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Go left.
The stream is not currently live. Next scheduled stream: CheckPoint+ (Graham, Kathleen & Paul bring you the latest video game news) at Mon 02:00 PM PST (16:07 from now).


Stream information

Check whether you are set to be automatically sent status messages when join join the channel.
!autostatus on or !autostatus off
Enable or disable automatically sending status messages when you join the channel.
!game ⌛ 15
Post the game currently being played.
!game completed ⌛ 30
Mark a game as having been completed.
!game display NAME Mod only
eg. !game display Resident Evil: Man Fellating Giraffe
Change the display name of the current game to NAME.
!game override NAME Mod only
eg: !game override Prayer Warriors: A.O.F.G.
Override what game is being played (eg when the current game isn't in the Twitch database)
!game override off Mod only
Disable override, go back to getting current game from Twitch stream settings. Should the crew start regularly playing a game called "off", I'm sure we'll figure something out.
!game refresh Mod only
Force a refresh of the current Twitch game (normally this is updated at most once every 15 minutes)
!next ⌛ 15
Gets the next scheduled stream from the LoadingReadyLive calendar
Can specify a timezone, to show stream in your local time, eg: !next America/New_York
If no time zone is specified, times will be shown in Moonbase time.
!nextfan ⌛ 15
Gets the next scheduled stream from the fan-streaming calendar
!show ⌛ 15
Post the current show.
!show override ID Mod only
Override the current show.
!show override off Mod only
Disable the override.
Send you a quick status message about the stream. If the stream is live, this will include what game is being played, and how long the stream has been live. Otherwise, it will tell you about the next scheduled stream.
!storm or !stormcount ⌛ 15
Show the current storm counts.
!uptime ⌛ 15
Post the duration the stream has been live.
!viewers ⌛ 15
Post the number of viewers currently watching the stream

Stats tracking

The system can track several stats for each game. The stats available are:

!stat⌛ 30Public only
eg: !death
Adds 1 to the stat counter for the current game
!stat add #Mod only
eg: !diamond add 3
Adds # to counter for the current game
!stat remove #Mod only
eg: !flunge remove
Removes # (default 1) from counter for the current game
!stat set #Mod only
eg: !busstop set 0
Resets the counter to the specified number for the current game
!statCount⌛ 15
eg: !deathcount
Post total count for the current game
!totalstat⌛ 15
eg: !totaldeath
Post total count for every game


!addquote (NAME) [DATE] QUOTE | CONTEXT or !addquote (NAME) [DATE] QUOTE or !addquote (NAME) QUOTE or !addquote [DATE] QUOTE or !addquote QUOTE Mod only
Add a quotation with optional attribution, date and context to the quotation database.
!delquote QID Mod only
Remove the quotation with the specified ID from the quotation database.
!findquote QUERY ⌛ 2/60 Sub only
Search for a quote in the quote database.
!modquote QID (NAME) [DATE] QUOTE | CONTEXT or !modquote QID (NAME) [DATE] QUOTE or !modquote QID (NAME) QUOTE or !modquote QID [DATE] QUOTE or !modquote QID QUOTE Mod only
Modify an existing quotation with optional attribution. All fields are updated and/or deleted in case they're omitted.
!quote or !quote ATTRIB or !quote game GAME or !quote show SHOW ⌛ 2/60 Sub only
Post a randomly selected quotation, optionally filtered by attribution, game or show.
!quote ID ⌛ 2/60 Sub only
Post the quotation with the specified ID.

