon: shortgun sniping
asthanius: I love those jpeg trees so much
ChiefEngineerMichael: Break the Authority!
TehAmelie: what state is the state?
asthanius: Crush the establishment
LiveFaust: Destroy the municipality!
ChiefEngineerMichael: Secret Tunnel!
Iperithon: Alex you look tired
WasntFuzzyWuzzy: Aw nuts
wildpeaks: the enemy was tire-d
tim19862: LaconicLad remember the mildly phallic weapon in heretic?
justwhatever_idk: Here, A Tic
Tempest2097: YES
DoodlestheGreat: "Time to re-tire!"
Iperithon: uhhh
ReverseCreations: I'm TIREd of puns?
Tempest2097: Double Shotgun all the waaaay
ChiefEngineerMichael: Are you gonna tire a man do death, Alex?
Tempest2097: What, are we in 5th grade again?
asthanius: That's like from my fourth grade experience
LaconicLad: Just about all I remember is that I liked it. It was a while ago.
Iperithon: introducing DOOM PARKOUR
justwhatever_idk: Alex did you ever join Pen Island
Nigouki: you know, if whatever they worship lets them do fireballs maybe join up?
wildpeaks: pixels intensify
TehAmelie: i hope we get dual double barrel shotguns
Dr_fragenstien: ooh, and alex stream, what a treat!
TacitusVigil: Hello Alex, chat.
tim19862: hey TacitusVigil
ReverseCreations: Double rotating shotguns seems strong in this meta.
Dr_fragenstien: Secret Silo!
mtvcdm: Well, if you tell us about the secret we found it won't be a secret anymore.
asthanius: joeks
wildpeaks: meta
reptileviking: I get it!
LiveFaust: Moosey, no!
hajnal_endot: sup
Kaszoski: Hmm, what's morale do in this case?
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delta__vee: I don't know anything about this game but it is kicking me squarely in the original Quake nostalgia...
ChiefEngineerMichael: cheer100 Alex! I am going to be doing a Shadowrun campaign centered around Transhumanism in the near future. Anything you can recommend to help me? Literature to read? Themes to include? The likes.
blankslatearts: Heyyy
MalBeam: i enjoy that cigar has a quickslot button
blankslatearts: I got Alex to say my username, I can die happy now.
TehAmelie: i'd recommend Transmetropolitan mainly cause it's a sweet read
Dr_fragenstien: LUL
asthanius: COOL S
Mivair: oh my god its the S
SnivianMoon: Oh my god
Despoiler98: havin a SMOOOOOOOOOOke
Erudite_Cynic: SUPER S
SydPreviouslyHeadache: my youth
Neisan29: Huuh
thmanwithnoname: so cool
Dr_fragenstien: S for Sigar
asthanius: speaking of fifth grade...
BloodnBullets: smo-smo-smo smoke weed every day
Caulkious: The cool s
KinoGami: so is this a modern game meant to look like an old one or is it just and old game?
blankslatearts: Yup
blankslatearts: Like Quake or Doom
wildpeaks: modern one
tim19862: I had to look up that attic one. Didn't get enough sleep :)
ChiefEngineerMichael: @KinoGami The first one
KinoGami: ty
Dr_fragenstien: What's that water sound effect from? it sounds familliar
tim19862: it does a great job looking the part
blankslatearts: It sounds like the old minecraft water sound effect
wildpeaks: I'm getting Pathologic flashbacks from that crickets sound :D
SleepyDeveloper: patrick nooooo
Dr_fragenstien: @blankslatearts that's what I'm thinking of, thanks!
KinoGami: other than the aspect ratio i have no way to presume this is new, so i give them mad props for their design
MalBeam: demon rats
mercano82: No, Heretic is a different game
blankslatearts: np lol
LiveFaust: (I SAY WE LET HIM GO...)
TacitusVigil: Double shotguns huh? How decadent.
aClonedPickle: soap% time
TehAmelie: i understand it was made by a very small team so the art direction is a wonderful application of limited resources
coelopteryx: this entire house is super dirty and needs to be scrubbed with soap
Dr_fragenstien: It's time to... Clean up 8)
TetraRay: you are really going to clean this place up
LiveFaust: Soap weed everyday?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: time to clean that scarecrows mouth
SydPreviouslyHeadache: i was kidding
asthanius: Soap stronk
Dr_fragenstien: soap op?
reptileviking: It's super effective!
ChiefEngineerMichael: SUPER SOAP
banachspacebar: you fucking what
Mag_Chundysquatch: gets the TOUGH stains out
PanickedFox: Cleaned his clock
madness5051: soap my only weakness
Dr_fragenstien: can't spell soap without OP
ReverseCreations: what a clean kill
DoodlestheGreat: Well, you know how it is if someone doesn't wash...
mercano82: Soap 'em out
KinoGami: red key
SnivianMoon: I heard they carved shivs from soap in prison. Now I understand why.
Laserbeaks_Fury: Zestfully Dead
TehAmelie: is this a leprosy simulator?
tim19862: those farmers are supposed to remind you of the kkk, right?
KinoGami: flawless representation of the genre
SleepyDeveloper: soundtrack is banging
blankslatearts: Ikr, it sounds sweet as hell.
glitched_goddess: Not drivable? I’d like to submit a bug report.
TehAmelie: i'm gonna guess morale acts as armor
BloodnBullets: should have brought the soap
tim19862: the floatyness of the camera works, but isn't how I remember games like this being. Maybe quake 3 had it?
Dr_fragenstien: so soap is the eqivilent of about 3-4 shotgun blasts? seems legit
Laserbeaks_Fury: Bring me a bucket, and I'll show you a bucket!
Lord_Byron47: reminds me of painkiller
FITorion: what we got going on tonight?
glitched_goddess: We can’t find the secret door T.T
kitthethird: It looked like the soap was still on the ground, is it reusable?
glitched_goddess: Bucket%f
gawag_: Never heard of this game but my body is ready for bonus content
tim19862: I remember hearing of painkiller, but I never played it.
SnivianMoon: Painkiller was awesome, purely for the crazy as heck weapon design.
Lazarenth: "press any key to enter the horror" pieS
wildpeaks: Unreal ?
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bat_wool: Hi Alex! How are the comix coming?
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justwhatever_idk: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 22:46.
SnivianMoon: Strafe?
SachielOne: I'm getting a real Blood vibe off of this
theunknownpoetb: Hey Alex! Glad to see you were the replacement stream! Just wanted to let you know you were great this year on DB! The Thunderbirds bit with Ken was my favorite part, and a very unexpected blast from the past for me. Thank you so much for the great work!
Tempest2097: Gotta say, it's a nice change of pace seeing you enjoy a thing instead of the direct opposite
glitched_goddess: Tbh I’m sold on the soundtrack alone
Tempest2097: Also yeah that soundtrack is sick AF
tim19862: great in a game, probably would not go well irl
TehAmelie: pff why would the zombies be in a graveyard?
aClonedPickle: strafe?
Mag_Chundysquatch: Strafe
DaMullet14: "Dual-wield whatever you want, fine"
Mowdownjoe: Def Strafe
SachielOne: Strafe
tim19862: the one with the skulls?
reptileviking: Yeah it's much better now.
RealGamerCow: tim19862 that was devil daggers
reptileviking: Not great but good
RealGamerCow: i think
tim19862: ah ok thanks RealGamerCow
gawag_: Is this the same people? Or just the same kind of game
aClonedPickle: procedurally generated in a genre that excels based on its level design was a huge red flag to me
TehAmelie: Mothergunship is more modern in its aesthetic but probably belongs in this discussion
Steel_zsar93: OH its an Alex! :D
Neisan29: Devil Daggers was what I was trying to think of
Neisan29: Its sooo good
hajnal_endot: devil daggers is so intense
Mag_Chundysquatch: Heavy Bullets is one you turned me onto, Alex. Been enjoying that frequently.
SnivianMoon: Strafe was weird because it took a lot of queues from the era were speed was king, but then the game was very slow and forced you to play conservative to survive.
aClonedPickle: also i think one of the devs of this was on a pax panel with graham and kathleen?
MalBeam: you have yellow key
Mowdownjoe: The church needed the yellow key you found.
SachielOne: The church needed the yellow key
FelanEntane: there's a game on gog that's also similar too this called project warlock that I kinda want to get too
FITorion: you have the yellow key... church door is yellow key
DaMullet14: I love that your cursor is That S You Draw In Middle School
harvester369: church
tim19862: the stucie S aka cool S
TacitusVigil: Is this one of those "get a key to get a key" games?
bat_wool: I thought that you said "Deviled Eggers" there for a second, I must be hungry.
DaMullet14: I should make deviled eggers, I have a big bag of paprika that is gonna get stale
ChiefEngineerMichael: Planks on the floor in the church
TacitusVigil: That symbol looks familiar from something else...
glitched_goddess: Our twin Lords, Smith and Wesson.
SnivianMoon: One retro-styled FPS I've been enjoying recently is Ion Maiden. It somehow feels real nice to play, and it's on the Build engine.
aClonedPickle: ion maiden is dope
tim19862: the first fps I remember with holdable objects was half-life
ChiefEngineerMichael: Apparently, gas sponteanously combusts on contact with enemies
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TreeVor84: 2 YEARS!
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CataclysmicReverb: regarding the "get the key" gameplay ... is it better because keys standout from in cosequential props as large spinning things?
tim19862: wow, build for new games
PanickedFox: I eagerly await you duel weilding machine guns
SnivianMoon: It's technically not out yet, just like a "shareware" early release campaign. But from what I understand it does legit use the Build engine. I presume with heavy tweaks.
wildpeaks: talking of half life, there is a Nolife documentary coming soon for its 20 years
Dr_fragenstien: So that's a great bit of design. You get the machine gun and are immediately introduced with 2 types of enemies in a clear confrontation so you can understand the weapon's specs
mtvcdm: What is the most ridiculous weapon we can dual-wield in an FPS?
TehAmelie: heck, people do these massive projects for Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines that runs on a particularly ugly pre-release version of Source
bat_wool: Rocket launchers?
reptileviking: Arcane Dimensions perhaps?
Qalten: Was that Machine Game's campaign?
kinkerbelle: @mtvcdm So, disregarding MotherGunShip...
reptileviking: It's the best Quake mod I've ever played
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DoctorOfBeard: 9 Ding!
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kinkerbelle: Metal Wolf Chaos allows dual-weilding (requires, in fact) of all weapons, so I suppose gatling rocket launchers.
Qalten: Yeah, DOPA is the campaign Machine Games put out last year. Arcane Dimensions is really good though
SnivianMoon: I'm forgetting, in Dusk can you slide by ducking while running? Or is that a different game? I remember sliding everywhere.
tim19862: woah
mtvcdm: Oh! Hello!
mtvcdm: Is... is this the cultist simulator?
