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Please keep in mind that many of the following quotes are taken out of context, be it for comedic effect or out of necessity. Take all of them with a grain of salt and bear in mind they don't necessarily reflect their originators' views and opinions. That being said, if you find any quote to be particularly awful, please notify the moderator of your choice to have its removal evaluated.
  1. #5169
    You don't look like a doofus if people don't know it's you that looks like a doofus.
    — Andrew [2018-07-14]
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  2. #5168
    It doesn't really matter what happened, as long as we know who to blame for what happened.
    — Paul [2018-07-14]
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  3. #5167
    I blame the '90s.
    — Cori [2018-07-14]
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  4. #5166
    That makes a lot of sense, actually. Beej, why don't you explain why.
    — Bengineering, improv mastermind [2018-07-14]
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  5. #5165
    Crabbo gets the stabbo?
    — Adam [2018-07-14]
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  6. #5164
    Whenever I think Kathleen, I think "serene meditation".
    — Cam [2018-07-13]
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  7. #5163
    Shut your face god.
    — Paul [2018-07-12]
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  8. #5162
    Stop making out with Twitch chat.
    — Bengineering, to Adam [2018-07-11]
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  9. #5161
    Why did that burp scare me?
    — Ben, after burping [2018-07-11]
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  10. #5160
    Can you put carpet on the celling?
    — Serge [2018-07-11]
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  11. #5159
    "so how many times have your pants exploded?" "exactly once."
    — RebelliousUno and Serge [2018-07-11]
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  12. #5158
    Ah, the assassin class.
    — Ben, while using a Gatling cannon [2018-07-10]
    Defiance 2050 on New Day Tewsday
  13. #5157
    Hey, is your hitbox the size of Manhattan?
    — James [2018-07-10]
    Games + Demos on New Day Tewsday
  14. #5156
    I can definitely taste the conical matrix!
    — Beej, as Bontan [2018-07-09]
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  15. #5155
    He wears an eyepatch so clearly he's a bad person.
    — Dale [2018-07-09]
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  16. #5154
    I was not looking forward to trying to punch a ghost.
    — Paul [2018-07-09]
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  17. #5153
    I'm not staying overnight there, we'd have to bake our way out!
    — Graham, as Snak [2018-07-09]
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  18. #5152
    Among the people trying to rip you off today is not this guy.
    — Dale [2018-07-09]
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  19. #5151
    We're not making muffins or anything, so the bakers shouldn't get mad at us, he said hopefully.
    — Graham [2018-07-09]
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  20. #5150
    Everything tastes better on a stick.
    — Dale [2018-07-09]
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  21. #5149
    Whatever sound he is making, is not one of the familiar sounds.
    — Dale, as DM [2018-07-09]
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  22. #5148
    Give me a 'look for children in burlap' skill check please.
    — Dale [2018-07-09]
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  23. #5147
    All my gifts came to me from hard work and application of studious essay-writing.
    — Kathleen, as Morra [2018-07-09]
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  24. #5146
    I wish I'd found more things to kill me in life.
    — Kathleen, as Morra [2018-07-09]
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  25. #5145
    If you refuse to drop this subject, I'm just going to make it worse.
    — Heather [2018-07-08]
    Neon Drive on Rhythm Cafe