Simple text responses

!18gaclog ⌛ 2/30
Here's the log of all games played on 18gac
!adult ⌛ 2/30
I need an adult!
!advice ⌛ 2/30 Sub only
Go left.
!bad advice or !badadvice ⌛ 2/30 Sub only
Go right.
!bingo ⌛ 2/30
Check out for interactive Trope Bingo cards.
!birb ⌛ 2/30 Sub only
Peck your beak!
!breakaway ⌛ 2/30
This stream is sponsored by Amazon Game Studios. Try the Breakaway alpha FREE, right now at or click the link below the stream!
!canhighlander ⌛ 2/30 Sub only
Canadian Highlander is a vintage singleton format with no ban list visit for more information
!chair ⌛ 2/30
GT Omega Racing has provided LRR with this sweet new gaming chair! Visit and use the affiliate code "LRR" and LRR will receive a portion of the profits!
!choice chamber ⌛ 2/30
Since Chat will be useless for this game, use for actual chatting.
!clip or !clips or !highlight or !hlight ⌛ 2/30
If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at
!codefall or !dogefall ⌛ 2/30
If you want to post game codes into chat, we welcome them. We would, however, suggest that you replace key points in the code with #s to avoid codebot snipers (and let us know what they should be). Another option would be to enter them into the Pump19 bot: Good luck and prepare for CodeFall!
!command or !commands or !halp or !help ⌛ 2/30
!community or !lrr community or !lrrcommunity or !lrrmunity ⌛ 2/30
The LRR Community can be found
!db doc or !db documentary or !db screening ⌛ 2/30
Due to the Moonbase Mk 5 move, the planned backer-only online premiere may not happen until shortly after PAX West. Stay tuned for more information!
!db hangout ⌛ 2/30
If you would like to use Google Hangouts with LRR/DB fans, go to
!destiny ⌛ 2/30
LoadingReadyRun has a Destiny 2 Clan!: Main Clan PS4: Sparrow Squad PS4: QWERPLINE PS4: SECRET PIPESMEN XBOX:
!destiny pc ⌛ 2/30
LoadingReadyRun has a Destiny 2 PC Clan! We Live Here Now: Mercenary Solutions: Suspiciously Fast Movers: Questionably Legal Clan: DEFINITELY ILLEGAL CLAN:
!discord or !whichcord ⌛ 2/30
LRR has an official Discord channel! You can join here:
!dixlog or !marathon spreadsheet or !marlrrthon ⌛ 2/30
Help track stats from the LRR Moving Day marathon here:
!dregs or !dregs comic ⌛ 2/30
Alex's new comic about sewer people is called Dregs. It can be found here:
!end subs or !end welcome or !endsubs or !endwelcome ⌛ 2/30 Sub only
For the Crossing the Streams, LoadingReadyLive, AFK, Talking Simulator, and CheckPoint, subscribers and Patrons are welcomed at the end of the stream, as the streamers are busy during the stream.
!event or !events ⌛ 2/30
Want to know what's coming up? You can check it all out on the events page.
!explain TOPIC ⌛ 2/30 Mod only
Provide an explanation for a given topic.
!explain show ⌛ 2/30 Mod only
Provide an explanation for the currently-live show.
!fansched or !fanschedule or !fanstream ⌛ 2/30
The LRR Fan Streamer list can be found here: and the calendar is here:
!faqawaslfaqpaftidawabiajtbt or !unruling ⌛ 2/30
Unstable is quite a unique set. Some of the more... "esoteric" cards can be explained here:
!findbutt or !findbutts ⌛ 2/30
Behind you.
!fn question or !friday nights ⌛ 2/30
!friendcode or !friendcodes or !gamertag or !gamertags ⌛ 2/30 Sub only
Connect with other LRR fans! The Gamertag / Friend Code spreadsheet can be found here -
!gif or !gifs ⌛ 2/30
The LoadingReadyLive GIF album (maintained by moderator CantWearHats) can be found here:
!gift sub or !giftsub or !subgift ⌛ 2/30
Yes indeed, you can now GIFT subscriptions of any tier to other members of chat! Please only gift to users active in chat—let lurkers lurk lrrAWESOME
!hah or !humanity or !rah ⌛ 2/30
Play Hangouts Against Humanity with other Runners!
!home stream or !homestream ⌛ 2/30 Sub only
Here's a list of home streams: Alex: | Heather: | Adam: | James: | Ben: | Matt: | Matt/Andrew: | Cori: | Cameron: | Ian:
!ing ⌛ 2/30
!judge ⌛ 2/30 Sub only
LRRmtg_Judge is staffed by certified Magic judges Gatherto1, Grifter Mage, HanClinto, MTGDiversity, Noonites, and VestMan1. They are here to answer chats rules questions with the current game and will try to answer other rules questions as time allows. If there are issues with things on stream they'll inform Serge directly.
!kill all humans ⌛ 2/30 Mod only
Executing command.
!lifelinker ⌛ 2/30 Mod only
The LRR background for the Lifelinker app will be sent out to all LRR Twitch subs and Patreon backers. You’ll be able to get it for free later on—tune into LRRMTG for more info!
!listen ⌛ 2/30
Always listen to chat, Never listen to chat.
!live schedule or !livesched or !liveschedule or !schedule ⌛ 2/30
You can find the full LRR schedule at You can also check out last week and up to 4 weeks in the future.
!lrr ⌛ 2/30
lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW Visit LoadingReadyRun:
!lrrmans ⌛ 2/30
LRR Mans lap time spreadsheet!
!mailtime or !pobox ⌛ 2/30
If you would like to send something to LRR, they have a PO box! The address is: Bionic Trousers Media Inc., PO BOX 8132 Victoria Main, Victoria, BC V8W 3R8, Canada. If received, your mail may be featured in a Mail Time. Please ship responsibly.
!mark 5 or !mk 5 or !mk five or !mk v or !mkv or !moonbase or !new moonbase ⌛ 2/30 Sub only
LRR is moving to a new moonbase! Streams should go forward as normal until August 10th then missing a few streams as a result. Check out for the most up-to-date info.
!modpack ⌛ 2/30
Current Minecraft modpack: James and Uno are currently playing on the LRR Community Modpack, SnorshCraft. Now on the Twitch Launcher
!mumble ⌛ 2/30
Join the official LRR Mumble server and chat with other Runners! -
!one or !onemore ⌛ 2/30 Sub only
one more
!panic or !picnic ⌛ 2/30
!patreonbot ⌛ 2/30 Sub only
If you are a Patron to LRR's Patreon, you can have "subscriber" status in LRRbot and can use "sub-only" commands like !quote and !highlight. Go to to link your Patreon account to your Twitch account.
!players ⌛ 2/30
Tonight's squad is James, Bengineering, Cameron, and Jordan/RayFK
!pubg ⌛ 2/30 Sub only
100 people are airdropped onto an island with a border that shrinks as the game goes on. You scavenge for weapons and items. Last one standing is a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.
!qdb ⌛ 2/30
Quote database:
!rebelliousuno ⌛ 2/30
RebelliousUno is streaming as well. Be sure to check out his view of the stream and give him a follow!
!replaytrack ⌛ 2/30
if anyone has any time feel free to help out with the Loading Ready Live Replay Tracking Google doc.​. The old doc:
!secret ⌛ 2/30
That's my secret, I'm always angry.
!servo fact or !servo facts or !servofact or !servofacts ⌛ 2/30 Mod only
For legal reasons on Kaladesh, Servos are not considered alive.
!sir ⌛ 2/30 Sub only
Sir? Sir! You can't do that here.
!songs ⌛ 2/30
These are the songs that Paul knows. They should give you a idea of what he likes to sing.
!spoiler or !spoilers ⌛ 2/30
Please do not discuss spoilers in chat, even jokingly. It's a massive dick move which ruins the fun for others, and you WILL be timed out or even permanently banned. This even applies to "obviously fake" spoilers, so seriously, just don't. Thanks for you co-operation, and enjoy the show!
!store ⌛ 2/30
LoadingReadyRun has a store! You can buy T-shirts, MTG playmats and sleeves, and much more! Check out for the full catalog.
!stream shelter or !streamshelter ⌛ 2/30
Alex has started up a Stream Shelter for anyone who needs a place to feel safe. The following channel auto-hosts the streamers of the shelter: For more information, see the forum thread:
!subscribe servo facts or !subscribe servofacts or !unsubscribe servo facts or !unsubscribe servofacts ⌛ 2/30
Thank you for subscribing to Servo Facts.
!suggestions ⌛ 2/30
If you have any suggestions for LRRbot, post them at
!team ⌛ 2/30
Check out the LoadingReadyRun Stream Team page!
!timezones ⌛ 2/30
A list of the available timezone codes can be found at or use the timezone picker:
!vodcast ⌛ 2/30
While the LRR Crew moves Moonbases, LRR Presents a random old sketch marathon. Enjoy the nostalgia trip! (Runtime Unknown)
!vote ⌛ 2/30
Manage your good/bad game votes:
!winston or !winstondraft ⌛ 2/30
You can find the rule set for Winston draft here:


!card card-name ⌛ 3/60
Show the details of a given Magic: the Gathering card.
!cardview on or !cardview off Mod only
Toggle showing details of Magic cards in the chat when they are scanned by the card recogniser (for AFK Magic streams).
!live ⌛ 15
Post the currenly live fanstreamers.
!live register
Register your channel as a fanstreamer channel.
!live register CHANNEL Mod only
Register CHANNEL as a fanstreamer channel.
!live unregister
Unregister your channel as a fanstreamer channel.
!live unregister CHANNEL Mod only
Unregister CHANNEL as a fanstreamer channel.
!modonly or !subonly Mod only
Ignore all subsequent commands from non-mods or non-subscribers.
!modonly off or !subonly off Mod only
Disable lockdown.
!nowkiss Mod only
Start a new Strawpoll poll for the Now Kiss swipe left/right vote.
!poll N or !poll N TITLE: OPTION1; OPTION2 or !multipoll N TITLE: OPTION1; OPTION2 Mod only
Start a new Strawpoll poll. Post results in N seconds. Multiple polls can be active at the same time.
!polls ⌛ 15
List all currently active polls.
!pollsclear Mod only
Stop tracking all active polls. The poll will still exist on strawpoll, but the bot will stop watching it for results.
!spam or !spamcount ⌛ 15
Show the number of users who have been automatically banned today for spamming
!time ⌛ 15
Post the current moonbase time.
!time 24 ⌛ 15
Post the current moonbase time using a 24-hour clock.