MalBeam: the red door is the trap door, jim
tim19862: these guys have opinions
TehAmelie: we don't need no fall damage
bat_wool: Cultists seem kind of gassy.
ChiefEngineerMichael: Alex, this is a RETRO game! We don't need no stinking falling damage!
TheWanderingNomad: @mtvcdm - No, but to be fair this is usually what happens to cutlists when heroes catch'em
wildpeaks: can't be cultist sim, the mansus has no walls :D
DoctorOfBeard: arn't you an infidel rather then a heretic?
SnivianMoon: I also really respect this game for making even the most basic weapon feel fun to use.
Neisan29: Is that a Wilhelm scream I hear?
Blade_Tiger: Oh hey this game looks neat, is this new?
TehAmelie: i also like the variety among the most basic evil zombie redneck cultist enemies
SnivianMoon: Bad trade.
asthanius: The demons were foil
SquirrelLord1111: Is talking sim canceled?
kinkerbelle: In Armored Core Verdict Day, my loadout was dual gatlings on a jump-tread platform. I suppose Borderlands has the GunZerker, which allows you to dual-weild a rocket launcher and a sniper rifle?
reptileviking: When was the last time God gave you flying and fireballs?
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Tantusar: Religious or not, I'd never trade God for demons.
tim19862: it's not retro style, but Ziggurat is great
BrindleBoar: talking and simulating are canceled forever
BrindleBoar: or possibly just this week
tim19862: just this week
SnivianMoon: Would the Scarab God be both a god and demon?
TehAmelie: Cam and Cori got too deep into Cultist Simulator
DoctorOfBeard: reload them to death!!
DaMullet14: Cam and Cori started Cultist Sim?
TheMandrew: Many Whelps
kinkerbelle: They became one with the light.
TacitusVigil: @TehAmelie That's not a metaphor for "joined the cult" is it?
Anaerin: Many Whelps, Left side, HANDLE IT!
Dr_fragenstien: I like how they use keys so that after you use one, more things open up on the map making travelling through the same area different and interesting
TehAmelie: what else could it be?
gawag_: big boye
BrindleBoar: oh my god the Intoxigator
pimiento: that croc has a cold
pimiento: crikey.
DoctorOfBeard: that turning animation
kinkerbelle: That's a bit of a noise.
glitched_goddess: lol that’s such an amazing name
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Acromonk: Make sure to use all the ammo!
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SachielOne: Nah, if this were 182 you'd already be dead
TacitusVigil: @TehAmelie Gosh darn it, do I need to deprogram people *again*? [sighs] Let me go get my kit...
reptileviking: Gibs! Glorious Gibs!
Despoiler98: katesWa katesOw
TehAmelie: it's intoxifgatyng
SnivianMoon: That gator just exploded into tiny pieces.
TheWanderingNomad: Oh hey an evil voice
glitched_goddess: Gods was this voiced by the lead singer of Type O Negative??
tim19862: TacitusVigil they kept telling us team order isn't a cult Kappa
Anaerin: Blow gators into pieces, this is my pastry fork!
kinkerbelle: It's a boat cave. Like Golden Sun.
TacitusVigil: @tim19862 Team Order and Team Chaos are run by the same group. It's a scam. lrrBEEJ
tim19862: yup
Erudite_Cynic: hole near the cave in
SachielOne: SCP-682, worry
SachielOne: *sorry
Mowdownjoe: #NOTACULT
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thmanwithnoname: <3
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Tantusar: Can you unflick the switch?
ImmoralEthicist: Hey Alex, hey chat!
MalBeam: the rightmost path in the other room?
glitched_goddess: Go left ten seconds ago Kappa
SnivianMoon: Did you just do a Skyrim?
Erudite_Cynic: there is a hole on the bottom left of the cave in room after the gator
Anaerin: That was the way you came in.
Mag_Chundysquatch: !adlice
kinkerbelle: !card [Feldon, of the Third Path]
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
ChiefEngineerMichael: !Card Feldon of the third path
LRRbot: Feldon of the Third Path [1RR] | Legendary Creature — Human Artificer [2/3] | {2}{R}, {T}: Create a token that's a copy of target creature card in your graveyard, except it's an artifact in addition to its other types. It gains haste. Sacrifice it at the beginning of the next end step.
NathanJay_GA: !findquote stuck
LRRbot: Quote #3978: "Fuck, I'm stuck in a dick" —Ben [2017-02-09]
BrindleBoar: can you hit that switch?
reptileviking: Just like 90s FPS games!
wildpeaks: !advice
LRRbot: When you're walling somebody in, make sure you're standing on the right side of the wall.
kinkerbelle: uh. that quote should have some context.
TacitusVigil: Can we dig a hole up with our guns? Kappa
aClonedPickle: goodbye shoe
TacitusVigil: But Janus doesn't need shoes!
SachielOne: You're a gamer, with a lowercase G.
tim19862: what is this red faction? Kappa
chillmarky: ALEX! i love you my red king!
gawag_: Are we not men? We are gamers!
Tantusar: Barrells must die.
reptileviking: You've been Cask of Amontillado'd
Anaerin: Is there something on the left wall in the area with the cave-in, past the gator room?
Erudite_Cynic: there is a hole on the bottom left of the cave in room after the gator
Odinson819: was there a hole in the wall near the dirt pile?
TetraRay: was there an opening on the left wall in the cave in ?
NathanJay_GA: hmmm indeed
wildpeaks: so you're literally saying to.. go left ? :D
Gekyouryuu: Alex, in case you missed it in my sub message earlier: have you heard of Girls' Frontline? it's one o' them thar Waifu Gacha games, and all the waifus are guns.
reptileviking: I saw it!
BlandSpice: Left wall of the dead-end
FITorion: I see it
JoTyler: LEFT
TacitusVigil: Oh I see it now.
TetraRay: lol
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Thecooliest: oh wow two years already! and watching honestly my favorite lrr member! i'd say this is a great two year anniversary
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SnivianMoon: I completely missed that.
Mag_Chundysquatch: LITERALLY LEFT
reptileviking: So close!
BrindleBoar: lrrGOAT
gawag_: Amazing
tim19862: wow, what a pain to find
Bobtheninjagoldfish: cynicalUL
spicydungus: lrrWOW
kinkerbelle: lrrGOAT
Dr_fragenstien: !left
gawag_: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
pimiento: wait what i wasn't looking
ChiefEngineerMichael: This game was MADE for you, Alex!
kinkerbelle: !findquote left
LRRbot: Quote #2993: "Someone left the sex die in here..." —Graham [2016-07-15]
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xantos69: Finally chat was correct with the old "go left" meme. It had to happen eventually.
chillmarky: lrrHORN
ReverseCreations: always listen to cht, never listen to chat
ChiefEngineerMichael: !findquote left
LRRbot: Quote #503: "Go left, go right, lrrEFF !" —Cori, Beej, and Ryan [2015-07-20]
kinkerbelle: We call that "early access" now
reptileviking: That rat had a magic potion!
chillmarky: lrrSPOOP
TacitusVigil: This was made by Valve, huh? Kappa
BrindleBoar: by the power of soap!
reptileviking: oooh more SaOP
DaMullet14: he DID put out a call for more this morning
Tantusar: There will always be bad games.
gawag_: DONT DROP IT
Vyous: Lolwat?
BlandSpice: Somehow, Graham found more
wildpeaks: which reminds me, how's Dunehive coming along ? haven't heard about it for a while
tim19862: get soOPed
TetraRay: soap op
NathanJay_GA: soap OP
pimiento: soap OP
ImmoralEthicist: Well, you found best weapon
tim19862: OpieOP
kinkerbelle: nerf soap
TacitusVigil: Bad games are a drop in the sub ocean.
ChiefEngineerMichael: THE SOAP CLEANSES!
TacitusVigil: A common drop.
MagisterSieran: thats the strongest soap ever
tim19862: that's amazing
Kaktus021: Did you just gib that man with soap?
wildpeaks: Soap Any%
kitthethird: You Can reuse it! Nice!
Despoiler98: SUCK SOAP
gawag_: that’s the best
reptileviking: It's this game's Railgun
coelopteryx: "heretic" "that's a naughty word clean your mouth out"
Gekyouryuu: cleanse them of their murderous sin!
DaMullet14: soapy AF
Kaktus021: Is it made out of dark matter?
Erudite_Cynic: would you say it's Soap P?
tim19862: soapyOP Kappa
MrQBear: Alex got his boomstick.
Dr_fragenstien: it penetrates! PogChamp
NathanJay_GA: Terry Pratchett would be proud
TetraRay: i'm sure you will get a second
TacitusVigil: Soap too OP: Please nerf to shampoo levels.
reptileviking: Double guns or double gun?
SnivianMoon: Late 90s shotgun design is MEATY
DoctorOfBeard: that red mist was once mans
martypunker: Mmm, instagib.
DoodlestheGreat: If only you could have used the soap on that alligator.
Tantusar: clap clap clapclapclap
Duvnal: Behold the cleansing power of SOAP!
ChiefEngineerMichael: cheer150 Wait... I know why! Cleanliness is next to Godliness, and these people are devil-worshippers! That's why it kills them!
Tempest2097: Is there anything better in 90's games than the super shotgun?
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Anaerin: Double-Barrel shotgun, or Double, Barrelled Shotguns.
solahwin_tampramain: whats this quake mod? assuming thats what it is
Lazy_Insomniac: BEGONE, SPOT!
Despoiler98: SCHLUP
FITorion: yes
ChiefEngineerMichael: "A door opens" Not the one in front of us, though
pimiento: we're gonna need more soap..
Despoiler98: this music is far too intense
Tempest2097: Excellent musics
NathanJay_GA: Listening to the shots has me thinking about what would be the platonic ideal of a videogame shotgun
kinkerbelle: @ChiefEngineerMichael Many doors lead to the mansus, for the mansus has no walls.
Erudite_Cynic: it feels like 2002
tim19862: yeah
ChiefEngineerMichael: @kinkerbelle The LIGHT streams through the CRACKS
Vyous: Are those hillbilly pyramid heads?
reptileviking: This is more what I wanted from the Quake series.
reptileviking: Grungy monsters being shot with big guns
pimiento: i love that you left the sentence unfinished "...predecessors like quake.." and the game just added "Heretic" to that for you
BethLucyStab: I just tuned in and alex is killing... what look like Klansmen? Good day
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GoAmpDog2: hey alex! thx for the art :)
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Vyous: Where there's a blue key there must be a blue door.
BrindleBoar: two cultists, two barrels
NathanJay_GA: thats a two-fer
glitched_goddess: Heretic was an amazing game.
reptileviking: Booooooo
Tempest2097: @BethLucyStab Not just murdering evil Klansmen magic dudes, SUPER SHOTGUN
MalBeam: is there a map overlay?
coelopteryx: he is pleased
tim19862: discovery
BethLucyStab: That's the full package right there. Evil magic klansmen and a super shotgun to use on them
TehAmelie: is there a map by the way?
eSeamus: It's better than purely linear levels.
reptileviking: That was some real energetic fire there
embyrr922: Helps to have a map
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DaMullet14: Kalitas?
Steel_zsar93: It moves like its the last olive in the jar as you try to spear it with a toothpick.
ReydienOnline: I seem to recall a "if doom were made today" video that had the voiceover exposition, and the screens of text
Lycodrake: are those yaks
Lycodrake: demon yaks?
tim19862: map was great at Desert Bus, like previous years. Him saying "congratulations" was great with his accent
DGZenos: YAY alex time
NathanJay_GA: Demon reindeer?
reptileviking: And then modern Doom Slayer punched the exposition machine
SleepyDeveloper: They look like a couple of 9mm HiPoints :P
FifthAbyss: is this game more or less fun than STRAFE?
Lycodrake: dr alex...why demon yaks
Tempest2097: But what if we used a bigger gun?
glitched_goddess: Feet or meters?
kinkerbelle: What's that you say? The shotgun actually has a longer effective range than a pistol? And that buckshot actually has at least one pellet go straight forward?
auxv: put a scope on, it'll be fine
xantos69: You can watch any bullet......once
DGZenos: this looks like doom meets rednecks
tim19862: WOO
tim19862: DGZenos yes!
Lycodrake: is this smod
tim19862: forgot about those games
Talin06: we HL2 now
Anaerin: We ravenholm now.
tim19862: nice
Dr_fragenstien: sawblades = soap. I'm never washing my hands again Kappa
asthanius: R for Revolver Ocelot
tim19862: heh
DGZenos: that reticle
wildpeaks: "we get it, you vape"
aesir_blade: Is the cursor for the cigar the stussy S?
Dr_fragenstien: what's the reload on the cigar?
Anaerin: Is that the cool S as the reticle there?
BrindleBoar: smoking is *cool*, kids at home
MalBeam: health at 69, time for a smoke
embyrr922: Nice health
sjcTheos: limesLurk ooo an alex strim!
aClonedPickle: soap > hunting rifle, apparently
Lycodrake: why are there KKK cultists and demon yaks
TehAmelie: Dear Alex, do you know how to do the Quake 3 diagonal jump and do you want to try it here?
Tempest2097: @Lycodrake So we can shoot them
TheBearBee: Oh look. It's a wild Alex. How quaint. Let's see if we can't add him to our Pokeman collection.
reptileviking: Why!?
TheWanderingNomad: Wait why?
SleepyDeveloper: wat?
Dr_fragenstien: yeah, the tf2 comminity is... not good
solahwin_tampramain: and that means?
reptileviking: Well that is true
sjcTheos: thats both awful and hilarious
xantos69: I remember that also. And yes it is because the internetz lol
Lycodrake: why KKK pyramid head
BrindleBoar: was that a zombie bison
Tempest2097: I miss the good TF2 days
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gnome_friend: UwU what's this?
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wildpeaks: high risk high reward
TheWanderingNomad: Is it the implication that your a horrible sniper because your not going for headshots?
reptileviking: I think they're Black Goats
Erudite_Cynic: I just remember all the mariokart servers
Vyous: I remember 24/7 2-fort servers where snipers would just spend the whole time head clicking and then complain when a medic ubered one, letting him 1-hit other snipers with body shots.
Dr_fragenstien: i remember making a friend super mad because they were a headshot elitist, and i kept killing him with the sidney sleeper
brainbosh: The best server I found for TF2 was a furry server!? I was so confused at the time.
Tempest2097: I always played Pyro anyway
sjcTheos: ah the classic 4 sniper 4 spy 4 demoknight comp
asthanius: #GetOnThePoint
BethLucyStab: Wait are we talking about TF2 or Overwatch?
kinkerbelle: what is a demoknight?
FITorion: you have red key.
DaMullet14: brainbosh: All the furries I've ever met have been really nice and welcoming
DaMullet14: they just happened to be dressed as foxes
yarget15: My dude, you just sumed up why I hate playing online.
gnome_friend: Hup hup
NathanJay_GA: Playing Pyro on Doomsday was my favourite thing in TF2
DGZenos: but alex, kills supress the enemy team, how can that not help (sarcasm voice)
reptileviking: Yeah the furries seem nice enough'
sjcTheos: @kinkerbelle a demoman who weilds a sword and shield and charges at people
gawag_: I miss the old TF2
thunderbird32: This is why I don't play TF2 or Overwatch, I don't want to accidentally be that guy
FifthAbyss: meh garbage snipers were ok. I hated asshole scouts
dammitjoel: Do you do much color art, Alex?
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brainbosh: @DaMullet14 I know that now, it's just such a weird thing that the only decent server was the one that you couldn't look at the "tags".....
wildpeaks: oh, so you plan to come back to talking sim then ?
MalBeam: is that a caos emerald?
Gekyouryuu: I feel like the Talking Sim episode for TF2 is just the Overwatch episode
Dr_fragenstien: The last person I watched stream TF2 got ddosed
yarget15: I know its been asked, but, you doing okay Alex? Taking care of yourself?
kinkerbelle: @sjcTheos Huh. That sound sinteresting, but... isn't the purpose of the demoman to counter the engineer?
gawag_: That would be interesting as a talking sim. The game is soooo different
Tempest2097: It definitely got very VERY crazy
gnome_friend: !advice
LRRbot: Ecstasy to the Orb!
reptileviking: I wonder if the emerald gas does anything?
gnome_friend: Good point LRRBot, it's almost that time of year again
sjcTheos: @kinkerbelle that, among other things... but the demoknight style of play was entirely different and just became essentially a spy that could runr eal fast and din't need to backstab to oneshot folks
Tempest2097: And then the Valve Store happened.
Tempest2097: And then blegh
Dr_fragenstien: TF2 lost a lot of mechanical cohesion with the classes due to weapon creep, when they should've focused more on maps
FITorion: now where is yellow door
Tempest2097: Definitely more MODES would have been great
CataclysmicReverb: So Steam is the paperclip machine?
Tempest2097: I'd have traded all the weapons in the world for more modes, more maps and such
tim19862: wow
Lycodrake: dr alex, on a non-game topic, are you perchance a fan of the Komi-San manga?
Tempest2097: Valve is dead
reptileviking: RIP Valve
Tempest2097: All that's left is a shambling money zombie now
sjcTheos: limesRIP katesRip
xantos69: Two words about good business: Reoccurring Revenue.
gawag_: I wonder how Artifact will hit
tim19862: lrrgreed
aWabbajack: nice! Left stream open and a wild Alex appears, Hai!
gnome_friend: F
TehAmelie: people do love more of the same thing and it really gets in the way of creative expression. see: newspaper comic strips
kinkerbelle: Do you have three shotgun flavors? Nice.
Erudite_Cynic: and at this point I don't even want to see HL3
wildpeaks: w-w-wasted
pimiento: gawag_ with a wet thud, probably
aWabbajack: slytqRIP
glitched_goddess: Valve does kinda have a zombie thing going on
coelopteryx: i used to have a bunch of fun on freak fortress servers, but then i started using my own computer, which due to various reasons had a really hard time running tf2 soooo i haven't played tf2 in a billion years
sjcTheos: something something see yourself become the villain
Vyous: My understanding is that the people (or writers at least) responsible for the games in valve's golden age have all left. It's an important reminder that companies don't make games, their employees do.
wildpeaks: the firewatch people for example
SnivianMoon: That's a good point. At least Looking Glass went out while they were still respected.
BrindleBoar: I have to assume anyone working at Valve who liked making video games has left by now
yarget15: Sadly as it pertains to valve, people doing gruntwork never get to make the decisions.
tim19862: or were fired
Anaerin: Well, there's Artifact coming. And the VR hardware they're making (potentially with HLVR), but even VNN's having difficulty finding things to be enthusiastic about.
kitthethird: Half life 3 :T RIP
coelopteryx: freak fortress was the only thing i felt comfortable playing since i'm kinda crap at fps, and freak fortress is full of too many goofs for that to matter
tim19862: err "laid off"
wildpeaks: artefact sure backfired
BrindleBoar: Artifact is just pay to play trash, though
reptileviking: Hunt down the Freeman
SnivianMoon: ~It's the CIRCLE of TRASH~
gawag_: Cccccapitalism
Vyous: I think at some point people will need to look at games and game studios like we do at movies, where you look at the director/writers and not the studio that produced them.
sjcTheos: arifact gameplay looks neat, the monetization model... not a fan
thunderbird32: Didn't they buy Campo Santo, they are making a new game, yes?
tim19862: wildpeaks what happened to the firewatch people?
glitched_goddess: Well video game development doesn’t have a great employee retention rate.
Erudite_Cynic: don't forget your bolt action in the granery
aWabbajack: oh yeh Firewatch Team came from Telltale didn't they?
pimiento: yellow key! lisa needs braces. yellow key! lisa needs braces. yellow key! lisa needs braces...
tim19862: I really enjoyed the story of firewatch
asthanius: Yoko Taro
Lycodrake: yoko taro, praise be
Dr_fragenstien: So how does what you get for $20 in Artefact compare to what you get for $10 in MTGO?
Tempest2097: Nier Automata legitimately is one of my all times favorite games.
wildpeaks: tim19862 company got bought by Valve, this year I think
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MinniChii: I knew Desert Bus had me forget something.
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tim19862: ah damn
kinkerbelle: @Dr_fragenstien $10 in MTGO gets you two-thirds of a draft, so...
wildpeaks: I recall because one of the devs was celebrating her 6 month anniversary working there this week
yarget15: If someone could destroy him, imagine what a good game they would make.
asthanius: tbf, we don't know what's under that mask. Yoko Taro could be Sephiroth for all we know
TehAmelie: Firewatch, Night in the Woods, Devil Daggers, i wouldn't trade any one of those for Half-Life 3
sjcTheos: wait do we have a gravity gun ?
TehAmelie: great and original games do get made these days i mean
wildpeaks: time to soap these bois
asthanius: The head writer, I believe
Rhynerd: Are bars of soap still the deadliest throwing weapons of this game?
tim19862: I heard that too
pimiento: yea the writer did
Anaerin: Marc Laidlaw, writer for the HL series.
asthanius: After leaving
sjcTheos: yeah the story has been released
reptileviking: Yep. Head writer
thmanwithnoname: Oh, yeah, Epistle 3
sjcTheos: and now people are busy making a fan game
wildpeaks: at least now modders can build it
Lycodrake: that man became splinters
reptileviking: Get the Black Mesa team on it!
Feltic: Valve decided spending money on making games wasn't a worthwhile way of making money
sjcTheos: oh man Black Mesa just showed off a trailer for Xen and it looks SO GOOD
xantos69: I will say this. If they made a half-life 3 now. it could NEVER live up to the hype and expectations. It would be exactly like Duke Nukem.
auxv: this game is very rhythmic, it's nice.
Erudite_Cynic: it can't at this point.
Anaerin: Yeah, the Black Mesa Xen trailer looks AWESOME
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SnivianMoon: At the very least, they never did officially announce it.
ReydienOnline: the actual episode 3 won't happen. what will happen eventually is that someone will cash in on the name for a paycheck
BrindleBoar: I am astonished that the Black Mesa team is still making fan-Half-Life instead of just doing their own thing
reptileviking: BRB going to watch Xen trailer
iamkaiserbear: BM team say q2 2019
asthanius: All I can say is, I'm happy that the Portal games ended on somewhat of a conclusive ending
asthanius: Somewhat.
Anaerin: Black Mesa is legit amazing.
SnivianMoon: Black Mesa is rly rly good.
ARandomPlatypus: what are we playing?
Tempest2097: Wait, what game?
reptileviking: What's Routine?
aClonedPickle: dusk
Despoiler98: which game?
o0sk_ren0o: Black Mesa was A+
pimiento: Poutine
Tempest2097: No I meant what's Routine
kitthethird: I wish one of the movies I've been following would be released.... RIP Archangel Alpha, lost to the ether :(
SnivianMoon: I think the vaporware I'm still the most disappointed over is Subversion. That game looked like it was going to be amazing, but the devs basically said "Nah, it's garbo, we're stopping production".
yarget15: So this looks like my childhood. However, its time for me to prep for tomorrow. Thanks for being so cool LRR chat and LRR Alex.
wildpeaks: game dev is hard, it happens
BrindleBoar: I think Routine was supposed to be prodedurally-generated horror? it's been a while
triptaphane: well personally i like it best withshaved duck, a poached egg and over yam fries
Rhynerd: Hopefully Routine’s doing well.
Rhynerd: Same with Witchmarsh
Lycodrake: two years
Lycodrake: iirc
Lord_ZYRK: So are our weapons all hitscan in this and the enemies are not?
Tempest2097: I know backer updates for Witchmarsh haven't gone on for a while
Lycodrake: it was a pretty great video...for catharsis
solahwin_tampramain: who?
reptileviking: Thank god for Jim
wildpeaks: thank god for Jim
tim19862: the collective internet of "gamers" have been horrible to many game devs
reptileviking: Jinx!
Rhynerd: But the Witchmarsh forum has an update once a week or so.
NathanJay_GA: Im gonna guess having a good lawyer helps
Despoiler98: Star Citizen is a PYRAMID SCHEME
Lycodrake: i take Jim's commentary with a grain of salt that he freely provides
Tempest2097: Star Citizen is... I backed it and that was a mistake
FITorion: nope
phenexian: ah yes, the vapourware that keeps getting given money
kinkerbelle: @Despoiler98 Pyramid schemes have payout.
Tempest2097: If I had a time travel I'd warn myself not to back that one
SnivianMoon: Okay, legit I don't know: Does anything exist for Star Citizen? I see people saying it's a scam, and also people saying that there's a playable game already? I have no idea what's going on there.
Nigouki: long ago when we were all much younger I had this theory that the reason Black Mesa Xen was delayed for so long was because they were working with Valve to have a consistent look because Xen would come back in HL3
phenexian: I really dont understand how people give it so much money
Tempest2097: @kinkerbelle So it's an Obelisk scheme?
phenexian: like
Despoiler98: @kinkerbelle only for those on top and OH BOY has that happened
tim19862: Despoiler98 seems like it, but it's one where they don't promise profit :)
phenexian: quantities that boggle the mind
kinkerbelle: @SnivianMoon Yes. There is a playable demo. You can play it. It's not what was promised.
Tempest2097: I got in on the initial funding and then it was like, WTF
wildpeaks: baking is always a bit of a risk, what's amazing is that despite the track record, they still get record amount of money
Lord_ZYRK: SnivianMoon there is continuing content being put out, but it will almost never certainly be a finished product
gawag_: God dammit I just realized all the scarecrows are Wilhelming
reptileviking: Digital Homicide
Anaerin: Digital Homicide
glitched_goddess: There’s so much that’s just like stupidly comfy about this game. Like I want to break out my old black dresses and put on some crow-style makeup.
NathanJay_GA: @tempest2097 Just wanna say I love tje term "obelisk scheme"
SnivianMoon: @kinkerbelle Ah, got it. Basically bait and switch, then?
Lycodrake: moron representing himself
Thane1607: !help
triptaphane: down the rabbit hole did a good minidoc on it
tim19862: that's super shitty
BrindleBoar: oh my god there's loot for people who skyrim around, this is great
tim19862: pro strats Kappa
Thane1607: !amazon
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VTMonster: Hello Alex.
auxv: quick save?
FarleyF: Wasn't the studio Digital Homicide or am I thinking of a different one
TehAmelie: from what i hear it's a lot of game. the opposite of vaporware. continuous feature bloat from needing to spend all the money on putting more content in the game
reptileviking: I think it was an optional area
FITorion: red key in the building area...
sjcTheos: I think you picked up the red key down there/
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FITorion: saw mill area
sjcTheos: or not...
NathanJay_GA: Im wondering if it would have been possible for Jim to file an anti-slapp motion, though I think i recall a comment that if he did, the possibility of collecting would be low
tim19862: hehe
o0sk_ren0o: There the brick shed where the big guy got you earlier
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ReydienOnline: "Always fear the lucky idiot with a gun. hey may be an idiot, but he's still lucky, and he has a gun."
aWabbajack: lrrHORN lrrHORN
FITorion: guy with chain saw spawns when you get it... at the saw mill
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phenexian: doesn't matter how much they're supposedly making, if it never comes out its vapour ware, also I'm completely unsold by their claims that they are making stuff
Talin06: can you spin your cigar?
FITorion: red door to get yellow key. Yellow door over rail bridge.
TehAmelie: depending on what you mean by it "coming out" i guess
aWabbajack: mrweebHydrate
Lord_ZYRK: But I don't have any donuts NotLikeThis
Thane1607: !random quote
aWabbajack: lrrGARBO & mrweebHydrate
Thane1607: !help
BlandSpice: !quote
LRRbot: Quote #4556: "Ecstasy to the Orb? Joy to the World!" —Kathleen and Beej [2017-12-16]
Thane1607: !findquote cameron
LRRbot: Quote #2025: "My name... is Cameron..." —Cameron [2016-03-04]
wildpeaks: do not hydrate from the toilet, this isn't fallout :D
CastleOtranto: Alex leaving to apply ointments and unguents.
embyrr922: !findquote butts
LRRbot: Quote #4044: "As he's leaving, I give him a butt pat" —Ben [2017-02-24]
Thane1607: welp its 2pm, i best get out of the house today
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Thane1607: !findquote butt
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aClonedPickle: main screen turn on
Thane1607: sorry don't mean to be spamming, just learning all the commands
FITorion: can't see
Tempest2097: Uh
CasualBreloom: Capture
NathanJay_GA: Booth!
solahwin_tampramain: still on brake
DaMullet14: Secret Alex
Thane1607: still on break
BrindleBoar: ENHANCE
solahwin_tampramain: BOOTH
DaMullet14: Through the commercials
Tempest2097: Still on break screen
solahwin_tampramain: TEETH
rasterscan: And now we a radio play
aClonedPickle: we get transmission?
EdmundJuniper: wonderful radio.
kinkerbelle: alex. you're on commercial.
wildpeaks: Alex, Alex pls
Kaorti: This is kinda good actually
DaMullet14: secret secret secret secret alex
FITorion: No visual
aesir_blade: Screen plox?
DoodlestheGreat: Alex... Break screen is still up.
kitthethird: No no, leave it :D
NathanJay_GA: Alex pls
BloodnBullets: bang bang bang?
Pseudonym_Ken: Funny though
FITorion: Yellow door across rail bridge
hivefleetdarknell: alex asmr
BrindleBoar: do not lick the crystal of madness
Thane1607: or do
matt9215: hey chat
Seeric: Dusk is so good, I just played through the two current episodes again a few days ago since the final one is coming out next month.
thunderbird32: Alex, do you want me to say what it does?
MrQBear: Are you sonic now? is that a chaos emerald?
Thane1607: No shit
xantos69: Best news ever: Laboratory Maniac is going to be printed at uncommon! It goes in my uncommon cube now!
reptileviking: Waifu material
o0sk_ren0o: When did this game come out?
thunderbird32: Supposedly it makes enemy turn on each other
FITorion: guess maybe make the enemies fight each other
pimiento: hairy tic
Tempest2097: Real real deaf
aWabbajack: major tinnitis
Seeric: I think it came out last year. Episode 2 came out this year and the final episode is coming out on I think December 12
dammitjoel: m'op
FITorion: or any firearm really. Pistols are loud
DoctorCactus: its obviously a sound dampening mine
o0sk_ren0o: Tinnitinnitustus
Mithgar: I'm sorry. What did you say? I can't hear you on account of the deafness from shooting these shotguns
NathanJay_GA: Recursive tinnitus
iamkaiserbear: speaking from experience, yes. guns will eff up your ears
pimiento: player character just has ear muffs filled with expanding foam on at all times
BrindleBoar: we get it, you vape
kinkerbelle: mawp
o0sk_ren0o: lol
wildpeaks: at least it wasn't a pumpkin
reptileviking: The best kind of ghost
rasterscan: Pfffthahaha
aClonedPickle: lrrSPOOP
SnivianMoon: Is this Spooky's House of Jumpscares now?
BloodnBullets: lrrSPOOP
thunderbird32: Spoops!
NathanJay_GA: uh oh
Tecnocrat: G-G-G-G-Ghosts?
o0sk_ren0o: Spoopifer cameo
salsasamurai10: lrrSPOOP
pimiento: we a let's nope now
TehAmelie: well, once your eardrums blow out of your opposite ears tinnitus won't be a problem
Lazy_Insomniac: Ruh roh Ralex!
pimiento: "and i woulda gotten away with it too if it weren't for your pesky super shotgun!"
NathanJay_GA: !findquote eat
LRRbot: Quote #1411: "Eat it, butterman! Die!" —Alex [2014-01-17]
tim19862: nice
BrindleBoar: GOT EM
tim19862: get gibbed
sjcTheos: that dude clearly had his hands up in surrender
reptileviking: They should let you pick up corpses
pimiento: or he had his hands up like he just don't care
tim19862: monster closet Kappa
wildpeaks: i dig the soundtrack
reptileviking: Rude
pimiento: snackrifice? don't mind if i do!
BrindleBoar: IT'S A TRAP
Pseudonym_Ken: Damn
xantos69: Ok, I offically like this game now.
reptileviking: That's for killing his Intoxigator
BloodnBullets: twofer
pimiento: dang luffy cosplayers..
FITorion: have red key now
SnivianMoon: Holy heck with the speed boost those pistols GO
TehAmelie: nice little twist on quad damage
PinkHoneyCMB: I love this game's aesthetic
thunderbird32: Wow no health regen. Harsh
TehAmelie: of course now we're hoping there is a damage powerup too and you can stack them
reptileviking: That thing pierces!
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Anaerin: It's cubic, it's fatal, it's BOX!
Pseudonym_Ken: Wooooaaaaw
reptileviking: Magic powers, living scarecrows, demon goats, these I understand but where are the Cultists getting jump pads?
pimiento: cultists have long had jump pads
pimiento: see also Rise of the Triad
pimiento: regain humanity?
Anaerin: Suddenly, Viscera Cleanup Detail.
NathanJay_GA: Do we know if this game pulls the trick where the indicated health is lower thana xtual health?
wildpeaks: llaRiki
coelopteryx: kitty
SnivianMoon: Soap!
NathanJay_GA: *than actual
reptileviking: The obvious
DaMullet14: NathanJay_GA: As far as we've seen you die at 0
A_Slightly_Angrier_Krogan: time to wash out some mouths
kinkerbelle: The soap blocks bullets!
Dr_fragenstien: did the soap just erase those fireballs?
Seeric: it purified them
Dr_fragenstien: the soap cleans things out of existance in this game
Dr_fragenstien: you know what, for this point on I'm going to capitalize The Soap. it deserves it
reptileviking: Chainsaw guys
solahwin_tampramain: chainsaw dude?
pimiento: yea but they're not here
pimiento: da ba dee da ba daa?
wildpeaks: some kind of.. secret tunnel
anemzero: I imagine a blue door would live in a blue house
Kaktus021: Secret tunnel
anemzero: or a blue car
HesGotNoPants: Alex I thought u were watch and play exclusively
Tempest2097: The music is straight up siiiiiiiiiiiick
VTMonster: the soundtrack is pretty great
wildpeaks: why play games at home when you can get paid to play games :D
HesGotNoPants: @vtmonster hell ya it is
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DaMullet14: I think the previous talk of maps in chat was speculative
eSeamus: No map, but there is a cigar button...
HesGotNoPants: @wildpeaks cant get wasted on stream
reptileviking: Have you checked those other buildings?
Gekyouryuu: has it been that long?!
HesGotNoPants: also u can game nude at home
Tempest2097: Yeah there's only so much you can do with a single format
thunderbird32: You don't want to start hating it
DaMullet14: LRR streams has been going FOREVER
wildpeaks: it's been fun having Cori on talking sim as she's a game dev
CapnRobert: thats fair, I do think talking sim concept has more legs itself, because of new games and a evolving industry
kitthethird: Take care of yourself first, friend <3
Pseudonym_Ken: Oh yeah, I get that. Also letting someone else do the Talking is a good way to let the show keep going
DaMullet14: I almost wonder if there's another shakeup coming
Admiralmatt: !!!
HesGotNoPants: please take no offence alex, I'm just super curious @loadingreadyrun
dammitjoel: Do you do much color art, Alex?
TehAmelie: i'm super excited for your comic book things Alex :3
glitched_goddess: *ies
Gekyouryuu: allow me to introduce you to my friends Heckler and Koch
anemzero: John Browning? The Famous John Browning? Son of John Browning and Brother of John Browning?
TheBearBee: The content that's truly endless is the endless fries at Red Robin. This message was brought to you by your hungry subconscious.
Anaerin: glitched_goddess: The creator of the original Shotgun, John Browning.
FITorion: switch
kitthethird: Your work is really nice!
PinkHoneyCMB: Eeeeee!
Tempest2097: Excellent!
PinkHoneyCMB: I'm so excited!
Tempest2097: I look forward to it
dammitjoel: Yaaa, dregs was real real good
FITorion: switch on wall up stairs
thunderbird32: Yay! Dregs was great
Pseudonym_Ken: There was a button upstairs
Erudite_Cynic: button upstairs
DrWreckage: Speaking of, this far out from dregs, how do you feel about it? Any thoughts?
anemzero: Seriously though John Brownings family names feels like something from The Whole Story.
PinkHoneyCMB: Dregs is hands down my favourite webcomic.
xantos69: I enjoyed Dregs...I will be happy to read your next work.
FITorion: switch on wall upstairs in house
o0sk_ren0o: Switch in the room with the couch
aClonedPickle: a grown ass-human
sjcTheos: grown ass-human
FITorion: there you go
PinkHoneyCMB: Very fair
wildpeaks: yeah we saw your alt, very R rated :D
kitthethird: Language!
thunderbird32: To be fair, if it could be separated logically from LRR proper, I'd be down for some rated R content from the LRR crew
o0sk_ren0o: HA
pimiento: O_o
FITorion: lol
Kaorti: eeeew
BrindleBoar: oooooh dear
xantos69: N0PE
SnivianMoon: No sir, I don't like it.
kitthethird: no no no
coelopteryx: delicious lotion
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ShortRound2099: I don't know when I'll be able to catch LRR live so I'm just going to resub now
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embyrr922: Otherly mature themes
TehAmelie: i'm all about that comedy LRR does even though i consider myself a horror writer
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DrWreckage: Using my year anniversary to ask, do you have any thoughts about dregs that have taken till now to gestate?
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cfpreston: desert bus didnt kill alex!
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TehAmelie: (comedy is hard)
kitthethird: I'm excited!!!!
Erudite_Cynic: is it thirsty on main?
pimiento: neuveax alex
DaMullet14: Them Duke Brothers at it again
SnivianMoon: Them Duke boys were in a heap'a trouble.
Anaerin: Them duke boys are in a hill o' trouble!
NathanJay_GA: Well them Duke boys are at it again
wildpeaks: always bet on the duke brothers
DoodlestheGreat: Them Duke Boys are in a heap of trouble now!
coelopteryx: if only we had a bar of soap
MagisterSieran: some one get boss hog
kinkerbelle: Duke brothers. Oh, like the clansmen.
NathanJay_GA: Chat with a one track mind
goldheartache56: hello
reptileviking: Burn on Dukes of Hazard and a Doom reference. Multitasking!
DaMullet14: wonder where that last teleporter went
SnivianMoon: That's awesome! Congrats!
Tempest2097: Holy shit nice!
DrWreckage: WHAAAT
Kaorti: Wow! Grats
pimiento: neat!
DaMullet14: Ooooooh
DrWreckage: Dope!
DoodlestheGreat: Congratulations!
Anaerin: Congrats!
SpoonfullOfSugar: congratulations
embyrr922: Holy moly!
GreatGoogley: congrats
VirtualHunterAlec: Oh man that's awesome
solahwin_tampramain: I NEED TO FINISH IT
aClonedPickle: condragulations
DaMullet14: I hope that is the case
AGiantRoach: Congrats Alex!
HesGotNoPants: is that huge?
kitthethird: I'm exciIIIIIIted!!!!!!
Pseudonym_Ken: Well, I'll buy a copy, so, congrats
Caulkious: Oh nice, grats
Admiralmatt: Nice!!!
dammitjoel: congrats
Riandisa: Congratulations again!
thunderbird32: I will give you the monies, yes
Erudite_Cynic: Congratulations_NGE.wav
pimiento: no hurt.. no kill
kinkerbelle: You want MotherGunShip!
cfpreston: did you get a sub message from me? mobile is weird with them
rasterscan: I just came back from the bathroom, dang it. What are all the crongrats for?
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cricketchirps: ALEX! Keep being you! You're awesome! You're laugh is infectious and brightens my day!
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Pseudonym_Ken: Ah, so a bullet hell?
rasterscan: congratulations*
kinkerbelle: The main mechanic is taping guns to other guns
xantos69: You are describing MotherLode.
Anaerin: Do the pistols do a hard 90 degree turn at the screen corners to follow your field of view?
cfpreston: you dont reload, just get more pistols
daneislazy: can wield all the pistols, cannot reload.
sjcTheos: but can the pistols shoot pistols?
CaptainSpam: sjcTheos: That's Gungeon. :-P
TehAmelie: i want at least an escalating number of barrels on shotguns
sjcTheos: stay in school kids
MrQBear: Maybe he went to cultist college
reptileviking: Aka The Miskatonic
wildpeaks: cultists, in a quarry ? this isn't death of the outsider :D
sjcTheos: limesRIP
pimiento: maybe the cult has a real good healthcare plan?
cfpreston: stay in college kids, then you can get a management position in the cult
Tempest2097: "Health Benefits!"
Anaerin: "I wanted to get out and meet people, y'know..."
Pseudonym_Ken: I couldn't get to the keg at the frat
Tempest2097: "free life insurance too!
Kaorti: scarecrow men: flammible
reptileviking: I love how fire makes everything explode
SnivianMoon: It's a strong pitch, to be fair.
Aziraphalesshop: @wildpeaks Or Fallout 4, or HZD...
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wildpeaks: :D
tim19862: lol
mtvcdm: 200 today. Wowee.
SnivianMoon: Alucard from StoN?
PinkHoneyCMB: Big dick emo twink
kinkerbelle: Hard top, I think?
DolGrenn: big willy prep bf?
wildpeaks: kylo ren
reptileviking: Yes. Give me twinks
Anaerin: Thicc emo?
kitthethird: Soft hair emo bf?
FITorion: find red door
Tempest2097: Man can you imagine a death cult that actually gave you strong investment matching for your retirement, health benefits, dental, vision, and a damn a good salary.
PinkHoneyCMB: Or big dick emo bear <3
kinkerbelle: @Tempest2097 I think that's just Raytheon.
tim19862: I'd like the first one :/
mtvcdm: Remember that day long back when we were all 'hey, for 50 subs in this stream we'll take our shirts off?' And here we are AVERAGING 50 per stream today.
TehAmelie: a death cult with life insurance?
Tempest2097: @kinkerbelle Fuck. Too real.
SnivianMoon: If Hank Scorpio had a death cult division...
cfpreston: warning, big titty goth gf might be part fish
tim19862: uhh
CaptainSpam: The sign SPECIFICALLY said *NO* tresspassing.
CataclysmicReverb: storage?
Anaerin: You're on the Highway to hell?
pimiento: gotta store em somewhere?
coelopteryx: it's for when you drive your car in the attic
xantos69: Really....that is your question on this game?
thunderbird32: Fun fact those are called Jersey Barriers
sjcTheos: 4Head
Gate_Kept: pfffahahahaha
Kaorti: wow
nurovi: HA
rasterscan: wow
Tempest2097: Well played game dev.
Tempest2097: Well played.
Gate_Kept: LUL
CaptainSpam: Wow, the Duke3D reference.
reptileviking: Actually laugh out loud there
mtvcdm: Nice.
SnivianMoon: References!
TehAmelie: is it Duke Nukem or Superhot or both at once?
solahwin_tampramain: NICE katesNice katesNice katesNice
sjcTheos: smash the state!
Aziraphalesshop: It actually reminds me a lot of Blood
Kaorti: john woo that shit
TehAmelie: suddenly it's momentum like Doom 4
reptileviking: I miss Blood
tim19862: thought of a crapshot today: Alex getting to civilization saying "I'm so thirsty..." then some punchline. I didn't get far with it because I'm pretty sure there aren't deserts in victoria
Aziraphalesshop: I live... AGAIN
Tempest2097: Not to be confused with BloodQuake which is my big 4 bay area thrash metal cover band
CaptainSpam: No checkpoints? Or few checkpoints?
CaptainSpam: Reminds me of Overload...
RedGriffin42: A picture of a butt brought me here
tim19862: wow
Anaerin: CaptainSpam: You can save at any time you like.
riverdudecolin: regiskPINK regiskPINK regiskPINK regiskPINK
pimiento: but you can never leave
CaptainSpam: Anaerin: Sure, same conclusion. :-)
Gekyouryuu: Akex, they're demon worshipers. that makes them flame retardant
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Thanks for the bonus stream Alex, I have to duck out
SydPreviouslyHeadache: have a good night everyone
tim19862: those bounce pads remind me of the deathmatch map in half-life
TehAmelie: i don't really remember but can you tell jump pads and teleport pads apart without jumping on them?
Lord_ZYRK: SydPreviouslyHeadache ResidentSleeper /
Gekyouryuu: ok, for any Evangelion fans:
tim19862: also xen of course
CaptainSpam: Alternatively, it reminds me a bit of the jump pads in Rise of the Triad...
aClonedPickle: sequel / remake?
CaptainSpam: The ROTT remake? Yeah, it was pretty decent, really.
Aziraphalesshop: I played ROTT, I had no idea there was a sequel
RedGriffin42: the speed you are able to move at in this game is very satisfying
pimiento: the new(ish) rott? i played it but it didn't keep me in it
SnivianMoon: I did play the ROTT sequel. It had issues, but it did preserve the feel of ROTT in a lot of ways.
Aziraphalesshop: I miss the flame wall animation
TehAmelie: was that a John Dies at the End reference?
CaptainSpam: I'd say it's not *spectacular*, but definitely decent and fun.
NathanJay_GA: what an odd place to keep soap
tim19862: nice
Yorrick364: Man I love this game so much. Got about 100 hours of playtime on it so far since I got it 2ish years ago. I miss games you could just turn your brain off and zoom through when you learned it
Dr_fragenstien: I keep thinking it says left soap, and I don't know why that's funny to me
CataclysmicReverb: wow, the soap really cleans up
wildpeaks: bro, do you even lift soap
RedGriffin42: why does soap do that?
SnivianMoon: The new ROTT's problem was that it was darn near impossible to make out enemies at a distance, or engage them. It became a muddy mess, unlike the original where the enemies popped even at a lower resolution.
TehAmelie: because the demons are unclean
tim19862: smash the state! Kappa
NathanJay_GA: @dr_fragenstien NONE cultists with left soap
CaptainSpam: SnivianMoon: Yeah, I'll grant that.
pimiento: i feel those petrol suitcases ought to be shot..
tim19862: wut
Adamantcheese: WHAT
RedGriffin42: lol
NimrodXIV: demon magic!
reptileviking: Wash off those gravitons!
SnivianMoon: Behold the power of SOAP!
xantos69: A new game has begun.
tim19862: rad
embyrr922: The power of soap compels you!
NathanJay_GA: Demon magic!
Pseudonym_Ken: YES
TehAmelie: soap lifts us p where we belong
wildpeaks: llaPraise magic soap
Dr_fragenstien: @NathanJay_GA you get me
brainbosh: RU A wizard
pimiento: cultists do that.
tim19862: fizzy lifting soap Kappa
Adamantcheese: is this how sins are erased and you get raised to heaven
aClonedPickle: this smells like "leave it in"
NathanJay_GA: :D
Robot_Bones: is there anything the soap can't do?
silverstar216: WITCHRAFT
bexil_7o: You've never seen and anti-gravity demonic chainsaw weilding farmer before?
CaptainSpam: I think Alex mentioned before he never liked the Descent games, so I doubt we'll see Overload here.
reptileviking: As if a mere explosion could defeat it
Dr_fragenstien: The Soap is too good
xantos69: Holy crap soap is good.
Anaerin: sOaP
embyrr922: So what's with the soap anyway?
wildpeaks: it's so op
tim19862: OpieOP
Squiidd_pope: Soap Op. David please nerf
Adamantcheese: soap overpowered as HECC
Kaorti: cleanliness is next to godliness
pimiento: soap is amazing.. makes me want to shower
Phosphatide: can’t spell SOAP without OP
nurovi: this game is now about being MR Clean
SnivianMoon: Now I'm just imagining a merc with a bandoleer of soap as the final boss of this game.
tim19862: hehe :D
tim19862: black books!
TehAmelie: man how John Romero wishes he had thought of the soap bomb in the 1990s so he could have made several jokes about bending over for the soap
reptileviking: Two soldiers just chilling in a backroom
Kaorti: Kaine and Crowthorne discover soap
TehAmelie: he must be chewing his beard
pimiento: need soap on a rope so you can wield like like a flail
Rhynerd: Did ya break the soap?
coelopteryx: soap is excellent. you know those fancy artisinal ones with the Good Smells? they smell SO good
wildpeaks: soap's planet needed it
Phosphatide: alex you can’t just tell another person you dropped your soap FrankerZ
Squiidd_pope: AH SHIT, I just remembered this game was at quakecon and I didn’t get a chance to play it
SnivianMoon: Oh baby
pimiento: owo?
tim19862: turns out black books is on youtube in what seems like an official way on the "Dead Parrot" channel
Adamantcheese: does it launch SOAP??
Dr_fragenstien: a grenade lawnchair
CaptainSpam: Oh, they're gonna have to glue you back together...
pimiento: they became mist
Dr_fragenstien: This game does a great job setting up the first enemies you encounter after finding a new weapon
aClonedPickle: oh man that is some chefkiss "here is gun, here is hallway to try gun"
TehAmelie: ooh, now we're getting to the heavy weapons?
NathanJay_GA: Is this on the same level as the stuff launcher from S mod?
FITorion: the third building
aesir_blade: Is there a map screen you can tab to?
wildpeaks: probably the big door without doorknob ?
kenkopin: Someone saw the red door and painted it black?
Dr_fragenstien: is the "reload" animation actually a quick melee? I remember seeing it creat a bullet hole in a wall once
embyrr922: Population 666
Anaerin: Dr_fragenstien: Yes. There is no need to reload.
reptileviking: I think it has bullet drop?
Squiidd_pope: Zoidberg is sniper?
pimiento: moussaka?
Squiidd_pope: Mremremre
silverstar216: @kenkopin WHY
ARandomPlatypus: latter nerds
Anaerin: silverstar216: Because there weren't any colours anymore, he wanted them to turn black?
Squiidd_pope: Bye
CataclysmicReverb: Congratulations!
Tempest2097: Yep, you did
nanashisword: Hey Alex
Tempest2097: Spicy
Squiidd_pope: Yooooo
Kaorti: poor sap
Squiidd_pope: Ker splat
FarleyF: That man just turned to a fine red mist
Squiidd_pope: This place used to have over fifty thousand people... now it’s a ghost town
Tempest2097: What does morale do?
Robot_Bones: so 50K ghosts?
Squiidd_pope: I think it’s armor?
Adamantcheese: HAESH
Anaerin: Eat HESH erryday...
Admiralmatt: ###
Tempest2097: I had hash for dinner
Lord_ZYRK: Delicious, nutritious
Squiidd_pope: Healthy!
Tempest2097: Hallelujah it's raining meat
wildpeaks: gravity, our old nemesis
Anaerin: Yellow key. For the yellow door down in that deep basement...
Kaorti: okairi
FITorion: yellow in basement of first building you went into
Squiidd_pope: Onaigashimas!!!!
CaptainSpam: The back of the garage is a secret?
Yorrick364: crossbow bolts
Adamantcheese: radioactive cigarettes, for that extra cancer
auxv: pulse rifle ammo?
TacitusVigil: Ooooh, death sticks!
Tempest2097: But Warhammer 40k taught me Cardboard was the best availabe human armor
Squiidd_pope: Wana buy some death sticks?
reptileviking: Pull!
SnivianMoon: That's a strange way to do planks.
NathanJay_GA: well thats something
Keondo: this seems like a awesome game :O :D
TacitusVigil: @Squiidd_pope You don't want to sell me death sticks.
Caulkious: Skeet shot
Anaerin: If I don't put cardboard in my plate carrier, what's going to keep my fine china from getting broken in transit?
Squiidd_pope: lrrWOW lrrWOW lrrWOW lrrWOW
TacitusVigil: You know who had the high ground? Darth Maul. lrrBEEJ
Squiidd_pope: He did didn’t he?
Ace__of__Hearts: hi Alex....oh I see some things are happening
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Squiidd_pope: I’m sorry, a what plate?
Ace__of__Hearts: are we shooting the klan? because I am here for that
kinkerbelle: Stab plates prevent stabs. Trauma plates prevent bullets. Trauma plates... do not prevent stabs.
Squiidd_pope: Oh
Squiidd_pope: Ooooh
Lex_Peacekeeper: mythbustered said they have upto 10 now
kinkerbelle: Lets you replace the plate without replacing the vest! (The plates are good for *one bullet*)
Squiidd_pope: Yeah that would be a bad time
Anaerin: Trauma plates reduce (but do not eliminate) trauma, mainly from bullets. It's why War correspondents wear fishing vests.
Despoiler98: @kinkerbelle depends on the trauma plate they can potentially survive shrapnel or single stab attacks as an ablative armor
FITorion: have blue key now
Squiidd_pope: Ok, gotcha
Ace__of__Hearts: aren't those bomb squad suits?
Lord_ZYRK: Level 10 is for orbital railguns Kappa
kinkerbelle: @Ace__of__Hearts Think "modern military armor". It's those.
Squiidd_pope: Level 10 is for a single Bolter shot in WH40K
kinkerbelle: I don't know about 10. I know IIIA and IV.
reptileviking: Boss fight!
Lex_Peacekeeper: the one they used i dont remember the level amost stopped a shotgun slug
TehAmelie: i'm curious if it's harder to walk around in than a blast suit
pimiento: hello, health
CaptainSpam: This sounds like a lovely generous level!
Tempest2097: Oh boy
Tempest2097: They really are making it clear
Ace__of__Hearts: ask Dix maybe Dix knows is he here?
SnivianMoon: I think it's a combo lock.
pimiento: 1010?
Anaerin: It's a code door.
FITorion: got to brute force it
Ace__of__Hearts: oh no do we have to activate the generator?
TacitusVigil: Oh hey, the game is rewarding us with health and ammo. I got a gooood feeling about this... lrrBEEJ
kinkerbelle: IIIA maybe? Those're rated for rifle rounds with more energy than a slug has. I mean, I'm not volunteering....
Adamantcheese: OH BOT
Lex_Peacekeeper: what does it say on the floor?
NathanJay_GA: thats a lot of arcing. Are we sure thats safe?
kinkerbelle: It's probably fine.
CaptainSpam: Well, technically, they also have a whatever it is they created. So, fair play.
Tempest2097: Hoboy
SnivianMoon: Let's rotate the monsters!
Tempest2097: WHOA MOMMA
Squiidd_pope: Lets begin the experiment
Anaerin: It's a real nightmare.
SnivianMoon: Rapidash, no!
Noodles_15: What hath God wrought?
TehAmelie: what hath Salvador Dali wrought?
Telnaior: uhhhhh
Adamantcheese: turns out that fire horses still eat hay
Adamantcheese: who knew
Ace__of__Hearts: HORSE TO MEET YOU
Squiidd_pope: A mistake of creation
Telnaior: okay this is not what I was expecting
FITorion: looked like another code wall to open something else
Wesley5714: Hello chat and @loadingreadyrun. spethHi
Anaerin: Horse-like, appears to be on fire, yes, that seems to be a Monster Manual defined Nightmare.
Ace__of__Hearts: have a nice TRIP see you next FOAL
Telnaior: classic FPS graphics though <3
NathanJay_GA: Some are saying this boss is too tough for you. I say prove those neighsayers wrong!
Lord_ZYRK: NIJ Armor compliance still only has a max of level IV per their gov website, so I don't know what that other person might have been referencing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
kinkerbelle: And it took them a bit to get to IV, too. There was I, II, and III, then they went IIIA.
Telnaior: hahahahahaha
pimiento: more side dodging?
FITorion: yeah... I'd hide up stairs...
TehAmelie: only 8 foes? woo boss level
Squiidd_pope: Secret?
CaptainSpam: What a secret!
TehAmelie: the grenades do almost nothing D:
pimiento: man, pokemon go got dark..
azlinea: They looked like they could damage each other?
sjcTheos: hubris
Tempest2097: Pro-tip. Shoot The Cyberdemon until it dies
Adamantcheese: i wonder if you can cheese it by standing in that quarantine button area, because the fireballs come out above the top of the gate level it looks like
wildpeaks: do you want some wine with that cheese ?
kinkerbelle: If they didn't want you to do this they would have not let you go back on the stairs.
Anaerin: I wonder what soap would do...
Telnaior: pfffffft
Tempest2097: WHOA NOW
Lord_ZYRK: Such MEAT Kreygasm
o0sk_ren0o: Where is the secret?
o0sk_ren0o: This seems like a msall level
TehAmelie: we're having giraffe flambé tonight
kinkerbelle: "SECOND EXPERIMENT!"
Squiidd_pope: Wow the gibs
Rhynerd: Whoops
Caulkious: Meat’s already cooked
Ace__of__Hearts: what exactly were they trying to do with this Experiment? What was their control group?
aClonedPickle: hay bale: 5 damage
Ace__of__Hearts: PASTA
Tempest2097: There's gonna be a third one I'm guessing
pimiento: their scientific method is not strong
FITorion: wait did the hay heal it?
CataclysmicReverb: ohi doom chapter end screen
Tempest2097: Dang
Yorrick364: fun fact, there is soap in that level. In the code room door. Kills the boss in one hit
aClonedPickle: nice
Anaerin: LOL
Rhynerd: Two more episodes to go, I think.
GreatGoogley: also where were the other 4 enemies for that level
Adamantcheese: soap confirmed OP
Telnaior: @Yorrick364 but there's two bosses
Yorrick364: still works
Yorrick364: and technically, there is a third horse
Squiidd_pope: Oh yeah, this is classic doom/quake style
Lord_ZYRK: Kills the boss in one hit. Didn't say which boss seabatBRAIN
Yorrick364: also, also. You could technically run past both
aClonedPickle: new episode no guns
FITorion: not going to grab the glowing blue thing?
Adamantcheese: *heavy breathing*
Squiidd_pope breathing intensifies
Lord_ZYRK: What if instead of stopping him you just invited him to sit down for a chat? 🤔
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ArgentumFlare: Just tuning in this seems very Doom/ Duck Nuckem / Serious Sam?
Lord_ZYRK: ArgentumFlare Quake inspired throwback
Squiidd_pope: In app sub message?!
egyptcraze: I KNOW
Squiidd_pope: Pog
Rhynerd: my, how far mobile twitch has come!
egyptcraze: if we're lucky, maybe we'll be able to resub with twitxh prime in-app sometime in the next 5 years
Anaerin: Dey blowed up real good!
Squiidd_pope: The dream
paronomasiac042: Hey, Twitch! Thanks for the notification *never* ago!
Tempest2097: Yeah the levels look super good
TehAmelie: i think we could technically call this "atavistic" which is fun
TehAmelie: it's a fun word
ArgentumFlare: May the Weeklong Bus Trip always makes me forget that swears are a thing
kinkerbelle: Triangle jump? As a mechanic?
SnivianMoon: Try just scaling a wall directly upward?
SnivianMoon: Huh
Squiidd_pope: Should be a pickup
FITorion: timer
Seeric: Walk is shift by default
SnivianMoon: Spiderman, spiderman
paronomasiac042: Does whatever a Spider-man does
Squiidd_pope: Clipped into the geometry?
Squiidd_pope: Urp, there we go
ArgentumFlare: Rocket Jumps?
Lord_ZYRK: The boomiest of sticks PogChamp
SnivianMoon: I am becoming increasingly convinced that novel and well designed modes of movement make a game super satisfying to play.
TehAmelie: haven't seen a wall climb powerup since Carmageddon
Squiidd_pope: That is the item you missed in the last level’s secret
Squiidd_pope: Absolutely riveting
kinkerbelle: It didn't have a retro look to it at the time!
Squiidd_pope: I’ve seen video’s of this team’s community manager. Dude’s a nut (in a good way)
Gekyouryuu: wait, how recent is this game?
SnivianMoon: HOLY HECK
BrindleBoar: whaaaaaat
Dr_fragenstien: PogChamp
Tempest2097: YOU CAN CUT BULELTS?!
paronomasiac042: Well, then
Squiidd_pope: Like not even a year old
kinkerbelle: Deflect bullets!
Gekyouryuu: oh, wow
NathanJay_GA: Is this Super Hot?
ArgentumFlare: Yo this game is rad
SnivianMoon: THAT STANCE
Rhynerd: yoooo
Despoiler98: ARE YOU A WIZARD
wildpeaks: rip my ears :D
Gekyouryuu: explains how I never heard of it growing up.
CaptainSpam: Not foolproof, but still.
Squiidd_pope: Yeah, this game is dope
TehAmelie: i was just wondering what the sickles might do with the fire rate powerup
Tempest2097: It LOOKS cool
Gekyouryuu: what's tomorrow?
Dr_fragenstien: LUL I'm going to be out tomorrow, but I'll catch the vod
Rhynerd: so, it's W+P tomorrow?
Gekyouryuu: oooooh, ok
Rhynerd: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
incslayer: i thought it was that they kinda normalize shitty games for you?
SnivianMoon: I imagine it's a hard balance to strike on W&P between broken/bad and not utterly dull.
TacitusVigil: Being boring is a worse sin than being bad.
kinkerbelle: oh, the hilariously broken ones are fun to watch. it's stuff like Island of Idiots that's just... dull.
ArgentumFlare: Think G will queue up the game jam games?
TehAmelie: that's why i think Meet the Spartans is the worst movie ever made
Squiidd_pope: I have present for you. Is .762
Rhynerd: If only the firebals were made of lead
Anaerin: Riveting content. :D
FITorion: red door
FITorion: think you have key
Ipsen13: lrrWOW
Dr_fragenstien: Achkchooahlee
eiggy64: what's this?
DoodlestheGreat: That was scary, Alex.
reptileviking: NEEEEEEERD
Rhynerd: I didn't know that.
kinkerbelle: bullets: still not lickable
TacitusVigil: @kinkerbelle Sure they are.
TacitusVigil: lrrBEEJ
NathanJay_GA: once, at least
kitthethird: Anything is edible, once
Squiidd_pope: They are lickable at high velocity too
Anaerin: Bullets are lickable before their typical delivery method.
Dr_fragenstien: I'm certain you can lick even lead bullets more than once
kinkerbelle: It's that old meme.
TacitusVigil: It's how they check in Metro if they're authentic. Like biting coins. Kappa
coelopteryx: a human with the capacity to put a bullet in their mouth and then fire it like their face is a gun
Dr_fragenstien: Maybe the ribcage is more powerful than Te Soap?
decentperversion: what a satisfying thunk from throwing stuff
Papperslappen: rude
CataclysmicReverb: oh god it is mcrib season :|
Tiber727: There were some troll bullets that were covered in pig fat or something just to offend Muslims (which isn't even right). Maybe those would be lickable. Kappa
NathanJay_GA: "fuc u"
Rhynerd: No, the soap gains it's power from being the smallest physics object
TacitusVigil: It's hammer time.
Squiidd_pope: Fuk u
incslayer: ohh artifact cards
Dr_fragenstien: I want to think that's a pile of dirty laundry
coelopteryx: artifact grist,
unusuallylargemoth: oh boy I'm here in time to be in the general vicinity of my favorite LRRsman!
kitthethird: BTW, thanks for the stream Alex! Been having a rough day, you (LRR) and also you (Alex) never fail to help brighten things lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
Squiidd_pope: Oh it’s this level
Tempest2097: LUL
NathanJay_GA: fuck yo box
Rhynerd: General Mickey Mouse will go down in History as the man who made the military open the gates to R'lyeh
decentperversion: suddenly Zelda
unusuallylargemoth: @LoadingReadyRun I just wanna thank you for being an awesome dude, my dude!
Tempest2097: Uh
CataclysmicReverb: Speaking of ancient artifacts, it's been a bit since the sarcoughagus was opened, are there real zombies yet?
Caulkious: That hole was made for someone
Tempest2097: I mean
reptileviking: I'ma do it!
wildpeaks: you're not our real mom, wall writing
sjcTheos: limesThink
SnivianMoon: What was it they said? "Go in the ruins"?
NathanJay_GA: Video games!
Tempest2097: Save then ruins?
SnivianMoon: Yeah that's it.
TalecArashi: Oh heck yeah Dusk
Squiidd_pope: Have a happy American thanksgiving this week fellow mericans BTW
TalecArashi: :3
sjcTheos: we don't go to ravenholm
Tempest2097: @Squiidd_pope To you as well!
unusuallylargemoth: oh wait butts is this a horror game
Tempest2097: Thank you kindly Alex!
unusuallylargemoth hides under a pile of plushies.
Tempest2097: OH FUCK
Rhynerd: it's as much a horror game as Doom 2
TalecArashi: =D
sjcTheos: yep, its ravenholm
Adamantcheese: merry cranbam super meal slam
wildpeaks: oh good
o0sk_ren0o: MAWp
Despoiler98: katesScared katesScared katesScared katesScared katesScared katesScared katesScared
decentperversion: the scream
Tempest2097: OH HOLY FUUUCK
NathanJay_GA: Blitzen dont play
Squiidd_pope: WENDAGO
incslayer: did we just kill the horned god?
Rhynerd: I stand corrected
Chantzzzzz: puppy!
Dr_fragenstien: a mortar?
Gekyouryuu: lanipaLoud lanipaLoud lanipaLoud lanipaLoud
Adamantcheese: benginBurn
Squiidd_pope: This is actually a great way to introduce you to the wendago enemy
KodeMage: we?
SnivianMoon: Oh, DON'T go in the ruins. Right, right.
incslayer: you got the red key didnt you?
TalecArashi: When Doggo enemy =)
reptileviking: Yeah I think you're good
CobaltShurikenReborn: yay! Alex content!
NathanJay_GA: Do we know who composed it?
reptileviking: You have it!
incslayer: you have the key
Squiidd_pope: Silly Alex, they don’t use a slap base on this soundtrack
reptileviking: The keys are those swirls in the bottom right!
reptileviking: Good use of physics objects there
decentperversion: these pokemon designs are getting lazier by the year
SnivianMoon: Woah, that is an awesome way to use environmental objects.
TalecArashi: To be spoopy, of course!
Squiidd_pope: lrrSPOOP
Papperslappen: Was that a wendigo?
Squiidd_pope: Yes
TacitusVigil: Fool me once shame on...shame on you...fool me twi-we don't get fooled again.
Dr_fragenstien: Kreygasm what a beautifully set up run-and-gun sequence
kinkerbelle: I like how they're wearing jungle camo in an office complex.
Despoiler98: slytqBweh slytqBweh slytqBweh slytqBweh slytqBweh slytqBweh slytqBweh
Despoiler98: slytqBweh slytqBweh slytqBweh slytqBweh slytqBweh
Squiidd_pope: Got to slide into those DMs
sjcTheos: limesDab
sjcTheos: this is very halflife
reptileviking: Day time?
Lord_ZYRK: Burlap sacks are excellent protection from sawdust, Alex. Safety first Kappa
sjcTheos: @alex are you saying you would use a chainsaw without the proper PPE?
reptileviking: What kind of dusk is this!?
Squiidd_pope: Oh I remember this level
CataclysmicReverb: Without a sack on mu'head, I'mma get blood all up in muh nose though
Rhynerd: Why not try a welding mask?
Tochisan7: there a lot of rednecks bringing down canada's reputation?
Rhynerd: or a cardboard box?
Tochisan7: i mean... here in america it's damn near an epidemic...
DoodlestheGreat: Make Chainsaws Great again.... OhGod
Iraeda: im confused...... why did there appear to be wizards on that roof... and rednecks and turrets
Anaerin: Our family has a long, fine tradition of not asking questions, and we sure as hell ain't gonna break with traditions now.
Lord_ZYRK: Iraeda something something cult
Tochisan7: my grand pappy fought and died so i could chainsaw something something
Lord_ZYRK: mumble mumble military
Schatten88: do the ai retaliate if they're shot by a friendly?
Iraeda: oh that makes "sense" i suppose lol
wizzbangers: esfandBless
pimiento: ok?
coelopteryx: imagine being a cultist who can shoot fireballs hanging out on the roof of a flour factory in broad daylight
Alephred: Flour should be very explosive.
Skudd: This is giving me Doom flashbacks to being horribly outnumbered with next to no health or ammo
Lord_ZYRK: If I was a cultist *and* could shoot fireballs I can think of no other place I'd rather be Keepo
sjcTheos: but is there a sense of pride and accomplishment?
Wesley5714: Psycho chainsaw serial murderers seldom take pride and feel accomplishments from their actions. It's a confidence issue if you ask me.
coelopteryx: oh it would, too, huh. but like, broad daylight though.
unusuallylargemoth: @LoadingReadyRun so, is this a "Watch+Play" grade game, or is this a really old game?
sjcTheos: @unusuallylargemoth neither
kinkerbelle: Neither! It's new and awesome.
Iraeda: homing fireballs
Anaerin: unusuallylargemoth: It's a modern game with a "Classic" Aesthetic.
Iraeda: D:
Skudd: This seems like a new game trying to evoke old games
Lord_ZYRK: unusuallylargemoth Quake throwback
Tochisan7: looks like it's based on the quake engine
TalecArashi: I still can't believe this is Unity
Rhynerd: it's an IDDQDERP game, for those who remember IDDQDERP
TalecArashi: like it's *so perfectly* Quakefeel
kitthethird: Wait, this is Unity?
Juliamon: It's made to look like an old game, but unlike W+P titles that try for that sort of thing this one actually understands what it needs to do
Lord_ZYRK: Rhynerd true that MingLee
Squiidd_pope: I mis iddqderp
TehAmelie: whoaa
kitthethird: AH, there it is
Gekyouryuu: wat!
sjcTheos: pixel to MAX!
TalecArashi: OH MAN
TalecArashi: THERE'S the Pentium 90 feel
Juliamon: oh nooooo
kinkerbelle: hold on this is unity!? how did they get it to look like THIS?
Tochisan7: lmao welcome to 1984
azureHaights: NOW it's W+P
CataclysmicReverb: HRK
Iraeda: we in the 90's now
TalecArashi: Phew lad
Gekyouryuu: ha! Duskboy Color
reptileviking: OW MY EYES!
Skudd: Ooh, I love when games have options to purposefully make things look aged
pimiento: i feel like we ought to be able to shrink the viewport down too
Juliamon: Encoding does NOT like these options
wildpeaks: a e s t h e t ic
Tochisan7: if this is unity call me impressed because it plays like old school quake
NathanJay_GA: So... it's Stalker now?
TalecArashi: Yeah pixel shaders are magical
Skudd: It still blows my mind that BallistcNG has an option to actually mimic the old PSX polygon wobble
Lord_ZYRK: This seems very dissonant for the tone
Juliamon: the bloom is fine though bc I can't watch above 360p and it's all blurry anyway
Lord_ZYRK: Skudd holy shit that's amazing
kinkerbelle: the retro pallette actually looks better to me.
TalecArashi: Well, it is designed to be seen with the retro shader :D
UnknownGerm: the amount of work needed to make the shittiness granular like this can't be understated
CaptainSpam: I think you had more light flares on, since the health potions aren't glowing hugely purple anymore.
J01000111: Only just tuned in, what's going on in here
justwhatever_idk: Alex has Low Poly Gun
TalecArashi: J0: Fake Quake looks *real* good
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Lord_ZYRK: J01000111 they want shoot us, shoot they first
Squiidd_pope: Nah, the wendegos don’t stop
UnknownGerm: Which studio made this? The character models give me the same vibe as the mansion level of Spookys house of jump scares
pimiento: 4
TalecArashi: lmao 4 is death
Lord_ZYRK: Well they aren't called Wendestops Kappa
pimiento: bulat
pimiento: here a tic, there a tic, everywhere a tic, tic
Dr_fragenstien: LUL
TalecArashi: Heretic is a very different game! D;
kinkerbelle: it bounces? not impact? nice
kitthethird: NICE
Lord_ZYRK: Any plans for how long you'll stream, Alex, or just until you feel like it / *have* to leave?
unusuallylargemoth: savebro
TalecArashi: oh yeah! that IS a flip
Lord_ZYRK: Gymnastics simulator 1028 PogChamp
Lord_ZYRK: 2018*
Lord_ZYRK: wow fingers
reptileviking: You can slide through there I bet
Anaerin: Crouch-jump through the hole?
FITorion: where you not able to crouch?
Skudd: Watching this really has me in the mood to play Final Doom again.
unusuallylargemoth: >motion sick
reptileviking: Good stream!
sjcTheos: good call
Squiidd_pope: Bulдt
Despoiler98: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG on Magic Channel (Broadcast on, join Graham and James for some slightly above average MTG! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Wed 10:00 AM PST (12:56 from now).
reptileviking: I'ma buy that game
Gekyouryuu: have a good night, Alex
BrindleBoar: thanks for streamin' Alex
TalecArashi: Motion sickness, definitely the 90's Experience
HydraWiggins: good night alex
unusuallylargemoth: @LoadingReadyRun no no no no no tap out now tap out now cheers and good hunting my dude
sjcTheos: W&P hype!
Despoiler98: oh noooooooo
Unlucky_Desperado: Night alex
kitthethird: Thanks Alex!!
Riandisa: Thanks for the stream, Alex
coelopteryx: there he goes
Rhynerd: Thanks for the stream!
TalecArashi: Aww yea comic
Lord_ZYRK: Was good streamtimes
kitthethird: <3 <3 <3
sjcTheos: thanks for the strim! limesLove
Admiralmatt: Thanks Alex
DoodlestheGreat: Okie dokie, Alex. See you tomorrow!
Squiidd_pope: Thanks Alex
TacitusVigil: Thanks for the stream Alex!
Lord_ZYRK: ResidentSleeper /
TehAmelie: lrrHEART
Rhynerd: best of luck during the W+P!
Caulkious: Have a good night
Ipsen13: Thanks Alex
RedGriffin42: night